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  • Jelly Deals: Get a six-month Xbox Live Gold subscription for half price

  • yorkieshaman 15/01/2018

    @Pasco You have to add them manually.

    I can confirm that the Quidco £4 cashback works more than once (or at least, I've bought two codes today and both times it triggered the email from Quidco saying the £4 had been tracked). So presuming that money eventually turns up, it's really £8.49 for six months (or slightly less if you get the free month auto-renew thing). Bargain.

    What I did was: go to quidco.com, use their link to the Microsoft store, bought the code, then closed everything down and did it all over again for the second one. Think I might buy a couple more.
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  • GAME unsure over future as it reportedly puts itself up for sale

  • yorkieshaman 12/03/2012

    Ta - nice to hear from someone who was on the inside.

    Game really did used to be very different. Back in about 1996-1999 a load of us from a developer used to go to the one in Guildford every Friday morning on the way to work and buy games for ourselves, games for other people, games for the company... We got to know one of the sales people very well and when he said he wanted to get into the industry, we got him to come in for an interview. He joined us as a designer and was very good at it: ten or so years on, he was lead designer on one of the recent Splinter Cells over in Canada.
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  • On the Battlefield

  • yorkieshaman 05/11/2010

    They had me at 'Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam'.

    Let's face it, they had me at 'Battlefi--'
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  • BFBC2 Ultimate Edition spotted

  • yorkieshaman 16/08/2010

    This is listed as 360, PS3 and PC - is this right?

    1943 was XBLA and PSN, this would be the first time it had been on PC, as far as I know, and PC owners would be demanding it as a separate download for those of us who've already got the main game.

    My money's on console only :(

    Really don't understand why they aren't releasing map packs: I'd happily pay £10 for, say, three completely new maps. BFBC2 is just obscenely good value - 52 hours in and still going strong :D
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  • Heart association teaming with Nintendo

  • yorkieshaman 17/05/2010

    And the news at the press conference was... Wii Fit etc. will now have a badge on them saying they're approved by the American Heart Association. No talk of the vitality sensor.

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  • Three free games for PSPgo upgraders

  • yorkieshaman 24/09/2009

    I completely agree with everyone who's saying 'That's a naff deal: I'm not shifting from my PSP now.'

    But maybe this isn't Sony trying to convince us to re-buy most of our UMDs digitally. Maybe it's about eliminating UMDs as a source of cheap games for new PSPGo owners (as in: people who've never owned a PSP before).

    Let's say Sony DO launch some sort of trade-in system for UMDs - send in your disc, maybe a small charge and you get access to a digital copy. People are going to buy a PSPGo, pick up a load of second-hand UMDs off ebay (or more likely overpriced but still relatively cheap from GameStation etc.) and send them in to get their digital copies. Sony make nothing bar the small transfer charge (if they have one).

    If Sony stick to the 'three UMDs and that's it and you need to have an existing PSP for the promotion and it only runs for a little while anyway' line, all those new PSPGo owners are locked in to digital distribution. Even if Sony charge, say, £5 for games released previously on UMD, (and I'm guessing they'll charge a lot more) that's £5 in revenue they wouldn't have made had it been a second-hand sale. When you think of the number of second-hand UMDs there must be floating around in the world...

    Just a thought.
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  • PGR confirmed for Zune HD this year

  • yorkieshaman 15/09/2009

    Touchscreen only - why? WHY?

    I get that they want it to be small and sexy and iPhone-like, and that you don't want twin analogue sticks sticking you in the hip when it's in your pocket playing music, but why not just have a clip-on surround that increases the size and provides decent controls? You want your music, leave the controller part at home/in your bag. You want to play a game, clip it on. I'd be happy with something the size and shape of a 360 controller with the Zune sticking out the top (a bit like a reversal of the messenger pad thing that clips underneath). It doesn't have to be pocketable: just portable. If they could make it a bit smaller, so much the better.

    Nothing against iPhone games, you understand: it's amazing what you can do with a touchscreen and tilt when you think about it. But I'd still rather have 'proper' controls for at least some sorts of games. And it seems like they're forgetting what they do well (Sony fans may harp on about the dual shock being the best controller ever, but let's face it, the 360 pad isn't half bad) just so they can ape every other MP3 player out there.

    Zune that's basically an iPod touch - possible buy. Maybe.
    Zune with clip-on controller and downloadable original Xbox games, only with achievements and, if you happen to be near WiFi, Xbox Live awareness (message your friends, start downloads going to your 360, etc. etc.) - instant buy.
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  • Sign up to test XBL autumn dash update

  • yorkieshaman 22/07/2009

    Darren - If you don't like the ads, you can hide the welcome channel. When you switch on, your 360 will then start on the 'My Xbox' channel.

    My Xbox -> System Settings -> Console Settings -> Go all the way down to Welcome Channel (off the bottom of the screen -> Hide

    MS probably should have made this more visible.
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