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343 shows off PC features for Halo Infinite

Master race.

343 Industries has released a new video showing off the team's effort to make the PC version of Halo Infinite the best it could possibly be.

The video has a roll-call of every type of PC-specific feature you could imagine while emphasising that the PC build isn't just a port of the Xbox version of the game.

To name just a few of the features announced, there will be a minimum FPS value which the game will scale down to meet; extensive ultrawide support; triple key bindings; low-latency between mouse click and action; performance scalability from the lowest-end to the highest-end PCs; and cross-save between console and PC.

PC users can also use their machines as LAN servers, which both Xbox and PC players can connect to for local multiplayer.

Given Halo Infinite will be available on multiple storefronts, 343 stressed it worked hard to ensure interoperability between Steam, Xbox Game Pass and Microsoft Store players.

Perhaps more significantly, as well as integrating with Xbox Live, Halo Infinite's social system also connects with Discord and Steam on PC, so you can invite your friends no matter which service they're on.

On to the marketing side of things, 343 has worked with Razer to create unique Halo-themed peripherals, and with AMD to create a Halo-themed RX 6900 XT.

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Halo: Infinite

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