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  • Raid: World War 2 sounds a lot like Payday set during World War 2

  • zegerman1942 10/08/2017

    Was anyone else expecting anything more original from that studio? Reply 0
  • Sniper Elite studio announces 1930s supernatural adventure Strange Brigade

  • zegerman1942 08/06/2017

    This is quite possibly one of the worst announce trailers I have ever seen. In the run up to E3 as well.

    It's all over the shop and the VO in particular is far too fast paced and sounds off.

    This says nothing about the game, could be fun and definitely look forward to seeing more, but as an announce trailer it's disappointing.
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  • Mass Effect Andromeda patch makes Jaal bi

  • zegerman1942 07/06/2017

    The character changes to me just show how immature our industry at times still can be. Some of the characters in Andromeda clearly were written to please a certain crowd, "force" diversity and say "hey! we care about everyone" - and that's totally fine. I am all for more diverse characters in games, and won't ever complain about it. If they are done well.

    The problem with writing something or creating something for the sake of doing it, just to fill a quota, is that they lack authenticity and depth. They are not well thought out and their gender/orientation/race is almost added as an afterthought.

    Imagine if this would have been a film or book and it would not possible to just patch it.

    When we create characters and story in our games, we truly need to think about them from the ground up and ensure they are the right character for the part. Patching afterwards, changing the experience, is a cheap and lazy option.
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  • Anita Sarkeesian brings Tropes vs. Women in Video Games to a close

  • zegerman1942 28/04/2017

    I do like the fact that everyone who disagrees with Sarkeesian is branded a misogynist and is harassing her. There have been a lot of good counter videos, clearly showing her bias and poor research.

    Yep, she had a couple of good points. But by en large her work is one of select examples, completely ignoring the vast majority of video games out there, simply to push a very specific agenda. An agenda which, in the current climate, catapulted her to fame and brings in a lot of money.

    A very good counter series is done by Troy Leavitt. Seriously worth watching. Unfortunately it won't really change any hardcore minds, but he has actually done proper research (and he is a developer, so actually has insights from years in the industry).
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  • Alien: Isolation 2 rumour isn't true

  • zegerman1942 27/04/2017

    @pelican_ That I can totally agree with. There might well be other considerations as to why no sequel will be made.

    But look at it the other way around. If it would have been any kinds of financial success (i.e. say it sold 4 to 5 million copies), there would definitely be a sequel (cause that's how publishers think a lot of the time). Whether that would have been a good game/the right move, is another question.
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  • zegerman1942 26/04/2017

    @SupremeAC Yeah 15 or 20 years ago maybe (unfortunately). 600.000 copies (at full retail prices) will mean less than 10 million GBP for publisher/developer - that's about 2 years of development time for a team of 60 to 80 people. My guess is Isolation was at least 3 to 4 years of dev time and had a good marketing budget as well. Reply +2
  • zegerman1942 26/04/2017

    @pelican_ from what I could find the game shipped about 2.3 million copies. In late January 2015 they tweeted to have reached 1 million sales (4 months after launch) - so between then and now they sold another 1.3 million in 2+ years (many of these copies will have been super cheap or even free as bundles).

    Typically (after you take away retail cuts, fees to platform holders and other distribution costs), it takes about 3 to 4 million copies for most "normal sized" (i.e. read: none CoD, GTA etc.) AAA titles to break even. There are exceptions, but a total lack of celebrating the game post the "we sold a million copies", combined with the poor showing in the US, leads me to believe that Isolation was not an exception and that they did not break even.

    Of course a lot of it is assumption, but it's based on a lot of experience in the industry.
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  • zegerman1942 26/04/2017

    @SupremeAC It definitely was a AAA title, don't know the exact number of people who worked on it, but it was a full size team at Creative Assembly. It also had decent marketing behind it from Sega. It took the game more than 4 months to sell a million copies (in fact it sold slower than the horrible Gearbox Title). A chunk of the copies sold beyond the 1 million mark were sold at less than full price.

    My estimate would be that the game would have needed to sell about 3 to 4 million copies at full price to break even and be slightly profitable. In that case it would have made a sequel worth it. (this is my experience from similar scale projects/titles).

    It's got nothing to do with the quality of the game or how people liked it. It's not an attack on anyone who liked the game. It's just (sad) commercial reality.

    It completely bombed (and reviewed badly) in the US and that's despite having one of the most iconic franchises.
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  • zegerman1942 26/04/2017

    Considering the game was a commercial flop, I would be very surprised to see a sequel ever appearing. Maybe 10 years from now someone will do a kickstarter. Reply -4
  • Mass Effect Andromeda and the quest for great facial animation

  • zegerman1942 29/03/2017

    The article is spot on. Working in the industry I can attest to the amount of work that goes into games such as this.
    Having said that, what is striking is that previous mass effect titles actually produced higher quality than the current one. That's why it stands out.
    Poor choice of tech maybe, a new (inexperienced) studio on top of that (not inexperienced people, but a studio/team that has not released a mass effect game). Working on a loved and well known (if not well selling) franchise - all that added pressure on top.

