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  • inFamous: Second Son breaks 1m sales in nine days

  • zepekit 10/04/2014

    @patchbox360 this is not about titanfall ;) Reply +2
  • PlayStation Now game rentals could cost $4.99/$5.99

  • zepekit 10/03/2014

    @anistar People like you... how thick are you? Who the hell is forcing you to pay for something you own? - and if you already own it, is it possible you also own a way to play it already? Then maybe this service is not for you? or maybe, and now it get's really really REALLY hard to understand so breathe in and continue, maybe you could rent/buy games you don't already own? Reply +37
  • Win a 400 Sony Entertainment Network voucher

  • zepekit 22/02/2014

    Bioshock 2: Minerva's Den. Why? Because it has a good story in the best bioshock setting. Even though it's not nearly as long as bioshock 1, 2 or 3 it still manages to tell a story that's as deep if not more so than especially 2 and maybe 3. And the "twist" about who you play as is also done really well. Reply 0
  • Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes is 720p on Xbox One

  • zepekit 17/02/2014

    @muro Playing games for fun is good and that's how it should be, but let me then ask you a simple question:
    Why buy a machine that costs more and plays those games, you say are fun, worse than it's cheaper alternative?

    Imaging, playing a fun game in the best way possible? imagine that :O
    Sometimes framerate and resolution does matter, and if it didn't we would still be in NES/SNES era because those games where FUN!!!
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  • Xbox One firmware update due in March - report

  • zepekit 30/01/2014

    @VivaLaJam26 I rarely find those gif's funny, but you post is great :) it fit so well :)

    (but the white xbox one is nice, looks better than the black version imo).

    I get minus for this? ok then, i hate the gif and i hate the white xbox, is that better?
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  • Performance analysis: Tomb Raider Definitive Edition

  • zepekit 27/01/2014

    It's funny how fps doesn't matter now. Last gen when ps3 had lower fps (normally about 2-3, not up to 30!) it did matter but now that xbox get's lower frames then fps doesn't matter :S Reply +82
  • Epic sells Gears of War to Microsoft

  • zepekit 27/01/2014

    @MrTomFTW it's been like that from the beginning... so if people think it's rubbish it's not based on this news. Reply +6
  • zepekit 27/01/2014

    @Totza i was surprised as well. The first game was awesome but the since then it has just been another tps for me... there are so many tps out there that does it better and has more interesting takes on a setting than gear's. Reply +1
  • Microsoft paid YouTubers to say nice things about Xbox One - report

  • zepekit 21/01/2014

    @TheNinjaWarriorAGAIN this is about gaming industry, not about movie... this has nothing to do with being insecure about ms being evil, or whatever you said. This is a report about ms doing illegal pr. that's it! and we have a right to be offended! it's because people defend companies that shit like this can happen, and it should not happen! Reply +5
  • zepekit 21/01/2014

    @hurst21uk why not wait and see if something like this comes out? this is about ms doing this and not about some other company that might have done it... they also might NOT... Reply +6
  • zepekit 21/01/2014

    @DirtyDubs just because hotels do something similar doesn't make it right. Should i go out and rob a bank? some guy in my neighborhood did it so i would be crazy not to right? Reply +10
  • 13GB Dead Rising 3 update released ahead of Operation Broken Eagle DLC

  • zepekit 20/01/2014

    @AgentDaleCooper ACIV on ps4 got a pach which changed the native resolution to 1080 and applied a better AA... at less than 13gb even :P Reply +6
  • Killer Instinct update swaps Sabrewulf as the free starter character

  • zepekit 03/01/2014

    @MasterNameless But you need a play % charge kit for the xbox one controller, unless you fancy using batteries all the time (i personally hate it) - so the real price is around 60-65... extremely expensive! (but i had to have more controllers so i paid the price, reluctantly, but i did it nontheless :P )
    It isn't even wrong, yet you fanboys downvote... :S
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  • Yoshi's New Island for 2DS and 3DS in spring 2014

  • zepekit 18/12/2013

    I hope they will soon make a super mario world 2... i want the cape back! I thought they where making a real supoer mario world 2 back in the day when the first yoshi's island came out, i think it's about time they did it! :D
    But this looks like it could be fun though.
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  • Xbox One sells 2 million in 18 days

  • zepekit 11/12/2013

    They sold 1 million at launch and then another 1 million in 2 weeks. It must mean that they can produce consoles at a steady rate. It's crazy that they sold the same amount in 2 weeks as they did on launch, the demand must have been the same... so either it's because they have steady manufacturing or they held back stock, either way it's good to see people buying consoles, as the whole console's are dead has been quite annoying.

