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"84GB" trends on Twitter as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare update is lot bigger than expected for some


Some Xbox One players of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone were this morning faced with a mammoth 84GB download.

Season 4 of Infinity Ward's shooter kicked off at 7am this morning, and with it came a download the developer had warned would be "large".

The download weighs in at 45GB on PC, 32.375GB on PS4, and 44GB on Xbox One. At least, it's supposed to be 44GB on Xbox One. However, some Xbox One users are having to download twice that size - and as you'd expect the reaction is negative.

This has led to "84GB" trending worldwide on Twitter.

Activision has said it's investigating the issue, so it sounds like this Xbox One download size is an error. However, that won't be of much help to the Call of Duty fans that are already in the middle of the download.

Infinity Ward has come under increasing pressure over the enormous install footprint of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone, as well as the enormous downloads required to update the game.

If you had the complete Call of Duty: Modern Warfare experience on your PlayStation 4 (pre-Season 4 update), it took up 190.1GB on your hard-drive.

In a series of tweets issued last night, Infinity Ward community manager Ashton Williams said Infinity Ward was reducing the overall disc space that Modern Warfare and Warzone take up by compressing assets.

This means that once installed, the Series 4 update will only take up an additional 4GB on consoles. However, players are still faced with an enormous download this morning.

Williams pointed to the option for console players to uninstall content packs for modes they're not playing in order to free up space. However, this option is not available to PC players.

Williams added Infinity Ward is "continuing to sweep all assets to make size reductions where we can, and also further optimise future patches for size", which hopefully means future Call of Duty: Modern Warfare downloads won't be quite as big.

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