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Acclaimed Viking RTS Northgard launching on iOS devices today

Android version due later this year.

Northgard, developer Shiro Games' acclaimed real-time strategy affair, is heaving its Viking-themed heft onto iOS devices today, 13th April.

Northgard, if it's so far managed to pass you by, is a game of exploration, resource management, and land acquisition, tasking players with establishing and expanding a thriving Viking settlement - a process that involves constructing specialist buildings, maintaining production loops, and maiming ne'er-do-wells, both humans and mythological, along the way.

It's a wonderful thing, both brutal and elegant, packed full of tough decisions and various strategic wrinkles depending on the particulars of your chosen clan.

Northgard - Mobile Reveal Date Trailer.

Expansion, for instance, requires players to conquer Land Zones - a risky proposition in itself - and these in turn only house a small number of workers and buildings, meaning you'll need to think carefully about utilising your limited workforce and restricted space if you're to successfully grow. And that's before winter rolls around, decimating food supplies and, if you're insufficiently prepared, your population.

Northgard's iOS port, which is being handled by Playdigious, incorporates everything from the base game on PC - including the Ragnarok and Relics updates, introducing an apocalyptic new map and bonus-granting artefacts - with the somewhat disappointing exception of multiplayer.

However, Northgard costs a mere £7.99 on iOS, and it releases alongside the Snake, Dragon, and Kraken Clan DLCs, each priced at £2.99 - although the Snake Clan is free until 20th April. More DLC clans are on the way, and an Android version of Northgard is due later this year.

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