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  • Microsoft discussing Xbox Entertainment Studios sale with Warner Bros. - report

  • wobbly_Bob 16/08/2014

    @Sapporodan I don't know, this is the first I have heard of it. The article says it was going to be the xbox entertainment division. I would love to see it though :-) Reply 0
  • wobbly_Bob 15/08/2014

    I want to add my voice to the complaints about the word "shuttered" it's a crappy tabloid style word. Eurogamer appears to have high minded literary aspirations but then uses words like shuttered. You think it makes your copy punchy and modern. It doesn't. It makes it trashy and idiotic.

    Lastly, BLAKE 7! I would love a remake of that.
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  • PS4 leads US console sales for seventh month running

  • wobbly_Bob 15/08/2014

    Is it just me or does everybody see that Cloudskippa is almost certainly a paid Microsoft employee? Reply +6
  • wobbly_Bob 15/08/2014

    Everybody is focusing on the disastrous launch of the xb1 but I think that Microsoft's problems started way before that. It started last gen with an xb360 as did most of the people I know but then the rot set in.

    Microsoft did nothing but stagnate with their lead and was content to tread water. No investment in new games or first party devs and began to become anti consumer with it's policies. Things like canceling inside xbox and offering 2p on people's birthdays, adverts plastered all over the dash, (amoung many things) really damaged them. All the while Sony is funding brave games, churning out new exclusives, and introducing ps+.

    I started with 360 and then I switched to PlayStation 3 a good few years ago before this generation had begun and so did everybody I know and from reading this forum so did many other people. E3 was just the last straw, the culmination of what had been happening for years. Sony won the hearts and minds of gamers and E3 just reinforced that.

    I do see signs of change. A lot of ms problems are to do with replacing game industry people with suits from other departments that know nothing about games. What could possibly go wrong? See Don Matrick. Now they have Phil Harrison leading the xbox division there is a chance for change and an indication that they realised what went wrong.
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  • wobbly_Bob 15/08/2014

    Deleted because double posted. Reply 0
  • Risen 3: Titan Lords review

  • wobbly_Bob 14/08/2014

    McPoo wrote:
    I reckon Risen 2 is one of the worst games I've ever played. I only managed to play for about an hour before putting down the controller in disgust.

    I got to agree with you. Risen 2 is definitely a contender for one of the worst game I have ever played. It was utter shit in every way possible to be shit: graphics, sound, animation, "voice acting", and so much more. I wouldn't touch this one with a 20 foot barge pole let alone a 10 foot.
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  • Papers, Please is emigrating to Vita

  • wobbly_Bob 12/08/2014

    I might be mistaken but I'm pretty sure we already knew this was coming. I don't think it was announced at gamescom.

    In any case, it's one of my most anticipated titles. Hopefully we won't have to wait for this too long.
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  • Ruffian Games returns with co-op action game Hollowpoint

  • wobbly_Bob 12/08/2014

    Can't say that trailer does anything for me. Reply +3
  • Rayman creator Michel Ancel reveals new IP Wild

  • wobbly_Bob 12/08/2014

    Looks fantastic! Love that Sony invest and in and bring out this sort of thing rather than the same ol thing. I like driving and shooty space marines as much as the next guy but I like shine n new stuff too. Reply +12
  • For the first time in ten years, Madden won't be getting a free demo

  • wobbly_Bob 12/08/2014

    Stay classy EA. Typical shit from them. Reply +17
  • Metrico review

  • wobbly_Bob 07/08/2014

    It's fucking shit. I deleted this after less than 5 minutes. This is why I never read Eurogamer for reviews. Reply -3
  • La-Mulana Ex for PlayStation Vita heads west

  • wobbly_Bob 05/08/2014

    Great news!!! More Vita love is always welcome! Reply +7
  • Video Games: The Movie review

  • wobbly_Bob 04/08/2014

    As soon as I saw "Ciffy B" was involved I knew it wouldn't be good.

    I wonder why Eurogamer lists it as available on Itunes for £7.99. I'm guessing that's where three reviewer watched it. Is it too much to ask to research? It's avalable loads of places I'm sure. You can rent it for £3.99 on psn and I'm sure other streaming services.
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  • Destiny has a soft level cap of 20, but you can go beyond it

  • wobbly_Bob 01/08/2014

    Ajent wrote:
    This is and always has been pitched as a co-op heavy multiplayer game. People complaining that they want to play on their own are obviously missing the point of the game (ie. It's meant to be played with other people).

    But the thing is it hasn't. I remember the YouTube videos and articles and them at E3 saying you could play on your own easily and if you wanted to avoid the multilayer stuff then you could.

    To be honest this games sounds like a cynical money grab grindy shit fest. Diablo 3 for me.

