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  • Just Cause 3 Expansion Pass adds three DLC packs

  • zegerman1942 16/09/2015

    Look! here is the content we could have had for launch, but instead we are gonna monetize on it later! Reply -2
  • So, Mr Kojima, do we feel "ashamed" over Quiet?

  • zegerman1942 04/09/2015

    I am of the opinion that tits are awesome. But they're just tits
    If tits are awesome, surely they are not "just tits". If something is awesome, it goes beyond "just being something" for the person who finds it awesome.
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  • Hearthstone: The Grand Tournament expansion release date

  • zegerman1942 24/08/2015

    @Perjoss don't think so - still showing on my shop right now. Reply +1
  • zegerman1942 20/08/2015

    First match I played as mage I won - by a wide margin :) Agree @Huggybear - the hunter deck is all built around lock and load. Reply 0
  • zegerman1942 19/08/2015

    Agreed with Duffking - played the brawl 3 times now, got hunter all 3 times, no chance against mage. Hunter should be ok in the full game, but the cards they put in the brawl deck have rubbish synergy. Reply 0
  • World of Warcraft subscriptions at nine-year low with 5.6 million

  • zegerman1942 05/08/2015

    Its not necessarily the end of the road, but 6.2 definitely has not helped. Some really bad design decisions, forcing grinding more and making almost the entire Garrison obsolete. Not allowing players to use flying mounts until they get a mad grind achievement - it's just not very good. Reply +4
  • Hearthstone's next expansion is all about the Hero Power

  • zegerman1942 23/07/2015

    @whatfruit is right i think. Hunter and Warlock will benefit greatly from this new expansion. This is not to say that other classes won't, but take hunter for example:
    Lock and Load plus inspire cards:
    - get a lot of low cost spells (hunters mark, traps, arcane shot, tracking) - use it with Lock and Load
    - burn through cards quickly and hero power, in combo with inspire minions, becomes more than just a mana dump
    - quick shot combos nicely with lock and load and the "draw card if hand empty" will become more of an option

    I reckon we will see a very strong hunter agro deck emerge - the lock and load mechanic does add a bit of randomness to it, which makes it less predictable, but it is insanely powerful.

    Warlocks will definitely be getting a strong handlock meta - play frost giant at turn 5 or 6 and combo with any decent inspire minions.

    It's hard to say what other classes will be able to pull off, with only a few cards revealed, but from what we have seen so far, hunter and warlock definitely will be well off.

    I think all classes have decent hero powers and use them a lot. I think Shaman could be a dark horse as there seem to be a few cards that combo with totems.

    Overall I think it will be a great expansion, i just hope that not too many old cards become obsolete and are still viable. Arena will be fun :)

    I think 35GBP for 50 decks is very reasonable and it will give people a great head start with new cards!
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  • Destiny: The Taken King director defends 40 expansion price tag

  • zegerman1942 23/06/2015

    Luke Smith: If I fired up a video right now and showed you the emotes you would throw money at the screen.
    Wow what a douche.
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  • Elder Scrolls Online offers 12.99 PC-to-console migration deal

  • zegerman1942 10/04/2015

    Great deal, purchased, looking forward to playing it! Reply +1
  • Tomb Raider reboot has sold 8.5m copies

  • zegerman1942 07/04/2015

    Great news for the franchise. Also shows that taking the game away from Core and giving it to Crystal was the best move overall. Can't wait for the next game! Reply 0
  • "He suddenly became incredibly sullen, angry and frustrated. He was 10"

  • zegerman1942 02/04/2015

    Great article by the teacher here - well written. Thank you for the taking the time to talk to the gaming community! Reply +3
  • Battlefield Hardline fends off challenge of Bloodborne in UK chart

  • zegerman1942 30/03/2015

    That's a problem when you do exclusives. It'll probably still be impressive sales (and on the PS4 Bloodbourne most certainly will have outsold Hardline). Reply +13
  • Bloodborne review

