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  • Giveaway: 100 keys for the Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 beta!

  • xFiReStOrMx 07/10/2016

    LOL! Yet again I miss a givaway even though I frequent the site multiple times per day. Oh well. Reply +1
  • PlayStation Plus October freebies include Resident Evil and Transformers: Devastation

  • xFiReStOrMx 28/09/2016

    Gah, it would be the one that I had to buy when it came out but have yet to play.

    Would have preferred ZERO but hey people seem to be pretty alright with Transformers so might give it a bash :)
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  • ReCore update to tackle long load times on Xbox One

  • xFiReStOrMx 23/09/2016

    @man.the.king They aren't that bad now (they were pretty annoying at first but after being patched they became much better).

    Also the frame rate is fine. From what I recall it wasa pretty much solid 30fps but it had some frame pacing issues which made it seem like it was lower. Dark Souls 3 feels exactly the same as Bloodborne if that makes any difference. Also the load screens were change to give useful item descriptions instead of the old BLOODBORNE logo which also makes it much less of an issue.

    I recommend you give it a try honestly, I think you might find it's not that bad. Sure in the beginning you might die a lot so will see loading more often but that isn't really an issue once you get the hang of it or if you are already used to these games.
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  • Your original PS4 now supports HDR, but no games currently make use of it

  • xFiReStOrMx 14/09/2016

    Great update over all with 4.0, but as with everything Sony/PS they always mess something up. One of the first things I noticed is you can no longer view what DLC you own + have installed for your games.

    Also perhaps a server issue but I cannot get the games info to come up any more (which is the other way to see the DLC I refer too) by pressing down on the D-Pad when a game is highlighted.

    This is a pretty strange thing to have removed, especially since when in the library, it does put an icon over the game and a number representing the DLC you own for that title.

    Now to see what DLC you own (but NOT if it's installed i might add) is to goto it's Store page.

    The problem with this is now that what about DLC that doesn't appear in the store?? Theres plenty of it, things like pre-order bonus DLC etc.

    In the past you would highlight the game, press Down on the D-Pad all the way to the bottom (forget what it was called) and it you were able to bring up the menu showing all DLC, wether it was installed, and if it wasn't selecting it would download and install it.

    Also it seems like a lot of stuff is slightly less responsive now, and you get the "please wait" with all the PS icons showing a lot.

    60minute game recordings is awesome though! Though I don't really understand why there has to be a set limit. Why can't I just press the record button and have it go until I stop it? As long as I have enough HDD space why can't this be a feature exactly I do not know.

    I have other issues with the update but this post is long enough already.
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  • Sony announces PlayStation 4 Pro for November 2016, priced £349

  • xFiReStOrMx 08/09/2016

    Really great price, but WTF Sony.. no 4k BluRay player?!?

    BTW What is the official CPU clock specs?
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  • The battle to fix Britain's internet heats up

  • xFiReStOrMx 07/09/2016

    Ever since "up-to 8meg" was introduced (which before hand I had 512k) I have been struggling to maintain 4meg.

    Thankfully a few years ago the Scottish Government started an initiative to get fibre to the whole country. I was sceptical at first but when I read there were plenty of small villages and such as remote as the highlands getting fibre I was super excited Christ even parts of the Shetlands are Fibre enabled already!!.

    and YAY! Recently my TINY little village was FTTC enabled 80meg estimated.

    I have yet to get round to switching though as the hole 18month contract all the providers have put me off a little.. but hey its must better than my crappy UNSTABLE 4meg!!

    Really hope the rest of the UK follows suit AND that we can all get much higher speeds. There is so many countries that can get gigabit, and countries like South Korea, Japan, the Netherlands and much of Europe to name but a few put us to absolute SHAME!