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  • UK game publisher Mastertronic suffers layoffs

  • wobbly_Bob 31/07/2014

    Wow mastertronic still exist? Brings spectrum playing childhood days flooding back.good luck guys. Reply +2
  • Destiny's six-player raids can only be played with friends

  • wobbly_Bob 31/07/2014

    More and more the cancellation of my pre order seems a good call. More and more the initial excitement is souring to disappoint. More and more this is sounding less like a game and more like a very cold cynical money milking machine and more and more it sounds like it's going to be shit. Reply +2
  • Dieselstörmers dev in trademark dispute with clothing brand Diesel

  • wobbly_Bob 30/07/2014

    Oh ffs how silly. Reply +23
  • Bungie reassures fans disappointed that Destiny only has one playable area per planet

  • wobbly_Bob 28/07/2014

    I'm going to cancel my pre-order. I was trying to decide between this and Diabolo so they made my choice easy. Reply 0
  • PlayStation 4 gets 3D Blu-Ray support next week

  • wobbly_Bob 25/07/2014

    Just want to add my vote for 3d movies. I think it's just cool for people to hate on them. Yeah 3d is so unpopular and dying we all hate it... But funny how every big blockbuster is in 3d, they still are selling and making loads of 3d blu-rays and rentals and loads of 3d tvs yeah because it's so unpopular.
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  • Final Fantasy character designer Tetsuya Nomura re-imagines Batman

  • wobbly_Bob 25/07/2014

    It looks stupid. I'll get negged into hell for saying this but nearly all anime/manga looks shit because it's all the damn same. Big V on the head, big shoulder joints, pointy angular "wings" all check. Boring boring boring. Reply +3
  • CounterSpy PS4, PS3, Vita European release date

  • wobbly_Bob 23/07/2014

    This looks really good. Glad it's not too much of a wait now. Reply +2
  • David Braben explains Elite: Dangerous £100 premium beta

  • wobbly_Bob 11/07/2014

    Electric_Bones wrote:
    @wobbly_Bob So they should just give a big ol' Fuck you to the backers who pledge £100 to kickstart this game and get beta access. I'd be pretty pissed If i put that much up but then when the beta came out anyone could join for £20 or even free I'd be pretty pissed. This is the one of the fairest ways of doing it, based on how they started out via kickstarter.

    It's greedy and exploitative. He could have easily done the same for 50 or 60 pounds. £100 for beta £200 for alpha is just greedy. I notice must of the defenders are people that paid up the money.
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  • wobbly_Bob 11/07/2014

    Braben is a greedy asshole. There. I said it. I can't believe those of you defending this. £100 for a beta? Seriously? And then we get the whole "oh yeah it does look greedy. I suppose I could have done it another way." Seriously? It looks greedy because it is greedy. Oh yeah Mr innocent. That was the best way? You could have easily limited it another way. This is about the money.

    Braben said those that buy second hand games are the same as pirates. Yeah. I'm guessing a lot of you that are defending this have brought second hand games si he is calling you a criminal but that's ok let him cream you for £100.

    Sometimes gamers and certain devs get right on my tits. There is a saying that people get the government they deserve well I think maybe we get the games we deserve. All those that moan about on disc dlc, soulless cash in sequels, microtransactions, lying and disreputable devs and publishers and aholes like Braben but then keep on buying those games. Nothing will change.

    Sorry /rant over.
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  • Chinese MMO house Perfect World buying Warframe developer

  • wobbly_Bob 08/07/2014

    Warframe is excellent. I have been enjoying it on the ps4 for the last 3 weeks. It family isn't lack luster. Reply 0
  • EA: FIFA 14 and UFC £4 demo price due to a "technical error"

  • wobbly_Bob 04/07/2014

    Fucking bullshit. Reply +1
  • California Dreamin': Dead Island 2 embraces the slaughter

  • wobbly_Bob 01/07/2014

    That's put me right off, then. I thought Spec Ops was crap. It has one of the worst AI enemies I have ever had the misfortune to witness in a modern video game where they stand 2 feet in front of you while you shoot at them. That, along with the dull shooting gallery game play made me abandon Spec Ops very quickly. yes, it's supposed to have a good story but I couldn't get far enough into the game to find out. Reply -7
  • Cliff Bleszinski says he's "coming out of retirement"

  • wobbly_Bob 01/07/2014

    Oh dear... Reply 0
  • Space Hulk: Deathwing in-game trailer shows off Unreal Engine 4 visuals

  • wobbly_Bob 27/06/2014

    Love warhammer so I'm definitely getting this. I even liked the last console warhammer game. I know a lot didn't but I really enjoy the warhammer mythology and world. Reply +2
  • PlayStation Plus gets TowerFall, Strider and Dead Space 3 in July

  • wobbly_Bob 26/06/2014

    Ugh! Terrible month for me! I thought strider was shit, dead space 3 is shit, not at all interested in Tower fall, lego games are boring now so not interested... Nothing at all for me this month. Reply -3
  • Sky charging £5 more to use Sky Go on Xbox 360

  • wobbly_Bob 23/06/2014

    Hilarious. Honestly, do you not want customers?

