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  • Take a look at Microsoft's special edition Iron Man Xbox One

  • weebl 28/04/2016

    Looks complete shite. Reply -5
  • HTC Vive review

  • weebl 09/04/2016

    @Sousuke_Sagara because it is a new media with new rules. Nobody knows exactly how to produce guaranteed success in VR at the moment. Added to that a lot of developers are small indie's so the likelyhood of seeing AAA sheen is unlikely at this point. But it says a lot that basic games with low budget graphic content can be so compelling. Reply 0
  • weebl 09/04/2016

    @dogmanstaruk not sure I'd consider Budget Cuts' mechanic "dubious". It's a genius method of transporting the player through a level without making them vomit. Unless there is a medicinal way to combat motion sickness, it's the best we have right now. Reply +1
  • Oculus Rift review

  • weebl 28/03/2016

    @Agathia certainly Oculus (but probably also Valve and Sony too) simulate the distances between your eyes and your neck, so the view actually does change when you move your head.

    The reason why motion sickness kicks in is because your eyes are experiencing motion but your brain is not getting the linked senses from your ears, causing your brain to invoke a sickness feeling in your stomach to throw up anything you might have eaten to feel that way. By spending more time in VR it is possible to train yourself not to feel sickness as much, but it isn't pleasant to have to put yourself through that.
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  • weebl 28/03/2016

    @spindle9988 from what I've read by people with similar deficiencies in sight, your vision in VR will only be impaired as much as it is in real life. Reply +8
  • Project Cars on Oculus Rift looks intense

  • weebl 18/03/2016

    Unless they've optimized it heavily, you won't be getting that sort of graphical fidelity from a 970. I have a 780 and have to have most graphics settings on Low-Medium and with shadows off to hit 75fps at 1920x1080 and even then it dips below that with certain parts of tracks and numbers of cars. Reply +2
  • CCP's Gear VR shooter Gunjack is coming to PC, Oculus Rift this month

  • weebl 12/03/2016

    @chrisf isn't sitting on a chair what you do when playing a game or watching a film anyway? Reply +5
  • Reality check: what SteamVR gaming actually offers

  • weebl 06/02/2016

    @CaptainKid you'd probably think differently when you're trying to navigate an FPS with your stomach tied in a knot and breaking out in a cold sweat. I've tried that - it wasn't fun. Reply +1
  • Acer X34 Predator vs XR341CK: two ultra-wide gaming displays reviewed

  • weebl 24/01/2016

    @Fourfoldroot VR is still several years away from being used as a monitor / workspace. I've used Virtual Desktop and whilst it's novel, having to lean in to see text and having a hot face throughout isn't really a workable solution.

    Which is not to justify either the price of these monitors nor the Rift itself.
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  • Watch Star Citizen reveal procedurally generated planets

  • weebl 17/12/2015

    Makes Elite Dangerous: Horizons look a bit half-arsed, especially for 40, doesn't it? Reply -4
  • Eurogamer readers' top 50 games of 2015 voting

  • weebl 16/12/2015

    @porkface TIS-100 wasn't in the list. Reply 0
  • Elite Dangerous: Horizons launches today

  • weebl 15/12/2015

    @SwissTony1994 "Also I hate the word 'apologist', with a passion, just because someone has a difference of opinion about something does not make them an apologist"

    Sorry, probably an insensitive way of me expressing my point. So many people get so sensitive about games like this that they will go to the nth degree to discredit anything that upsets them. Here they can just neg the fuck out of my comment so it appears I don't have an opinion at all.
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  • weebl 15/12/2015

    @SwissTony1994 I played it briefly when they introduced the factions. I'm not sure how effectively online play got focused but I see what they were going for. I last played it when CQC was released and by all accounts that is the best part of the game hands down. If only more battles were played out in the actual game that way.

    I guess with planetary landings I was expecting more than just procedural generated rocky planets. There's nothing that suggests that 99.99% of planets out there are so generic though, and from a pure "game" perspective it sucks that they all look so identical, doesn't it? At present it just feels like they've taken space stations, plonked them on planets and given you a buggy to drive about in. Are there planet based missions?

    I don't want to decry people that take enjoyment out of the game as it stands, I really don't. Its just based on how good it could have been and how great their Royal Blood trailers made the game look on TV, there is just a whiff of dishonesty about Frontier and the way they conduct their business. Charging so much for what appears to be quite minimal content doesn't convince me otherwise I'm afraid.
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  • weebl 15/12/2015

    @SwissTony1994 The 100 hours I spent in the first Beta were mostly entertaining. If you were around then, it was a spherical play area with a few dozen systems in it. I could see a lot of promise in the game and a lot of promise was hinted at by Frontier, so yes, I was stoked in it.

    But then as the second Beta came along (the capsule play area) and mining was introduced, I had the sudden realisation that this was not going to be an in depth game with a strong gameplay focus. Yes, you could trade goods and sit bored in front of the screen, yes you could mine and sit bored in front of the screen, yes you could shoot bad guys and that would be entertaining for a while but the AI was so pathetic even that became boring.

