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  • Bioware forms handheld division

  • yiannis 21/09/2006

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply 0
  • Wii profitable from day one

  • yiannis 15/09/2006

    yeah well did anyone thought that they would actually change their strategy now?

    I didn't think so.

    Cheaper and profitable. Way to go ninty.
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  • Wii is region-locked after all

  • yiannis 15/09/2006

    oh well who gives...
    when PS2 came out with DVD features players were not as cheap as now.. you can buy a DVD player for as much as 18euros now so no biggie there really ..

    i just want the games!!!
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  • Nintendo Wii launch details confirmed

  • yiannis 14/09/2006

    nuff said...
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  • yiannis 14/09/2006

    Stop bitchin ppl.

    At 200 euros even 250 as some claim this Wii will be a bargain. Did you even go to the wii (link in the article) page and see what's on offer? WiiSports bundled and all. Voip Chat, opera browser, weather forecast all the things advertised for the future in SciFi movies about your TV is there. Wii is a lot more than just a gaming machine and it shows.

    As for the graphics.. just wait and see...
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  • Rayman Raving Rabbids

  • yiannis 01/09/2006

    and people complain because the Wii version will be like that ?!?!?!?

    As for the tiresome part :) No wonder why the chose the minigame route for Wii.
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  • Velvet Assassin

  • yiannis 01/09/2006

    looks so cool ... I hope it plays as good as it looks.

    it reminds me a bit of of Valve's source engine..
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  • Ubi dismisses Rayman rumours

  • yiannis 01/09/2006

    rayman minigames.. could be fun given the designer is who he is..
    i would very much prefer the action adventure offer but having played and enjoyed party games with all my friends struggling for a controller.. this could actually be equally cool.
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  • Delightfully Strange

  • yiannis 30/08/2006

    after a certain point all levels seem impossible in Trauma Center and that is where practicing previous stages comes in handy.Improving your grade there and later retrying the "impossible" one. That is when the ninja doctor comes in.

    Uncle Lou
    In order to pass the A-B type enzymes with suction you have to use the healing touch at the right time. Keep in mind that you don't have to cut it and remove.(lose time) cutting it and going for the next does the job, then remove them all together.
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  • yiannis 29/08/2006

    EG guys that was a great love letter. Very nice to feel free to talk about something you really love. I agree that this kind of passion is really missing from game sites around the web. What some people have forgotten is that we're talking about games, and not the next report of UN about peacekeeping. This should be passionate and fun.


    The article passes Trauma Center Under the Knife (chachiiiiing!!! blades crossing ninja style) as a medical sim thingie.

    What you failed to mention about this is the part where you have to uncover and destroy with laser some shark-looking alien things swimming around in your patient's body. :)

    the game feels indeed very ninja style at some points since you have to break in be quick and do the right moves, and jump out before your patient draws his last breath. (leave without being caught) that's how the game works. Well it is very challenging and that's what is great about it. Else it would be another borring medical Sim.

    I don't like to hear that many games would play the same on other consoles.. but you see even that's ok because there are many mainstream games for DS as well as the innovative ones.

    As someone said earlier there's no way a game like Trauma Center would feel the same on any other console. Neither Another Code and Kirby's Canvas Curse and there are many more in this list.

    Because that is all about DS, a feeling of immediacy which invokes a very interesting and fun new experience.
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  • Microsoft GC Conference

  • yiannis 23/08/2006

    "after a rather 'meh!' nintendo conference what will this bunch have to say? "

    VISTA IS ACE!!!!!

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  • Final Fantasy III DS dated

  • yiannis 22/08/2006


    IT'S COMMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
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  • Molyneux talks combat games

  • yiannis 22/08/2006

    yes to block, yes one hit kills if the hit is at a lethal point (head, neck...) and bleeding injuries...

