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  • Here's your first look at Cliff Bleszinski's new game

  • winstoninabox 10/03/2015

    @Hiya I recommend the Borderlands series. You'll care a lot. Reply -1
  • Rich Stanton on: Requiem for a dreamer

  • winstoninabox 16/02/2015


    I think you've confused me with some other conversation you're having.
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  • winstoninabox 16/02/2015


    "Molyneux would win that court case in a heart beat, due to no date being stipulated."

    No, he would not. No due date does not mean what you think it means. Claims in court, and I'm speaking from personal experince, are not settled by one party saying, 'The contract had no due date, so I've got forever'. The court would look *very* unfavorably at the broken communication and *very* unfavorably at the ignoring or Bryan's attempts to reestablish communication. Coupled with the time frame since the contest was completed, the lack of progress PM has made in fulfilling anything at all on his side of the bargain, and now Konrad coming out and saying in a forum that he thinks it unlikely that multiplayer will ever be working, well... If you think that Bryan isn't looking at a win then we'll just have to agree to disagree.
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  • winstoninabox 15/02/2015


    "im not aaying that Molyneux is above criticism for Godus, but at least get your facts right."

    Let's look at the facts. The contest was 2 years ago. A contract was signed, and it may well be open-ended as to the delivery date. The conditions of the prize have in the media at least gone from a claimed length of 5-10 years to 6 months, to possibly less than that if other players 'dethrone' the god. However, PM has never had the prize. 22cans ceased communicating with the prize winner about a year ago and the prize winner himself has given up on communicating with them after the repeated silences. The actual software that is needed to begin the prize has not even begun to be written let alone tested. Is that less grey enough for you?

    So yes, it could be as you state. But if Bryan Henderson wanted to make a claim in court I wouldn't like to be PM.

    "Perhps then level those points at the people, including those in these very comments, saying otherwise and claiming he took the money and ran and saying in app purchases were fraud."

    Initially you decided to respond to me, and not the other way around. So how about you save your advice for yourself. And once again I'll remind you that I didn't say that the in-app purchases were fraud.
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  • winstoninabox 15/02/2015


    "yes, i forgot the bit where..."

    No, the bit you forgot was, and I'm going to put it in one sentence this time so you can focus all your powers of concentration on it, *PM took money from people to take part in a contest, yet 2 years later he has never given the prize*.

    Everything else is immaterial. It doesn't matter whether he made money or not, whether he invested his own money or not, whether he used in-app purchases or not, and it certainly doesn't matter that those who paid money did so voluntarily.

    The really weird thing about this is the prize. At no time before, during, or after the contest has he ever actually had the prize to give away. And if the people working on the prize are to be believed, it may never ever come into existence. He has sold the lion skin that he never had.
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  • winstoninabox 15/02/2015


    Uh, look I don't know you, but I'm gonna assume you're a non-native speaker of English. I wrote 4 sentences, none of which say offering in-app purchases is fraud. BTW, I don't watch those shows, but I have seen a couple of episodes or each, and I'm pretty sure the writers of the shows, as do I, understand what fraud is.

    What I did say was that PM advertised a contest with a prize and took money from some entrants via in-app purchases to improve their chances of winning. Despite the contest having concluded two years ago with a winner, he as yet has produced no prize. He has also kept the money that he took from those entrants. You can make of that what you will.
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  • winstoninabox 14/02/2015

    "This is why when I see people calling Molyneux a fraud or a thief I can't agree."

    Everyone seems to be forgetting that Curiosity, although a free download, had in app purchases - 59p to 50,000. PM took that money, an he would have happily taken the money for the diamond chisel had it been sold, with the promise of a prize at the end. Two years later there's no prize and he's kept that money. There must be a word for a person who does that...
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  • Face-Off: Assassin's Creed Unity

  • winstoninabox 17/11/2014

    @StooMonster Star Trek says hello. Currently playing through it in coop for the giggles. Wish I could've taken a video of the Gorn teleporting into the fight who repeatedly just sunk into the floor to disappear. It is a good game with beer, though. Reply +1
  • Xbox One plays catch up in Japan with solid launch line-up

  • winstoninabox 20/06/2014

    Both consoles are expected to sell in the first week. Reply +3
  • The Heavenly Sword movie is out soon - and here's a new trailer

  • winstoninabox 11/02/2014

    Only periods can give the right emphasis.
    Worst. Trailer. Narration. Ever.
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  • Fixing Forza 5: How Turn 10 wants to win fans back

  • winstoninabox 13/12/2013

    If your goal is for players to have access to and the fun of driving as many cars as possible, then just give them access to all the cars. Then if you want to distinguish between players who've achieved things in the game over players who haven't, then make the livery of all cars locked to the same noob livery. If you want your car to look better, then go out and achieve the goals. There's no need to monetize the process in order to show the difference between racers who have and haven't done stuff. The only reason for monetization is... making money. Reply +6
  • The play's the thing

  • winstoninabox 02/09/2013

    @linea "the worlds that videogames represent are primarily interacted with either by destroying, pushing or picking up items- any other interactions have to be heavily scripted generally."

