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2K Australia developing XCOM game

Or rather, 2K Marin's Australian division.

2K Games has revealed that it's actually 2K Australia working on the newly unveiled XCOM reboot, and not its team in Marin near San Francisco.

So hang on, what was all that about yesterday, when the publisher excitedly announded that 2K Marin was developing XCOM as a strategic first-person shooter?

According to a 2K spokesperson speaking to 1UP, 2K Marin and 2K Australia are "sister studios" working under the same banner, 2K Marin.

2K Marin was the studio set up to develop the excellent BioShock 2, to which 2K Australia also contributed in a big way, so if the relationship follows along those lines then we should expect both groups to have significant input.

The publisher has indicated that we'll find out more about the team and the game soon.

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