    Frontier forums and Reddit started cottoning on to this realisation and and apologists began defending the unfinished game saying "it's a vertical slice of the game - of course it doesn't have all of the gameplay in yet". Many people were actually banned from posting in the Frontier forums through showing concern about a product that they've helped Kickstart and should have some creative decision in (as promised by the developer). But as official release got ever nearer, these apologists took a different stance and fought for the game's existence on the basis that it was an empty book - you create your own adventure.

    This is where I have a problem with it. I can't gasp at the beauty of space even in the Rift when most of the planets look identical and for the most part are just designated by markers on my hud. I can't make up some fantasy about AI appearances being more elaborate than some random algorithm that makes them appear sometimes and not others.

    I was calling you pedantic for contrasting my enjoyment with Space Engine where for the most part I just look for really pretty planets, with me playing Elite Dangerous where for the most part I just sit staring at numbers count down.
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  • weebl 15/12/2015

    @SwissTony1994 it is a form of interactive entertainment is it not? My spare time doing anything for fun can be measured in terms of whether I was bored or not. You're being pedantic. Reply +2
  • weebl 15/12/2015

    @Azhrarn beautifully written hyperbole sir. It reminded me of the time I first played Zork; the images it conjured in my mind were better than any graphics are to this date and the world offered infinite freedom to do whatever I wanted in its vast world. Lo, an open world sandbox game that originated in the 70's!

    To anyone sitting on the fence about buying Elite, download Space Engine for free instead - it's more accessible, more varied, prettier and less boring.
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  • weebl 15/12/2015

    A lot of negging going on here for people voicing their opinions on the snoozefest that is Elite Dangerous. I bought the game whilst it was in beta for 50; it offered so much promise and I sank over 100 hours into it before it's "official" release, also having a Rift gave me a great experience. However once you've spent another 20 minutes (no exaggeration) flying from a star to a distant station with the constant droning of the engine and slowly counting down distance readout, the attraction very quickly wears off.

    The game is one huge never ending grind and whilst some people appear to be fine with that, I am not. To increase my spend to 90 just to add some very grey/brown generic looking planets is preposterous. I'll think twice before buying another Frontier game again.
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  • Fawn over these lovely Way To The Woods screenshots

  • weebl 12/12/2015

    @GilJaysmith I was going to critique your company based on the content on it's website, but it doesn't even load.

    Just thought I'd let you know so you can open up your copy of FrontPage 98 and fix it.
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  • Fast Racing Neo review

  • weebl 08/12/2015

    From the videos I've watched it looks too fast for my old brain - ships grinding and bouncing off the sides of the track in pretty much every video.

    I welcome more future racing games though - there haven't been anywhere near enough in recent years.
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  • Just Cause 3 review

  • weebl 02/12/2015

    What an extremely harsh review. I've just spend the last few hours in it (on PC) having (literal) blast. Sure, it feels more like JC 2.5 and doesn't do anything particularly new, but when everything feels so good as it does here I can't see the justification in slating it.

    And when I wasn't blowing sh*t up, I was soaring through the air in the wingsuit. So satisfying!
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  • A guide to the best Black Friday gaming deals

  • weebl 23/11/2015

    I've seen equally as good deals in the past few months on hotukdeals to be honest, especially for standalone consoles. Reply +3
  • Gear VR's consumer version will ship this November for $99

  • weebl 11/11/2015

    @eightbitboy I don't know who you are posting these repetitive messages to? People that care? We get it - you don't like the idea of VR. Now move on, there's a good lad. Reply 0
  • Official PS4 In-ear Stereo Headset out December for 78/€90

  • weebl 03/11/2015

    Why did anyone bother buying HD or 4k televisions when standard definition "will do"?

    And Sony make some great high quality earphones and headphones. They have also made some shoddy products like any other company. The build quality of some audiophile equipment is often very poor but that's what you read informed reviews for, not sensationalist articles on Eurogamer.
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  • weebl 03/11/2015

    @The_shlaaaag_returns so if it doesn't have seven speakers inside each ear cup you aren't interested? Premium IEM's or stereo headphones are inferior based on the top trumps metric?

    Clearly most people on here are perfectly content to listen to audio in games (and probably music too) on poor quality 5 earphones or headphones. How utterly depressing this page must be for any sound engineer or music composer that works in the games industry. Not saying these Sony earphones are worth their money but discarding them without an impartial review is a bit immature.
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  • weebl 03/11/2015

    @The_shlaaaag_returns how would you know without hearing them? Reply +2
  • weebl 03/11/2015

    Playing devil's advocate for a second, 78 for good quality in ear headphones isn't that much - it's really only low to mid range when looking at the whole spectrum of those available.

    That's assuming that a) they can be used for normal audio use, b) they sound as good and c) you actually want to walk around with huge Playstation branding on the sides.

    All I'm saying is that decent IEM earphones sound infinitely better than the crap white earphones you get from Apple.
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  • The new Need for Speed remembers what's great about the series, but why is it always online?

