The Proxy

The Proxy is a sci-fi series that stars Nathaniel Parker (Chronicles of Narnia, Stardust & Inspector Lynley) and real life Youtube star Stuart "Ashens". Ashens' life is turned upside down when he opens a package he knows he shouldn't have. He's on the run and along the way encounters gangsters and bad guys in trenchcoats that keep reappearing. Explosions, guns, glowing blue eyes and a beautiful mysterious girl with some unusual abilities... what has Stuart gotten himself into?

Watch the show, follow the clues, find the codes then enter them here for your chance to win. For each episode there is the chance to win either a pair of Alienware Headsets, an Alienware keyboard or an Alienware mouse.

Get all 10 answers right and be entered into the grand prize draw for the chance to win the experience of a lifetime - a fighter jet flying experience and a new Alienware X51 system or one of 3 runner-up prizes of Alienware X51 systems.

Enter the competition here.