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Alan Wake meets LucasArts in this fan-made adventure game parody

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What if Alan Wake's pulpy main character and shlocky story were a 1980s LucasArts adventure game?

Remedy's cult classic fits the genre perfectly, as demonstrated in an authentic-feeling 2D take which has popped up on YouTube.

Titled Alan Lake, the game is a loving parody of the original Alan Wake, de-made in pixel art and with point-and-click gameplay.

You can watch Alan Wake, er, Lake's opening scenes below.

The game has been made in Unity by YouTuber SVPortfolio, who has also worked on "genre swaps" of Borderlands 2, remade into a Game Boy Color Pokémon era.

As yet, there's currently no way to download and play the game for yourself, however.

As for a new Alan Wake - Remedy is keen, although nothing is yet certain.

Still, there is plenty of Alan Wake fan service in the studio's new Xbox One and PC game Quantum Break.

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