    I am really interested to see if sony has sold more consoles since launch or if they haf yet to manufacture more, since it seems like the demand is there yet i don't think they have sold near 1 million since launch
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  • PlayStation 4 now counts for 10% of all Twitch streaming

  • zepekit 10/12/2013

    @Cannon_Fodder The amount of time and effort it takes to relaunch the broadcast when you switch games is so small that it amazes me that someone would actually whine about that... jeez!

    The quality is good, but you have to take your upload into account also. I have streamed on medium quality on a poor upload and the quality was better than anything i have achieved on pc.
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  • Next-Gen Now: watch Forza Motorsport 5 at 60fps

  • zepekit 20/11/2013

    So an xbox one game does 1080p and suddenly resolution DOES matter? Reply +13
  • South Park takes on next-gen console war and wins

  • zepekit 14/11/2013

    Are you really quoting a fanboy from youtube?
    I know these "console wars" are stupid and always have been (especially near a new launch)... but somehow this launch seems to be the worst ever, or is just that it had died down a little over the past years, so the new "war" seems more idiotic?
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  • Digital Foundry vs. Dead Rising 3

  • zepekit 12/11/2013

    @Uncle_Fishboy The problem is when frame rate drops below 30 it ruins the enjoynmet. Specs are not everything and every game doesn't have to be the best looking game ever up to that point... but a new generation has to do better than below 30 fps! no matter who made it and for whatever system! Reply +33
  • zepekit 12/11/2013

    @simsini I completely agree! Both new consoles isn't looking to good at this point :S - i'm really hoping it gets better in the next 6 month and i don't think that is to much to ask for! Reply -15
  • Microsoft names next free game for Xbox 360 Gold subscribers

  • zepekit 12/07/2013

    @JohnnyFiveAces The way you can spin such a great thing as instant game collection to be something negative just shows how big of a fanboy you truly are. How on earth you can be that negative about such a thing is borderline stupidity. Reply +2
  • PS4 Play As You Download "makes a digital library a practical option in the real world"

  • zepekit 11/07/2013

    @blarty yes i actually think it is better, and i hope you agree that i am entitled to think that way?

    Also, i have never activated mine nor any of the consoles i have game shared with, and it works fine on all of them... funny.

    And go ahead, give me more minuses for telling nothing but facts... you fanboys are incredible ridiculous :S
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  • zepekit 11/07/2013

    I see a lot of comments about xbox 360 having this and other weird comments.

    First of all, NO xbox 360 doesn't have this, clearly the play as you download is the key feature here, which the xbox 360 does not have.... xbox one might, but they have been very quiet about that.

    Second, the loggin into and playing your digital games part is indeed possible on xbox 360... but so is it on ps3! don't forget that. It's actually better on s3 than xbox 360, because the way it works on 360 is that you have to be logged in to your profile to play your digital game on another console, but on ps3 you just have to log in to your profile to download the game and everybody on the console can paly it (game sharing). It's funny how that last part is constantly missed by xbox fanboys :P

    Thirdly, ps3 can in fact download games in the background even if you play another game, just not if that game is online (and do i really have to explain why that is?.... do i?).

    On a side note, xbox fanboys should really find some reading about what exactly "the cloud" is and how it works.... just saying ;)
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  • PS4 Store asks if you'd like to download multiplayer or single-player first

  • zepekit 19/06/2013

    @FiReTiGeR2K I think the abillity to play music in th ebackground is very low in demand, i think people don't care, deep down... it was only a point this gen because it was something one of the machines could and th eother couldn't. That being said, i think you most likely can, but if not... use some other form of audio device, i'm sure you have one :) Reply +12
  • Steam may soon allow game-sharing with friends

  • zepekit 19/06/2013

    I have shared games and dlc on ps3 for a looooong time, just saying. Reply 0
  • The big interview: Sony's Jim Ryan on PS4, DRM and the next-gen console war