    Reality is, they should have seen that the quality was below a certain standard and should have either canned the game or given it even more time to get it right. As it is, the game will probably end the franchise and quite possibly the studio.
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  • Mass Effect Andromeda is another failure for trans representation

  • zegerman1942 28/03/2017

    Damned if you do, damned if you don't it seems.

    But this is what happens when you try to please everyone, including SJW and write characters for the sake of writing them, instead of writing characters because they are needed and well thought out.
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  • Mass Effect: Andromeda review

  • zegerman1942 20/03/2017

    This can happen when you get a new team to take on the reigns of a franchise. To be fair, Mass Effect (while reviewing well) as never really sold incredibly well - so it was surprising to get a sequel in the first place.

    My guess is the studio will be closed within a year (depending on DLC contracts).

    It is super interesting to see that almost every games news outlet has been going on and on and on about Andromeda, hyping it up - in all the time playing it during the early phases, nobody went "hrmm actually this is not that good?" Why is that?
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  • Ion, the space survival game by Dean Hall and Improbable, is dead

  • zegerman1942 07/03/2017

    What went wrong? Dean Hall's ego and fame is what went wrong. Too much hype around one guy, instead of doing a game like this proper studio with a proper team. He might have pulled of DayZ (barely) but he is not a team player and just because he launched one title (or sorts) does not mean he can handle full on game development of a full scale project. Reply +1
  • Hearthstone's next expansion Journey to Un'Goro detailed

  • zegerman1942 28/02/2017

    Some great ideas and concepts. Problem is: with the current tempo of the game, quest cards will never see play and some adapt cards might be too slow.

    Blizzard keeps putting in some great cards/mechanics to support a slower meta, but reality is that games end before turn 9 most of the time.

    Adapt can be fun in Arena though i think.
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  • BioShock creator Ken Levine reveals new studio Ghost Story

  • zegerman1942 24/02/2017

    So it will be like a Bioshock game in all but name. He is a bit of a one trick pony. Also slightly worrying if it took them 3 years to get to a position of only now hiring key positions such as game designers. Reply -12
  • Morrowind expansion revealed for The Elder Scrolls Online

  • zegerman1942 01/02/2017

    Fantastic looking trailer. Curious to see more about the game. Might be time to head back into the game after a while :) Reply 0
  • Punching Nazis

  • zegerman1942 28/01/2017

    It would be great if Eurogamer would be less political (and clearly biased) and more concentrated about games.

    Games are meant to be entertainment and, for brief moments, make us forget about the every day world. The Trump related stories are everywhere. Do we have to have them here as well? And if we do, it would be great if they were written by someone who has a background in political journalism.
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  • Come and work at Gamer Network!

  • zegerman1942 18/01/2017

    All you need is the capability to write lame puns. Reply +21
  • Writing Lara Croft

  • zegerman1942 17/01/2017

    @anthonyhillman I think she is a great writer in her own right. Had the pleasure to hear her give a talk in London a while back and I think she is probably one of the best writers we have in the industry at the moment. Fully agree with you mate. Reply +1
  • Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford fights fires over lack of Bulletstorm upgrade discount

  • zegerman1942 07/12/2016

    Shame. loved the game, would have liked to pick it up again, but not at full price. Reply +3
  • Mass Effect Andromeda developers reassure fans after trailer sparks animation concerns

  • zegerman1942 02/12/2016

    I am slightly more worried about the UI rather than animation. It looks incredibly cluttered compared to previous mass effect titles. Reply +2
  • I'm still searching for the SSX in Steep, but there's one thing it absolutely nails

  • zegerman1942 23/11/2016

    @Naetharu Thanks for the long reply mate! As ChrisF has pointed out, you missed my point. I was being tongue in cheek. Read some of my comments after the original (not too far down from the top) and you'll see what I meant :) Reply 0
  • zegerman1942 22/11/2016

    @chrisf I know right! :) Reply 0
  • zegerman1942 22/11/2016

    @RustyBullet in the end we got there :) well played Sir ;) Reply +1
  • zegerman1942 22/11/2016

    @RustyBullet I could not care less about negs to be honest, particularly not if they come from people who failed to understand the humor and just jumped to conclusions. I definitely do not feel the need to be validated by a like/dislike mechanic on a gaming website. The only issues I have are with your mum, she won't stop calling! (Joke) ;) Reply +3
  • zegerman1942 22/11/2016