  • zegerman1942 27/03/2015

    @music1 Well I think it's fair to say that Bloodbourne is a quality game and that a lot of hard work went into it. I do think the title is highly polarizing though when it comes to "design". Those that do not like punishing difficulty and repetitive gameplay simply won't buy the game (I am among those), but they can still appreciate the quality of the work. Think of it this way: do you think anyone who just looks at the "essential" badge and goes out and buys the game will enjoy it and get the same experience as the reviewer did? Reply 0
  • zegerman1942 27/03/2015

    @music1 Honestly, I think very few games journalists are not biased one way or another. But with a game like this, I feel it comes out more - because the game is so polarizing. It's like marmite - people either love the design (repetitiveness, difficulty, unforgiving etc.) or they hate it. So when it comes to who reviews it, you will likely get people who love it to review, because others won't touch it.

    Compare that with an FPS for example - any reviewer can pick that up and have an honest go at it without either loving or hating it after 10 minutes :)

    Again - nothing at all against the game, quite the contrary! I just think that polarizing games like this will always have skewed reviews - that is why the IGN article is quite interesting.
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  • zegerman1942 27/03/2015

    And now let someone review it who isn't a total fanboy!

    There is an interesting article over on IGN actually, which is worth reading. I feel it really shows just how subjective games reviews really are. Because what Rich here calls genius design, Dan Stapleton calls bad design.


    Now before you all down vote: it is always up to the designers to create the game they want, and in this (as well as the Souls games) definitely do that. Not everyone is going to like it, but not everyone has to like it. I think games like this are great to have, and it's amazing people love them. The only thing I find curious here is the obvious bias of the reviewer.
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  • Hearthstone expansion Blackrock Mountain out next week

  • zegerman1942 27/03/2015

    @devilmyarse Alexstrasza for sure, but also Juraxis - it's a decent answer when you face a warlock who uses him. It might also be good against warriors who are low on health but stay alive due to shield. But it's soooooo situational - I doubt it will feature in many decks. Reply 0
  • zegerman1942 27/03/2015

    Looking forward to the single player experience and the class challenges. Was not a fan of the heroic modes in Naxx (it was mainly just creating one specific deck and starting the game over until you got the right hand), so not holding out to it being better in this one. The cards are a bit lacking to be honest - Naxx cards seem to have been much better. But time will tell! Reply +2
  • Pillars of Eternity review

  • zegerman1942 26/03/2015

    Want to get home to play!!!!! Reply 0
  • Arnie's new film channels The Last of Us

  • zegerman1942 26/03/2015

    Looks very good - and I am one of the people getting tired of the zombie stuff - but I will be watching this :) Reply 0
  • Geralt's beard grows as you play Witcher 3

  • zegerman1942 25/03/2015

    @MrBeast hahahaha good point :) nice one! Reply 0
  • zegerman1942 24/03/2015

    That sounds almost like a Molyneux feature. Reply +10
  • CCP showcases explosive new content for Eve Valkyrie

  • zegerman1942 19/03/2015

    Looks stunning. Would be interested to know what headset this is using and what the hardware specs are. If this video truly depicts the resolution of what you get in the VR headset they are using, it is far beyond anything else seen so far. Reply +1
  • Nintendo's "kishōtenketsu" Mario level design philosophy explained

  • zegerman1942 17/03/2015

    This design is not unique to Mario/Nintendo games. Most games follow this approach (or try to anyway). Think of a game like World of Warcraft:
    - The player learns about certain enemy abilities in a dungeon
    - The ability is further re-enforced in a raid on trash
    - The twist comes with the ability used by a boss (amplified or slightly different)
    - The conclusion comes in the form of achievements and heroic raiding - truly master the encounter.

    It is a sound principle, but hardly new or radical :)
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  • Blizzard happy with Hearthstone's explosive Dr. Boom

  • zegerman1942 13/03/2015

    Well I definitely just got annihilated by face hunters during lunchtime - when they got a good hand, there is not much you can do :) Reply 0
  • zegerman1942 13/03/2015

    @devilmyarse Yeah I agree - it's the double kill command, often in combination a charge minion and hero ability which can cause a lot of issues.

