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  • Far Cry Primal uses Far Cry 4's map layout

  • wizbob 03/03/2016

    It's such a good map that I can't wait for Far Cry 5! Reply +1
  • wizbob 03/03/2016

  • The Suffering lead designer announces The Church in the Darkness

  • wizbob 26/02/2016

    It's great to see new compelling settings outside the usual cliches. Seems to be driving the gameplay too.

    I've heard the People's Temple still stands in Guyana just as it was left when the congregation ascended.

    As it is, so be it!
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  • Watch: Picture perfect - how we use photography in games

  • wizbob 19/02/2016

    @Agente_Silva Yeah, Beyond Good & Evil had the best ever use of photography in a game. Much more integrated than the usual collect-a-thon rubbish. Reply +2
  • Face-Off: Rise of the Tomb Raider on PC

  • wizbob 28/01/2016

    What does 4k look like on a 970GTX? Wasn't't that part of the release hype? Reply 0
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider comes to PC 28th Jan

  • wizbob 05/01/2016

    I'm planning to buy a new card to go with my 4k monitor - this might push me from a 950 to a 970 if the 970 can manage 4k >40fps Reply 0
  • Shakedown Hawaii is the follow-up to Retro City Rampage

  • wizbob 25/11/2015

    RCR was great fun and I think really benefited from being grounded in the limitations of the NES hardware (at least originally).

    I hope this evolves in the sense of deeper game systems and mechanics rather than just becoming a 2d Ubisoft open world.
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  • Sega unveils a new Valkyria Chronicles, and a remaster of the original

  • wizbob 17/11/2015

    Wow! Great news. I hope Valkyria Chronicless 2 and 3 are included, although they might need some reworking to fix design flaws.

    I never played the DLC for the original, now might be a good time to try it.
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  • Metal Gear Solid 4: Rinse, repeat, resolve?

  • wizbob 15/11/2015

    Comparing Kojima to Proust made me laugh but in truth, Kojima is a giant in the gaming landscape. Big boots to fill. Reply +1
  • Michel Ancel reveals PlayStation 4-exclusive Wild gameplay

  • wizbob 28/10/2015

    @Dismiss Exxos is good for you! Reply 0
  • The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes review

  • wizbob 23/10/2015

    I'm all for shaking up the Zelda template and I'm going to enjoy hearing and seeing this in action. Unfortunately the core of the Zelda experience for me is exploring a little world at my own pace so I will be waiting for the open world game before I buy another Zelda.

    Next up, the Multiplayer Metroid that introverted puzzle-and-exploration driven Metroid fans have been screaming for.
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  • Voice actors strike has been authorised

  • wizbob 09/10/2015

    I usually play games with the sound off but on the few occasions I have listened to games it has been hard to tell how good or bad the voice acting is because the overall effect is like an episode of Thunderbirds.

    Games that try to establish a mood often avoid voice-acting or lipsync altogether, like Limbo or Puppeteer. Maybe this will be good for gaming; more play and less cutscenes.

    I'd love to see some voice acting budget go to an additional gameplay or AI developer who will have far more impact on the finished game
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  • wizbob 08/10/2015

    I bet the Zelda team are glad they stuck to nonsense babble with accompanying captions, although I do think Charles Martinet has earned his place in history.

    The residuals issue is a misconception from film & tv. Most video games never get close to the constant replays that old TV shows do, so the residuals will be close to zero.

    I think developers, designers, animators and graphic artists need to be paid more by companies and receive more name acknowledgement from the games media and it would be great if the voice actors, as a unionised workforce, drove this.

    However the games market is a shambles at the moment with companies closing everywhere so it's not a great time to drive up costs.
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  • Keith Stuart on: Influences

  • wizbob 22/09/2015

    I've had the same thoughts about film-making too. Most new filmmakers seem to have a shrinking set of external references that rarely extend beyond 80s blockbusters.