    Great point.
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  • Saints Row: The Third's Dominatrix DLC now headed to SR4

  • winstoninabox 23/07/2013

    @Binba442 Spoilers:

    Three had some missions set inside the Deckers' computer network. There are also some limited superpowers in the hunt for Johnny Gat DLC.
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  • Dead Space 3: Awakened review

  • winstoninabox 14/03/2013

    Sounds like what Alien 3 was to Aliens in that it made the previous film irrelevant. Reply +1
  • Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker retrospective

  • winstoninabox 25/02/2013

    I'm glad you liked MGS: Peace Walker. But if you didn't get much out of the PSP itself then are you really into gaming? I've close to 50 PSP games and never regretted a one of them. Hundreds of hours of gaming later and I'm still playing stuff on it. The Lego games alone sucked me in for days collecting everything. And in the last month I've got into Ace Combat with my nephew who loves it in co-op. No love for Liberty City? What about Vice City? Get a few mates together and there's heaps of multiplayer fun to be had with those titles.
    If you've never sat in a coffee shop with friends playing Monster Hunter, you're not qualified to pass judgement on what was, and still is, a superb handheld.
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  • Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn is more space soap than space opera

  • winstoninabox 06/10/2012

    This is the story of a bunch of fresh-faced cadet space marines at an elite military academy - all their parents are senior offices in the United Nations Space Command - and so far it's strictly high school.
    All their parents are offices! I guess the story will give the kids room for improvement.
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  • Retrospective: Jet Set Radio Future

  • winstoninabox 17/09/2012

    "when I visited the real Tokyo a few years ago. I was there to see Q Entertainment for a magazine article, and I'm guessing I'd never travelled so far from home. The funny thing though is that everywhere I looked I felt like I was at home anyway. Because of Jet Set Radio Future, I recognised almost all of the streets around Shibuya - those strange, fiercely clean alleyways sloping away at odd angles"

    You saw Shibuya at its best. It's a dive now.
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  • Sony announces God of War Saga and inFamous Collection

  • winstoninabox 07/08/2012

    In the inFamous collection the last bullet point is "Extra missions".
    Any idea what they are?
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  • 007 Legends to feature On Her Majesty's Secret Service mission

  • winstoninabox 29/06/2012

    @Kill_Crazy I hope you've seen it and Casino Royale before playing. I've watched them both several times and still found their stories as the game presented them almost unfathomable. Oh and play it on 007 difficulty. Anything less is not so challenging. Damn that copter fight was tough. Enjoy! Reply 0
  • winstoninabox 29/06/2012

    @Kill_Crazy QoS and Blood Stone are really not too bad, and can probably be picked up for the right price now. I actually really enjoyed the original story of Blood Stone. Unfortunately they shoehorned naff multi-player in which did neither of them any favours. Reply +1
  • Sega sacrificing Euro/Oz operations to focus on four core IPs

  • winstoninabox 29/06/2012

    I just finished Captain America: Super Soldier by Sega last night, and would love it if there were to be another game in the same mould. It's not as good as Batman: AA which it is obviously modelled on, but really is a pretty good movie tie-in. Great voice work and the story is good, too. It's the sort of game that if they gave the developers a crack at a sequel, and they could smooth out the rough bits, it would turn out great. The Eurogamer review score of 5/10 was a little too harsh. I'd give it a low 7 myself.

    Come on Sega, don't let all that work go to waste, especially as in a year or so they'll be another movie you can piggyback off.
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  • Peter Molyneux's new game Curiosity has a 50,000 DLC

  • winstoninabox 07/06/2012

    The cube is a lie. Reply +1
  • Inversion Review

  • winstoninabox 06/06/2012

    to an alien invasion of the planet by a group of wacky menaces called the Lutadores.
    For a second I thought the aliens are the Luchadores from Saint's Row the Third. Now that would be wacky.
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  • Just Cause dev working with Square Enix on "ground breaking" open world action game

  • winstoninabox 29/05/2012

    @bdaggers I too still play it. And I too would buy more DLC today if it were available. It really is just such a great game to zip around in causing trouble, doing the races and blowing stuff up. Reply 0
  • winstoninabox 28/05/2012

    Could it mean JC3 will be for this gen AND next gen? Reply 0
  • Jaws bites in new 007 Legends screens

  • winstoninabox 25/05/2012

    Jaws looks a little short. I'd expect to be looking up at him more. Unless he's far away... Reply 0
  • Journey creator: "Games are not good enough for adults"