    Bushido Blade all the way, i love this game!!! but it shouldn't be like that for all games.Be creative yes.. but it has to match the overall gameplay.

    why doesn't he design a combat game for Wii and get done with it damn it!!!

    as for fable, OK, it got a bit repetitive after some point but it still is one of my favorite games.
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  • 360 Core System price is cut

  • yiannis 22/08/2006


    the retailers, (see: only play.com so far) are cutting down (mere Ł10) on the less selling (i guess) half baked 360!!!


    Not that 360 is not priced nicely for what it does and that's a lot already, but don't piss in our chow and tell us it's raining... please...

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  • California Games for Wii

  • yiannis 19/08/2006


    I HATE C64!!!!
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  • Star Wars: Lethal Alliance

  • yiannis 19/08/2006

    Isn't it about time they show some DS screenshots as well. We know that DS has worst graphics already. They wont burst any bubbles we love it the way it is.

    Just need to see too the version we'll buy :)
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  • X360 camera to ship with game

  • yiannis 17/08/2006

    "so its ok for MS to copy?"

    After it's out for a whole generation i wouldn't say they copied.. i'd say they used. That is honest enough in my book. Not to mention that Sony didn't invent this... this kind of control is well known for many years before Sony came out with this.So actually sony used someone else's idea.

    Search for "augmented reality games".

    Augmented reality controls mainly work with a 2D shape. so... it can't really do what wii does with out the controller. But depending on the game it can be really fun. Also i guess this is part of the whole live scheme of M$ that is you will most probably be able to video chat online.. and that could also mean amateur porn on M$ live.

    nice eh? :D

    I hope nintendo follows suit with a cam as well so in combination with the wii controller some devs willing to go through all that control design hell could create a new generation of games. (even virtual personal trainer applications)
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  • 360 HD-DVD just for films

  • yiannis 17/08/2006

    Oh well, what takes more space in games is FMVs, Animation files and textures.The actual 3D models do not occupy that much space.

    Seeing games like Oblivion and Mass Effect (how much larger would a gameworld get in current-next gen hmmmm??) working just fine on regular current gen media i feel assured that there's no need for HD DVD and Blue Ray media even for "next gen" entertainment.

    This guy is simply stating the obvious in his interview.I'm a tech freak too i just don't want to be riped off without reason. Also that move would raise more the price of XBX360 games to the amount of PS3 games.
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  • SEGA's Leipzig line-up

  • yiannis 17/08/2006

    oh well ... i guess sonic will play great with the new controls and so is SMB, i just feel that Sega is doing the least they could for Wii.

    Where's Sega Rally for Wii hmmmm?????
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  • Living Legend

  • yiannis 16/08/2006

    "Unless you can think of someone more famous?

    Eurogamer: Other than the likes of Mario, you mean?

    Ian Livingstone: Well, Mario is still very much within the games niche, whereas Lara has gone beyond that thanks to two blockbuster films, for example. She's graced the covers of thousands of not just games journals, but lifestyle journals as well. "

    mario is niche ... HAR HARDIE HAR HAR!!!!
    an icon voted once "more well known" than "coca cola" logo and many times more known than mickey mouse :)

    Lara is famous. agreed. But compared with Mario and Link (or "zelda" as most people out of the games loop recognize him).... i don't think she can take the comparison and still stand as tall and with her boobs proud as they usually look.

    No game character has ever been more loved or hated than mario worldwide.

    As for the TR movies... if Angelina Jolie was not impersonating the main character i very seriously doubt that people would ever pay a ticket to watch those movies.

    Tomb raider series is a decent series and has stood up the test of time indeed.. but more well known than Mario.. pfffffffffft... show some respect duuude.
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  • Exclusive: Warhammer Online

  • yiannis 16/08/2006

    here's your screen caps inside Mythic's studio.

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  • EA backs DS in handheld war

  • yiannis 14/08/2006

    "So DDevil what you are saying is that all stores in the world create large stocks of PSPs just in case armageddon comes and we will need them to recreate the world?"