    There was a lot of breathless talk in the past about the convergence of games and films (particularly when FMV debuted) but I never thought they would meet half-way, with film dumbing down to match games. Aside from the obvious game adaptations, films like Edge of Tomorrow, Star Wars Phantom Menace and Inception borrow explicitly from games, sometimes intelligently but mostly for action sequences.
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  • Nintendo's new boss faces the most pivotal year in the company's history

  • wizbob 17/09/2015

    Is this their Final Boss? Maybe he can one-hit kill Sony. Reply +2
  • The modern day Thief reboot that never was

  • wizbob 01/09/2015

    I can picture a dull watchdogs-type american city with repeated-asset rectangular apartments to rob and a star-rating for police chases. I actually enjoyed the Thief reboot and don't understand the hate. It's not Dishonored but it has a similarly rich world. Reply +1
  • New ZX Spectrum out 24th August

  • wizbob 14/08/2015

    I'm going to take this opportunity to plug the DivMMC Enjoy! because I got one last week. It's nicely styled, has decent support for FAT32 and I was able to plug my Atari joystick in and start using Kempston in all games (such luxury after having to put up with the Interface 2 ports on my old +2).

    I have it plugged into a 48k at the moment but it'll work with other models too. Next week I'll be trying out Where Time Stood Still and all the games with AY chip music (Amaurote, Head over Heels, etc).
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  • Rare Replay's Nintendo 64 games run at 1080p

  • wizbob 11/08/2015

    Why have DF ignored Jetpac?! I demand to know if the colour clash has been fixed or if they have at least added Kempston support. Also, does 16:9 mean it's harder to get to the shuttle parts? Enquiring minds want to know! Reply +5
  • The gamer's guide to the Windows 10 launch

  • wizbob 29/07/2015

    Windows 10 isn't going to like my patched-together laptop graphics driver, is it?

    I think I'll steer clear
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  • Amy Hennig's EA Star Wars game like Uncharted and 1313, says Nolan North

  • wizbob 30/06/2015

    Don't get the hate for Uncharted 3. It had amazing animation, combat, locations and they also mixed the story timeline up a bit. I played all 3 back-to-back and I suspect people who played them as they came out applied a nostalgic patina to the first two. All of them have some pacing issues and dull areas. Reply 0
  • Sony announces lighter, less power hungry PS4 hardware

  • wizbob 30/06/2015

    One of the main reasons I went with the super-slim PS3 was because I think it will last for longer. If I want to play patched games in 10 years, the power-efficient, low temperature console with the manual CD drawer is most likely to work.

    It's not just that the power efficient PS4 will be quieter, it will also have a longer running life.
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  • Batman: Arkham Knight PC fixes are "significant" and "will take some time"

  • wizbob 29/06/2015

    How did this happen with an Unreal Engine 3 game? I'm surprised they pulled it when they could have just released the patched version with some DLC as 'Arkham Knight Remastered' Reply 0
  • Dishonored 2 lets you play as Corvo or Emily Kaldwin

  • wizbob 15/06/2015

    @Guy.J. I'd like to see more cities, a new story and less penalties for using the whole toolkit. I agree that the core gameplay loop doesn't need to be tweaked for the sake of it. Reply 0
  • wizbob 15/06/2015

    Bit worried now. Is Viktor Antonov still art director? This trailer is shockingly short of new ideas, although some of the colonial touches are nice. Reply +1
  • Sir Christopher Lee dies aged 93

  • wizbob 11/06/2015

    Ugh, that hit me in the chest. I still haven't finished his 'tall, dark & gruesome' bio but it's well-written and sympathetic. He must have been one of the last links to Tolkien , among other people. Goodnight Sweet Prince of Darkness! Reply +5
  • Monstrum review

  • wizbob 27/05/2015

    If you are game designer thinking about an abandoned insane asylum level, please take a year off to see the world. Reply +2
  • Top factor driving PS4 purchases is "better resolution" - survey

  • wizbob 26/02/2015

    That's a weird reason - all the consoles have run at the same resolution for two generations, bar the original Wii Reply -2
  • Stephen Russell, the original Garrett from Thief, joins Underworld Ascendant

  • wizbob 17/02/2015

    A big improvement on the medieval canadian accents on the last thief. Reply 0
  • Remember Me dev also making Vampyr role-playing game

  • wizbob 20/01/2015

    Fiends of the Eastern Front! I hope it's turn based in the style of that Japanese WWII werewolf game on the 360. Reply +1
  • Dead State review

  • wizbob 14/12/2014

    Anyone remember Ubisofts original stab at the genre? I can only guess that Zombi U was a sequel.