    An interesting change would be to make the card cost 5 if you have a beast on the board and it does 5 damage, but keep costing 3 when you don't have a beast on the board and it does 3 damage.

    Or split the difference and make it cost 4 mana either way.

    I don't mind the rush decks so much personally. If you get a decent hand and some luck you can get the right decks to control them and come back from low health (priest and warrior in particular) - if a rush deck has not killed you by turn 7 or 8, chances are you get out ahead as they burn through cards fast and use up their hand.

    We definitely do need more cards/expansions though, because there are far too many people playing net decks at the moment - the number of identical hunter, lock, mech mage and oil rogues I run into is incredible.
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  • Alien Isolation dev hiring for "another multiplatform AAA blockbuster"

  • zegerman1942 12/03/2015

    @ubergine I think A:I will definitely have a tail. It's always hard to tell just how long that tail is and how many copies really will be sold. It very much depends on how many competitive games are released etc. There is a reason why publishers like EA are so intent on the first few months (and that is unfortunate really, and I don't like it). It gets hard to sell games, even outstanding games, when they compete for shelf space and online store position. Things like sales, DLC etc. help with that of course. Reply 0
  • zegerman1942 11/03/2015

    @ubergine Thanks for the civilized reply :)

    I agree! In many cases in development it makes sense to create a sequel and re-use old assets, code and functionality. I would say that in the case of Alien that is even more applicable than with many other games. The art style (low-fi-sci-fi), the core mechanics etc. are all there.

    That does reduce cost, no doubt. Dead Space 2 is a great example (they re-used the entire Ishimura, just covered walls etc.). You still have lot of additional cost (putting the game together, audio, voices, writing, new art etc.) but yes you can safe a chunk.

    I think that might well be what Sega is doing, and i'd personally hope so.

    One thing though that also needs to be considered: how many of the people who bought the first, will buy a sequel? Unfortunately critical acclaim is not always enough (that was kinda the point of my original post) - what you, and many others love about it (the difficulty for example, the horror aspect, the gameplay mechanics), have prevented it from becoming more mass market - also a reason why US reviews for example score it lower than European reviews.
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  • zegerman1942 11/03/2015

    @ubergine and @Guy.J.

    Both of you argue along the same lines, so I will reply to you both if you don't mind.

    1 million shipped units does not mean 60 million dollars. 60 USD being the recommended retail price, often the game sells below that.

    Retail slaps on a bit, first parties (MS and Sony) take a cut, manufacturing, shipping etc. all is a cut, tax needs to be paid. If the publisher gets 20 to 25 USD per console copy, that's a lot (PC is much better).

    That 1 million copies shipped more realistically translates to around 20 to MAYBE 30 million USD for Sega.

    I am not sure if either of you work in the industry (I do), but I feel you underestimate the team size and effort it took to make the game. I do not know the actual team size, but based on my experience I would guess between 60 and 80 people were involved on average in making the game. Look at the credits - that should give you an idea.

    Then there is the marketing cost. For a game like Alien, which had a decent marketing push and is a AAA title, it is not uncommon to double the development cost. My guess is that the game itself cost around 20 to 30 million USD to make, double that (with marketing), and you get to 40 to 60 million. Hence my guess (and yes it is a guess) that they need to sell 2 to 3 million at full price to break even.

    I feel both you are quite defensive because you love the game. I am not, at all, attacking the game or taking away from the quality of it. But I have shipped a few titles in my career, and based on that experience I feel that Alien has not sold enough units yet to break even. It might well have a long tail, and I hope it does, but I think it needs a very long tail to make a profit.

    As I said in my original comment, I think it's great that Sega does not follow the EA pattern. EA would have closed the Creative Assembly already. I think it's awesome that a game that finds critical acclaim, but fails to break into the bigger market, can still be made these days and that some publishers are happy to fund them.