    Nope they are not in stores around the world but in Sony's warehouses around the world waiting to be sold to stores and then to be sold to final consumers. I know for a fact that Sony had a HUGE problem in their vast warehouses in NDL from unsold PS2 stock.. hundreds of thousands of unsold shipped PS2s so much that they fired lots of people in handling, packaging and storage in order to push the cost of storage down.

    Shipped means out of production factories and sent to central warehouses around the world. While sold means .. oh well .. sold :)
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  • Gangs of London leak confirmed

  • yiannis 03/08/2006

    it smells like ole pc game marketing thing :) Reply 0
  • $49.99 tag for Wii games?

  • yiannis 03/08/2006

    i lost you there.. isn't 59.99 practically the same as 60 for your pocket???

    what do you buy with 0.01?
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  • yiannis 02/08/2006

    there you go...
    many people believed and argued for the opposite. I'm not one of them. I guess they received many emails similar to mine about a week ago asking them to talk about game prices and clear things out. What's even nicer is that Nintendo has open ears and reacts accordingly :)

    ...and then some wonder why N has so many dedicated fans... pft.
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  • Mortal Kombat for Wii

  • yiannis 02/08/2006

    "Then again, he did say this before E3 and the "classic" controller's unveiling."

    uhm shouldn't this article be published back then? (maybe it has been but i don't remember) I see this a lot lately in gaming sites; uncovering interviews and such since E3. Aren't these news, (in general not EG), a bit stale, or is there some kind of agreement to not tell until a certain date?

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  • BioShock dev slams EA

  • yiannis 01/08/2006

    Oh Kev!!! Reply 0
  • Ronaldinho loves his PS2

  • yiannis 25/07/2006

    he likes his PS2?

    that splains why he played like crap in the world cup...
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  • Devs at risk of burnout

  • yiannis 24/07/2006

    I had a huge problem finding a new work in games. I had a nice proposal when i left but it didn't work out in the end. Then again being located in Greece didn't help much. Usually companies prefer local talent unless you're something extraordinary. Now i'm trying to set up my own studio. We're currently working on a little something on DS and we'll take it from there.

    I don't think a union will solve these problems really. Union days are pretty much over. I have received help from a workers' union in my last job in the form of legal advice etc. but other than that don't expect much. They might even put some legal pressure if the company you were working for tries to F you up.. but serious studios usually don't do that. I agree that if your job doesn't satisfy you OR creates instability in your life, *secretly*, find some other, hopefully, better job secure it, say goodbye and thank you and move along.

    Not nice to leave with someone being bitter about you.The next studio will most probably ask them and... you need the good reference.

    edit: btw programmers are still getting paid more than artists check out igda.org research or here
    http://www.gamasutra.com/features/200402... these are 2003 numbers they have not changed that much though.. might need registration but it's free.
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  • yiannis 24/07/2006

    Heh i can confirm over 12 hours every day not for months but years..
    usually 10:00 - 00:00.. All the years I'm working i remember only one company actually throwing us out after 20:00. The rest just gave employers the keys of the studio and remind you to lock before you go and set the alarm as well. (Not that the building will stay empty for long...)

    I know this is not very uncommon to work long and those who believe that work in our days is only 8 hours are mistaken.If you work less than 9 they believe you're not interested about their business.Good thing is they will not kick you out. There are a lot of money involved with compensation for fired employees. What management usually does is involve psychological warfare :) They will try to make you quit so you wont get a dime extra.

