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  • Nintendo president Satoru Iwata passes away at 55

  • zedzee 13/07/2015

    Nintendo is now console-less and rudderless.

    Iwata was one of the 'originals' - may God rest his soul. I've never been a fan of Nintendo - I'm guessing Miyamoto is next in line?
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  • Nintendo heads into E3 with its hands tied

  • zedzee 12/06/2015

    If the NX and its partnership with DeNA is indeed the future strategy for Nintendo, then why would the E3 crowd be the "wrong" crowd or indeed, why would they not like to hear about it or worst still, reject such news titbits?

    Nintendo's ongoing and perennial problem is that despite riding high on the roller-coaster of casual gaming with the Revolution - both hands firmly held aloft, indicating they're brave enough to do so - they had (a) no safety net (b) no idea where it would lead (c) what playing experiences such platforms require and (d) nothing new to put out on them (nor did their third party partners)...

    So all we've seen is ye olde Nintendo factory churn out titles - repeated over and over and over...take your pick.

    Whereas Sony and MS have created new experiences, environments, stories and gameplays, Nintendo has doggedly held onto its old franchises and just rehashed them again and again and again.

    Isn't this more Nintendo's problem, rather than being anything more current?
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  • The Mad Max game takes a different path to Fury Road

  • zedzee 29/05/2015

    Looks better than the film to me...a cross between Motor Storm and Destruction Derby. Reply +1
  • Sony cuts PlayStation TV UK price to £45

  • zedzee 27/03/2015

    No but seriously. Is that all it does - streaming games?

    Can it take the game cards of the Vita, at least?
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  • Judge allows lawsuit over Killzone Shadow Fall's 1080p graphics to proceed

  • zedzee 19/12/2014

    @E-ROLE: I'm wondering how many more games will now come out of the woodwork that are in the same boat as in this case?

    Should there be an 'industry standard' for this kind of definition, before someone outside the industry tries to regulate it and completely messes things up...?
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  • Uncharted 4 tech gallery

  • zedzee 10/12/2014

    Looks awesome. Makes you wanna buy a PS4, just so you can play it. Reply +1
  • Xbox Japan boss resigns amid dismal Xbox One sales

  • zedzee 01/12/2014

    "which has traditionally favoured other consoles"...err, you mean Japanese ones!

    Do I detect a hint of favouritism in Japan...?
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  • New Metal Gear Online set for reveal next week

  • zedzee 30/11/2014

    I'm sorry but this looks sh*t!

    Grey buildings galore and it's not really 'stealthy' anymore is it, when all you do is shoot others...where's the essence of MGS games in that?!

    And I can't stand that repeating, nauseating Japanese crisis scene music either, let alone having "we've got trouble" and "give me some cover" blown in my ears every 10 seconds.

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  • David Braben responds to outcry over Elite: Dangerous' ditched offline mode

  • zedzee 18/11/2014

    "I just want a game where I can quietly explore and not be bothered."

    Yeah, Cappy, it's called off-line mode!
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  • Elite: Dangerous ditches planned offline mode

  • zedzee 17/11/2014

    I doubt Frontier has any DR (Disaster Recovery) plan in place, for when their relied upon ISP's network or their own 'farm' or even servers go down, hang, crash etc.

    It's usually the case with these games devs; the 'server end' is always hanging by a string or two...that's about it, so don't expect anything different from those devs that others are commenting on above. The same thing will happen to all of the Elite Dangerous modes...they will all go down during such circumstances.

    The lack of a truly off-line mode is VERY disappointing. I'm backing Elite Dangerous on Kickstarter but this is not just a shock but I kinda would've enjoyed the nostalgic pursuit of a so-called static galaxy (it was fine for the first-time around procedurally generated one, so why not this time?!) that I can roam around in (all by my lonesome and no one else) and just do whatever I the hell want.

    All these comments from Frontier about the game being committed to being all on live servers, it just wasn't good enough and so on, are simply lazy/budgeted programming excuses. Don't let anyone fool you about how these things work - apps are written in two ways: Standalone or Client-Server...that's it, even the latest swanky cloud-based platforms. Why can't Frontier provide a Standalone version this time around?!!

    I'm betting you that this decision was MADE ages ago but its ANNOUNCEMENT was kept only until now, because if it was announced during the height of the Beta programme, EVERYONE would've been up in arms about it.