    For any Scottish readers checkout https://www.scotlandsuperfast.com if I didn't a while back I would not have had a clue it was coming here. When it did arrive there was no news of it, only a small sticker on the cabinet that I happened to notice one day stating Fibre is now here.
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  • PlayStation Plus' August freebies unveiled

  • xFiReStOrMx 18/08/2016

    We all knew how rubbish SCEE was, but it took THIS LONG to fix the mistake?? Reply +1
  • Resident Evil 7 herbs revealed

  • xFiReStOrMx 08/08/2016

    @Goonbagmagee I'm with you on that. Currently playing through RE4 again and I think it's slightly clumsiness makes it more tense. Also I played Revelations recently and I like how that feels (except for the aiming with a controller, it's GOD AWFUL, Revelations 2 aiming was MUCH better). Reply +1
  • Life is Strange episode one free to download from tomorrow

  • xFiReStOrMx 20/07/2016

    @jabberwocky There was a demo for it, thats maybe it. I have it in my list because of that and it doesn't have "Demo" in the title either. Reply +1
  • We keep getting emailed weird things about Pokémon Go

  • xFiReStOrMx 20/07/2016

    Didn't an Uber get fired for playing Pokemon go? Reply 0
  • Latest Humble Bundle offers Battleborn for $15

  • xFiReStOrMx 20/07/2016

    @ziggy_played_guitar $1 (£0.76) actually.

    Great game though, enjoyed it a lot on PS3.. Imagine it will be much better on PC higher res 60fps.
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  • Umbrella Corps review

  • xFiReStOrMx 23/06/2016

    @SonicSP Yeah same here. I loved RE4 and enjoyed RE5 a lot, but I played it with a friend and so the coop was good fun. Same with Mercs. 6 I have played a small part of on PC and did not like how it felt.

    Revelations 1 + 2 also loved.

    Actually playing Revelations 1 right now.
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  • Giveaway: get Epic's new shooter on PS4 or PC for free!

  • xFiReStOrMx 21/06/2016

    ffs why do I always miss these things :( Reply 0
  • Resident Evil 7's demo isn't part of the full game

  • xFiReStOrMx 15/06/2016

    I know I will most likely get downvoted to hell (which seems to be the norm now on Eurogamer these days.. posting your opinion or even FACTS can get you massive downvotes) Anyway my opinions..

    I'm currently playing RE: Revelations and loving it (even though I HATED it at first because the aim is awful and the lack of laser sight was a s slight annoyance, also I played RE Rev2 on PS4 first which had great aim, ability to run and was 60fps) but it didn't take long for me to start loving it.

    It was definitely going back to it's roots (kinda like RE4). Movement is slightly cumbersome, there is not that much ammo lying around (unless you scan every inch of ever room with the very annoying Genesis to find the hidden shineys, then you will end the game with plenty of ammo)and there is Infernal mode (which isn't that hard on NG+ with all the best upgrades) but starting it as New game is absolutely SURVIVAL horror.

    This demo felt absolutely nothing like Resident Evil. It's more like PT than RE... It's all horror and supernatural-like, which Resi is definitely not (it's called BIOHAZARD after all).

    I know this is not part of the actual RE7 game, but we must assume it at least gives a sense of what the game will actually be like. I really do hope I am wrong (but it's clearly going to remain first person).

    I do not want a first person supernatural type horror Resident Evil. That is what this all boils down to.

    It does look great however, and ran at 60fps and felt really smooth.

    This should have been a spin-off or better yet a totally new IP, not the next numbered game of the series!
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  • UK Russian Embassy tweets screenshot from Command & Conquer Generals

  • xFiReStOrMx 13/05/2016

    @stuart0870 GLA Postal Service ! Reply 0
  • Battlefield 4 and Hardline DLC is free to download this week

  • xFiReStOrMx 04/05/2016

    Edit: I assume you need to own the games to grab the free DLC? Was thinking would be nice to grab them thinking that I'd grab the games posibly some time in the future. Reply +2
  • Steam security error leaves personal information exposed

  • xFiReStOrMx 25/12/2015

    To the people who think this is not a big deal, heres good example of what a LITTLE amount o effort can do. Thiknk what could be possible with actual criminals

    Cito on Steam:

    "Im able to see username and real name.

    with that I found dude's facebook quick cause noone secures that it seems, and his phone number was listed on facebook so i called him to let him know.

    freaked him out."
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  • xFiReStOrMx 25/12/2015

