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Video: A quick tour through Gran Turismo 6's features

New menu system laid bare.

Here's something exciting to kickstart your Tuesday: a guided tour through a series of menus. They're not any menus, thought! They're Gran Turismo 6's menues. Okay, they're just like any old menus.

But they're front and centre of Polyphony Digital's new vision for Gran Turismo, and they're a lot cleaner than what's gone before to boot. It's also a nice way to get a quick tour of what's on offer in Gran Turismo 6 - it's a lot - and what to expect when it comes out on Friday.

We're going to be bringing you our review then, too. The embargo's lifting at 8am GMT, but there's a day one patch we want to take into consideration so we'll be going live a little after then.

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Gran Turismo 6


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