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After Burner on EGTV

PSP bogey spotting.

Carving shapes in the Eurogamer TV clouds this morning is a fancy new trailer for PSP title After Burner: Black Falcon.

The clip shows various bogeys being picked from the sky as well as a few missiles here and there, plus it's all wrapped up in some nostalgic '80s arcade-style music.

Planet Moon Studios is developing the title for spring 2007, and promises a single-player campaign along with competitive and co-operative Wi-Fi multiplayer modes.

There will be 19 officially licensed and customisable planes as players embark on a story-rich campaign to discover the origins of the mercenary group Black Falcon, responsible for the theft of 13 top-secret planes.

So, pop into EGTV for the trailer, or saunter over to our gallery for the new screenshots.

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