    You can't fool all the people, all the time, Frontier and I've been a fan since the original Elite that I used to play on my BBC Micro - tape version!

    Give the fans what THEY want - do NOT dictate to us.
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  • Jade Raymond leaves Ubisoft after a decade

  • zedzee 21/10/2014

    That's 'wild', man. Reply 0
  • Xbox One Digital TV Tuner available today in the UK

  • zedzee 21/10/2014

    I would get one but I don't have a television set at home and I don't watch television. Reply -1
  • Gaming on the Big Screen: Optoma GT1080 projector review

  • zedzee 22/09/2014

    The Viewsonic PJD7820HD is also a very good alternative:


    Higher ANSI Lumens than the Optoma, gaming mode, 3D and all that.

    A good alternative and definitely both are in the running, to replace my BenQ 800x600 projector, which has served me very well, but is starting to show its age.

    Good article, EG. Great to see projector gaming getting some attention!
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  • Here's how Destiny controls on Vita using Remote Play

  • zedzee 08/09/2014

    Is it just me or is that video jumping a bit?

    I thought frames might be lost when doing Remote Play, not when I'm playing back a Youtube video on a 100Mbps Ethernet home connection! ;-)

    Anyway, I'm not impressed with Destiny - so what that it's made by Bungie - it's got the feel of an old PS2 game I used to have, called Area 51...Pfft.
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  • PlayStation Network returns online following DDOS attack

  • zedzee 26/08/2014

    If this is indeed individuals of ISIS affiliation, then such incidents are NOTHING in contrast with what ISIS jihadists are doing in Northern Syria and Iraq.

    This is NOT diminishing from any of their disgusting actions here, but please, let's put things into perspective, when you consider the following horrors:


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  • How to cheaply upgrade your PS4 to 2TB

  • zedzee 25/08/2014

    @pesser: I believe the one I have is a 3.5" drive inside it, so yes, there's a difference but I'm not using mine for PS3 - I'm using it for archiving stuff.

    Seagate's web site sucks! There's next to zero information about the differences; only way to tell seems to be the height of the unit dimensions and weight, it seems

    Not sure if PS3 takes a 3.5" drive - doesn't sound like it and that's a good thing! :-)

    So best to stick with the EG model, despite being slightly more expensive.

    Mine would be good for archiving or stripping out and using in a workstation PC, though.

    Elite: Dangerous Beta - here I come!
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  • zedzee 24/08/2014

    That's spooky.

    I bought the same Seagate 2TB external USB3 HDD from Dabs.com for £56.98 the other day, no back orders and free P&P!

    Sorry, EG, but Amazon mugged you roughly out of £3! LOL.
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  • The Bold and the Braben

  • zedzee 24/08/2014

    @CHAZBIGPOTATO: Yes, those were great games! I've still got my BBC B and Master 128 - both work perfectly well and all those games on disc.

    I regularly have "retro weekends" with my mates and enjoy playing those titles and others, like Ghouls, Chuckie Egg and Frak!
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  • zedzee 24/08/2014

    @Whizzo: How right you are! :-) Reply 0
  • zedzee 24/08/2014

    @dredd97: Yes, I do like oolite. I told a mate about it a couple of years ago and he went mental...he, like I, love Elite and we're both backers of "Dangerous" and have been enjoying the Betas so far. Reply +1
  • Strong PS4 sales help Sony to profit

  • zedzee 02/08/2014

    Kaz: How many £ did I pay Eurogamer for this ad/article?

    Clue is in the fingers he's holding up...

    No, but seriously, I'm happy for Sony - despite boycotting the PS3 - I'm enjoying their resurgence. And let's face it, they wiped the floor with MS last year, at that memorable E3 event.

    Not sure how their Vaio customers are gonna feel though, as they've dumped them, while the likes of PC World quite happily continue to flog their products...
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  • PS4 top-selling US console in June despite Kinect-less Xbox One launch

  • zedzee 19/07/2014

    I really don't like this way of reporting all these sales figures; it's shoddy journalism.

    At one point, it's year-on-year figures, at another it's this month and last month and another still, it's percentages and not real figures.

    Here's another shoddy and confusing example - this one quotes 48% over last year's figure!


    Would the REAL selling numbers, either at a particular point in time or over an accumulated period please stand up?!
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands on with the Destiny PS4 beta

  • zedzee 19/07/2014

    I'm always amazed how scenery is still not interactive in a game. So your character can hide behind an old clapped out truck forever, as cover, while reloading and so on. Enemy AI fire (energy weapons, I might add) at him to no avail and then your character can step out, from behind the truck, and shoot the hell out of them.

