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  • The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is out now on iOS

  • yegon 12/01/2017


    Definitely feels that way. Leagues ahead of 3DS version which itself was notably worse performing than the Vita version.

    Yet to get into any particular intense scenarios though, thanks to my ham fistedness with the touch screen so far, heh.

    Gives me hope AB etc might appear one day.
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  • yegon 12/01/2017


    Yep, simply avoiding spikes is tricky. I'll play it quite a lot no doubt since it's there, but I shudder to think how many times I'll die in hairier moments due to this alone.

    It is notably higher frame rate than the Vita version I find, at least on my 7 Plus.

    Hope Afterbirth and beyond comes at some point, my only beef with Vita version is that it's dead update wise.
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  • yegon 12/01/2017

    Deffo a game that need more than a quick go of to appreciate. I thought it was garbage a couple of years ago based on looks and seemingly simplistic 300 hours later, one of my fave games of all time.

    Absolutely cannot be judged on initial impressions.

    iOS port is pretty good. Controls are far from ideal, but as good as you're likely to get on a touchscreen. Vita is the best handheld option, but I do appreciate Isaac *always* in my pocket.
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  • Let's remember GamesMaster's most infamous incident, broadcast 20 years ago

  • yegon 20/12/2016


    Ha! I'm picturing Gareth out of The Office.
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  • yegon 20/12/2016

    I remember it well, hilarious.

    Dave Perry comes across as that really annoying "mate" everyone has when they're kids, can't handle losing, convinced of their own (laughable) legend. I'm getting the words Dunning Kruger effect.

    And the bandana....jesus wept. Speaking as a long time baldy, shave off whats left and OWN it you absolute bellend XD
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  • Sony announces two third-party pro controllers for PS4

  • yegon 27/10/2016

    Saw this reported elsewhere before reading here, actually thought those pics were speculative photoshops, ha! Ghastly. Reply 0
  • Dragon Quest Builders review

  • yegon 10/10/2016


    I played both demo versions to completion, Vita version seems pretty good. As mentioned above, not quite as pretty, but it played pretty well. Was undecided which version to get (no cross save/cross buy sadly), hence why I played both.

    I loved the demo, pre ordered from Amazon. With some random Prime offer the PS4 version is 31.99 for the day one version with the dlc extras.
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  • Face-Off: Rise of the Tomb Raider on PC

  • yegon 31/01/2016

    Played a few hours on PC now, it's a great game so far, and a great port that looks/performs magnificently. Bravo!

    I'd have waited for the verdict normally as you never know with games coming later from consoles, but got it "free" with my 980Ti. Everything maxed bar AA (using SMAA) and hair (using High), V Sync off (G-Sync), hovers permanently around the 70-80fps mark at 1440p.

    The ice and snow look almost edible.
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  • Does Diablo 3 patch 2.4 impact console performance?

  • yegon 17/01/2016


    Fair enough. Honestly wasn't aware of that.

    I've just logged in and played fine every day whenever I've tried. Must be lucky.

    In the past I abandoned it for a long while since, despite having a ping of less than 50ms, it was laggy and the experience was unplayable. Ran fine for last few months, and the last few days.
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  • yegon 17/01/2016


    What queues? Stayed away on patch day, but played it last few days seamlessly at a rock solid 144 fps no less.
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  • G-Sync on a laptop: the Asus G751JY review

  • yegon 26/09/2015


    Yup. I'd hate one now, but had a hideous AlienWare back in my uni days. Served me really well as I spent some time at home, a lot of time away, moved every year. Weighed a tonne, was used 100% off the mains, but it sure beat not having a gaming PC for lengthy portions of time. Saved me the hassle of moving a tv etc around, was my main source of entertainment in the days long before tablets and such were ten a penny. Remains the only non-laptop prebuilt PC I've ever bought.
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  • Spelunky true ending speedrun sets a new world record

  • yegon 14/08/2015


    I've beat Yama a few times, usually takes me about 40 minutes of intense concentration, ha.
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  • PlayStation Store Summer Sale starts today