    This disturbed me. The initial scare wore off I guess when I saw the hordes of posts on the forums, but being able to see other peoples details, even in the small amounts you actually see, is not nice. This should absolutely not be possible. To be loggied in and have anything show up at all about others, even their email address. Wtf is this !? Reply +29
  • Destiny launches level boost packs priced £25

  • xFiReStOrMx 16/12/2015

    Omg they really did this :/ Reply +1
  • GCHQ releases Picross-like puzzle to the public

  • xFiReStOrMx 13/12/2015

    @Ranger101 Thats the one, cheers! :D Reply 0
  • xFiReStOrMx 10/12/2015

    @ShiftyGeezer Anyone remember the film with the kid the super smart special needs kid that could crack anything? Reply 0
  • PlayStation messages now have their own app

  • xFiReStOrMx 09/12/2015

    @Samael_Blackwing I noticed the beeping as soon as I upgraded my PS4 to 2TB, it's pretty annoying and worries me every time I hear it. PS4 has USB3.0 right so yeah they feffo need to enable external drives Reply 0
  • Sony unlocks more CPU power for PS4 game developers

  • xFiReStOrMx 30/11/2015

    @Moz While what you say does sound logical, and I am certainly no expert, but the OS isn't just called/in use when not in game. It's always running in the backround, running well everything the PS4 does. It's not a case of when a game is running the os isn't doing anything, then when you press the PS button the OS kicks in.

    Thisis good news though since the PS4 has not only a weak CPU, but the weaker one. I'd like to see Sony also up the clock rate if it was at all possible.
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  • PlayStation Plus November free games revealed

  • xFiReStOrMx 31/10/2015

    I'm pretty happy as I've been wanting TWD S2 but for some reason just never got round to buying it. Been tempted every single sale it's been in but never got it.

    The same can be sade for Beyond Good and Evil. I have it on my 360, but only played maybe a few hours of it but loved it and wanted it on my PS3.

    ME2 and Magica 2 don't really do anything for me, but I remember reading about DFS ages ago and thought it looked awesome, i've never seen anything of it since so it was a pleasant surprise to see it here.

    All in all, definitely not the worst month for me.
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  • PlayStation 4 CUH-1200 'C-Chassis' review

  • xFiReStOrMx 14/09/2015

    I've genuinely never understood when people say the PS4 is "so loud" because mine is very quiet, and certainly a LOT quiter than my old PHAT PS3 (which before buying my PS4 I was scared it would be equal to or louder than).

    So my question is, I wonder if launch units are louder than later units? I think I bought mine over a year later on 2ndDec 2014 and I find it extremely quiet. I could always hear the PS3 fan when playing, and it was awful at night when I had to turn down the volume, but on my PS4 I never hear it except a little at night when like I said the volume has to go down and I cant be bothered with the headset.

    Don't misunderstand me, I'm not saying people are lying or exaggurating when they say its too loud, I'm just wondering why.
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  • Big PlayStation 4 update increases cloud storage to 10GB

  • xFiReStOrMx 03/09/2015

    How long, if ever, will see see longer than 15 minute game recordings? Why can't I just start recording then (if HDD space permits) keep going until 1hr later when I end it.

    Right now you have to just have multiple recordings and stitch them together with obvious cuts.
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  • Metal Gear Solid 3: From Russia with love

  • xFiReStOrMx 30/08/2015

    @julianhazeldine Buy the PS3/360 HD Collection Reply +14
  • Humble Bandai Namco Bundle includes Dark Souls and Enslaved

  • xFiReStOrMx 05/08/2015

    I remember Enslaved, I loved it and IMHO it's one of the biggest hidden gems of the last generation. It seems like not that many people played it, it definitely is worth giving a go. The combat I reall was satisfying, and the voice acting and characters were interesting, and I liked the story and enviroment a lot. Reply +8
  • Fake swatting prank leads to popular Twitch streamer getting banned

  • xFiReStOrMx 05/08/2015

    He seems to be back, ban didn't last that long then eh Reply +1
  • New PS4 hardware is more efficient with less fan noise