    I looked at the credits here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVFRwjeSIdw

    And I counted well over 100 people (not counting voice actors, SEGA publishing sides, brand managing, marketing) - that is just 100+ actually working on the game. So my estimates/numbers above might actually be on the low side.
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  • zegerman1942 10/03/2015

    @mikepaulwilson-barre please read my comment. I said it was not commercially successful. It was very well received (at least in Europe - the American press did not find it as good, but that is a different story). Selling a million copies for a AAA game, which has been in development for at least 4 years, is unfortunately not enough these days. My (educated) guess is that the game would need to sell at least 2 to 3 million copies at full price to break even. Perhaps more than that. So it might have been a critically acclaimed game, and it might well be your favourite game ever, but I strongly doubt that it is a commercially successful game and has generated a profit.

    This does not take away from what CA have achieved, or diminish the quality of the game.

    Please refrain from calling me an idiot when you are not capable of reading my comment properly.

    All the best.
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  • zegerman1942 10/03/2015

    It's good to see the team staying together and hiring despite Alien not being a commercial success. A lot of publishers, other than Sega, would have axed the studio already. Let's hope the next console game they do reaches a wider audience, and make it's money back. Reply 0
  • Here's your first look at Cliff Bleszinski's new game

  • zegerman1942 11/03/2015

    Reminds me of an Unreal Tournament 3 map. CliffB, one trick pony? Reply 0
  • Sony and the future of VR

  • zegerman1942 09/03/2015

    It's all well and good to talk about 120 frames per second. But what about the comparably poor screen resolution?

    Refresh rate and low latency is brilliant, and an absolute must for VR, but it can't come at the cost of screen resolution. Things like being able to read text, create UI/HUD elements etc. are very hard when the resolution is incredibly pixilated. It actually is a limiting factor for some types of games. Also I do hope that Sony works with the developers to actually achieve these 120FPS - because right now it's a pain to get it to 75 in some cases.
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  • Rock Band 4 announced for PS4 and Xbox One

  • zegerman1942 05/03/2015

    Well done Harmonix. Great to see them do well by the players. Allowing gamers to use old peripherals and to import all the old content they own is an amazing move and will win over a lot of people! Reply +1
  • The Division pre-alpha footage leaks online

  • zegerman1942 04/03/2015

    Well yes of course they will say that a lot of features have been removed. Great to see so many fans of Ubisoft still being faithful - I would be happy to be proven wrong! But so far all we have seen is tech demos (admittedly beautiful ones) and an empty game.

    I do not doubt that they have a great engine and great tech. I am just doubtful there will be a decent game behind it.
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  • zegerman1942 04/03/2015

    How many years in development? and that's all they have to show for it? not holding my breath... Reply -71
  • Mad Max release date set for September on PC, PS4, Xbox One

  • zegerman1942 04/03/2015

    What is even more strange is that this is out after Just Cause 3. Reply -1
  • Gameplay of cancelled Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun leaks

  • zegerman1942 23/02/2015

    Legacy Of Kain: Defiance - one of my all time favourites! Shame this did not see the light of day, but to be honest I would have preferred Crystal Dynamics to make it anyway. Reply +2
  • Troll deletes 11-year-old's Destiny characters

  • zegerman1942 23/02/2015

    @Nielzor no actually I did not. I might have been cross with my parents at the time, but in hindsight I appreciate the fact that they were responsible. Age ratings are there for a reason. Sometimes (like in Australia) they are OTT, but for the most part they are spot on.

    Think about the time this kid spent on getting the characters to this point. Think about what that kid could have done/learned otherwise. Think about how an 11 year olds social interaction develops during the early teen years - do you really think playing (probably) hundreds of hours of an online shooter rated 16+ will teach him a lot about how to interact socially with other human beings?
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  • zegerman1942 23/02/2015

    Why the fuck is an 11 year old playing destiny in the first place? Reply 0
  • Ex-Battlefield, Payday dev David Goldfarb announces new RPG project

  • zegerman1942 20/02/2015

    @wertps3134 thanks! fixed it :) Reply 0
  • zegerman1942 20/02/2015

    Great way to see what these 2 are actually capable of without strong teams behind them doing the hard work and publishers with big pockets who can iron out bad design decisions.