    It's such an old, tired, cliche routine and doesn't really further the cause of having so much processing power at one's disposal and using it to make the game a bit more interactive and, shall we say, unique with some nice, novel touches.

    Why can't the enemies destroy the truck your character is hiding behind, so that your character only has a few seconds of cover and then they have to come out and fight again?!

    Bungie or no Bungie - it's dull.
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  • White PS4 will release on its own in Europe later this year

  • zedzee 10/07/2014

    @Martin2112: Well, there's always a paint job on your current black controller, as an alternative, if they don't release the while one on its own! ;-) Reply 0
  • PS4 fails to boost Japan console market

  • zedzee 08/07/2014

    "Japan's console market for the first half of the year was worth 1722.6m yen (£983m). In the first half of 2013 that figure was 1720.2m yen (£982m)."

    Actually, if you look at that from the perspective of the PS4 selling at a much higher price currently, than what was available the same time last year (the cheaper PS3), the PS4 is actually not doing badly at all, for a new console that's selling for almost twice as much as a PS3 is right now.

    So wtf is the fuss about?!
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  • Star Fox Wii U and two "experimental" Miyamoto projects detailed

  • zedzee 13/06/2014

    Is this what this guy gets paid for?

    Ripping off CCTV security camera concepts and what looks like the robots from Beastie Boys's "Intergalactic" music vid?

    Beastie Boys

    When's Nintendo going to release a new game?

    Not another Zelda, or Mario or Metroid. But actually a new game.
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  • PS4 propels PlayStation top of global console sales

  • zedzee 09/06/2014

    "Nintendo has bolstered Wii U sales with the launch of the fantastic Mario Kart 8."

    This is what I do not like about games web sites and rags; Eurogamer and Edge are ALWAYS guilty of this.

    No matter how bad and awful the news is for Nintendo, with the release of one, an 8th iteration of a game I might add, that makes it good enough to revive their flagging fortunes!

    How come Sony and Microsoft don't get that sort of break from the industry pundits, when they have a steady stream of games coming out??

    Why is Nintendo seen as the daaarling of the industry, while the rags can't wait for MS and Sony to slip up, so they can be slagged off, right royally?!

    Nintendo are NOT doing well. I cannot fathom this "I'm sure they will be fine now, because they've released A game" - 1 game?!!

    The real reasons why everyone being where they are at the moment are:

    1. Nintendo was arrogant to think that the gravy train of casual gaming would last forever, so they had no plans in place, as to what to do after the bubble burst.

    So they went ahead and released the Wii U, when clearly those casual gamers had moved on to being casual gamers on mobile devices. Not so geeky/childish as a handheld console and hey, I can make calls with it!

    2. Microsoft did not learn its history lesson of how badly Sony suffered with the (not only late release of the PS3 in UK/Euroland) but the stubborn price-point that they decided to release the PS3 at = £425.

    In addition, Microsoft's stupid policy of 'Kinect is watching you all the time' and attempting to kill off the second-hand games market, was nothing short of a marketing disaster - and that's even BEFORE the console was released!

    They have now completed their failure by tucking their tail between their legs and unbundling Kinect, with all the implications that this decision entails; for the device, games developed for it and Microsoft's ambitions for the XB1 interface.

    3. Sony did 3 things right, this time around, with the PS4. (a) They released it at a price-point that everyone could live with, (b) They did not attempt to choke the second-hand games market, (c) They made some good console spec + development decisions, attracting both devs and gamers, alike.

    There you have it...
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  • In Theory: Does Kinect-free Xbox One mean more power for games?

  • zedzee 15/05/2014

    @CompetitiveDad: Don't worry, plenty left on the shelves! Reply 0
  • PlayStation 4 has sold 7 million units worldwide

  • zedzee 19/04/2014

    "We couldn't have done this without you!"

    A bit academic...Well, of course you coudn't. You wouldn't buy your own console back from retailers, would you?!

    "And please keep the feedback coming: we are listening."

    Oh, don't worry, we will, Mr Sony. And you now know how important our "feedback" (read: purchasing choice) is, considering we kicked your a*se in the last console wars and voted with our wallets for X360 and Wii.

