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  • Boom Blox: Bash Party

  • wonk 09/04/2009

    WOOOOOOOOOO! Reply 0
  • Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

  • wonk 16/03/2009

    fightman9: If you love it, buy it. Reply 0
  • Easy Golf: Course Architect

  • wonk 07/03/2009

    "Albatrocity" is pure genius. Well done sir. Reply 0
  • Wii Roundup

  • wonk 04/09/2008

    Third party software is killing the wii. but i blame nintendo for that, for allowing this shit on their machine in the first place.

    To be fair to nintendo, they used to be criticised from too much quality control that restricted third parties, so they got rid of most of the hoops devs had to jump through (Nintendo platforms are now the easiest to get a game published on).

    Personally I think the should relaunch and improve the old "Nintendo Seal of Quality" thingee, putting it on the front of boxes for third party titles that meet some stringent quality standards (boom blox, not carnival games etc.). For the NES and SNES this is how they dealt with the problem, why not do so again?
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  • MadWorld spoils "family fun image" of Wii

  • wonk 12/08/2008

    From the Mediawatch website:

    "Founded in the 1960s by the late, Mary Whitehouse CBE, when there were just two TV channels and at a time when standards of good taste and decency were being overthrown by some broadcasters..."

    In other words, out of touch in 1960s, wandering blind in the 21st Century.
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  • Virtual Console Roundup

  • wonk 30/07/2008

    "Nice to see IK+ getting the respect it DESERVES. The headbutt is still the greatest move in beat-em-up history, coupled with the best sound effect."

    Damn right, though the headbutt and sound effect in Barbarian on the Amiga came pretty close, I still flinch just thinking about that skull cracking sound.
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  • Alone in the Dark

  • wonk 11/07/2008

    Thanks for the review EG, most appreciated. Reply 0
  • "Core" Wii titles to be unveiled at E3

  • wonk 17/06/2008

    I did read somewhere (no link or memory sorry) that they were going to announce a new game with brand new IP. My hope is that this is what Retro have been working on and it is a more mature title (in themes and ideas, not necessarily gore etc.).

    They will probably announce that 2D Wario for the West, seeing as they haven't done so yet I don't think.
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  • Wii Roundup

  • wonk 31/05/2008

    The large amount of average games just shows you how popular the machine is. DS anyone?

    Or PS2, just look at the dross in the secondhand shelves at Gamestation or CEX to see that the more a system sells the more people target it for a quick buck.
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  • Paradroid arrives on Virtual Console

  • wonk 23/05/2008

    According to the internet, Ł1.99 in 1986 (assuming the discount price didn't hit till a year after the games release) is equivalent to
    Ł3.65 now, so it is actually cheap now than then.
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  • BBFC launches new ratings system

  • wonk 22/05/2008

    Anyone care to guess how long this will remain "voluntary"? My guess is six months.

    Depends how long it takes to change the law, as I understand it the current legislation on governs the sale of physical media and public screening and not digital downloads so that is why it is voluntary. It seems to me it is inevitable that the classification system will be extended to digital downloads eventually s more and more media is delivered to the consumer this way. I can't see the problem with that sa look as it is governed by the same rules as physical media.
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  • Sam & Max confirmed for Wii

  • wonk 04/04/2008

    KISS MY FACE! Reply 0
  • Worms: A Space Oddity

  • wonk 28/03/2008


    Can I ask, do developers do gold-version play testing with target demographics like the test screenings common in film-making? That is, testing the game on people unconnected with its development/QA?
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  • wonk 28/03/2008

    @spadge: Thanks for taking the time to contribute to the discussion here, developers are rarely as accessible and honest and I personally appreciate that.

    On the broader point, I find it interesting that T17 seem very focussed on re-invention with the Worms franchise rather than refinement. Coincidentally, last night I was reading an interview with Andy Davidson (orginial creator of Worms) in Retro Gamer and he mentioned that he left T17 after Worms: The Directors Cut due in part of differences about the direction the franchise was taking. It occured to me that Andy wanted the series to evolve as a SSB has, as a fan service type thing, refining and expanding weapons and content rather than reinvention.

    I can understand T17 amd THQ's wish to appeal to the broadest market possible, and on the Wii that does mean targetting people not necessarily familiar with the franchise but I personally think it is possible to do both, having an accessible and appealing game to a new audience that still build on the depth and variety of the first few versions that Ellie identifies as missing.
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  • wonk 28/03/2008

    Bummer, I haven't played a Worms game since the Amiga (I personally think the Director's Cut version was near perfect) and I was just about ready to give the franchise another go, shame this sucks so bad.

    Like Ellie, I am not that gutted about the lack of online multiplayer but everything else makes this sound like a real cash-in. Worms, like SSBB, is supposed to be chocked full of content, the mechanic is simple so all the thinks like concrete donkeys and bungies provide the variety and replayability, this just sounds terrible and I for one and very disappointed.
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  • Ninja Reflex

  • wonk 27/03/2008

    So, should I buy this or "Game Party"?

    /wonders why all this dross sells
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  • Weekly PAL Releases Roundup

  • wonk 14/02/2008

    Cruis'n, Telly Addicts and Game Party all on the same week, how will I choose...

    "Game Party", I mean seriously, they are not even trying any more.
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  • Okami Wii in summer - source

  • wonk 28/01/2008

    Is NMH really censored? Assuming you consider the Japanese release the "original" version then we are getting that, maybe its more that the US version has a bonus feature? Reply 0
  • Ghost Squad

  • wonk 17/01/2008

    As my avatar shows, this review is mean and I take it personally. Reply 0
  • Wii Chess

  • wonk 09/01/2008


    You'd think so, but it is on the "disc" channel so I guess not.

    They really could try a bit harder than this surely...
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