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After nearly two decades, Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine gets an official digital release

Courtesy of GOG.

LucasArts' beloved 3D action adventure Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine is now available in official digital download form for the very first time since it released nearly two decades ago, courtesy of GOG.

Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine originally launched for PC back in 1999 (with well-regarded Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Color versions arriving in the years following), and was LucasArts' attempt at transplanting the classic Tomb Raider formula into a game starring the man that inspired Lara's adventures in the first place.

That meant lots of globetrotting exploration and puzzling, with a spot of (less successful) combat, all wrapped up in a package that benefitted not only from its then-relatively-impressive visuals but full access to Lucasfilm's iconic licence - making for a wonderfully authentic Indy experience, even if Harrison Ford wasn't around to lend his voice to proceedings.

Eurogamer was apparently quite smitten with Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine back in the day, awarding it a 9/10. In a 2002 review almost enough of a relic to inspire its own Indy adventure, enigmatic author Eurogamer Staff said, "Indy's latest outing is his best yet. It was going to take something special to better Fate of Atlantis, and LucasArts haven't disappointed."

Unfortunately, what with being nearly two decades old, the Infernal Machine hasn't been the easiest thing to play for quite some time. Original disc copies are still knocking around, of course, and unofficial downloads have appeared in lieu of an official release, but the march of technology has made it a bit of a faff to get Indy's 16-bit innards running on modern hardware.

GOG's new release of Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine marks the first time that the game has been officially available to download, and, better yet, has been tinkered with to make installation and play a doddle on today's operating systems.

Those hankering for a spot of nostalgic adventuring can pick up Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine from GOG for £4.69.

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