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  • New Metal Gear Online set for reveal next week

  • wizbob 28/11/2014

    MGS4 Online only existed for 4 years, from 2008-1012, so I arrived too late for the party. Switching the servers on again would be a good teaser and a great vote of confidence for people thinking about purchasing the new game. Reply +2
  • Ubisoft details third major Assassin's Creed Unity patch

  • wizbob 26/11/2014

    REmember how we laughed at this? Now it is standard;


    -Game stability, reduces the unexpected crashes when playing, loading a
    savegame& [...]
    -Car dynamics / helicopter dynamics Cars : better realism when a car hits the
    player or the -Non Playable Character, better behaviour of IA in trucks or
    -General improvement of IA: NPC and warrior IA, characters move when hooting,
    adapt their behaviour according to the situation
    -Weapon balance, weapon upgrades correct, and at the Arms dealer, all weapons
    are available for purchase according to the design of the game
    -Car's disappearance
    -Collision : grenades do not remain stuck in walls when launched, prisoners do
    not remain stuck in walls when delivered, tree have collisions.
    -Position of dead bodies has been reworked, animation of the jaguar is more
    -Player and Non Playable Player positions in the environment have been checked
    and no character appears in mid-air or stuck in one of the scenery item.
    Clipping issues have been solved as well.
    -Missions : fixing some bugs. Bus drive missions : the money earned after
    completing a mission now corresponds to the expected amount which is promised
    before starting the mission. Whimpy mission: the objective is now complete only
    when Whimpy is rescued at night as stated in the objective. Missions which have
    been completed are cleared from the Missions Objectives Screen.
    -Hints are now appearing opportunely
    -Sounds which were missing (e.g. splash water) are now implemented
    -Camera control when firing from Pirania
    -Rendering landscape when flying on plane
    -Some situations where user car gets lost
    -NPC name which sometimes appeared in the list of vehicles
    -In the list of vehicles, now the last car you were using is N1
    -Snake which were able to bite you when crawling
    -Too big moon has been readjusted
    -Corrupted frames between AVI movies
    -Windows look like dark squares when it rains
    -Some doors disappear under some view angles on indoor levels
    -Boat which appeared to be filled with water / Boat trace disappears and
    flockers under some viewing angles
    -Some flickering carpets on federal base, flickering posters in city,
    flickering triangles when lit by flashlights on small river bridge
    -Shadows of dogs
    -Water and landswell now animated in 6th cutscene
    -White square from car lights are no more visible on GeForce cards, white
    square is no more visible around moon at some days
    -Grenades explode before NPC die
    -Flowers in Granny's hands
    -Tail of the plane touches the ground
    -Music sudden volume change fixed
    -Some localisation issues, mistranslations, missing speeches, text overlappings
    have been fixed
    -Grass rendering and fixed flickering on hill tops
    -Added cans to fuel different kind of vehicles
    -Upgrades to repair weapons
    -Support of non 4:3 video modes

    1. Sometimes all items from inventory were lost
    2. Sounds not playing properly after a long gaming section
    3. Improper animation is played after death
    4. On some few PC's the game is slow after a long session
    5. Random exception (crash) on load/save when save-file exceeds 40MB
    6. Random exception (crash) when entering a car (using KEY "e")
    7. Car in the inventory can disappear
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  • Double Fine lays off a dozen staff, cancels unannounced project

  • wizbob 24/11/2014

    Publishers who can't provide developers with investment. What's the point of them? Reply +11
  • Valkyria Chronicles remains one of the finest games of its generation

  • wizbob 10/11/2014

    I have been playing this for the past few weeks and I have not found it as hard to tear myself away from anything since the last Advance Wars.

    The first-person parts can lead to some unforced errors around using cover or getting line-of-sight right but the immersion and novelty makes the concept worthwhile.

    There are a few plot points during the levels that can break your strategy but they can be factored in for replays.

    It defintely is a game that supports strategy, on the fly tactics and different outcomes. The mission design varies more than Advance Wars too - I really recommend it.
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  • Where did all the strategy go?