    See that there children? That is a dinosaur! As Sky continues to put it's prices up and wallet rape it's customers so the rise of cheap on demand streaming services and smart TV sets continue to rise. Once the old guard customers die off and everybody has a smart TV sky is either going to have to change or go the way of the dinosaurs.
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  • Halo to stay Xbox One exclusive - for now

  • wobbly_Bob 20/06/2014

    That's code for its coming to PC later but we don't want to say or it might and we want you all to but it on xbox1 or even buy an xbox1 for this but it's coming Shhht. Reply 0
  • DriveClub could be the racing game to beat this year

  • wobbly_Bob 18/06/2014

    Let's not forget in the giddy PR haze that Rushy lied directly to all of our faces. We were promised essentially the full version for psn+ and are now getting a demo instead.

    This game deserves to be boycotted. It won't happen though and this is why we as gamers are continually shit on by the games industry. You make a promise you keep it or if you really can't the apologise and tell me why. Rushy is a scumbag. I won't be touching this game at all.

    The Crew looks much better in every way, anyway. Drive club still looks shit from all the recent videos I have seen with its lawnmower engine noises and scalectrics on rails car "Ai" and boring looking environments.
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  • "See those mountains?"

  • wobbly_Bob 15/06/2014

    The problem isn't hire world's. It's not the size is the quality that's the problem. See gta 5 for huge world good and any assassin creed for bad.
    Gta 5 game world was brilliant because it was large sought that I felt like I was really somewhere far away and different entirely when I was out where Trevor lived. The city felt miles away. The world was full of interesting character.

    Assassins creed black flag feels like the same clone stamped island over and over. I didn't feel like a pirate more like the maid or some crazed ocd maniac compelled to tidy the islands of junk.
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  • Tech Analysis: Destiny alpha on PS4

  • wobbly_Bob 14/06/2014

    Darren wrote:
    @BAM! - And Microsoft have got Insomniac doing Sunset Overdrive exclusively for the XBO so I think we're even stevens at the moment. ;)

    Oh I wouldn't say that. T their last game Fuse was fucking awful. Personally, and I know I'm in the minority on this,  I also thought the fall of Man games were shit. A has been Dev.
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  • Entwined review

  • wobbly_Bob 13/06/2014

    funkateer wrote:
    It currently has a Metacritic of 75. So far EG's review is the lowest score by far, highest being 9/10

    Eurogamer had the lowest score, you say? Lordy me! How unusual!
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  • Dead Island 2 has opt-out 8-player multiplayer

  • wobbly_Bob 12/06/2014

    Playstationman wrote:
    Best game trailer i've seen for ages, brilliant!

    I agree! Love that trailer is brilliant. I have watched it multiple times.
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  • Bloodborne is From Software's darkest game yet

  • wobbly_Bob 11/06/2014

    @grassyknoll wow, you really might be on to something there. The game is called Bloodborne after all so that would tie in well with your hypothesis. Reply +1
  • wobbly_Bob 11/06/2014

    This is great. As much as I like the souls game I want something new not more of the same. I think this will be brilliant. Reply +14
  • Video: Games stuck in development hell

  • wobbly_Bob 05/06/2014

    Last Guardian! I remember when the ps3 came out I said that I wanted one because the Last Guardian was to appear on it. I now have a ps4... still waiting, still hoping, still dreaming... Reply +6
  • This is what Tetris looks like on PS4 and Xbox One

  • wobbly_Bob 05/06/2014

    Tetris? Are you Fucking kidding me? Reply -1
  • Take-Two suggests more Red Dead and BioShock games to come - report

  • wobbly_Bob 30/05/2014

    I hated bioshock 2. Go into empty room, flick switch, locked in room, enemies spawn. Repeat. The game offered no evolution just a rehash of the first except you can now dual wield. I ended up quitting so for me this is bad news that they are now handling bioshock. Infinite had its problems but at least they tried to do something different. They failed in my opinion but at least they tried.

    I'm guessing that the new rock star game will be red dead 2!
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  • Telltale's The Walking Dead writer lands Star Wars film

  • wobbly_Bob 23/05/2014

    After Earth? Oh dear. I feel a disturbance in the force. Reply +9
  • Evolution addresses DriveClub micro-transactions concern

  • wobbly_Bob 22/05/2014

    Why belive anything this man says? The man is a proven liar. Your disrespect for this wonderful hobby and the passionate people that play the games and invest the time and money into it is clearly evident.