    Goldfarb is a lot of talk, will be interesting to see if he can back it up.
    Cousins is all about F2P and monetizing gameplay - lets see how that works out in an RPG (he did "predict" a F2P Skyrim to happen right around now (http://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2012-03-28-cousins-predicts-free-to-play-equivalent-of-skyrim-in-two-years ).
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  • World of Warcraft patch 6.1 brings colourblind support

  • zegerman1942 18/02/2015

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQR9XWGFkj4 Reply +1
  • Ready at Dawn responds to concern over The Order: 1886 campaign length

  • zegerman1942 16/02/2015

    The order looks stunning - I have been watching some of the playthrough videos. But what puts me off is the heavy quick time event interaction. What would be interesting to see is how much difference a new playthrough will bring out - it does not look like much. So 50 quid for a game that you play through once is a bit steep I think. Reply 0
  • Evolve claws its way to UK chart top spot

  • zegerman1942 16/02/2015

    Dying Light not even in the top 10 anymore? wow. Reply +4
  • Video: Battlefield Hardline's image problem

  • zegerman1942 12/02/2015

    I don't think games have a social responsibility. I agree that it might be slightly insensitive to some people that a game like this is released in the current climate, but at the end of the day a game has to be a game - it has to be about entertainment and enjoyment. It is an 18 rated game (I think?), which means people who purchase it will be capable of understanding it is a piece of fiction and entertainment, and it is not reflective of the real world.

    Johnny, your link to the regular BF series and middle eastern enemies is tenuous at best - factions in the BF games have included:

    - US
    - Europe
    - China
    - Russia
    - Japan
    - Germany
    - Middle Eastern forces (various nations)

    Battlefield 4 (the last instalment) featured Russia and China, so your (sarcastic) comment about the middle east "cause that's where the bad guys are" is not really applicable.
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  • The God who Peter Molyneux forgot

  • zegerman1942 11/02/2015

    @ShiftyGeezer lets split the difference then :) Fully agree - making some of these games back then was harder than it would be to make these games today - no argument from me there at all! Reply 0
  • zegerman1942 11/02/2015

    @ShiftyGeezer Good point but I have to disagree :) Having been in the industry for a long time myself, I can definitely say that the further back I go, the easier it was to make stuff. Tech/Tools might not have been there, but they did not need to be there - you did not have to worry about real time lighting, animation rigging or directional audio. Level design was done in 2D on paper. Competition was less fierce, designs were a lot simpler and budgets a lot smaller (partially because there was no real marketing to speak of). From an office/work environment point of view it was also a lot easier to "crunch" and just get it done (for better or worse).

    I think you are spot on when you say he had 1 or 2 great ideas, but it was the team behind him which made it happen. A lot of creative leads tend to forget that (not just in games, but films as well).
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  • zegerman1942 11/02/2015

    How anyone actually can have any faith left in Molyneux, let alone want to work with or for him, is beyond me. The amount of excuses he has come up with over the last 15 years is incredible.

    He made a few good (great) games, when games themselves were a lot simpler and easier to make. He never made the jump into modern games development and game design. I feel sorry for people picking up his games and I feel even more sorry for those people who are desperate enough for a job in the industry to work in the same studio as him.
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  • Eurogamer has dropped review scores

  • zegerman1942 10/02/2015

    2 thumbs way up! As a developer who has been part of the "must reach X metacritic" cycle, I applaud this move! Well done Eurogamer. Reply +1
  • Runescape player swatted in front of 60K Twitch viewers

  • zegerman1942 09/02/2015

    to be fair, this is probably the most excitement a Runescape player can ever have. Reply -26