    There are times when management is experimenting on you to see how the team will perform and produce more, often they end up in the Stick without a carrot method :) It's cheaper and easier. "Those who are not committed to the task and team should think again and do something else if they don't like their job.You are traitors!!!" or something along these lines. :)

    When milestones are around or specific demos it's not uncommon to get to live at work for 2-3 days.Some studios are nice enough to have comfortable couches :)

    Yes there can be some perks with the job like free games, unlimited bandwidth, free coffee and sodas, tickets for cinema premieres, or concerts to name a few. depending on the studio there can be more like kayaking, rafting trips etc. but what usually studios take advantage of, is your true passion for games. They know you would be doing this for free anyway. There is a certain Myth about large pay and all that. True companies like Sony and EA and Ubisoft do pay a lot and you have a lot of extras. But not every company has the resources of the top 10 studios. This can easily be the most heartless, and ungrateful work of all in the entertainment industry. Even porn stars get to do elder porn :)

    Game developers over 35 (not to say 30..) are obsolete. If you manage to stay in until 40 you are a god :) Unless you start your own independent studio... that's a different story though. So in that sense the money you get paid is not enough to compensate at all.

    I know people who have worked on huge games we all have played and now they can't find a job that easy. Those who think they found the job of their lives better think twice. Those who think that game development is "kinda like modding" are plain wrong. Start planning for the future after the age of 25-27. Programmers get to be a tad more lucky than artists in that respect.

    Those of you who just started enjoy your time make a lot of contacts be creative and have lots of fun. It's awesome while it lasts. Those coming out of the monster's mouth relax a bit, think how you can take advantage of your experience, contacts and why not try setting up your own studio if you can. You were working, realizing ideas of others for a long time. Perhaps it's time you have others work on your ideas as well.
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  • Nintendo to fix Lites for free

  • yiannis 23/07/2006

    "A lot of the Lite's moveable parts feel extremely tacky."

    that's interesting. you mean all the buttons and triggers and screen? it feels like everything is about to fall off?
    A bit strange thing to hear with all those MILLIONS of people buying lite like crazy.They should complain or stop buying if it's that much crap no?

    Lite is a much better version of DS at least aesthetically. Although some with bigger hands might not think so. :)

    There is one problem with the crack. OK but it's on a very small amount of machines it seams. Perhaps a certain LOT. humidity went up during manufacturing.. or something like that.. it doesn't matter that much since nintendo i s changing/fixing them for free.

    Al man haven't you chilled already ?
    go on a vacation man.. visit the local fountain and splash your toes in it.
    or the XBOX and PS forums where everybody will agree with what you say.
    You'll feel better .. honestly!!!

    Rogue Squadron, Eternal darkness (you know from the developers MS grabbed from N) RE4 (which sony cried and cried and paid a hefty bunch so they break the exclusivity), SSBM, Have you really played windwaker? have you played mario party? i mean to actually sit down with a bunch of friends and play.. this game is designed so you play with friends.. (else it's like playing monopoly with yourself) like four swords.. Viewtiful Joe that since sony got involved it became a watered down version of the original.. have you played RE0, PN03 ...to name just a few ... and there's a really large list of titles.. not to mention those that were released on all consoles like the amazing SC2 that put Sony to shame so bad that they claimed the next version for themselves so it can't be compared with other consoles... It was that much better on GC and showed that ole Link has not lost his charm ;)

    Did the overwhelming success of DS hurt sony fanbois around the world.. yes it did.. it still does as 3 DS are sold for ever 1 psp and it shows they can't figure out yet why.. a PSP owner friend of mine admitted after a long time.. of arguments "it's great for watching movies in the bus and play a game every now and then"...

    DS is a gaming machine .

    It's amazing how every Nintendo hater brings up the same game all the time. Mario Sunshine again and again. You know what? Sunshine was a great game. And if you nintendo haters have not played it... well... your loss ...
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  • Eurogamer hits 1.2m mark

  • yiannis 22/07/2006

    I visit EG 3-4 times everyday for a few months among other sites. Day or night. I used to visit a lot in the past too just now i started using the forums as well. Especially when i don't feel like playing or watching a movie.

