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  • EA apologises for Frostbite's "stupid" anti-Nintendo April Fool

  • zedzee 02/04/2014

    @Faramis: I agree. Can't bloody crack a joke at someone else's expense these days!

    Political correctness gone mad, if you ask me.

    This is not exactly a crime victim, rape victim or someone having died and being ridiculed; that's clear and different.

    This is just some industry p*ss taking - nothing different from what you'd hear at EuroGamer Expo or in school yards, between gamers of different consoles/games.

    Heck, I have PlayStation nights with my mates and they rip into me for still having a PS2 (I boycotted Sony's PS3 shenanigans), although I'm leaning back into their camp with this new gen. We do that all the time to each other - why can't some industry figures/people get things off their chest as well.

    It's not like it's not factual, is it?!
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  • PlayStation Vita PCH-2000 review

  • zedzee 07/02/2014

    "...releasing a less desirable, but more much more expensive revision isn't really the shot in the arm we were hoping for."

    That may well be true, but Sony has demonstrated an unswerving ability to shoot itself in the foot in the past, when it comes to the marketing of its mobile games consoles, a la PSPgo.
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  • Nintendo must pay royalties for every 3DS following court ruling

  • zedzee 08/01/2014

    Nice one, Nintendo. You're paying shed-loads for a feature that makes your customer's eyes go wonky. Ace. Reply 0
  • Sony announces game streaming service PlayStation Now

  • zedzee 08/01/2014

    I will laugh on the day when someone hacks the PS Now app and makes it run on the Xbox One.

    Joking aside, I boycotted the PS3, because of Sony's promises, but now that they've impressed me again, with their strategy for PS4, I am looking forward to a whole generation's worth of games that I missed out on.

    And I will be doing it without compromising my principle of boycotting the PS3 all these years!

    Thanks, Sony, for bowing to my wishes and taking one in the balls from me.
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  • Sony turning off Gran Turismo 5, Resistance servers

  • zedzee 07/01/2014

    This also kills off any chance of a second-hand market for these games, as they're now mostly door stops, when their servers are turned off!

    I agree with the posts here - devs should offer the option of 'private' servers, so peeps can host their own and carry in playing.

    GT5 being turned off is nothing short of a travesty by Sony.
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  • PSN buckling under pressure of EU PS4 launch

  • zedzee 29/11/2013

    @onezeonx: No, they do not. Sony needs to invest in better server and LAN infrastructure. Microsoft are a server company - they know the ins and outs of server technology, web hosting, load balancing and cloud computing - so they have their act together; Sony have had to write their PSN code from scratch, most likely on unproven Linux operating environments.

    What Sony needs is IBM or HP to come in and offer some consultancy and put in place a better enterprise-class infrastructure that will cope with such demands, because it's in their own interest, as this will only make their services more popular and it will also allow them, as an organisation, to integrate all their business units better, by using PSN as a hub and be able to offer even more services, for both their PlayStation brand and others, eg. smart TVs.

    It's as simple as that.
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  • Sony explains PS4 digital game pricing

  • zedzee 29/11/2013

    "reiterated his believe" - you mean, his "belief". Reply 0
  • Sony finalises PS4 launch titles and prices

  • zedzee 29/11/2013

    Disappointing launch line-up.

    I'm going to wait when better bundles come along and 6 months have gone by or so...
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  • Xbox One "designed to make storage management automatic"

  • zedzee 22/11/2013

    X1 reminding me is fine but what if I plan to buy and install two games and although game A is my favourite, I install game B first.

    Then I try to install game A and I run out of space?

    Will X1 tell me BEFORE I buy BOTH games (say I'm buying them in the same purchase) that I only have space for one of them on the HDD...?

    This sounds like a dictatorship: We will tell you what's on your OWN HDD and we will tell you how much is left on it and what game you can install next.

    But will they also tell me that the two games I'm about to buy will not both fit on my HDD or will they just take my money and then say "tough, you have to uninstall an old one"...?!
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  • Sony congratulates Microsoft on Xbox One launch

  • zedzee 22/11/2013

    Oh, come on...all these niceties and being lovey-dovey to each other is making me throw up!

    Let's get back to some REAL rivalry here...let's start the next gen warz!!!
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  • Microsoft congratulates Sony on its PS4 launch

  • zedzee 16/11/2013

    Oh, cut the crap - this nice-to-one-another is making me throw up - we know they hate each other's guts.