    @RustyBullet Sorry to have to spell it out for you, but I was being sarcastic. I find it hilarious that Eurogamer likes to fly the "sexism" flag whenever a game does something even remotely offensive, but here we are, one of their own painting dicks in the snow and putting it up on a video. Reply +1
  • zegerman1942 21/11/2016

    I find the drawing of a penis in the snow and showing the video of this extremely offensive Eurogamer. It is sexist in the extreme to have male genitalia used in such a low form for entertainment. Knowing you are normally really good on equality and censoring everything that even remotely smells of sexism, I am extremely disappointed to see this video appear. Reply -18
  • Peter Molyneux released a new game today

  • zegerman1942 04/11/2016

    Is this now the last game he will ever make or will there be another last game he will ever make? Reply 0
  • Battlefield designer reveals promising-looking Viking monster game

  • zegerman1942 02/11/2016

    It's impressive to see how quickly you are made to care for the creature
    Really? Was that part of the press release or do you really care for an imaginary creature after 30 seconds? :)

    This looks interesting. Visually stunning, love the viking take and language. Though the premise is hardly a twist - a lot of games feature an antagonist that's outnumbered and fighting against evil and oppression (it would be different if the Vikings are the good guys and the player creature the bad guy!).

    Lots of potential for interesting gameplay, so look forward to seeing more in the future!
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  • zegerman1942 02/11/2016

    It's impressive to see how quickly you are made to care for the creature
    Really? Was that part of the press release or do you really care for an imaginary creature after 30 seconds? :)

    This looks interesting. Visually stunning, love the viking take and language. Though the premise is hardly a twist - a lot of games feature an antagonist that's outnumbered and fighting against evil and oppression (it would be different if the Vikings are the good guys and the player creature the bad guy!).

    Lots of potential for interesting gameplay, so look forward to seeing more in the future!
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  • Watch: 7 things we want from Shadow of the Tomb Raider

  • zegerman1942 02/11/2016

    1. She mostly gets hurt when you fuck up in the game (spikes, wolfs, mountains etc. are all fail states of gameplay)
    2. The last tomb raider had some rather large open world-ish areas where you could run and explore at your own pace

    Can't actually be bothered with the rest of your points. We are no longer in the 90s and nothing stops you from going back to play the original games. It's ok for a franchise to move forward and address a younger, newer, audience.
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  • Official Battlefield account pulls insensitive tweets after outcry over #justWWIthings

  • zegerman1942 01/11/2016

    Who the fuck is Alex Hern? Reply +2
  • 20 years on, the Tomb Raider story told by the people who were there

  • zegerman1942 27/10/2016

    Core design died because they became a victim of their own success. Creating a game which essentially sold consoles (Playstations) meant that they got used to passing certification 1st time despite issue and they got arrogant. Angel of Darkness took far too long to make and was one of the buggiest games ever, prompting bad sales and lots of returns. Eidos made the right call by pulling the franchise and giving it to a far more sustainable studio (Crystal Dynamics), who have delivered.

    Core created something amazing, but in the end they wasted it and by the end they had become a one trick pony, which is a shame considering the amazing talent the studio had.
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  • Infamous video game movie director Uwe Boll retires from filmmaking

  • zegerman1942 27/10/2016

    Think of him what you want, but the industry needs people like him. Games and movies will be a lesser place with his retirement. He is fringe and niche, but he still tells a story and he still entertains a bunch of people. Reply 0
  • Zoe Quinn's next game is a far cry from Depression Quest

  • zegerman1942 27/10/2016

    I find the game to be quite stereotypical and sexist. The use of a horses head on a male torso, the "buff" character in the video. As a male with a slight pouch, I feel body shamed to be honest. Reply +21
  • Stand by: Titanfall 2 day one patch requires 88... megabytes

  • zegerman1942 25/10/2016

    @pisky thanks for your answer Pisky, it's appreciated. I try not to troll :)

    regarding your points:

    - Shooting for the moon is fine. And you should have additional content "left over" - but planning and execution have to be spot on. the production team has to make a clear call when to set the cut off point - anything beyond that can go into DLC. You should never try and cram content into the small window between cert and launch. To me that's incredibly bad practice and has nothing to do with ambition and drive - purely with bad planning. I am fortunate to work in a studio with excellent planning now, so even on AAA titles we are conscious of this.

    - Agreed, there are trade offs. But this actually links to my first point. if you need to package things and pre-bake things for example, and you know any update will include large chunks of "not needed" data, then it's even more important that your planning takes this into account.

    Ambition, drive and fluidity are important, but gamer ease of use and satisfaction have to sit above all else. We simply cannot expect our customers to spend hours downloading stuff when they have the disc in their hand (I am in the UK and to get the Gears 4 patch took me 5 hours, which meant that despite pre-ordering the game, I had to wait an extra day to play it).
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  • zegerman1942 25/10/2016

    @pisky I am developer myself and so I am well aware of the submission and certification process. Frankly your view shocks me, as it shows no consideration for our customers (the gamers) at all.

