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Age of Empires 4 Season Two brings new event and gameplay tweaks

Discover it today.

Season Two of strategy title Age of Empires 4 kicks off today with a big update. It's headlined by a new event, Age of Discovery, that brings plenty of rewards.

Elsewhere the season brings a plethora of bug fixes and balance changes to tweak gameplay.

Age of Discovery is the first of two events this season and involves completing a number of tasks for unique items.

Another major addition is the ability to choose map preferences for quick match and ranked multiplayer games. The new system will allow players to downvote maps, so the map with the least downvotes will be selected.

There's additionally a new map, The Pit, with a stealth forest-filled valley housing a sacred site.

There are now also remappable hot keys, new camera zoom options, and the ability to pick a colour for your civilisation.

A blog post on the season then lists all of the countless fixes and balance changes implemented.

Age of Empires 4 released last year. We described it as "a game of sweet simplicity and bottomless depth" in our review.

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