    Don't worry, Sony, we are watching...
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  • EA apologises for Frostbite's "stupid" anti-Nintendo April Fool

  • zedzee 02/04/2014

    @Faramis: I agree. Can't bloody crack a joke at someone else's expense these days!

    Political correctness gone mad, if you ask me.

    This is not exactly a crime victim, rape victim or someone having died and being ridiculed; that's clear and different.

    This is just some industry p*ss taking - nothing different from what you'd hear at EuroGamer Expo or in school yards, between gamers of different consoles/games.

    Heck, I have PlayStation nights with my mates and they rip into me for still having a PS2 (I boycotted Sony's PS3 shenanigans), although I'm leaning back into their camp with this new gen. We do that all the time to each other - why can't some industry figures/people get things off their chest as well.

    It's not like it's not factual, is it?!
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  • PlayStation Vita PCH-2000 review

  • zedzee 07/02/2014

    "...releasing a less desirable, but more much more expensive revision isn't really the shot in the arm we were hoping for."

    That may well be true, but Sony has demonstrated an unswerving ability to shoot itself in the foot in the past, when it comes to the marketing of its mobile games consoles, a la PSPgo.
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  • Nintendo must pay royalties for every 3DS following court ruling

  • zedzee 08/01/2014

    Nice one, Nintendo. You're paying shed-loads for a feature that makes your customer's eyes go wonky. Ace. Reply 0
  • Sony announces game streaming service PlayStation Now

  • zedzee 08/01/2014

    I will laugh on the day when someone hacks the PS Now app and makes it run on the Xbox One.

    Joking aside, I boycotted the PS3, because of Sony's promises, but now that they've impressed me again, with their strategy for PS4, I am looking forward to a whole generation's worth of games that I missed out on.

    And I will be doing it without compromising my principle of boycotting the PS3 all these years!

    Thanks, Sony, for bowing to my wishes and taking one in the balls from me.
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  • Sony turning off Gran Turismo 5, Resistance servers

  • zedzee 07/01/2014

    This also kills off any chance of a second-hand market for these games, as they're now mostly door stops, when their servers are turned off!

    I agree with the posts here - devs should offer the option of 'private' servers, so peeps can host their own and carry in playing.

    GT5 being turned off is nothing short of a travesty by Sony.
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  • PSN buckling under pressure of EU PS4 launch

  • zedzee 29/11/2013

    @onezeonx: No, they do not. Sony needs to invest in better server and LAN infrastructure. Microsoft are a server company - they know the ins and outs of server technology, web hosting, load balancing and cloud computing - so they have their act together; Sony have had to write their PSN code from scratch, most likely on unproven Linux operating environments.

    What Sony needs is IBM or HP to come in and offer some consultancy and put in place a better enterprise-class infrastructure that will cope with such demands, because it's in their own interest, as this will only make their services more popular and it will also allow them, as an organisation, to integrate all their business units better, by using PSN as a hub and be able to offer even more services, for both their PlayStation brand and others, eg. smart TVs.

    It's as simple as that.
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  • Sony explains PS4 digital game pricing

  • zedzee 29/11/2013

    "reiterated his believe" - you mean, his "belief". Reply 0
  • Sony finalises PS4 launch titles and prices

  • zedzee 29/11/2013

    Disappointing launch line-up.

    I'm going to wait when better bundles come along and 6 months have gone by or so...
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  • Xbox One "designed to make storage management automatic"

  • zedzee 22/11/2013

    X1 reminding me is fine but what if I plan to buy and install two games and although game A is my favourite, I install game B first.

    Then I try to install game A and I run out of space?

    Will X1 tell me BEFORE I buy BOTH games (say I'm buying them in the same purchase) that I only have space for one of them on the HDD...?

    This sounds like a dictatorship: We will tell you what's on your OWN HDD and we will tell you how much is left on it and what game you can install next.

    But will they also tell me that the two games I'm about to buy will not both fit on my HDD or will they just take my money and then say "tough, you have to uninstall an old one"...?!
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  • Sony congratulates Microsoft on Xbox One launch

  • zedzee 22/11/2013

    Oh, come on...all these niceties and being lovey-dovey to each other is making me throw up!

    Let's get back to some REAL rivalry here...let's start the next gen warz!!!
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  • Microsoft congratulates Sony on its PS4 launch

  • zedzee 16/11/2013

    Oh, cut the crap - this nice-to-one-another is making me throw up - we know they hate each other's guts.