    I find it quite fast unlike IGN or GS and that is one reason why i visit a lot although i'd like some more things like featured game developers, publishers, contests and stuff like that from EU. And also some content for the weekend when almost all sites are "dead" and we got some more time to surf.
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  • UK likely to get both PS3s - Sony

  • yiannis 22/07/2006

    the funniest thing is .. now many people started saying oh ok 150€ is not much...

    as if it will cost them only 150€

    Has the world gone completely stupid?
    Have all these ads converted us to mush for brains?

    afaik the price still is 500€-600€ is it not?
    and omg how come i didn't think of it!!!!!

    i will pay in UKŁ it sounds cheaper!!!! :P
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  • yiannis 21/07/2006

    LOL that is amazing.. they are going straight for about a third of your monthly wage (if you're lucky) and THEY are thinking if they should give you a choice of a cheaper unit or not.

    That is they decide how much money you'll have left by the end of that month :)
    The worst thing is UK is a PS bastion. UK gamers dream of PS in their sleep.

    "I think we should mug them first and then go for the game-starving-rest who couldn't find a way to buy the first unit. They will come flocking in thousands when they see a cheaper unit on sale. They are so stupid that they might even think we're doing them a favor by dropping the price MUHAHAHAHAHA"

    Nice going Sony LOL keep up the positive publicity!!!
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  • Lord of the Rings: The White Council

  • yiannis 21/07/2006

    Malcolm X actually said that? bah...

    Well I'd prefer they created some other name for the world and the game and they had it resembling ME monsters, areas etc.

    But as their own franchise. If it's good they'd still sell. I'm a bit tired from middle earth anyway.It'll take some time until i watch return of the king for the 24th time :)
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  • Lineage II gets new expansion

  • yiannis 20/07/2006

    all immortals have a weak point. It's a matter of cosmic balance.
    You didn't expect gods to go around yapping about their weak point did you?
    Have you heard .. It takes a god to kill a god. It's all in Greek and Norse mythology.

    well in Lineage's case it takes a bunch of clans with high lvl people to take down something like that. I have witnessed wars of huge alliances of clans with over 400-500 people on the field.It was awesome :)

    That new chronicle will hopefully solve grinding for solo players at least partially as the game was designed and promoted heavily team gameplay. That's why people who were playing it solo were overwhelmed by the grind sooner or later.
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  • Wii to use Friends Codes

  • yiannis 20/07/2006

    You can still play with RANDOM people.

    send 12 digit code to mate, input code, play friend.
    stops stalking over multi games too

    Well you can't play with random people in all games.That's the main problem.It can destroy games like AC.Send the 12 digit with mail.
    and how does that help you to play with more people than your 2-3 friends? or find more people who feel like playing at the same time as you?or even the same game as you?

    As for stalking, i take it you have been stalked online in the past? Or have you heard any other than the unfortunate situation some months ago with a certain unreal or battlefield clan iirc? and even that didn't mean that the guy actually met the kids.. he was merely talking dirty to them which of course is a HUGE crime on it's own but can be easily solved by BLOCKING that person out of your buddy list and contacting the authorities.

    I have not heard of anything like that before... at least making the news..
    It's more possible that a family member OR family friend is molesting a child than some unknown online pervert according to certain studies on the subject.
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  • yiannis 19/07/2006




    i swalloewd the damned Wii thing as it's not very important...

    BUT THIS!!!

    IS ESSENTIAL!!!!!!!
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  • Shinobido PSP details

  • yiannis 19/07/2006

    I guess you're not talking about the original Shinobi right? Reply 0
  • Friends lists in Live Messenger

  • yiannis 18/07/2006

    worry not guys if it doesn't work in EU is to make sure that our private data is as safe as possible. As you very well know they couldn't care less about protecting your private info in US and perhaps Japan too.

    Many companies often have problems as they do gather that info and sell/use it without your consent. Unfortunately/Fortunately MS is a big company and can't afford not to comply with EU rules. Their previous mistake in EU grounds was a bit costly as you prolly remember.
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  • Virtua Fighter 5

  • yiannis 15/07/2006

    Since the game lost that distinct VR style it had.. meh... This thing is becoming more like a Tekken clone or is it just me? also... sometimes it kind of screams "pre-rendered layer ahoy"!!!