    Let's get back to some real rivalry and mud slinging - let's get back to the CONSOLE WARZ!!!
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  • Ex-Microsoft director Adam Orth discusses Xbox One #dealwithit controversy

  • zedzee 08/11/2013

    "Since the drama, Orth has moved to Santa Monica and founded a new games development company which is working on its first game [that requires a constant - always-on - connection, 24/7.]"

    I mean, really...is this another slow news Friday?
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  • PlayStation 3 sales hit 80 million

  • zedzee 06/11/2013

    "Did you buy one?"

    No. I did not.

    Sony p*ssed me off when they promised a world-wide release fro 2006, only to stiff UK and Euroland (who else?) when they realised they can't meet the demand, and put it all back to 2007.

    I promptly went to GAME and refunded my deposit the very next day.
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  • GameStick review

  • zedzee 01/11/2013

    What I don't like about GameStick is the CONSTANT f*cking release delays - talk about shooting yourself in the foot, groin, balls and just about everywhere else in what already seems like a DOA corps. Reply 0
  • SimplyGames: Your pre-ordered PS4 now costs at least 65 more

  • zedzee 08/10/2013

    I'm now wondering whether this will happen to some of the other channel partners, such as GAME and HMV?

    But why didn't SimplyGames just come clean with pre-order customers in the first place and actually tell them the truth about Sony not being able to allocate them as much solus PS4 bundles as they'd hoped...why all the cloak and dagger?
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  • zedzee 08/10/2013

    This is not right. Just cancel their arse and be done with them. Reply +1
  • MadCatz's M.O.J.O. Android console costs a whoptastic 219.99

  • zedzee 08/10/2013

    It seems that all Android console vendors are quite happy to shoot themselves in the foot at the moment and make complete fools of themselves, while discrediting the concept of a viable Android console at the same time.

    > Ouya (sticky buttons, games funding fiasco, dearth of games).
    > GameStick (delayed, delayed, delayed - I've pre-ordered this British attempt and while GAME has been earning interest on their account, as my 20 deposit sits in there, neither they or GameStick can tell me when the console will be out).
    > SHIELD (expensive and still not out - not very portable with that 'laptop' design).
    > MOJO [can't be bothered with the dots in between the letters] (simply too damn expensive).

    Have I left anyone out...?
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  • Valve reveals specs of its Steam Machine prototype

  • zedzee 08/10/2013

    "Last month Steam made three announcements:"

    Err, you mean Valve made three announcements, surely?
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  • Microsoft moves to calm fear over Xbox One advertising

  • zedzee 08/10/2013


    "Do you know how many adverts I have to put up with when gaming on PC? None." - I suspect, the days of this, if Microsoft make a success of things on Xbone, will also be numbered and PC companies will want to get in on the act, too.

    "So why is it OK for a Gold service, costing hundreds of pounds already over the lifetime of the console, to also be plastered with them?" - well, you already do that with your TV License; that's a "subscription" but you still put up with ads on all the national channels (even the Beeb, to a degree, advertises its own programmes), so you're already, literally, subscribed to such a model.

    But I think we're on the same side - I'm not condoning Microsoft in my post - their intentions actually go beyond those of the TV License and may well pave the way - for the likes of PC games developers - to become just as bad in the future.
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  • zedzee 07/10/2013

    @Darren: But this debate is not about whether there should be ads or not, nor is it about what kind of ads they should be.

    The discussion here is whether personal information (even when de-personalised) should ever be used, collated, recorded, passed on to anyone remotely connected with advertising campaigns etc.

    I think I'd object to that as well. I've deliberately stayed 'off-line' ever since the rise of social networking, because as we've seen lately in the news, you just can't trust anyone with your personal information, except yourself.

    All social and games networks have been hacked and if not, you've got PRISM demanding from them the information, so there's no escape for Joe Bloggs, they will get you one way or another...unless you keep as low an on-line profile as possible or Microsoft just ups the annual LIVE subscription and focusses on offering a games console, not an advertising endpoint.
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  • This is what cancelled Turok 2 looked like

  • zedzee 04/10/2013

    Just place the story in a city - make Turok an order that's been dormant for thousands of years and is now ready to fight again - and let the dinos loose on the city's inhabitants (with chaos and mayhem in toe, of course) and let's have an 'army' of Turoks that one can control, to fight off the big monsters.

    And you've got yourself a massive HIT!

    Any takers...?
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  • David Braben explains how Elite: Dangerous trailer was made

  • zedzee 04/10/2013

    If you're going to back a Kickstarter project, surely, a 'proper' follow-up to the all-time classic and first official 3D game would be the time to do it.

