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  • Max Payne - Graphic novel film trailer

  • zimzu 25/09/2008

    did you actually play the max payne games makeamazing?? or did you just love max payne for "another" reason? that permanently constipated look must've been doing it for someone =p Reply 0
  • PES 2009 - Trailer

  • zimzu 05/08/2008

    dear god please don't say that that's the finished game engine, the whole trailer looked so poor i'm considering sticking with PES6 for ANOTHER year... Reply 0
  • BioShock 2 announced

  • zimzu 12/03/2008

    sharpfish FTW! T2 need to include some freaking gameplay in bioshock 2. maybe even make difficulty levels correlate properly. especially take away that permanent god mode known as the vita chamber... Reply 0
  • Brain Training racist against Northerners

  • zimzu 05/02/2008


    noone ever understands what their girlfriends say. or maybe its the not listening that makes the difference... meh =p

    hooray for nintendo!
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  • Europe key battleground - MS

  • zimzu 20/12/2007

    mazzinger is quite clearly another one of those sony exec viral marketing people... or a fanboy. Reply 0
  • Speedball 2 - Tournament

  • zimzu 13/12/2007

    @fitz - http://shop.gameplay.co.uk/webstore/prod...
    its the pad i've got and i've had it over 3 years now and it still works great. cheap too...
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  • BioShock: A Defence

  • zimzu 06/12/2007

    Grayvern - "its not emo defensive stuff, its a legitimate criticism of why some of the points made by detractors of the game arent valid."

    you are saying that the poor aspects of the game that have been noticed "aren't valid"? at times like this i wonder if its even worth discussing. if you can't see how flawed the gameplay is, maybe its better to let you live in your world...
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  • zimzu 06/12/2007

    gillon you used to be one of my favourite reviewers back when i was reading PCGamer... there is no defending this game. it has its moments of brilliance (story, setting, style) but is ultimately flawed at the one thing it needs to be: a GAME! you can boil any game down to being repetetive if you are pedantic (and defensive) enough, but there is no denying the utter lack of effort put into the game mechanics. poor variety of enemy with overly simplistic attacks and the blank-eyed-disbelief-at-such-a-waste-of-ability vita chambers. if i wanted immortality i'd turn on a god mode! i want to feel challenged! if nothing more, the vita chambers dispel completely the fear and atmosphere of vulnerability that the game tried so hard to create.

    8/10 for the game; 5/10 for the re-review/fanboyism.
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  • Mass Effect

  • zimzu 19/11/2007

    sorry, comment on point krudster made couple of pages back

    "I review games regardless of themes, whether it's gangster themes, Wild West, medieval, whatever. A good story is a good story regardless of theme, and I enjoyed the story immensely.

    The gameplay, however, isn't amazing. End of story."

    how comes bioshock got 10 though? i'd agree that it had a fantastic storyline, but the gameplay was god-awful. the vita-chambers were essentially a god-mode cheat, negating the need for "difficulty levels" while all the enemy combatants were repetetive and boring. even the end boss fight ended up being the exact same moves over and over again. i cannot remember the last game i played where i felt more bored by the gameplay...
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  • PC PES 2008 patched

  • zimzu 02/11/2007

    any chance of sorting out the idiotic defending of the human controlled teams? number of times i see the CPU striker with a 15 yard "no-defender" radius around him waiting for that tap in... Reply 0
  • Valve explains international Orange Box deactivations

  • zimzu 31/10/2007

    this article doesnt explain the international deactivation - it states it. explaining it would actually have to involve the spokesperson admitting that its all about maximising profit margins. and that would just have people up in arms. kinda like whats happening now... Reply 0
  • The Orange Box

  • zimzu 13/10/2007

    has anyone else noticed the dangerously high number of 10/10 scores that games have been receiving from eurogamer recently? i fear at this rate they may need to start scoring out of 11 or even 12... Reply +1
  • BioShock

  • zimzu 13/09/2007

    "my biosock review"
    by little timmy
    aged 7 and 1/2

    it rulez!!!
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  • BioShock

  • zimzu 08/09/2007

    well actually pedro the wrench is quite handily ammo free and will even kill a big daddy (with enough time and effort and believe me i've done it when i was bored and pissed at the game for reducing me to that level) =) and you get a little bit of eve when you respawn, enough to incinerate the chumps and wait for them to slowly die for example... Reply 0
  • zimzu 07/09/2007

    even if it had been something as simple as making the difficulty levels correspond to the amount of times you could be resurrected, it'd actually give this game the tension it is trying so desperately hard to create. i always put my shooters on the highest difficulty because i want the challenge - to take away that challenge by giving me infinite resurrection just negates the reason i put it on that difficulty in the first place!
    although i'm not a fan of resurrection particularly, i think it can be well implemented if there's some kind of a penalty to pay for the convenience...
    btw, its very refreshing to actually have a proper discussion about a game without those damned flamer kids running amok
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  • zimzu 07/09/2007

    hehe i get lazy with the shift key... at any rate the resurrection chambers simply didnt fit in with the story line. a wonderfully crafted world with a huge gaping question mark slap bang in the centre of its forehead. if the vita chambers had maybe penalised you a little bit of adam or some max life or even just cold hard cash, then maybe i could've accepted it... the ones that you killed stayed dead cos they couldnt afford to get resurrected - but as it was it was just a massive "WTF"

    i also defy anyone to bother playing through the game after they've completed it. much as i would have liked to have seen the alternate (bad guy) ending, i just couldnt bring myself to trawl through the same tired old combat for another however-many hours it took
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  • BioShock

  • zimzu 07/09/2007

    "I suspect Bioshock is going to be one of the most submitted reader reviews because it really is that rarest of rare beast. A truly astonishing game. "

    i believe bioshock will the one of the most submitted reader reviews because Mr Kristan Reed gave it a 10 and a lot of people are ready and willing to disagree with that! if it had been an 8 or 9 i wouldnt have bothered writing my own review, but as it was, i felt it incumbent that people have a different perspective.

    that said, i was playing it on a PC and given we're used to a higher calibre of games than you x360 lot... =p
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  • BioShock

  • zimzu 07/09/2007

    the addition of a "difficulty" level is surely a joke, since invincibility basically boils everything down to "trained monkey" level. a patch where the vita chamber charges you adam/max life/cash would be a far better solution. still need to do something about the combat though, its boring as hell... Reply 0
  • zimzu 06/09/2007

    not a 10/10 game unfortunately... story and atmosphere *check*. gameplay *N/A*

    the addition of the invincibility cheat for all (also known as the vita chamber) effectively means the whole game is nothing more than a minor irrelevant slow down in between leaking tidbits more atmosphere. who needs to fear death when they're invincible! utterly atmosphere destroying ultimately.

    i wonder how many people who voted on this game actually played it before they checked out the eurogamer review. i know i didnt, but i wasnt bought in by the coy and seductive words of *checks reviewers name* Kristan Reed.

    but more importantly, how many people were able to formulate their own opinions of this game without the words of *checks reviewers name again* Kristan Reed.
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  • zimzu 29/08/2007

    anyone able to add substance to the rumour that is the installation of a rootkit when installing this game? i understand it has securom security and that this is an issue that has occured in the past... you'd hope that developers and publishers and what-not would get the hint after the first few slapped wrists =/ Reply 0