  • yegon 31/07/2015


    Cheers, I'll definitely try it!
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  • yegon 29/07/2015


    Will do. Is that Garforth, as in, Leeds way?
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  • yegon 29/07/2015


    Great game, so long as you know what to expect. Plays some of the purest golf I've experienced in a vidya game for a long time.
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  • Bethesda confirms Fallout 4 1080p30 on consoles, unrestricted on PC

  • yegon 22/06/2015


    Runs great on mine at 1440p, default set to high with the exception of;

    Water/Shadows at medium
    SSAO and Fancy Hair off
    V-Sync off

    Maybe G-Sync is working it's magic, but I'd say it's mostly in the 50-60fps range, higher when there's minimal population or monsters.
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  • yegon 22/06/2015


    Err what? My two year old gtx780/5 year old i7 2600k absolutely smokes the consoles, still handling most stuff in excess of 60fps (144hz g-sync monitor) at 1440p on high. Witcher 3 and GTA V being prime examples.

    Not pissing on the console parade, merely highlighting that you're peddling complete and utter bollocks.
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  • PS4 gets its Media Player today

  • yegon 16/06/2015

    Mkv support is nice, but there's still the dire absence of a remote. Reply 0
  • Looks like Microsoft will launch a new Xbox One controller in June

  • yegon 28/05/2015


    I'd actually buy a PS4 pad WITHOUT the Share button!
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  • The best 3DS games

  • yegon 04/05/2015

    I believe I'll be adding Puzzle & Dragons Z Super Mario to this list on Friday, oh yes. Oddly, my most anticipated game for quite a while :) Reply +1
  • Face-Off: Borderlands: The Handsome Collection

  • yegon 30/03/2015

    FOV of 70, good grief. Reply +7
  • 3DS browser exploit lets you play Game Boy Color ROMs

  • yegon 28/01/2015

    No interest in old GBC games personally, but I do admire the ability of some people to find such exploits. Bravo! Reply 0
  • 'Sorry about Christmas' PSN discount rolls out Friday

  • yegon 23/01/2015

    Laughable. Diablo 3 remains my only full price digital game ( bar the download only games), paid an extortionate price for that next to, say, Amazon. Was worth it due to the nature of the way I play it though. Reply 0
  • Grand Theft Auto 5 PC release date delayed until March

  • yegon 13/01/2015

    This isn't actually bad news. Previous GTA's were generally appalling on PC initially, only to rise to be the definitive version after several patches, and later mods. If the extra time improves the quality of the game at launch, wise decision. Reply +5
  • And here's another Halo: The Master Chief Collection patch

  • yegon 16/12/2014


    Happened repeatedly in Halo 1 (fortunately after completing T&R), not been back to it since. It may be working fine, but there's been no mention of it in patch notes and, judging by random forum posts, it's still a problem.

    Not bothered about a refund, it will be fixed eventually and I look forward to playing it, but I really cba with it till it's 100% reliable.

    Also find it mystifying why the problem has persisted for so long. Next to solving network issues, my complete laymans perspective is that it's a cakewalk to fix in comparison.
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  • yegon 16/12/2014

    Still no fix for saving.

    For this problem to last so long is pathetic, truly pathetic. I can live with the odd bug for a week or two, modern gaming unfortunately, but this long? Simply haven't the time to play through entire levels on Legendary in one sitting and don't want to reduce the difficulty. Please don't suggest instant resume, VERY haphazard results having tried it.
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  • New Halo: The Master Chief Collection update targets faster matchmaking

  • yegon 04/12/2014


    Single player works for me, but mid level saves don't, meaning its nigh on unplayable on Legendary unless I have a long time to dedicate to playing whole levels. Which I don't.

    I did try the hardware suspend/resume a couple of times but on one occasion the whole game had to reboot (prob when a new patch appeared) meaning, yet again, I lost the checkpoint. Really cba with it till it's all resolved.
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  • yegon 04/12/2014


    In contrast, saving worked fine pre the first patch for me, and stopped working after the first patch. I know others have had the same.