    Let's get back to some real rivalry and mud slinging - let's get back to the CONSOLE WARZ!!!
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  • Ex-Microsoft director Adam Orth discusses Xbox One #dealwithit controversy

  • zedzee 08/11/2013

    "Since the drama, Orth has moved to Santa Monica and founded a new games development company which is working on its first game [that requires a constant - always-on - connection, 24/7.]"

    I mean, really...is this another slow news Friday?
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  • PlayStation 3 sales hit 80 million

  • zedzee 06/11/2013

    "Did you buy one?"

    No. I did not.

    Sony p*ssed me off when they promised a world-wide release fro 2006, only to stiff UK and Euroland (who else?) when they realised they can't meet the demand, and put it all back to 2007.

    I promptly went to GAME and refunded my deposit the very next day.
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  • GameStick review

  • zedzee 01/11/2013

    What I don't like about GameStick is the CONSTANT f*cking release delays - talk about shooting yourself in the foot, groin, balls and just about everywhere else in what already seems like a DOA corps. Reply 0
  • SimplyGames: Your pre-ordered PS4 now costs at least £65 more

  • zedzee 08/10/2013

    I'm now wondering whether this will happen to some of the other channel partners, such as GAME and HMV?

    But why didn't SimplyGames just come clean with pre-order customers in the first place and actually tell them the truth about Sony not being able to allocate them as much solus PS4 bundles as they'd hoped...why all the cloak and dagger?
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  • zedzee 08/10/2013

    This is not right. Just cancel their arse and be done with them. Reply +1
  • MadCatz's M.O.J.O. Android console costs a whoptastic £219.99

  • zedzee 08/10/2013

    It seems that all Android console vendors are quite happy to shoot themselves in the foot at the moment and make complete fools of themselves, while discrediting the concept of a viable Android console at the same time.

    > Ouya (sticky buttons, games funding fiasco, dearth of games).
    > GameStick (delayed, delayed, delayed - I've pre-ordered this British attempt and while GAME has been earning interest on their account, as my £20 deposit sits in there, neither they or GameStick can tell me when the console will be out).
    > SHIELD (expensive and still not out - not very portable with that 'laptop' design).
    > MOJO [can't be bothered with the dots in between the letters] (simply too damn expensive).

    Have I left anyone out...?
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  • Valve reveals specs of its Steam Machine prototype

  • zedzee 08/10/2013

    "Last month Steam made three announcements:"

    Err, you mean Valve made three announcements, surely?
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  • Microsoft moves to calm fear over Xbox One advertising

  • zedzee 08/10/2013


    "Do you know how many adverts I have to put up with when gaming on PC? None." - I suspect, the days of this, if Microsoft make a success of things on Xbone, will also be numbered and PC companies will want to get in on the act, too.

    "So why is it OK for a Gold service, costing hundreds of pounds already over the lifetime of the console, to also be plastered with them?" - well, you already do that with your TV License; that's a "subscription" but you still put up with ads on all the national channels (even the Beeb, to a degree, advertises its own programmes), so you're already, literally, subscribed to such a model.

    But I think we're on the same side - I'm not condoning Microsoft in my post - their intentions actually go beyond those of the TV License and may well pave the way - for the likes of PC games developers - to become just as bad in the future.
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  • zedzee 07/10/2013

    @Darren: But this debate is not about whether there should be ads or not, nor is it about what kind of ads they should be.

    The discussion here is whether personal information (even when de-personalised) should ever be used, collated, recorded, passed on to anyone remotely connected with advertising campaigns etc.

    I think I'd object to that as well. I've deliberately stayed 'off-line' ever since the rise of social networking, because as we've seen lately in the news, you just can't trust anyone with your personal information, except yourself.

    All social and games networks have been hacked and if not, you've got PRISM demanding from them the information, so there's no escape for Joe Bloggs, they will get you one way or another...unless you keep as low an on-line profile as possible or Microsoft just ups the annual LIVE subscription and focusses on offering a games console, not an advertising endpoint.
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  • This is what cancelled Turok 2 looked like

  • zedzee 04/10/2013

    Just place the story in a city - make Turok an order that's been dormant for thousands of years and is now ready to fight again - and let the dinos loose on the city's inhabitants (with chaos and mayhem in toe, of course) and let's have an 'army' of Turoks that one can control, to fight off the big monsters.

    And you've got yourself a massive HIT!

    Any takers...?
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