    I don't have a PC that can run this but I'm most likely to BUY one just for it - I've backed the project with 100 - so I'm looking forward to the alpha/beta releases.

    I feel not only excited by Elite: Dangerous but I also feel nostalgic - I still have a working condition BBC Micro Model B and pretty much every version (hacked or otherwise) of the original Elite game, including the original tape cassette package!

    Only a developer like David Braben would produce such a game and would spend this amount of effort and detail on a product that has trademark 'Britishness' all over its design.

    Yes, there are imitators to the crown, but Elite was the first and is still the best ever 3D space trading game out there and long may it live on...I want my grandchildren to be as hooked on future versions of Elite as I have been!

    Thank you, David, for working again on something that reminds me of one of the few happy times of my childhood years.
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  • Grand Theft Auto 5 review

  • zedzee 02/10/2013

    @E-ROLE: Yes, I'm sure there will be plenty of the usual from the newspapers - you know, like "GTA5 ate my hamster!" and "teen kills gerbil after playing GTA5!" type of headlines. Reply 0
  • Killzone dev Guerrilla confirms work on new IP has begun

  • zedzee 30/09/2013

    @Saurian: I'm afraid it may well be. "Something completely different" could be interpreted as being NOT another KZ game but still an FPS. Reply +2
  • Why Resogun could be the star of the PS4 launch

  • zedzee 30/08/2013

    It's a shame that the path that the ship flies round is not a spiral, with the ability for the ship to go up and down the spiral - now THAT would've been fab!

    Seeing those structures within the circular track is boring after 5 seconds, but having lots of 'scenery' around a spiral path would've been really great.

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  • Xbox One delayed until 2014 in eight countries

  • zedzee 15/08/2013

    Much better than Sony's blanket delay of the PS3.

    Microsoft is being more selective and averting the wrath of gamers in the UK, that I'm sure would have been of Khan Noonian Singh proportions!
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  • I've decided which console I'm buying this year...

  • zedzee 11/08/2013

    I don't have a PS3 or X360. I'm still enjoying my PS2 and PSP games. In 2014, I might choose to get a PS4 - Sony, despite cheesing me off with the PS3 UK launch delay and astronomical launch price, have won me back for the next gen - but I've pre-ordered the GameStick console (Ouya sounds too buggy), so that will be my treat for this year.

    I am, though, seriously considering a second-hand X360 - as some get traded in this Christmas (undoubtedly, as people realise just how expensive the Xbone is) - there's just so many good titles out for it, that I would like to have a go at.

    Getting an X360 for me will mean staying with analogue video connection for a bit longer - I have an investment in a video projector that I can't afford to upgrade to HD just yet. When I do that, I might consider the PS4 at the same time.

    I am looking forward to hearing all about the launches, titles, bugs, on-line crashes, security breaches and so on, that I'm sure will be headline news, well into next year!
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  • Miyamoto reveals the secret behind Pikmin 3's hidden memos

  • zedzee 08/08/2013

    Can Mr Miyamoto-san also reveal the secret of how he will revive the flagging sales of the Wii U?

    UPDATE: Oh, yes, please! More negative votes...yesss...I LOVE it!!!
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  • PlayStation 4 gives up to 5GB of RAM to game developers

  • zedzee 26/07/2013

    But why start with limitations and then force yourself to squeeze RAM from the OS?

    Why not just shove enough RAM in there in the first place? Like 16GB?

    Better still, why not give the OS slower speed, dedicated RAM, while preserving as much of the fast 8GB RAM to games?

    It just always seems that devs are down to the last byte being squeezed from the system, in order to do what they want...
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  • First images of Elite: Dangerous surface

  • zedzee 15/07/2013

    Very proud to be a beta test level backer of this game. I'm going to buy a PC just SPECIFICALLY to play this on. My first taste of Elite was on BBC Micro Model B, the cassette tape version! So, you can appreciate the anticipation is verging on the uncontrollable! Reply 0
  • The DualShock 4's bright rear-facing light can't be turned off

  • zedzee 08/07/2013

    @Sharzam: "Personally i dont care either way, it is a light nothing more."

    You would if you're paying the electricity bill in your house!
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  • Nintendo explains Wii Vitality Sensor cancellation

  • zedzee 08/07/2013

    Just like the consoles it was meant for, this device is "dead". Reply 0
  • Beautiful PC indie game Proteus confirmed for PS3 and Vita

  • zedzee 01/07/2013

    Kind of reminds me of Zarch (Acorn Archimedes); if one was able to get out of one's hover ship and walk around the Zarch landscape.

