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  • Konami says it has no idea why Metal Gear Solid 5's nuclear disarmament event just unlocked

  • zepekit 05/02/2018

    "publisher Konami says it has no idea why." - That should be their motto. Clueless mofo's. Reply +20
  • Devastating Dragon Ball FighterZ combo is literally over 9000

  • zepekit 30/01/2018

    @Simatron3000 Here is one: https://youtu.be/CcNwVCkDjHQ?t=1m2s

    So eurogamer, please add that tien can do this by his lonesome...
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  • Looks like Microsoft's pricey Xbox Elite controller is getting an upgrade

  • zepekit 17/01/2018

    @moosegrinder What have you done to your dualshock controller? Mine still holds a charge... no problem.

    All the controlelrs i have ever owned, with a battery, still holds charge to this day.

    The only ones not working are xbox 360 controllers...

    I would never buy a new controller, and certainly not one at this price, without a built in rechargeable battery.

    Not including a battery is just a means to get you to spend even more cash.
    But this is a pro-xbox article, so i know none of you would ever agree, only if the controller ends up actually having a rechargeable battery ofc. ;)
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  • Super Mario Odyssey free update adds a new mini-game

  • zepekit 11/01/2018

    @Wayne I checked last weekend, and the leaderboards where still completely fucked. Reply +5
  • The Game Awards 2017 live report

  • zepekit 08/12/2017

    The dlc is not live yet though... Reply 0
  • zepekit 08/12/2017

    Too much music... get on with it you yanks! Reply 0
  • zepekit 08/12/2017

    @bigbramble To what are you referring? If the awards go to the correct game? - If so, then no... no award show will ever do that, because that is impossible. Reply 0
  • zepekit 08/12/2017

    BotW for sure. Reply 0
  • zepekit 08/12/2017

    "God I think this might be going 'til 5am."

    It's already 5 where i'm at :'(
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  • zepekit 08/12/2017

    @Hellotherenow I think that one is on saturday. Reply 0
  • zepekit 08/12/2017

    @xandaca What's hobnobs, Precious?!? Reply 0
  • zepekit 08/12/2017

    Phoenix mega drive? Reply 0
  • zepekit 08/12/2017

    This is it! Reply 0
  • zepekit 08/12/2017

    When is the awards slated to end? i desperately need some sleep :P Reply 0
  • PS4 hits 70m sold

  • zepekit 07/12/2017

    @SeanBeansGravyBoat It's a nickname. Just like ps1 is. It was never called ps1, yet no one complains when people use that.

    So yeah, it's not wrong at all. I remember, i used to think it was weird too, but everyone used it so it just stuck.
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  • zepekit 07/12/2017

    @Fourfoldroot They get upset enough to downvote :P

    There is nothing wrong with eurogamer using psx, that's what gaming publications did back then. If anything, it only shows they know the history of playstation.

    It's just funny how people think it's so wrong, when it's not. I mean, do they correct people when they call the original playstation ps1 today? Because it was never called ps1 officially, not even psone. They only did that after ps2 came out, and psone is only referring to the slim version. But that does not mean you can't call it ps1, or that it would be weird if a gaming publication did so. Just as with psx. It's a nickname, and we all used it back then.
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  • zepekit 07/12/2017

    @Fourfoldroot Not true. It was called psx in a lot of places. I don't know why people get upset about that...

    I clearly remember it, and i also remember when i saw an article about that psx ps2 dvr thing, and thought it was weird they called it psx.

    It was only when they made the "slim" version of playstation 1, that they changed the abbreviation to psone.
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  • zepekit 07/12/2017

    @SeanBeansGravyBoat Who is getting it wrong? The original playstation was referred to as psx... Reply 0
  • zepekit 07/12/2017

    @seasidebaz The original playstation was referred to as psx, long before that monster came out, or ps2 proper... Reply +2
  • Zelda: Breath of the Wild's Xenoblade quest now live

  • zepekit 09/11/2017

    @el_pollo_diablo Not more than the switch shirt :P - But it fits really well into the game imo, the xenoblade gear, except for the head piece :P Reply +3
  • Guacamelee 2 announced

  • zepekit 30/10/2017

    @Kiliko I am sure it will come to switch, they never said anything about exclusive... so i suspect it will come out on xbox and pc as well. Reply +2
  • Super Mario Odyssey review

  • zepekit 29/10/2017

    Could you please elaborate on this: "sudden and expansive flowering in a shower of unlocks after the credits"?

    I know it's spoiler territory, so just use spoiler tags.

    Because i just completed it, and i didn't see any expansive showering at all,
    and it certainly wasn't sudden. It was what, a kingdom and music list... not that much imo... and as far as i can gather, the 2 kingdoms you can unlock, are very small,
    and maybe shouldn't even be called kingdoms. - I like the game and all, but damn it feels short :( was expecting a lot more to be completely honest, especially from all the 10/10 reviews etc.