  • zepekit 12/06/2013

    @DeusTerra You should really read the interview again... it's the same policy as now... and no publisher has made that kind of drm on ps3, why would they suddenly do so on ps4? because they think gamers won't react harsh? because it has gone over so well for publishers who have tried this stuff on pc? Reply +1
  • PlayStation 4 will cost $399/€399/349

  • zepekit 11/06/2013

    @5h1nj1 It's really not that strange taht people cheer for ownership... ms took that away from people and people HATE that... so it may be funny to you, but it's because of ms it's funny and needed to be considered a function these days.

    Paying for multiplayer sucks! but again, it's because of ms... and while i hate it i at least think that ps+ is a much better option thatn gold... free games and it's not required for netflix etc.
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  • zepekit 11/06/2013

    @Mister-Wario I agree with you, but both are actually spawning out of ms and their way of doing things. MS biggest legacy will be taking money for multiplayer, sadly :( Reply 0
  • Dead Rising 3 revealed with giant open world

  • zepekit 10/06/2013

    @Beevdog Money... sadly. Reply +17
  • Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain reveals open world gameplay

  • zepekit 10/06/2013

    That voice... what a shame, all i'm hearing is kiefer and i can't make the connection with big boss. This is going to be hard to get over i'm afraid... Reply +7
  • Microsoft makes its first mouse with a dedicated Windows button

  • zepekit 27/05/2013

    @Fleisch Finally! someone with common sense! Reply 0
  • Windows 8.1 will revive the Start button, reports suggest

  • zepekit 23/04/2013

    @PearOfAnguish i'm not ignoring it i simply don't need it as it's outdated and useless as the options it supplied in the past is already in win8. I just took the time to learn it ;) Reply -3
  • zepekit 23/04/2013

    @PearOfAnguish Are you just trolling for attention or what?. Read what i wrote or stop commenting on it! I use win8, so i am not afraid of change and if the button can be toggled great, if not then it's not great! and i already explained that. Reply -3
  • zepekit 23/04/2013

    @AaronTurner you don't need shortcuts at all. It's jsut faster that way. Everything can be done with a mouse just as win7, xp etc. Reply -3
  • zepekit 23/04/2013

    @darkmorgado Yes it does, it takes 1 space away that could go to a program. Some of us use the taskbar with programs pinned to it. So a button that does nothing that can't be done otherwise is not needed. It's just my opinion though. Reply 0
  • zepekit 23/04/2013

    @PearOfAnguish I hope ypu can figure out that i actually use win8 so no i am not afraid of change... and i already explained why a start button isn't needed anymore.
    It would be fine if you can toggle the start button but i highly doubt that! especially considering how much people complain about it not being there.

    And stop trying to be clever with that afraid of change statement, when it clearly fits someone like you more than us that have already moved to win8 ;)
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  • zepekit 23/04/2013

    @PearOfAnguish I'm all for booting into desktop view, but a start button will take 1 place away from the taskbar. I use the taskbar for all my programs that i use the most and it's nearly filled up. So what's the point in taking a place away for nothing? you can do what you did with the start button jsut as easily now. Reply -8
  • zepekit 23/04/2013

    @YenRug Try right-clicking sometime, you might find what you are looking for.
    You can browse all you want with only the mouse.

    So now you get minuses for telling something that is true and helping? eurogamer comments at it's best i guess :S
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  • zepekit 23/04/2013

    @midnight_walker Exactly! They see the metro interface and already doom it to hell and call win8 a bad os. The truth is win8 is by np means a bad os, it's better than win7 even.
    Just learn to see the metro ui as a new start menu and you'll get used to it in no time. And the core desktop experience is still there, just cleaner and more fluid than ever.

    I for one hope they won't bring the start button back as it takes up space on the taskbar and it's not needed at all.

    I really don't get what people need it for!? :S - just right-click in the corner and everything you need is there!
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  • Link to the Past sequel coming to 3DS

  • zepekit 17/04/2013

    I knew there was a reason i haven't sold my 3DS :) Reply 0
  • Microsoft trumpets 40 million Windows 8 sales in first month

  • zepekit 28/11/2012

    @kosigan or maybe alt+F4? :P or maybe even ctrl+alt+del?