  • winstoninabox 19/05/2012

    Ask a carpenter how to fix a problem, and he'll tell you a hammer. Reply +2
  • Early Assassin's Creed concept footage dug up

  • winstoninabox 05/05/2012

    I found the lost Indianna Jones game to be even more fascinating. Reply 0
  • Game of the Week: Dear Esther

  • winstoninabox 19/02/2012

    I've never played Dear Esther nor CoD so I can only talk with confidence about Uncharted. Your claim that it "emphasizes content over gameplay" is incorrect. Only on the first playthrough of the game is the player forced to experience the narrative as a narrative. After that it is possible to chapter select. At that point the abstraction from the narrative is huge as, should the player so wish to, he or she can easily view the game not as a story but as an endless chance to replay battles.
    On top of chapter select is the ability to select the difficult level, which further emphasizes that the player can artficially choose to alter the context of these replayed battles, and thus increase the narrative dissonance. And then the player can add their own made up challenges into the mix. Win by hand to hand only for example.
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  • Star Wars: The Old Republic Review

  • winstoninabox 15/01/2012

    The writing is flat, the staging and animation of the lengthy conversations is very basic and the subject matter is often dry, adult, cynical or plain boring - all of which feel more appropriate to the sterile politics of one of BioWare's own universes than the high adventure of Star Wars.
    Did you watch the prequels?
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  • The truth behind retailer-exclusive pre-order extras

  • winstoninabox 02/01/2012

    @cowell I agree.

    Stop buying into it and they'll stop doing it, it's that simple.

    I've no animosity toward retailers trying to maximize their profits. That's their livelihood there. People who complain about it really need to just man up to the fact that that game that you love playing is a something sold to you by someone trying to make a profit. Sure they might listen to fans, and sure they need you to buy it, but ultimately they're trying to make money from you. If you don't like what they're doing then stop complaining like you're hobby is somehow being taken away from you (it's not), don't buy their product, and find a product that you do like.

    In 18 months time you'll probably be able to pick up the lot in some $10 bargain sale on the PSN anyway.
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  • NFS: The Run 49.99 on PSN Store this week

  • winstoninabox 15/12/2011

    @Ryze In Japan the PSP is still doing pretty decent business. Reply 0
  • Uncharted series sells 13 million copies

  • winstoninabox 06/12/2011

    @CaptainQuint What is this ever-decreasing gameplay? Reply +2
  • Saturday Soapbox: Failure is Not an Option

  • winstoninabox 20/11/2011

    @Nithron Well said. You need to know what kind of game you're playing, and the game should make that clear to you. Especially if some missions are time-dependent, but others allow you to put them off indefinitely while you wander around shooting pigeons. Reply +2
  • Game of the Week: Uncharted 3

  • winstoninabox 06/11/2011

    I'm 2/3 through on Crushing, and have to wonder what the reviewer considers a 10 to be. All 3 of the Uncharted games offer a great challenge on Crushing. Did the reviewer complete the game on the highest difficulty? Gun fights are really tense when you can be cut down with one shot; running from cover to cover just to stay alive. There are no prompts in the fistfights. Knowing how to use the right weapon for the upcoming big fight, and getting the stealth kills to thin out the ranks a little all show a great depth of gameplay.

    And the 2nd time through I notice so much more of the story, writing, even the characters' reactions in scenes. I find the balance between story and game fantastic. I haven't been able to even try the online stuff yet, but I've loved the single player so much so far, the multiplayer is just going to be a bonus.

    Would I give it 10? I don't know. Uncharted 2 certainly made a bigger step from its predecessor, but while Uncharted 3 doesn't make the same leap it does everything at least as well, and looks even more gorgeous to boot. I wouldn't mark it down just because we've seen similarl before. It's right up there with Uncharted 2 for me, and that game is a 10 in my book.
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  • Payday: The Heist Review

  • winstoninabox 31/10/2011

    As good at what it does, as Uncharted 3 is at what it does. Hmmm... Reply +5
  • Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Review

  • winstoninabox 31/10/2011

    I gave Shakespeare's Henry VIII 8/10. While the characters and story are quite well put together, he's done the king thing several times before this and I'm over it. I really wanted him to write a mime performance art piece that utilizes other media. That's what I wanted. Reply +3
  • Just Cause 3 in development - report

  • winstoninabox 26/10/2011

    I think I spent more hours in JC2 than anything in the last year. Maybe the only thing I'd like is the option to sometimes have stealth kills. I'd find this guy guarding some roadblock by himself in the middle of no where, bump him off with one shot, and suddenly helicopters and trucks turn up! Who let 'em know? Reply +2
  • Batman: Arkham City iOS map app released

  • winstoninabox 26/10/2011

    @Beano Thanks. I loved the collectible tracking in the first game. R* please take note for GTA V - I wanna be able to collect pidgeans without paper and pencil! Reply 0
  • winstoninabox 25/10/2011