    Edit: Instead of downvoting, why not explain the quote? Where is the sudden showering? Reply -1
  • Metal Gear Survive comes out in February

  • zepekit 25/10/2017

    @PoundTheMound Sensitive much? :P

    If you think i was a shithead towards that person, then you live a very sheltered life my man... need to get out more, or you will get eaten alive in the wild ;)
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  • zepekit 25/10/2017

    @CrashOkami There is plenty information out.

    And why do people care so much, or blow it out of proportion as you chose to phrase it.... well maybe because konami fired the mind behind mgs? because he is the reason it worked and the series is one of the greatest to many people... and firing kojima leaves us with no new games for mgs ever. Sure they can make a new one, but without kojima it's not good, look no further than survival, that uses the same engine and look and feel and still manages to look like complete garbage.

    It's not really rocket science now is it?
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  • zepekit 25/10/2017

    That this game even exists pisses me of on so many levels... Reply 0
  • Nintendo Switch system update 4.0 adds video capture - for four games

  • zepekit 19/10/2017

    @el_pollo_diablo You have never seen a gameplay before?
    I am truly amazed at the amount of people coming out and saying they hate video gameplay recording now... amazing.
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  • Shadow of War players are using tricks and cheats to combat loot boxes

  • zepekit 14/10/2017

    @Cyber6 Finger pointing? lol. You are naive, and ignorant. You are part of the problem and the problem is only getting worse with that attitude. It is indeed up to the gamers to boycot to get this nonsense to stop, but sadly there are many people like you that apparently like to spend more money for the same amount, and the game does suffer from mt. If you can't see how, you're lost.

    As far as wb dropping mt. I can assure you if pople did boycot it and voiced their concerns, it would lead them to drop it and not the franchise. Remember online passes? Yeah...
    And wb is in the forefront of bad business tactics, along with ea and ubisoft. They are the ones setting these dangerous precedents and have been for a long time, and we have been talking about it for as long... but the problem is the amount of ignorant gamers out there, yourself included, that jsut happily accepts this bs and ruins it for the rest of us. That's teh sad truth.
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  • zepekit 14/10/2017

    @Jynxa Well, to me you are part of the problem that is allowing these companies to continue to do this nonsense. You have no will power at all, it's sad. And even though you say there is no reason to buy lootboxes, jsut shows how ignorant to the problem you really are.

    And you may see it as me denying myself of a great game, but honestly it was easy to boycot this release... there is so many other games out and coming over the next months, that look so much better...
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  • zepekit 13/10/2017

    @adamjorgensen Indeed. Buy it second hand if you really want to play it.

    @Melhadf That's actually sound logic... great way to prove that it's actually gambling, if they ever claim piracy.
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  • zepekit 13/10/2017

    @Jynxa Nope, ypu already support it by buying the game... i'm sorry but that's how it works. Reply +4
  • zepekit 13/10/2017

    @Jynxa Nope, it's because it means you support it... you let them put lootboxes in a single player game no less.
    If you can't see the precedent this sets, and see how it will turn out, you have been living under a rock for the last 10 years.

    So you get some downvotes, so what? All the rest of us have to see games turning into f2p models but still asking for a FULL PRICE! ffs...
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  • zepekit 13/10/2017

    I like the comments here... i made the mistake of hating on the lootboxes in this game, on the gaming subreddit and damn... was literally told to fuck off.

    So many opinions and apparently a lot actually like this trend :S it's worrying that people can find value in these things... and they still don't see that this sets a precedent, even if they think this one isn't so bad, like they haven't learnt from the dlc turned into pre-order, into expensive season passes... right along with cut content etc.

    It's like people LIKE getting ripped off. Amazing mentality... but at least i find some solace in the fact most of you on eurogamer actually have some common sense and hate on it.
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  • Cuphead has sold over 1 million copies in the two weeks since it launched

  • zepekit 14/10/2017

    Just imagine how much better it would have sold had they relea... no, no point... Reply -2
  • Assassin's Creed Origins has undead mummy DLC

  • zepekit 10/10/2017

    @smawllz It's not because your hype alone... it's because of people like you that these companies can continue to do this shit... and you have the gall to call other people sheep? YOU are the sheep... Praising dlc that comes in overpriced packages... did you miss that the pass this time has it's price raised yet again!?

    Damn... i am done with games that do this shit!
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  • SNES mini teardown confirms recycled NES mini tech

  • zepekit 27/09/2017

    @harryisme You do realize that you need the extra buttons on the snes pad to play snes games, right? So a software update wouldn't work on the mini nes.

    Also, they don't force you to do anything, you can choose to buy or not.

    And how does it matter what the motherboard is? Did you expect something else? Like what?

    Some of you need to realize just what this is and more importantly what it isn't supposed to be.
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  • zepekit 27/09/2017

    @SiroccoJetProp How did you come to that conclusion, from this article? Reply +17
  • PUBG-inspired Fortnite Battle Royale will launch as a free mode

  • zepekit 20/09/2017

    But personally i am like: switch or gtfo.

