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  • Microsoft unveils wired Xbox One controller for Windows PC

  • yegon 17/09/2014


    I'd say it's better in all regards bar the bumpers which are...slightly odd, but you quickly adjust.

    Tbh though, I've actually gone back to a 360 pad with pc for the wireless. I've got the 360 pad with the transforming dpad which is sort of halfway between the two in terms of usefulness, not nearly as bad as the default 360 dpad, not nearly as good as the Xb1 dpad.

    For games that use dpad extensively though I wire up the Xb1 pad.
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  • Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Season Pass detailed

  • yegon 02/09/2014


    Absolutely. It really benefits from a stupidly high framerate.
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  • Legend of Grimrock is coming to iOS

  • yegon 23/08/2014

    This was ace, found it hard as nails, probably due to my ineptitude though.

    I'm done with Grimrock but await the sequel with baited breath.

    On a tangential note, whatever happened to Dungeons of Dredmor on iOS? Not a game I could ever really get into sat in front of my PC, but an iOS version would be great. Seem to remember it being touted as happening at one stage a year ago, but came to nothing it seems.
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  • Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil edition review

  • yegon 12/08/2014

    Definitely getting this, despite rinsing the PC version, I've found I enjoy it a lot more with a controller personally.

    Judging by that inventory screenshot, it's a pity they haven't improved comparisons between items - those vague green/red arrows pointing up or down are still in use, whereas in the PC version you get a much more detailed comparison of exactly what % effect it has on damage, toughness and healing.
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  • Xbox One Diablo 3 will now also run at 1080p

  • yegon 08/08/2014


    Hardly. They did a great job with the last gen console versions, but the mobs were a lot smaller than the PC version. Sure, they COULD have done it at 1080p, at the expense of even smaller mobs, fewer shaders etc.
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  • Asus PB287Q review

  • yegon 28/07/2014

    Should take delivery of mine this week, woo! Reply 0
  • yegon 05/07/2014


    Totally agree.

    It's just, if I was forced to choose between a 4K TN panel and a 1440p TN panel w/ G-Sync @144hz at around the same price like the Asus ROG Swift PG278Q (it's an 8-bit TN panel, should have better colours than the typical 6-bit TN panel, though it still will hardly be IPS level), I wouldn't go near the 4k option, assuming it's for gaming.

    I like to be nearer the high end where pc gaming is concerned, but imo 1440p is still beyond "good enough" at this stage. Way too many compromises with 4K gaming at this point, all at an insane premium.
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  • yegon 05/07/2014

    Strictly for gaming purposes, if I was interested in a new monitor it'd be the Asus ROG Swift PG278Q, out end of the month.

    The major downers are it's TN, and costs 700. The upside is that it's 27" 1440p 144hz G-Sync. I personally couldn't justify paying 700 for a TN panel, but it's a faaaaar better proposition for PC gaming in the near future.
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  • Now TV has arrived on PS4

  • yegon 23/07/2014

    Long since lapsed Sky subscriber, probably 7+ years now. I miss the football and nothing else, a colossal waste of money in the final years since I watched nothing else.

    Spoiled utterly by the joy of HD World Cup action without arsing around with hooky feeds and shonky bitrates unless it's on BT Vision, I thought briefly, hmm, wonder how much a football only sub is these days?

    46 a month.

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  • The real story behind The Sun's "Gaming as addictive as heroin" headline

  • yegon 08/07/2014


    I suppose they couldn't fit that in large enough print for the mentally deficient Sun reader.
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  • How to use a DualShock 4 wirelessly with a PS3

  • yegon 03/07/2014


    Lol, I ordered a black one off Amazon and noticed these, at a 20 premium. Like I say, would have liked a different colour to differentiate, but not for that price, 64.98!!
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  • yegon 02/07/2014

    Ordered a second pad for this purpose today, bravo. Can live without rumble for the better sticks and much comfier grip.

    Did briefly consider one of the ghastly blue or red ds4's to easily differentiate the two but 20 more for a different colour? Lol, keep dreaming.
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  • Shovel Knight review

  • yegon 26/06/2014

    Was going to get the Wii U version but SURPRISE! not even an EU release date yet despite it coming out stateside today.

    Oh well, PC version for me.
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  • Halo: The Master Chief Collection is pure fan service

  • yegon 12/06/2014

    This will definitely be added to my personal list of "great compilations wot I own", alongside SNES Super Mario All Stars and The Orange Box. Reply +9
  • Video: Mario Kart 8's controversial Fire Hopping technique

  • yegon 05/06/2014


    Yeah, you're right re: lapping. I was incorrectly thinking of the nearest equivalent in SNES MK, where your main AI opponent is always the same one depending on which character you chose, and if you red shelled them, they'd quickly zoom to the front of all the other AI opponents, but not catch you.