    Or perhaps Herdy Gerdy...?
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  • Actress Ellen Page accuses Naughty Dog of ripping off her likeness for The Last of Us

  • zedzee 24/06/2013

    She's got a point. Reply -3
  • Sony: PlayStation 4 will be region-free

  • zedzee 11/06/2013

    Ooh, Microsoft's arse must be REALLY hurting right now, because of all the kicks that Sony has given them earlier today!

    I watched the conference live at 2am and I was on my feet, giving them a standing ovation (as were many people at the convention centre), when they announced the price of PS4 and that second-hand games would be fully supported.

    I think combining that with region-free capabilities, Sony has given itself an early start in the next gen war, without having fired a single shot!

    Sony cheesed me off last time around with the delayed UK launch and the extortionate pricing. I'm really happy that they've listened to gamers and loyal fans this time around.

    Well done and thank you...I think you've just won me back!
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  • PlayStation 4 will cost $399/€399/349

  • zedzee 11/06/2013

    With the PS3 price in the UK and broken promise of being launched on time, Sony lost my custom.

    With these PS4 announcements on price, second-hand games and region-free support, I think they've just won me back.

    Well done, Sony. You've recaptured the spirit of console gaming again...
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  • Microsoft kills game ownership and expects us to smile

  • zedzee 09/06/2013

    I don't like this whole business model at all. I'm a fan of Microsoft in other markets (such as mobile phone + tablets) but I don't like this idea ONE BIT.

    I also don't see how if I take my X1 somewhere where there's no net connection (say I'm on holiday for 2 weeks), that I can't use it after the first day!

    I wonder if average Joes (consumers) know this is coming...?

    I certainly will NOT be buying an X1 and will be aiming for an X360 for now and perhaps a PS4 in the future - though Sony has not confirmed what their strategy is yet...they might just yet try to pull off something similar.
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  • After Microsoft's divisive "TV TV TV" Xbox One reveal, Sony's Kaz Hirai insists PS4 is "first and foremost" a game console

  • zedzee 02/06/2013

    I really don't see anything "divisive" about Microsoft's Xbox One reveal; certainly, it was 'light' on games but most likely they're saving some of the announcements for the upcoming E3.

    Let's not forget that Sony haven't even SHOWN what the console looks like and very likely, that it will now be an anti-climax, because someone will most likely leak photos of it, before they get a chance to announce it.

    I really hate it when industry rags put ideas into people's heads and words into people's mouths, just so they can justify some column space. They can certainly be critical AFTER Microsoft has done E3, but not before; it's sooo early days, it's unbelievable!

    Furthermore, I don't see ANY problem with Microsoft's ambitions to slowly make their console (and future generations of it) THE defacto standard streaming, media server, Internet TV device to have, as well as its established - generationally at least - credentials for being a stonking games machine.

    I really have no problem with that at all - the more features the better, so that consumers (not just gamers) will be attracted to it. And let's face it, the Apples, Googles, Western Digitals and so on, have hardly caught the imagination or set the world in fire, so why not Microsoft?!
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  • PS4 developer: Sony mandates Vita Remote Play for all games

  • zedzee 30/05/2013

    "...unless the game requires specific hardware like the camera,"

    So all the devs have to do is declare some gimmicky Eye camera support in their game, to be exempt from making their PS4 game playable on Vita, thus be able to get out of this stipulation.

    Easy enough.
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  • Watch Call of Duty: Ghosts at 60FPS

  • zedzee 28/05/2013

    They've sure made a dog's dinner out of this version...

    ...Sorry, I couldn't help it.

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  • Curiosity dispelled: Peter Molyneux reveals what's inside the cube

  • zedzee 27/05/2013

    Sounds interesting. Wish the winner all the best.

    To all the sore losers: Give the whole thing a chance and stop trying to 'scare' the winner off already! It's below the belt.

    There's no point in speculating how much 'say' the god-of-gods winner will have in the game - that's up to 22cans, I suppose; it's their game, afterall!

    I've always found Peter Moly a bit of a hyper and seemingly desperate to distinguish himself from the rest of the industry, a la Mylo demo, but as soon as he gets rewarded for that (by the very same industry that he seems to seek approval from), he automatically rebels from it, such as leaving Microsoft.

    Please Microsoft, hire me and promote me instead - I won't run away from my responsibilities like he did, promise!