    LOL, you guys really hate the switch huh?
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  • Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition spotted

  • zepekit 20/09/2017

    @DampCloth I agree with timed and deals that's made just because of money.

    But sfv, like titanfall 1, was not being made without funding help from sony and ms respectively.

    There is a difference, and we must remember that... even if the vocal minority likes to accuse it of being the same...
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  • zepekit 20/09/2017

    @jabberwocky This is not a new version, this will be like a goty type thing. It will have the game and its dlc... the same as the standard version with the dlc.
    So still only one version. So no lies, just misinformed consumers.
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  • Monster Hunter World gets global release date

  • zepekit 19/09/2017

    @VanillaLake woah... he never even said anything about xbox or pc...
    He simply said it would be a start for another packed year for ps4... which it will.
    It's pretty telling though, that you though he took a dig at xbox and pc.
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  • Windjammers review

  • zepekit 31/08/2017

    @christinekuni It plays fine on vita, but there are small differences. It doesn't have crt filters, no custom game in online and no local multiplayer. Reply +2
  • Oh my god Secret of Mana is being 3D remastered for PS4, PC and Vita

  • zepekit 25/08/2017

    @Spuzzell Agreed... it looks like a shitty free to play mobile game :'(
    And it has pre-order dlc? WTF!?

    Oh and i am pretty sure the ff7 remake will appeal more to modern gamers than those who played and loved the original... it is a turn based game at heart, but the new kids can't stomach that, so ff7 is going the ff15 semi action whatever-you-call-it route.
    A real shame too, since i dreamed of a remake since forever... bet it has pre-order dlc too, like vincent :S
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  • Blizzard confirms Junkertown as new Overwatch map

  • zepekit 21/08/2017

    Looks awesome! Good job! Reply +1
  • Sonic Mania review

  • zepekit 16/08/2017

    @JamesSwiftDay I don't agree. This game is not a sequel, it is an omage if you will, and it is not made for the new gen gamers, it's made for the classic sonic fans. I don't see why that can't be the core of the review, and score it with that in mind, which they did.

    It is retro, and retro is simply not new gen.

    So all in all i think we look at it in different views. Whereas i judge this game by the games it's trying to "mimmick" and you seem to judge it by todays modern games.
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  • zepekit 16/08/2017

    @BellyFullOfHell ahh come now, sonic 2 is better... chemical plant alone makes it better :D opinions though :P Reply +1
  • zepekit 16/08/2017

    @JamesSwiftDay Doesn't that make sense though? That a series you LIKE gets a new entry and an amazing one at that? To top it off it actually "remixes" classic stages from those games you love... ofc. you are going to like it more than a newcomer to sonic.

    I simple don't understand your point... the game is basically made for, and no less by, those who loved classic sonic. It has nothing to do with the sonic games being shit all these years, but all to do with this game getting the classic feel right.

    But i do get the notion that a lot of gamers, who got introduced to sonic in the 3d era, don't like this game all that much. I keep seing people asking for more characters, like shadow, amy and whoever else there might be (don't know 'em and i don't want to either).
    But this game is not made for them, it's made for classic sonic, and in that it excels! With honors!
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  • zepekit 15/08/2017

    @JamesSwiftDay It's getting those because classic sonic is essential, amazing, what ever word you wanna use.
    You don't like it? Fine, but that doesn't mean it can't get an award for being "essential" on eurogamer... which is just 1 reviewers opinion anyway.
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  • Warcraft 3 has a new public test realm

  • zepekit 11/08/2017

    @lucifon ´No... make warcraft 4 instead... Reply +6
  • Middle-earth: Shadow of War has loot boxes

  • zepekit 07/08/2017

    @pelican_ What? Is it that hard to comprehend?

    Ok... from the beginning.

    Abilities are locked behind this stupid random loot system... which means you do not have access to all your characters moves, unless you get lucky. My main is, or rather was, robin and i really wanted to have all his abilities, including the staff of greyson. I opened so many loot boxes that i have no idea if it is in the hundreds or thousands... and still i have no staff of greyson, nor do i have any "good" gear for robin. BUT! i do for wonder woman, and i hate that character...
    That is a BIG problem! And it has a huge impact on gameplay... i can not see how someone could say otherwise.

    And another big problem is that these abilities are not used in tournaments, and i said it was a problem for obvious reasons... exactly because they are NOT used... so i am not sure how you can't see why this also has impact on gameplay... it's effectively banning moves. It's unheard of and a stupid, and i'm inclined to say dangerous, precedent.

    Can you really not understand why some of us see this as a problem and something that ruins the experience, and indeed the gameplay?
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  • zepekit 07/08/2017

    @pelican_ really? So how come after hours and hours of Play, that i didn't get the staff of greyson? And don't tell me it didn't affect gameplay. Locking moves behind a random loot system is stupid, both for the normal player and for tournaments for obvious reasons.

    Also the amount of garbage gear, is insane. It's filled up for no reason but to pad out a stupid system...
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