    The game is unplayable for me till it's fixed for certain. I'm only playing on Legendary but don't have time to do whole levels in one sitting, nor the patience to retread the same ground thanks to to a failed checkpoint save (this is after a save and quit of course).

    Amazed it's taking them this long, I'd imagine it's a much simpler fix than all the network issues they're having.
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  • yegon 04/12/2014

    Any sign of saving in SP being fixed? Reply +4
  • Halo: Master Chief Collection gets new 523MB patch

  • yegon 27/11/2014


    I'm waiting for the answer on this. Anyone know if saving checkpoints has been fixed?
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  • Iron Banner returns to Destiny

  • yegon 04/11/2014

    Would like to see the ability to earn some/all Crucible stuff in PVE if possible. I really like Destiny, but hate PVP - not Destiny's specifically, PVP in general. Reply 0
  • Microsoft unveils wired Xbox One controller for Windows PC

  • yegon 17/09/2014


    I'd say it's better in all regards bar the bumpers which are...slightly odd, but you quickly adjust.

    Tbh though, I've actually gone back to a 360 pad with pc for the wireless. I've got the 360 pad with the transforming dpad which is sort of halfway between the two in terms of usefulness, not nearly as bad as the default 360 dpad, not nearly as good as the Xb1 dpad.

    For games that use dpad extensively though I wire up the Xb1 pad.
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  • Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Season Pass detailed

  • yegon 02/09/2014


    Absolutely. It really benefits from a stupidly high framerate.
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  • Legend of Grimrock is coming to iOS

  • yegon 23/08/2014

    This was ace, found it hard as nails, probably due to my ineptitude though.

    I'm done with Grimrock but await the sequel with baited breath.

    On a tangential note, whatever happened to Dungeons of Dredmor on iOS? Not a game I could ever really get into sat in front of my PC, but an iOS version would be great. Seem to remember it being touted as happening at one stage a year ago, but came to nothing it seems.
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  • Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil edition review

  • yegon 12/08/2014

    Definitely getting this, despite rinsing the PC version, I've found I enjoy it a lot more with a controller personally.

    Judging by that inventory screenshot, it's a pity they haven't improved comparisons between items - those vague green/red arrows pointing up or down are still in use, whereas in the PC version you get a much more detailed comparison of exactly what % effect it has on damage, toughness and healing.
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  • Xbox One Diablo 3 will now also run at 1080p

  • yegon 08/08/2014


    Hardly. They did a great job with the last gen console versions, but the mobs were a lot smaller than the PC version. Sure, they COULD have done it at 1080p, at the expense of even smaller mobs, fewer shaders etc.
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  • Asus PB287Q review

  • yegon 28/07/2014

    Should take delivery of mine this week, woo! Reply 0
  • yegon 05/07/2014


    Totally agree.

    It's just, if I was forced to choose between a 4K TN panel and a 1440p TN panel w/ G-Sync @144hz at around the same price like the Asus ROG Swift PG278Q (it's an 8-bit TN panel, should have better colours than the typical 6-bit TN panel, though it still will hardly be IPS level), I wouldn't go near the 4k option, assuming it's for gaming.

    I like to be nearer the high end where pc gaming is concerned, but imo 1440p is still beyond "good enough" at this stage. Way too many compromises with 4K gaming at this point, all at an insane premium.
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  • yegon 05/07/2014

    Strictly for gaming purposes, if I was interested in a new monitor it'd be the Asus ROG Swift PG278Q, out end of the month.

    The major downers are it's TN, and costs 700. The upside is that it's 27" 1440p 144hz G-Sync. I personally couldn't justify paying 700 for a TN panel, but it's a faaaaar better proposition for PC gaming in the near future.
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  • Now TV has arrived on PS4

  • yegon 23/07/2014

    Long since lapsed Sky subscriber, probably 7+ years now. I miss the football and nothing else, a colossal waste of money in the final years since I watched nothing else.