  • xFiReStOrMx 07/07/2015

    Before I purchased my PS4 I heard loads of people complaining about the noise.. I was worried it would be just as loud as the PS3 but to my surprise I found it super quiet.. Maybe it's because mine isn't a launch unit or something I don't know, but it certainly isn't loud by any standard. Reducing it even more and the power consumption is only a good thing, good going Sony. Reply +1
  • Looks like Sony is readying a 1TB PlayStation 4

  • xFiReStOrMx 02/06/2015

    @null I assume it must be the samsung/segate 2tb drive. Do you hear occasional beeping since your upgrade? It drives me nuts and I've researched it and it appears it's linked to the drive. Dunno whats the deal with it. Reply 0
  • Borderlands: Handsome Collection gets new 7.7GB patch

  • xFiReStOrMx 20/05/2015

    @Malek86 When mentioning the 360 I was probably thinking more along the lines of content adding DLC, it was stored seperately away from the game if you had installed it (which I know wasn't a feature from the start).

    On PS4 it doesn't matter if it's a 100MB bug fixing patch or a 8GB content adding DLC.. You delete that game, you lose it all. If I am wrong in this regard please correct me.

    And as before if anyone has a site that lists download sizes for patches + DLC please let me know.

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  • xFiReStOrMx 20/05/2015

    OT I know, but does anybody know of any website or anything that lists the latest patch and it's size for PS4 games? It's not massively relevant now since having upgraded to a 2TB HDD, but I have a slow connection and re-downloading massive patches is a pain.

    Basically before I upgraded, I'd have to delete installed games to make space for the new one, but I didn't know what best game to delete was (one with no or a small patch).

    I now jot down in a .txt file the size of new patches.

    I dunno what Sony were thinking when they tied the game install and patches together (Like the Vita), so deleting a game deletes the patch. Give us control over both! Heck the 360 did this perfectly, and even (to some extent?) the PS3!You delete a game that happened to have multi gigs of patches and then in a year or sometime in the future you want to play it again, and you get hit with a massive patch. It's ridiculous!

    Edit: Added more/fixed typos
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  • Funds from Microsoft Points switchover expire 1st June

  • xFiReStOrMx 07/05/2015

    Knew this was coming for a while and am totally NOT HAPPY about it.

    How dare they call them "PROMOTIONAL FUNDS" these were my purchased points!

    I have £38.06 GBP in my account from when they converted the points, I have not been on m 360 for years and am PS4 only so far this new generation so I've had little chance to spend them..

    Guess I'll have to buy an exclusive for when I do get a XONE.. Halo MCC perhaps. Or can I pre-order Halo 5 with them?


    p.s. fuck microsoft.
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  • Elder Scrolls Online and the turbulent topic of text chat on console

  • xFiReStOrMx 01/05/2015

    @Krappers And you can do the same on PS4. PS4 Supports USB Keyboards and mice actually, but well tht is game dependant. I have a small Bluetooth Keyboard (HP Slim Bluetooth Keyboard) I use on my PS4 for text entry.

    Text Entry is something that has ALWAYS bothered me when it comes to console gaming. There is PLENTY of games I think that should have and could have benefited a lot from having the ability to text chat. A current example of this is Destiny. I would love to be able to just quickly type messages when doing strikes or raids or whatever. Press and hold a button and a small text box pops up, boom done. It doesn't have to have a full text log window or anything, just have it show on screen then disappear slowly afterwords.

    Text to speech like on Android/iOS/Chrome etc would also be awesome.

    Completely OT: Was actually very lucky as I got it on ebay for £0.99p with £3.20 postage, so all in less than a fiver for something that some sites have ranging anywhere from £30 to £70.. no idea what it was brand new. I always feel so awful for the sellers when that kinda thing happens.
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  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 teaser goes all Deus Ex on us

  • xFiReStOrMx 23/04/2015

    Just HOW are they going to top the Advanced Fish AI? Reply +5
  • Bloodborne's 1.03 patch tested

  • xFiReStOrMx 23/04/2015

    There is no doubt the load times are much better than before, and the new loading screens are much more useful, but I see frame rate issues all over the place where there were none before.