    I haven't played it, so does this mean that there is no collectibles tracking in the game itself? Reply +2
  • Batman Sinestro Corps skin UK details

  • winstoninabox 18/10/2011

    No amount of DLC is worth the shame of having Green Lantern sitting on your media shelf. Terrible movie that has a nonsensical plot, turgid script and a lead with zero charisma. When the best thing you can say about a film is its 3D effects weren't awful, then you've got a dog. Check out Topless Robot which rips it to shreds. Wait for the skins to become available later is my suggestion. Reply 0
  • COD XP: The Bug and the Windscreen

  • winstoninabox 14/09/2011

    "Teri Hatcher works to break a titter through the botox sausage that is her face. Kotick leans 10 degrees too far forward and she recoils while attempting to maintain the air of coquettishness upon which her invitation tonight depended."

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  • Used market cost Heavy Rain 1m sales

  • winstoninabox 12/09/2011

    First off, Heavy Rain is an excellent game. In my opinion 10/10. Well done.

    But to believe that you lost 5 to 10 million pounds of royalties due to second-hand gaming means that you have little understanding of the very system that you're making your money off. Most of those who played the game second-hand were never going to be your first-hand customers to begin with. At best you can expect some DLC sales off them. If you're factoring them into your profits, then believing that you've lost money, you really need to reevaluate your business projections.
    Even moving to a download only system just shifts the goal posts. Gamers (or any consumer) will only shell out at the price point that they feel is worth it for them. Download only means that more consumers will wait for the price points which balances their desire to play the game versus the zero resale value it will have. And that sounds like it will be an even lower price point than before for those second-hand gamers.
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  • AC: Revelations Collector's Ed. detailed

  • winstoninabox 26/07/2011

    ACB was too samey? The Borgia Towers, the Tank, the Navel Cannon, the Machine Gun, using the Apple, training the assassin and using the assassins ingame are all new to the series. Papel Guards too I think.
    Whether you liked them or not is another thing. But I was amazed at how much new gameplay there was.
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  • Batman Arkham City is five times bigger

  • winstoninabox 02/02/2011

    Looking forward to this game so much.
    I hope that they have 5x as many body types for the no-name goons. In the first game it looked liked they all escaped from Gold's Gym. Guys in prison work out a lot, but they can't all be built like brick $hit-houses.
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  • Assassin's Creed 3 features hinted at

  • winstoninabox 06/12/2010


    The point about the expendable enemies is a great one, and exactly the kind of way the series can be shaken up.

    Setting in Victorian England, where the coppers can't just be bumped off, would be a great challenge for the makers to come up with fresh gameplay that has you working around this problem. Stealth would be so much more important when you there are enemies that you just can't kill, or if you do kill them then the overall feel of the game changes. Stuff like greater patrols in the area, more detail on wanted posters, etc, until the heat dies down, or the constabulary are paid off.

    Disguise could be a worthwhile skill, too. The in-game ability to make the appearance of your character, and then alter it as the game progresses to get around town because you've just bumped off too many people.

    Of course there would also be levels which are just populated by bad guys, underground strongholds and the like, which you can just let rip indiscriminately in.
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  • Uncharted movie wanders off the map

  • winstoninabox 03/12/2010

    I've got an idea for a movie about a family of globe-trotting justices that secretly mete out antiques. Reply 0
  • Wahlberg takes lead in Uncharted movie

  • winstoninabox 25/11/2010

    So, so far we know that the main character is to be played by an actor that nobody believes is right for the part, next to two characters (uncle and father) from neither of the games...

    Hardly inspiring confidence.
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  • Uncharted 3 reveal looks set for Dec

  • winstoninabox 22/11/2010


    I hear it's a kart racer that's also coming out on the PSP, PS2, DS, GameCube, GameBoy and iPhone.
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  • PS3 Lara Croft gets online co-op update

  • winstoninabox 22/11/2010

    Some absolutely bizarre comments regarding the lack of on-line at launch. How can you have been "mess around" by a company when you never even bought their product? And comments from another article stating "I'll buy it when it's finished". If this game never had on-line added to it, it would still be fantastic value. I got it for $15 and have had about 20 hours of fun with it in co-op with the wife. That's pretty cheap entertainment in my book. Now that it's got it I'll be ditching her to play with my PSN friends. If the patch coming out now really offended you, then think of it as DLC... that you got for free... with more free DLC coming because this DLC was delayed...

    This game is gorgeous to look at, has responsive controls, heaps of collectibles that are actually fun to get, stacks of amusing weapons and power ups, fun puzzles, and re-playability up the wazoo. But that's not enough for some.

    Next there'll be the whiners complaining how the game is only four hours long... after they raced through it using the YouTube walkthroughs.
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