    But what you are saying is that 3 clicks (no need to click for the bar to pop up ;) ) to shutdown win8 contra win7's 2 makes win8 a lesser product?
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  • zepekit 28/11/2012

    @barkertron If he had to uninstall it after 1 hour he didn't really give it a try. And if he couldn't figure things out, he is by no means tech-savvy.
    Win8 is extremely easy to use. I just think people get turned of by that metro startup screen. But 1 click on desktop (which is pretty logical in my book) and everything looks like windows always looks like.

    I have no clue why people are so upset about this... win8 runs faster/better than win7, and you don't have to use the metro interface. And win8 is still as open as windows used to be, it's just the ms store that's not, but it has nothing to do with ex. steam and others.
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  • South Korea bans trade of virtual items, gold farm bots

  • zepekit 15/06/2012

    @Bigmac1910 You're right, although... when they give this many minuses it hides the comment from most people, which is funny because it invalidates my opinion and that's wrong. Especially considering i didn't write anything hatefull or anything to that nature. It's just because it goes against popular believe right now, and that is a big shame, but it really prooves my point even more.
    But hanks for replieng with words atleast :)
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  • zepekit 15/06/2012

    Stupid imho. Who is he to determine what a game is and what it's not? - while i don't intend to use the RMAH, it's blizzard's descicion as to wheter or not it is a part of diablo 3. All this hate, when you could just as easily stop playing. What im most baffled of, is that blizzard get's so much hate for RMAH and always online, and the fact many people wants to sue and the korean government actually does things, while a company like capcom can get away with far worse imo. It's really an eye opener for me, how people act these days, entitled as all sh!t.

    What blizzard should do, and i really mean this, is ban all online blizzard games in korea as a result, hindering all the (allways online) SC2 pro gamers.

    come on, give me minus's for having an opinion. jeez, you guys prooves my point ;)
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  • Gran Turismo 5 DLC locked to one PSN ID

  • zepekit 19/10/2011


    Because that's even worse. If your machine dies, you have to be online ALWAYS to play whatever dlc you had before...

    Sony's is better, for people who's not online all the time. Sadly it's all those that "steal" using game sharing, just like pirates imho :S that ruin it for the rest of us.
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  • Tech pioneer Steve Jobs dies aged 56

  • zepekit 06/10/2011

    well, i hate seeing people die of that stupid decease. But this is getting out of hand. Why are people making jobs out to be some kind of genius who did so much for our lives? He was not the sole man behind apple's products, he was just the front man.

    My god apple fanatics are weird!

    And to login_name, and others. Calm down, it's not about respect, it's just some fun. You have to realize that not everyone cares about a man they never met. So many other people die each day, we cant feel sorry for all of them.

    Steve jobs was ceo of apple, which made overrated products (imo) and now he's dead. That's about it for me.
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  • XBLA has "peaked" says World of Goo dev

  • zepekit 04/10/2011


    MS didn't bend for dark souls... the developrer removed it by themselves. MS didn't wat party chat to be removed, so from did so you would get kicked out of the game, if you chat in party mode :P (at leeast, that's what i have read, i dont have the game yet, so i havent tried it myself)
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  • Anonymous hackers declare war on Sony

  • zepekit 04/04/2011


    Why? because they made a console for us to play games on, and try to make it so pirates dont abuse it and makes the weakminded download games... wich makes the companies that make the games, suffer?... so in the end we wont get more games? Oh yeah, tsony clearly derserves this... lol


    Evil? rofl... companies may be creedy, but evil? lol...
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  • European Nintendo 3DS Conference

  • zepekit 19/01/2011

    will thre be ANY gameplay from ANY game?
    or any gaming relevant news?
    I'm starting to lose all hype for the 3DS...
    I wonder if the price point will be the final nail, if they announce it at all....
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  • Nintendo 3DS region-locked

  • zepekit 11/01/2011

    I thought i would buy this at laucnh... but with this news and the poor line up of launch titles, poor battery, not the right color (i want the red :P ) and the higher price due to peoples reaction and not market/production, i'm not even sure i want it at all now... :S

    Nintendo, I am disappoint :P
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