  • wizbob 07/09/2014

    Why wasn't there a version of Advance Wars for the 3ds? I'd pay 30 quid for a re-release of the last one with a few more maps and an online mode. Reply +1
  • Wayward Manor review

  • wizbob 29/07/2014

    @bratsampson I was going to mention haunt the house! - Great game Reply 0
  • Sony: PS4 targeting Wii owners who skipped PS3 and Xbox 360

  • wizbob 15/07/2014

    Or just buy a PS3 as I did and all the games are a fiver each.

    The main thing I missed in coming from the Wii this late is that all the multiplayer servers are gone. Will they bring back MGS4 online if they are going to re-release the game on PS4?
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  • PS4 system architect Mark Cerny working on a new indie game

  • wizbob 14/07/2014

    My mind boggles that the same person who wrote Marble Madness worked on Uncharted or Resistance 3. It's like discovering that the guy who invented fire just put the finishing touches on new Tesla engine. Reply +10
  • Crytek's Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age announced

  • wizbob 03/06/2014


    That must be one of the coolest things I've ever seen posted to a comments thread here.
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  • wizbob 03/06/2014


    I downloaded a copy of Unity and am messing about with it in the vague hoor of writing a murder simulator set in the 2008 financial community. If you also feel that publishers aren't writing for you then be the change you want to see in the world, etc
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  • Fract OSC review

  • wizbob 22/04/2014

    "If H P Lovecraft ... had been into Autechre and Aphex Twin rather than gross racism"

    Cheap shot. Any racism present in his early work is repudiated in his later writing. Describing someone's irrational fears as something they're 'into' is glib, especially as a picture caption.
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  • 1999 adventure Outcast is getting remade, pending Kickstarter campaign

  • wizbob 08/04/2014

    This game had beautiful art direction, amazingly immersive world-building (I remember spending time with the dictionary) and fantastic gameplay ideas - particularly the ability to stop anyone in the game world and ask for directions. Why has that never been implemented again?

    These guys built a voxel game engine, an alien language and organised a full orchestral soundtrack - I'll definitely throw a few quid in their direction to see what they can do now.
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  • Renegade Kid launches Kickstarter for survival horror game Cult County

  • wizbob 03/04/2014

    Doesn't 'Cul County' mean 'Ass County' in French & Spanish? I can see why someone would paint in the 't' on the sign. Reply 0
  • Thief developer Eidos Montreal lays off 27 staff

  • wizbob 05/03/2014

    I don't think game development is quite like working on a movie or in a music studio. A big-budget game can take up 4 years of a coder's life. That person is much more likely to use their skills to get a high paying job in finance or even web development rather than spend 4 more years killing themselves to make the next game. I'm not sure that the same goes for a studio engineer or a compositor.

    The game industry can't replace experienced developers that quickly which is probably one reason why the rate of innovation is declining in the higher end of the market.
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  • GBA games coming to Wii U Virtual Console this Spring

  • wizbob 21/02/2014

    I just bought the M2 release of Sonic for the 3DS and the work put into bringing it into 3d really paid off.

    On the other hand it's almost guaranteed that Nintendo just ported an emulator like Snes9x to the WiiU in order to sell back-catalogue Roms at full price. I'm happy to pay for a remake like 3DS Ocarina of Time but I'm shocked that the old Roms aren't at least bundled into value for money compilations.
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  • Suda 51 and Tokyo Jungle dev collaborate on sidescrolling madness

  • wizbob 31/01/2014

    I am getting a little tired of Suda51's loose mechanics and he is starting to repeat himself, but I will still get this if I can. Reply 0
  • The latest Lovecraft

  • wizbob 27/01/2014

    Later in life he repudiated his earlier views on race. I think he gets selectively quoted in an unfair fashion. On the other hand, fear of miscegenation is a powerful part of what makes his stories frightening. Reply 0
  • The Banner Saga review

  • wizbob 14/01/2014


    "... until Advance Wars 3DS turns up."

    Don't jinx it!
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  • Digital Foundry vs. Super Mario 3D World

  • wizbob 08/12/2013


    Excellent link, reminds me of the problems in emulating analogue audio, e.g. the Nyquist limit.
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  • Steam announces its own Linux-based operating system

  • wizbob 24/09/2013

    They might be in with a shot if they get Epic to port the new Unreal engine to their OS - and maybe line up some exclusives. Reply +1