    I remember it being quite funny watching the bottom half (course view) of your screen as you see said opponent defy the games physics and absolutely blast past the other AI :)
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  • yegon 05/06/2014


    Yeah, the versions since the original do vary in this regard, but the feeling I personally found common to all of them, bar the SNES version, is that good racing & cornering isn't the overwhelming quality that wins you the race. Yeah, it matters, but someone racing badly can frequently win in the later versions, whereas poor driving won't get you anywhere in SNES MK.
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  • yegon 05/06/2014



    SNES Mario Kart = racing game with party elements.

    Every* Mario Kart since = party game with racing elements.

    I massively prefer SNES MK to every version since, but accept I'm in the minority and fair play to Nintendo, people clearly love it's modern incarnations.

    I still play SNES MK in 2p, it's utterly brilliant against a like-skilled opponent. AI opponents do have rubber banding (EDIT: not quite rubber banding, only rubber banding in relation to other AI opponents), but not human controlled opponents i.e. faster top speed, blue shell. There's the lightning bolt of course, but that brings the field closer together, not nearly as annoying as the blue shell.

    As for this technique, bah, it's in the game to be used (currently), my issue is that the technique just isn't fun, like snaking before it.

    *Can't speak for GBA Super Circuit in multiplayer. Played it to death in sp, but never in mp so can't really comment on that.

    Edited for reasons ghuk, below, correctly pointed out.
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  • Face-Off: Borderlands 2 on PlayStation Vita

  • yegon 05/06/2014


    Fair enough.

    It's just my experience doesn't echo what's suggested in the article. Only Sanctuary is a complete mess frame rate wise.

    I'm sensitive to frame rates too, played the PC version at 120fps. Probably more forgiving of the Vita version as playing such a massive game on a handheld is sublime.
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  • yegon 05/06/2014

    Lol at half baked. Your input is as valid as my contribution to a jet ski forum :)

    Anything but half baked, it has it's flaws, but it's utterly brilliant.

    Of course the bigger version is significantly better technically, but I long since exhausted the PC version 6+ months ago, where I'm playing newer, shinier stuff.

    Playing BL2 on my long breaks at work and on the commute? Priceless, and will continue to be until I can successfully negotiate putting my tower, 27" monitor and a power generator into my back pocket.
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  • Final Fight retrospective

  • yegon 26/05/2014

    I really enjoyed the Sega 3D classic of SoR on the 3DS, but wish they'd bang out SoR2 at some point. I liked Final Fight a lot, but SoR2 is the pinnacle of the genre for me. The music, sfx, move list, feeling of weight to the action....great times. Reply 0
  • The PlayStation 4 hard drive upgrade guide

  • yegon 10/05/2014


    No you don't. At most, probably a good idea to bung the stock back in if you need a warranty repair, but it absolutely does not void your warranty.
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  • Nintendo refuses to allow same-sex relationships in Tomodachi Life

  • yegon 08/05/2014

    Oh man, Arthur Gies at Polygon will have conniptions about this. He brings gender and social issues into every-single-review, even when such discussion is, in context, completely unnecessary. Reply +6
  • Video: See seven minutes of Roll7's Not a Hero in action

  • yegon 24/04/2014


    Yup, it's been three months now and still no patch. I'm quite tolerant of bugs, but only for so long (maybe a month) and depending on its severity - very severe in the case of OlliOlli, 3 hard crashes in an hour renders it unplayable. Tried a reinstall, made no difference.
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  • Mario Golf: World Tour review

  • yegon 24/04/2014

    27.85 from Amazon. May be cheaper elsewhere, dunno.

    That, plus 5 (or whatever it is exactly) for the GBC version off the eshop, still works out cheaper than the digi download + "free" GBC version at 35.
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  • Cave Story will finally reach the European 3DS eShop in May

  • yegon 19/04/2014


    Nah, that's Cave Story 3D, the remake which is already available on cart. This article is referring to the Cave Story that's previously not been available in EU territories, it's the like the traditional 2D version but has a "3D" mode akin to the Sega 3D classics.
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  • yegon 19/04/2014

    Great news. Played Cave Story 3D (the remake, not the 3Dised version of the 2D version available on the US eshop), it's completely devoid of character relative to the original. Found it much harder to distinguish the background/foreground too, all felt a bit muddy and indistinct on the small screen. Reply -1
  • A new Spelunky world record has been set

  • yegon 17/04/2014


    Yeah, I understand, especially watching it live - I've always heard about these runs post result where the tension is lost completely. Wasn't slagging your videos off, it's just only in my student days could I find the time to watch a 7 hour stream :). Err, not that the Internet could ever handle streams when I was a student, we were lucky to get porn gifs lol. Plus, I only get a finite amount of time to play stuff, and I really have to work on reducing my pile of shame (see; never) rather than watch others.