    Can DF please do more testing to see if the frame rate does indeed remain at the 30 avg like before or if its worse now?
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  • Destiny data miners dig up two new social spaces

  • xFiReStOrMx 15/04/2015

    @Zaiz Yeah and this pack doesn't even have a raid ! Reply 0
  • Sony rewards after class action Vita lawsuit are now available

  • xFiReStOrMx 06/04/2015

    @pleshy Which platform are you referring to? Reply +2
  • Cloud gaming company OnLive shuts down this month

  • xFiReStOrMx 04/04/2015

    I figured I would boot it up and give it a try, see if there were any games owrth trying out.

    First thing I see when I log on is Escape Dead Island so I chose that. I am told I have to link to my Steam account, OK I dfo this and then it tells me that I don't have the liscense or something on my account.

    I go back and read what this CloudLift thing is all about. Basically you own the game on Steam and can play it through OnLive via CloudLift.

    So yeah basically the only games to play are the ones under "PlayPack" and well they are pretty old and most pretty shit.

    I had assumed this service would actually have NEW games to play, considering people actually seem to use it.

    What a total waste of time and total crap service. Why on earth do people subscribe to this?
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  • Demon's Souls was "a failure" before Miyazaki stepped up

  • xFiReStOrMx 01/04/2015

    @andreronnback There is no doubt that Kings Field influenced Demon's Souls a lot, Miyazaki himself had nothing to do with Kings Field..

    You said "these games were the first games i played from Miyazaki"

    I am just politely letting you know they were not from Miyazaki. In any way shape or form.
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  • xFiReStOrMx 01/04/2015

    @andreronnback Miyazaki had absolutely nothing to do with Kings Field. He never joined From Software until 2004, where he started out as a coder for the Armored Core games. Reply +1
  • The best and worst of April Fools' Day 2015 in gaming

  • xFiReStOrMx 01/04/2015

    @Oridan all videos on YouTube also have an "add music" button which plays some Sandstorm clips Reply +1
  • Watch someone complete Bloodborne in 40 minutes

  • xFiReStOrMx 31/03/2015

    @masseffectman Who are you to decide what is fun and isn't fun for anyone, and how THEY enjoy the game?

    Speedrunners don't just magically find a way to do a game quick, they spend absolutely huge amounts of time finding and perfecting techniques. I watch some speedrunners/challenge runners on YouTube and having watched them over all the Souls games, the amount of time, effort, patience and skill it takes is amazing.

    They find this fun, and what they do is actually impressive to a lot of people.

    Also they do a lot of good in charity with events such as AGDQ, SGDQ and the like.
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  • PlayStation 4 online multiplayer unlocked for all this weekend

  • xFiReStOrMx 09/02/2015

    I think it's awesome that a single PS+ subscription grants all accounts online multiplayer.

    For example my main (UK) account has PS+. I also have a US account I created ages ago and sometimes use to buy games from the online store. It's super nice that this account can also play online even though my other UK account is the one with the sub.
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  • Gravity Crash Ultra Vita release date, price announced

  • xFiReStOrMx 31/07/2014

    @KingFunkIII Same here. Happened the last time an article about this game came up.
    Please Sony give it to us!
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  • What's in the Destiny beta?

  • xFiReStOrMx 18/07/2014

    Are there any PS3 codes going about? Reply 0
  • Steam revokes 7050 stolen Sniper Elite 3 codes

  • xFiReStOrMx 30/06/2014

    For the sake of just 7000 copies it seems to me like making the customer suffer was a very bad move. Surely it would be best to just swallow that cost than risk upsetting fans/potential new customers.

    EDIT: BTW I don't buy the "Stolen" story.
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  • Super Mario Bros. beaten in under five minutes

  • xFiReStOrMx 29/06/2014

    @S2K Exactly this. I Watch SGDQ and AGDQ every year and I have never once saw Eurogamer report on it. I'd bet not that many people know about it even though they raise often upto a million dollars.

    They deserve recognition.
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  • DreamHack's Hearthstone tournament winner accused of cheating

  • xFiReStOrMx 17/06/2014

    Don't believe he cheated. Reply -1