    Real time dynamic water droplets anyone ??? tsk tsk tsk
    It's doing great being a PS3 exclusive methinks.
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  • Pac-Man creator worried about Brain Training claims

  • yiannis 11/07/2006

    "Nintendo in particular has enjoyed enormous success with its Brain Training titles, several of which are available for the Nintendo DS in Japan - where millions of copies have been sold."

    And that is why we have to prove that it's all crap. How can a non game like that sell more than pac man?? Geeezzz...

    pac man my ar$e. i enjoyed pac man a lot back then. I played a lot. That was then.
    His impression of new games is very weird indeed.. add a bow on head make miss ,pacifier make baby pac man.. geez.

    He's going to teach? i think he has more to learn from modern game makers legends than teach..

    anyway... good luck pac man rapist...

    In Other news..

    "it already proved to be a load of bollocks that doesn't really improve your mental capacity to do anything other than play Brain Training?"

    It's not very clear what you're trying to say other than "bollocks"...

    It is proven that certain excercizes (like playing chess, doing somehow advanced math... ) improve your mental capabilities as long/short term memory, math functions etc. It is a FACT!!! And these are the functions these games like sudoku, Brain Training set of exercizes etc. claim to improve.

    They do NOT improve telepathy capabilities.. as some idiots might think..
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  • New Tingle website launches

  • yiannis 10/07/2006

    there's a very good chance that it will be supercool and you'll all be obliged to eat your hats.

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  • New Zealand Story DS coming?

  • yiannis 08/07/2006

    "But we're excited anyway - because, let's face it, New Zealand Story is officially the best old days game EVER."

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  • Settlers settling on DS

  • yiannis 07/07/2006

    uhm.. rollecoster is not legend material..
    but a good game none the less
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  • yiannis 07/07/2006

    OMG :D Reply 0
  • Star Fox DS rumbles

  • yiannis 06/07/2006

    keep in mind that there are 2 models of rumble packs for DS.
    (the one given for free for the classic DS is the weak and noisy one as they say.)

    Although i'm not sure that you can buy the other one in Europe or US just yet.
    It's only sold online by nintendo so far.
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  • Saudi refuses to play Israeli

  • yiannis 04/07/2006


    "Well that's exactly what our problem is! We don't look at things from different angles, we just try to "defend" ourselves all the time..."

    That is the most true thing anyone said after all these fiery posts in here.
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  • yiannis 04/07/2006

    "Funny how he dislikes Israeli aggression and occupation, when the Israelis just elected a government dedicated to peace, rapprochement,"

    Just like the US gov ? :)
    The only Govs who actually are like that (most possibly) are skandinavian and eskimo govs :)

    "Didn;t the guy just stand up for what he believed in? I'm pretty sure this whole conflict is a lot more complicated than this forum can understand so don't appear ignorant and make rash comments eh?"

    I'm with you 100%

    I've read actuall hate mail from an Israeli ex-friend as a response to the killing of some Palestinian kids that made my blood freeze and of course made me to terminate any friendly connection with that person immediately. That person didn't seam like a warmonger at all and i had never thought he would be like that. Not in a million years.

    Propaganda and brainwash in both sides and innocent bloodshed there has made it impossible to see a solution. As for giving the Palestinians part of their land back i see it more like a giant mousetrap thank a move of good will.

    What makes this even worse, youth from both sides that could bring a peacefull resolution to this situation is so saturated in hate that i can't think there will ever be one.
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  • yiannis 04/07/2006

    Damn it he should play and kick his ass!!! lol
    he lost a great chance!!!!

    I think wars should be fought in digital arenas but it seams that some people have decided that the price to pay has to be blood.
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