    Any game videos I tend to watch are usually Giant Bomb type stuff on my laptop, whilst I play something else on my PC/console. Problem with Spelunky is I can't really watch it in the background as I find it requires constant eyeballs to get anything out of it - with death always being so close, and every action being of significance, it's just not that well suited to ambient half viewing.
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  • yegon 15/04/2014

    Definitely gets easier once you've done it once. Still have to pay 100% attention from start to finish but you don't suffer the omg omg omg feeling when you get to the final moments.

    Fantastic displays of skill though they are, only problem with these high score runs are that they aren't that interesting to watch - I skimmed through Banasaurus Rex's previous high score run, so much of it is spent abolishing the scenery with the plasma gun, it's not very thrilling.

    The speed runs are great though.
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  • yegon 15/04/2014


    Congrats! Took me about 800-1000 attempts to beat Olmec, yet to beat Yama. Not sure exactly as I've played it across 360, PC and PS3/Vita.

    My high score is about 371k in the daily, which I'm pretty chuffed with. If I ever make the City of Gold I hope to top 500k some day.
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  • Mercenary Kings is coming to Vita with Cross-Buy support

  • yegon 12/04/2014

    Wanted to like this, hated it at first, persevered, and actually really like it now. There's a hump of design decisions you have to get over in order to like it - the most aggressive respawning of enemies in recent memory amongst others - but if you do, there's a lot of fun to be had. Once I'd successfully completed the first few missions (after several abortive attempts), it really started to click. Reply 0
  • Mercenary Kings review

  • yegon 08/04/2014

    Don't mind a degree of difficulty, but the enemy respawning, crikey. Step one screen to the left and they're back! Doesn't matter with the easier grunts, but when it's that girl tank thing or worse, ouch.

    Going to persevere a little longer though as I want to like it.
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  • Microsoft has a Kinect for Windows v2 sensor

  • yegon 28/03/2014


    On the contrary, I took it as you rolling your eyes, sarcastically, snarkily suggesting I seriously believed that MS couldn't do two things at once.

    Hence my comment that you were taking me seriously.
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  • yegon 28/03/2014


    Wow, taking things a little seriously aren't we? Oh yeah, I forgot this was comments....
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  • yegon 28/03/2014

    I asked for xb1 controller drivers and they gave me this :( Reply +3
  • Facebook buys Oculus VR for $2 billion

  • yegon 26/03/2014

    Aside from tragic stuff like murder, people dying, losing their jobs and the general misery of news headlines, outside that perspective this is the most depressing news I've heard in a loooong time. I feel genuinely sad about this :( Reply +13
  • This is how Borderlands 2 looks on PlayStation Vita

  • yegon 20/03/2014

    My only concern is the use of the rear touch pad. I simply cannot hold the Vita for any length of time if I have to hold it and avoid accidental touches on the back. The IGN article says rear is used for run and melee, front for special and grenade. As awkward as this suggestion sounds, I'd like the option to completely disable the rear and split the front touch into 4 zones.

    Looking forward to it though, pretty much exhausted it all on PC, would like to do it all again at work/travelling.
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  • Weapon Shop de Omasse review

  • yegon 07/03/2014

    I echo Kami's comments. It was okay, and I enjoyed it enough that I didn't feel burnt. Wouldn't go quite as far as recommending it wholeheartedly though.

    I did purchase it out of love for Reccettear, hoping it would be a similar experience but its a pale shadow really.
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  • March's free Xbox 360 Games with Gold titles announced

  • yegon 03/03/2014

    I'm seriously considering ditching my PS+ and surviving on these scraps that MS are so generously slipping my way. It'll be like I'm 10 again, absolutely rinsing every game over and over, 'cos I've only got one or two to play with.

    Joking aside, Civ Rev is a pretty good game, played it to death originally, and quite surprised me that a (diet) Civ could work so well on console.
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  • Fez finally comes to PS4, PS3 and Vita in March

  • yegon 03/03/2014


    Yeah, I absolutely loved the design and music of this game, but swiftly concluded my brain just isn't wired right to actually succeed playing it. It's strange, I consider myself quite observant irl, but those skills really didn't translate when I tried playing this originally on the 360.

    Tempted to go back to it again - watching that trailer made me smile, kind of like how Cave Story did. The vanilla Cave Story that is - I bought Cave Story 3D(S), eeesh, that's a lesson in how to successfully rob a game of all charm and personality.
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  • And the new boss of Xbox is...

  • yegon 25/02/2014

    Hmm, Elop is very good at making Elop money. His career history reminds me of the later stages of Sven Goran Eriksson's managerial career.