    My only concern here for the winner is how much of his time is expected, in order to make decisions or perhaps those decisions will eventually be made by the game's engine, if he's not around to make them, eg. sunning himself in Spain and other situations. But I'm sure they'll make it fun for him and hopefully, PROPERLY rewarding - not like half a pence for every 10 decisions or something stupid like that!
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  • This is how Xbox One game trade-ins will work, apparently

  • zedzee 27/05/2013

    "the shopper, won't have to pay the activation fee for a used Xbox One game"

    Don't be so naive. Of course we will - the games shops will just add whatever fee they have to pay Microsoft into the price of the second-hand game they're selling us.

    EG you are either being STUPID or deliberately playing DUMB and NOT asking the REALLY, REALLY awkward and embarrassing questions NOW!!

    For once in your miserable publishing life, stand tall WITH the gamers - ask the awkward questions and fight for the injustices that are YET to come; not only this undeserved price hike of second-hand games but also the EXTORTIONATE prices that gamers will be asked to pay for these new consoles, with subscription or without, at a time when financially, we are at the worst time witnessed in a generation.
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  • Xbox One second-hand games will charge a fee to play

  • zedzee 21/05/2013

    That's a fee ON TOP of the second hand purchase price?!

    So now I can't SHARE any games with any of my mates!!

    And I was excited by the X1 announcement...Stupid.
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  • Battlefield 4 release date, Xbox One version announced

  • zedzee 21/05/2013

    "Battlefield 4 launches on 29th October 2013...for PS4...Xbox One."

    29th October? So, that's the launch date for the new consoles as well, right? Or they might come out sooner?

    Surely EA is not launching their game for PS4 and X1 BEFORE the consoles are released, right?

    So we can expect the consoles to be out by then...I think EA might have just slipped out the launch dates for the new consoles...?!
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  • Ouya launch delayed a few weeks as another $15 million is raised

  • zedzee 10/05/2013

    140 - console + controller - is hardly "impulse buy territory". Actually, it's nowhere near it!

    Despite everything, this is still expensive and it looks like it will have to compete with the established consoles on their terms, leaving very little margin to distinguish itself and play to its own strengths.

    Likelyhood is that consumers will look at it and see NOTHING that's out for the other consoles (mainly Xbox 360 and PS3) and go for one of the latter, rather than the Ouya...
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  • Microsoft moots IllumiRoom with next Xbox

  • zedzee 29/04/2013

    You guys at EG really ought to read The Register sometimes. For a non-gaming dedicated on-line rag, they sure are beating you on the Xbox (now called rumoured to be called "XBox Infinity" ) rumours mill, which I know, you absolutely adore!!

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  • Media Molecule's papercraft platformer Tearaway dated for October

  • zedzee 10/04/2013

    So it's the LBP engine ported to the PS Vita. Wait a minute...it's EXCLUSIVE to PS Vita?!

    Are MM absolutely crazy?! Has someone told them that Vita is the least lost handheld of ALL f*cking time?!

    How much did Sony pay them for THAT?!!!
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  • Next Xbox won't be backwards-compatible, report says

  • zedzee 10/04/2013

    Not surprised one bit. Microsoft, like Sony, have realised that they can make money by putting their back catalogue on the back of an emulator and resell it again, for a perfectly good extortionate price, for all those poor mugs who already have the game on disc, in their attic.

    Sony caught on with this lucrative money-making con since they started retarding the PS3 from this feature - a feature which the WHOLE industry and gamers alike praised them for, when they first did it (the FIRST EVER console vendor to do so) with the PS2 - so I don't see why Microsoft should be any less greedy.
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  • Pocket-sized Android console GameStick delayed a bit

  • zedzee 08/04/2013

    That white controller's gonna get dirrrty in no time! Reply 0
  • Next Xbox reveal due 21st May, costs $500 or $300 with a subscription, reports suggest

  • zedzee 08/04/2013

    I don't get the pricing; so it's $500 WITHOUT a subscription or does that model come with subscription (to XBox Live, I presume) bundled?

    And I'm assuming the $300 has no subscription but you'd need to buy it separately...?

    In any case, Microsoft should NOT just name it XBox. Not because of the silly jokes about it being the original so no need to buy it, but to (a) not follow in Apple's stupid steps and (b) not to leave this important marketing weapon to be decided by the media; most likely, they will start terming it "The New XBox"!!

    I wanted a new, sharp and explosive name: "XBox 370" is actually not bad and would also show that Microsoft not only has a sense of humour but that they listen to gamers all over the world and sometimes, like this, even get INSPIRED by them.

    But really, "XBox" will just get called "the New XBox" by the press and it would be a missed opportunity for Microsoft to have a new moniker out there, as it gets splashed on the front of every single industry rag.
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