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1.2m US PS3s sold over Xmas

3.9m total over the pond.

Sony Computer Entertainment America has revealed it sold over 1.2 million PlayStation 3 units during the holiday period from 23rd November to 31st December, 2007, GamesIndustry.biz reports.

In total, sales of the three PlayStation consoles on the market reached 3.9 million units in the US, with both the PlayStation 2 and the PSP out-selling Sony's latest home console.

"The PlayStation brand ended the year in a very strong position and clearly indicates more positive momentum going into 2008," commented Jack Tretton, president of SCEA.

"We are particularly pleased to have sold through 1.2 million units of PS3 during the holiday selling season."

"The strong PS3 sales also further establish Blu-ray's dominant position as the high-definition medium of choice for games and movies. Consumer are clearly responding to the expanding multimedia capabilities and a great line-up of over 200 games," he added.

Sales of the PSP handheld reached 1.4 million during the same time frame, with Sony listing the limited edition Daxter and Star Wars: Battlefront Entertainment packs as highlights.

And Sony's PlayStation 2 continued to outperform the PS3, with 1.3 million units sold in what was the machine's eighth Christmas on sale.

Last week, Microsoft revealed its latest sales figures for Xbox 360, with over 17.7 million units sold worldwide since launch.

GamesIndustry.biz gave 1.2 million rubbish Christmas presents to Oxfam, which is similar.

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