    Spoiled utterly by the joy of HD World Cup action without arsing around with hooky feeds and shonky bitrates unless it's on BT Vision, I thought briefly, hmm, wonder how much a football only sub is these days?

    46 a month.

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  • The real story behind The Sun's "Gaming as addictive as heroin" headline

  • yegon 08/07/2014


    I suppose they couldn't fit that in large enough print for the mentally deficient Sun reader.
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  • How to use a DualShock 4 wirelessly with a PS3

  • yegon 03/07/2014


    Lol, I ordered a black one off Amazon and noticed these, at a 20 premium. Like I say, would have liked a different colour to differentiate, but not for that price, 64.98!!
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  • yegon 02/07/2014

    Ordered a second pad for this purpose today, bravo. Can live without rumble for the better sticks and much comfier grip.

    Did briefly consider one of the ghastly blue or red ds4's to easily differentiate the two but 20 more for a different colour? Lol, keep dreaming.
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  • Shovel Knight review

  • yegon 26/06/2014

    Was going to get the Wii U version but SURPRISE! not even an EU release date yet despite it coming out stateside today.

    Oh well, PC version for me.
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  • Halo: The Master Chief Collection is pure fan service

  • yegon 12/06/2014

    This will definitely be added to my personal list of "great compilations wot I own", alongside SNES Super Mario All Stars and The Orange Box. Reply +9
  • Video: Mario Kart 8's controversial Fire Hopping technique

  • yegon 05/06/2014


    Yeah, you're right re: lapping. I was incorrectly thinking of the nearest equivalent in SNES MK, where your main AI opponent is always the same one depending on which character you chose, and if you red shelled them, they'd quickly zoom to the front of all the other AI opponents, but not catch you.

    I remember it being quite funny watching the bottom half (course view) of your screen as you see said opponent defy the games physics and absolutely blast past the other AI :)
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  • yegon 05/06/2014


    Yeah, the versions since the original do vary in this regard, but the feeling I personally found common to all of them, bar the SNES version, is that good racing & cornering isn't the overwhelming quality that wins you the race. Yeah, it matters, but someone racing badly can frequently win in the later versions, whereas poor driving won't get you anywhere in SNES MK.
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  • yegon 05/06/2014



    SNES Mario Kart = racing game with party elements.

    Every* Mario Kart since = party game with racing elements.

    I massively prefer SNES MK to every version since, but accept I'm in the minority and fair play to Nintendo, people clearly love it's modern incarnations.

    I still play SNES MK in 2p, it's utterly brilliant against a like-skilled opponent. AI opponents do have rubber banding (EDIT: not quite rubber banding, only rubber banding in relation to other AI opponents), but not human controlled opponents i.e. faster top speed, blue shell. There's the lightning bolt of course, but that brings the field closer together, not nearly as annoying as the blue shell.

    As for this technique, bah, it's in the game to be used (currently), my issue is that the technique just isn't fun, like snaking before it.

    *Can't speak for GBA Super Circuit in multiplayer. Played it to death in sp, but never in mp so can't really comment on that.

    Edited for reasons ghuk, below, correctly pointed out.
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  • Face-Off: Borderlands 2 on PlayStation Vita

  • yegon 05/06/2014


    Fair enough.

    It's just my experience doesn't echo what's suggested in the article. Only Sanctuary is a complete mess frame rate wise.

    I'm sensitive to frame rates too, played the PC version at 120fps. Probably more forgiving of the Vita version as playing such a massive game on a handheld is sublime.
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  • yegon 05/06/2014

    Lol at half baked. Your input is as valid as my contribution to a jet ski forum :)

    Anything but half baked, it has it's flaws, but it's utterly brilliant.

    Of course the bigger version is significantly better technically, but I long since exhausted the PC version 6+ months ago, where I'm playing newer, shinier stuff.

    Playing BL2 on my long breaks at work and on the commute? Priceless, and will continue to be until I can successfully negotiate putting my tower, 27" monitor and a power generator into my back pocket.
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