    There are 2 main problems that lead to large patches:
    - Bad planning/development process, requiring you to make big changes post submission. In theory your game should be done when you submit to cert and only minor code/bug fixes should be needed - requiring (if at all) a small executable change/patch.

    - bad pipeline or updating backend. i.e. you have a small change but it requires an entire batch of data to be overwritten and re-downloaded.

    Either way though, developers have gotten lazy and large patches have become the norm. Why is it a problem? Because not every gamer has the bandwidth (believe it or not, many of our customers still have capped internet) and because if our customers pre-order (often at extra cost), they should be able to play within minutes of the game arriving (not "download over night" as you suggest). I find your attitude dismissive to say the least.
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  • zegerman1942 25/10/2016

    @Nikanoru Aye but on console that's getting rare :) Reply +3
  • zegerman1942 25/10/2016

    Finally a game that seems to ship with content on the disc and has a decent file update system instead of requiring a download of entire maps for a small asset change. Their pipeline obviously seems to be working. Well done Titanfall 2! A game you can actually play on when you come back from work and unpack your pre-order. Reply +10
  • Lego Dimensions Easter egg references Ghostbusters movie controversy

  • zegerman1942 03/10/2016

    I love the fact everyone thinks people who dislike the movie do so because they are trolls or the fact it was an all female cast. I am not a troll and I don't care about the gender. It was just a shit film. Reply +22
  • Blizzard to nerf Hearthstone's "most controversial" card

  • zegerman1942 30/09/2016

    @Duffking Yeah that's a very good point about Thing from below. Though I still feel that Tuskarr Totemic is a quite powerful card and will still see play. Perhaps we see more of evolve shaman now though, which is fine with me. Reply 0
  • zegerman1942 29/09/2016

    @l3en @Duffking good points both. I do hope once these cards cycle out we won't get more of the "kill me twice" minions. and yes, Naxx/GvG was massive power creep. Reply 0
  • zegerman1942 29/09/2016

    @l3en absolutely true. However the game has had massive power creep since the original card set. Possessed villager, Imp Gang Boss etc. - it's incredibly easy for Warlocks to have a 1/1 on the board "for free" and then it's no longer a sacrifice. Originally warlocks did have to think about which minion to sacrifice to get through a taunt etc. - now they don't, so that's why i feel the card needs to be looked at :) Hope that makes sense! Reply 0
  • zegerman1942 29/09/2016

    @l3en Fair point mate. Not just thinking in terms of constructed though, but also in terms of Arena and the game overall. Also most Zoolocks still run dark peddler and can get copies of power overwhelming (a solution would be to make it a 2 mana cost card) Reply +1
  • zegerman1942 29/09/2016

    Yogg Saron is fine. There are other cards that need nerfing:

    - Power Overwhelming (got far more powerful since the initial launch)
    - Firelands Portal
    - Flamewreathed Faceless

    Just to name a few.
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  • Forza Horizon 3 review

  • zegerman1942 27/09/2016

    I had it pre-ordered. Played the demo over the weekend and would have bought it straight then on saturday to have early access if it wasn't for the 80 quid price tag on that. So getting it today - can't wait! Reply +3
  • Dean Hall of DayZ fame is making a big new multiplayer game

  • zegerman1942 14/09/2016

    Why is Eurogamer even giving this guy the time? He never finished Day Z, he has not released anything that worth writing home about since and he does not even want to/can talk about his current project. This guy is all hype and no substance. Reply -2
  • Battlefield 1's beta is broken and brilliant in equal measure

  • zegerman1942 06/09/2016

    Time to fix it? it's a month from launch... Of course everyone is used to 6 gig launch day patches now, but I doubt even a massive day 1 patch will fix all the issues this game has at the moment. Reply +2
  • Battlefield 1's 40 Premium Pass features French army, Russian Empire

  • zegerman1942 24/08/2016

    When will publishers learn that this up front cash grab just is not the right thing to do. In the end you just fragment your player base between those that have all DLC maps and those that don't.

    Content such as maps has to be made available, free, to everyone - that way you keep the game fresh, the player base together and it's never a question of "Lets play this map - oh sorry, you don't have that..."

    There are plenty of things to sell as DLC which do not impact server selection and player base (guns, vehicles, skins, even new classes etc.) - basically anything that can be applied across all maps. Even Co-Op missions and more single player content.
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  • No Man's Sky finishers have advice about Atlas Stones

  • zegerman1942 11/08/2016

    Can we not have 1 big article for this game, rather than get a new article over a small mechanic/exploit/info every 5 min? Is there nothing else to write about? Reply 0