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After seven years, Civ 5 designer finally dates new project At the Gates

It's about Tiber.

Civilisation 5 designer Jon Shafer has at last set down a release date for new project At the Gates - nearly seven years after development initially began.

The indie strategy game will launch via Steam on 23rd January 2019 - that's pretty soon! - priced £24.99.

Shafer has been working on the project - which landed over $100k on Kickstarter - to a greater and lesser extent over those seven years. The concept behind it has remained the same, however - what would a sim look like at the fall of a civilisation, rather than at the start?

At the Gates has you play as a fledgling barbarian kingdom ready to ransack the failing Roman Empire. It features a map with evolving tiles that change as seasons and weather adapt over time. And it boasts a unique watercolour art style that looks like a cross between a watercolour painting and an Usbourne textbook.

"I've always been driven to innovate with my games and At the Gates is no exception", Shafer said in a statement to press. "The genre has gotten a bit stale but it still has enormous potential, and that's what I'm aiming to tap into by mixing roguelike elements into the classic 4X grand strategy formula."

At the Gates certainly wasn't built in a day - let's hope it's worth the wait.

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At the Gates

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