    Your game is dead to me.
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  • 3D Realms reveals PC and PS4 action-RPG Bombshell

  • wobbly_Bob 15/05/2014

    Oh dear. Reply +5
  • Netflix subscription rising to £6.99 in the UK

  • wobbly_Bob 09/05/2014

    PirateRoberts wrote:

    I have watched a lot of TV in my lifetime. But you seem to be putting words in my mouth. I don't doubt there might be a few nuggets of quality TV or films in that selection. But when very common things like Married with Children, Seinfield, Friends, Happy days, Star Wars, Platoon, The Crow, 3rd Rock from the Sun, Scrubs, Magnum PI, The Equaliser, to name a select few from the hundreds of well know items that are missing, you have to ask, is it really that great? Especially when they aren't providing access to the next seasons of US shows already (Parenthood, Justified to name two) that aren't continuing on UK Tv. So imo, It works out cheaper to just buy blu-ray/dvd content, and subscribe for the odd Arrested Development, House of cards or Better Call Saul netflix exclusives one month every now and then.

    How am I putting words in your mouth? You said and I quote "I have seen everything" you clearly haven't seen everything.

    Your argument is ridiculous. You think it's cheaper to buy blue-rays6 than pay 5.99 for netflix??? How much are they in your world? Just one season of a show second hand could cost the sub price of netflix and possibly a LOT more. Box sets generally are in the 30 to 50 range for recent stuff.

    To give you an example the box set of 24 is £46 on DVD! That's like 7 years of netflix and that show isn't even recent or on blue-ray

    You then blame netflix for having a lot of stuff you want and  haven't seen. It's not is it? And with 2468 titles including original content which is growing. Why not try one of the many new shows? I'm sorry but your whole argument is nonsensical.
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  • wobbly_Bob 09/05/2014

    PirateRoberts wrote:

    As a side point, we cancelled our (brief) netflix subscription, only yesterday. We went a whole week without using the service and concluded we'd seen all it had to legally offer UK viewers at present.

    At present titles count on UK Netflix stands at 2648 so you have seen everything? And I suppose you have seen all the upcoming stuff too including the original content?

    That's what gets me with people that day oh netflix I have seen everything or they don't have anything. What they actually mean it's I have seen every I have heard of and now claim to have seen everything. Just because you haven't heard of it or it doesn't seem your thing doesn't mean it's crap, give it a chance.
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  • wobbly_Bob 09/05/2014

    I really never understand the people that moan about the UK netflix not having enough content. It would take you a WEEK just to watch all of the seasons of 24 and let's not even start on all the other TV shows on there and the fuck ton of movies.

    Does it have as much content as the US? No. You are aware of the size of the US market compared to the UK market, are you? You do realize that it's been going for many more years? The content has to be re-licenced for the UK market? And lastly, and by no means leastly it's £6 a month!!!!!!! Do you expect the latest blockbusters on there for 1.50 a week? Don't be silly.

    There is MORE than enough on just the UK netflix to justify such a small outlay from hidden gems to the occasional big blockbuster. I would argue that the UK although has less stuff actually has a higher quality ratio than the US version and the documentary section is better. Of course if you really feel that it isn't enough you could always get the other regions, it's very easy. Or you could pay sky to wallet rape you for £20 is it now for the movie channels for a couple of new films a month that will repeat until kingdom come. Some people want the chuffing moon on a stick.

    /rant mode disengaged :-)
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  • What's included in DriveClub's free PlayStation Plus Edition?

  • wobbly_Bob 08/05/2014

    This whole thing is disgusting. We as a community really should boycott this game. I know it won't happen but we should. I'm personally not going to buy this now.

    Very poor show, Sony. And as for Mr Rushy you are an utter lying scumbag twunt.
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  • wobbly_Bob 01/05/2014

    Paul "Rushy" you are a lying cunt. Ok fine it took longer and you need to make your money back. I get it. Either you keep your word or you hold your hands up and eat humble pie. Tel us how it is. Don't treat your fans, games, audience like idiots. I'm not normally rude or insulting but today Mr "Rushy" you have my contempt along with Sony.... And you were doing so well... I'm disgusted and disappointed. Reply +1
  • Sportsfriends review

  • wobbly_Bob 07/05/2014

    I love the rise of the Indy game movement that promises creativity and game play first above all else - but this is a 9/10 REALLY???? Come on. This is everything that is wrong with Eurogamer. It's a crappy mini game collection with the most minimal graphics you can get away with. Sure graphics are certainly not everything but come on. 9/10 for some co-op mini games at an inflated price, no thanks and it's certainly not a 9/10. Reply -9