    I fancy the PS4 will outsell the Xb1 by some margin in Finland at least....
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  • Strider review

  • yegon 19/02/2014

    I want this, but it just screams future PS+ release so I think I'll hold off. Reply 0
  • Earth Defense Force 2025 review

  • yegon 19/02/2014

    Think the Polygon review is more accurate, tldr; niche, silly, stupid, flawed fun
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  • Letter from America: 8-bit classics that deserve a remake

  • yegon 15/02/2014

    Crikey, Jaz Rignall! Wasn't aware of his affiliation with EG, not heard that name for years! Brings back fond memories of Mean Machines - I went to the dentists in the early 90s and my mum bought me my first copy, it was yellow with two WWF wrestlers, in red and black spikey armour, on the front. Maaaan, I loved Mean Machines and CVG in those days (before the latter became quite awful). Good times!

    Ha, Google to the rescue;

    And that mullet, heh, bravo sir! Topped only by brothers 'do at the time, similar cut but with bleached highlights, cost him 90 in Kendalls, Manchester xD
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  • SteamWorld Dig headed to PlayStation 4 and Vita

  • yegon 15/02/2014


    It's a good little game, but hardly more substance than Spelunky. Dig is actually a very simple game, you do almost exactly the same few actions from start to finish. I was quite addicted to it and played it through in a couple of days on my 3DS, it's repetitive but compulsive - for the right price I'd heartily recommend it. I'll never return to it though.

    Spelunky, otoh, is a game with waaaay more depth (excuse the pun) and is all about learning about enemies, weapons, tools, the myriad secrets etc. I can TOTALLY understand why some people don't like Spelunky, theres all sorts of highly rated and lauded games I simply do not like, but anyone suggesting Spelunky lacks substance tells me they played it for 10 minutes, died innumerable times, and gave up. It has substance up the kazoo.
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  • Gone Home has sold 250K copies

  • yegon 07/02/2014

    I enjoyed Gone Home. Much of that enjoyment* was from the suggestion that it was a haunted house, and the subtext regarding the father's abusive relationship with his disgraced Uncle. I was a teeny bit meh regarding the main story thread, was a little bit emo for my tastes, but I enjoyed it's delivery.

    I should say, I got it in a sale for a fiver, which I believe is about the right price. Rightly or wrongly, I'd have felt slightly aggrieved had I paid double that or more.

    *enjoyed probably isn't quite the right word given the subject matter of the subtext. I applauded the way it was told is probably a more accurate description.
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  • Microsoft cryptic amid Halo 2 Anniversary rumours

  • yegon 04/02/2014

    Halo 2 was alright. Paled in comparison to 1, but hey, still prefer it to 80% of other shooters as I actually found the behaviour of the enemies interesting enough to continue. Despite talk of "advanced AI" in newer shooters, I rarely get that impression and mostly find AI to br utter gash. I play mostly on PC, but find it applies to both PC and console games.

    Not sure I understand people who want a Halo 3 redo, it's recent enough to look mostly okay on modern tv's and wouldn't benefit that much from a remake as it'd largely be just an uprezzing, lets face it.
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  • "We still believe the Vita has a role"

  • yegon 30/01/2014

    Every time I use my Vita, which is very often, I'm reminded how it's a billion times better playing games on it than on a mobile phone. Sure, there are some decent titles well suited to phone and tablet - I play them too! - but you simply cannot beat physical controls and zero concern for battery life. If my Vita battery dies, well that's that, and I've probably played quite enough of it for one day. If my phone battery dies, aye carumba!, means no communication, no podcasts on the drive/commute home etc. As such, I don't recall ever playing a mobile phone game without that nagging feeling I'm going to get a tremendous shock next time I see the batt %.

    Admittedly, tablets are great for battery life, and I've ploughed countless hours I to Baldur's Gate etc.
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  • Ubisoft is developing Tetris for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

  • yegon 17/01/2014

    Wish they'd release Tetris Grand Master 3 for...anything...Can play it emulated, but still. I assume its a combo of licensing issues and lack of interest. The latter is inexplicable to me, I'm convinced it'd sell gangbusters on PSN/Xbox etc.

    Very few Tetris games are any good. Tetris DS was the last one to really hit the headlines, but it was actually garbage due to infinite spin and myriad other structural flaws that made it laughably easy.

    NES Tetris, Nintendo & Tengen, were both great, as was the N64 version. GB Tetris & Tetris DX were also standouts, but Tetris DX suffered from being way too easy to max out.
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  • Baldur's Gate 2: Enhanced Edition for iPad hits App Store

  • yegon 16/01/2014


    And it's just occurred to me you're referring to the hack n slash Diablo-alike that came to PS2/Xbox/GCN. That's an entirely different game to this....which would actually work well on the Vita :)
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  • yegon 16/01/2014


    Wouldn't work on the Vita, it's pushing it on an iPad Mini screen, but on the Vita's screen the touch targets would be insanely small.

    For PS4, the entire control dynamic would need to be redesigned which is never going to happen.
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