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2010's Sega Mega Drive RPG Pier Solar coming to Xbox 360, PC and Mac in HD

"The biggest 16-bit RPG ever" takes to Kickstarter.

Pier Solar bears the distinct honour of being a Sega Mega Drive game released in 2010, roughly a decade and a half since the console's heyday.

Touted by indie developer WaterMelon as "the biggest 16-bit RPG ever," due to it being on a 64MB cartridge - as opposed to the 12MB standard of the Mega Drive's era - Pier Solar was a well received, albeit extremely niche title.

Now, Watermelon has taken to Kickstarter to release an HD version of its mammoth RPG for Xbox 360, PC, Mac, Linux, and Dreamcast.

WaterMelon noted that Pier Solar is absolutely massive with over 50 hours of gameplay, 300 locations and 800 NPCs.

The developer already has the game up and running on Xbox 360 and PC in SD, but refuses to simply release it as a straight port. "We don't just want to re-release Pier Solar on some new platforms. We want to redo the game in HD so it looks as stunning as it should," said WaterMelon on the game's Kickstarter. "We are putting the same level of attention and detail into Pier Solar HD that we put into our original development."

The sales pitch below shows off what a difference the HD upgrade makes.

Those who pledge $15 will receive a copy of Pier Solar for their choice of platform upon release, while $45 grants backers a limited edition four CD copy of the soundtrack, or a digital bundle consisting of the game on both Xbox 360 and PC/Mac/Linux as well as a digital copy of the soundtrack.

A limited edition is available for those who pledge $125. It includes a hard copy of the game for either Dreamcast or PC/Mac/Linux along with a Pier Solar Guide Book, signed lithography, and three figurines. Only 250 of these are being produced and as of writing this 98 have already been pre-ordered.

Amazingly, all five $999 Kickstarter exclusive Pier Solar branded Dreamcasts have been claimed. Such is the extent people are passionate about this retro niche.

The HD version of Pier Solar is expected to arrive in December 2013. The Kickstarter is currently at $76,468 out of its $139,000 goal with 26 days to go before the deadline on 5th December.

Pier Solar HD.

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Pier Solar HD

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