  • weebl 02/11/2015

    Always online hasn't hurt Elite Dangerous sales any, despite the uproar at the time. Unless people vote with their wallets this shit is going to get worse.

    I'll wait for the PC version with the restriction hacked out I think.
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  • The Stanley Parable designer teases new game

  • weebl 20/10/2015

    @vert1go You didn't read the article, did you? The games are not connected. You're also incorrect about The Beginners Guide - it was actually excellent Reply -1
  • All GAME stores will soon get a dedicated Steam section

  • weebl 06/10/2015

    Game = CEX but with some new stuff as well as the second hand stuff.

    As a PC gamer there's no point in this at all, unless I've somehow got Game vouchers which I want to convert to Steam credit.
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  • Nvidia Shield Android TV review

  • weebl 04/10/2015

    Full-price games are also available to buy, but even once you've bought them, you still need to keep up with your subscription in order to access them
    This is the future if you let it happen, people. Don't accept this bullshit.
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  • "I could do with a bit more money!": Yu Suzuki on the return of Shenmue

  • weebl 04/10/2015

    @Calverz Whether I'm a fan or not (I played and loved the first two on my Dreamcast and still have them in mint condition), I didn't back the Kickstarter because I'd almost prefer there not to be a third one instead of having a game that doesn't meet up to my expectations. Yes, I'd like the story to have been wrapped up, but if the game is going to consume huge amounts of people's money and fall short of the unrealistic expectations of everyone, forget it. Elite Dangerous proved how far wide of the mark a community funded project can be. Reply 0
  • The Beginner's Guide review

  • weebl 02/10/2015

    Why don't we forget the medium called "games" and just go with "interactive entertainment" instead.

    Downloaded and "played" it last night. Found real empathy for both commentator and developer right up to the last chapter, then really questioned the whole point of the experience. Was it an open letter from one developer to another? Should it have been non-profit making? Was any of it actually real? None of these questions really matter I guess - it made me feel things that other games haven't and I'd agree with it being an essential purchase especially for people who make games.
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  • PS1 at 20: Fluid's symphony of drugs, dolphins and drum'n'bass

  • weebl 02/10/2015

    You had to be pretty stoned to find this enjoyable
    I disagree. As a youngster without a PC with FruityLoops at that point, I enjoyed making loops with this and "live mixing" it with the editor.
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  • Minecraft finally digs into virtual reality with Oculus Rift support

  • weebl 25/09/2015

    It's a shame then, that the Minecrift mod which is already pretty much perfect on DK2 has been available for months.

    Too little on offer I'm afraid.
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  • We're all Palmer Luckey on the cover of Time magazine

  • weebl 07/08/2015

    @ABC123XYZ Well, not both of them together, no. Reply +1
  • Infinifactory review

  • weebl 08/07/2015

    @linea you can enjoy both at the same time you know. They aren't that similar even though they have the same qualities. Oh, and buy TIS-100 as well while you're at it. Reply +3
  • PewDiePie talks money

  • weebl 08/07/2015

    @zezyan He works in excess of 12 hours a day to create content that millions of people worldwide like. I think your comment is redundant. Reply +4
  • weebl 08/07/2015

    Fair play to the man, the only thing that I can criticize him for is his flagrant use of swearing and sexual vulgarities when he knows his target audience are kids. Reply +2
  • Jon Blyth on: Fixing Her Story

  • weebl 04/07/2015

    @leeroye you do have a point. If Eurogamer can be criticised of it's Destiny coverage over the past six months then indie games shouldn't be treated any differently.

    And this is coming from someone who's bought and enjoyed the game.
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  • Nintendo's painful metamorphosis leaves fans reeling

  • weebl 17/06/2015

    The fact that Nintendo so heavily relies on its old IP's is one thing, but with Wii U (and Wii before it) they haven't even done that. How many hundreds of thousands are crying out for a proper F-Zero or Pilotwings, yet they seem intent not to give players what they want.

    I'm feeling that I should be leaning towards Nintendo again for another breath of fresh gaming air, what with all the remakes and stale genres that are filling the shelves these days, but I just can't bring myself to buy a Wii U, especially so given that it seems Nintendo has already given up on it.
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  • Metal Gear Solid 5's new E3 trailer is so Kojima

  • weebl 15/06/2015

    There is still innovation in games! This is like a much needed breath of fresh air. Reply +2
  • Rich Stanton on: Virtual insanity

  • weebl 13/06/2015

    @Arwin you should adjust your expectations on the resolution of these devices quite low. Even with the higher resolution screens in the consumer units it's like looking at a VGA monitor from about six inches away - the pixels are going to be quite noticeable.

    I've watched 3D films through the DK2 and although it's quite neat to have it on a virtual screen as large as you want it, the clarity you get from watching it on a 1080p TV is gone. That's why I thought Oculus showing playing xbone games in a virtual theater was completely missing the point of VR in the first place.
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  • weebl 13/06/2015

    Not all games suit VR but for those that do it completely changes the concept of playing the game. I haven't played a driving game on a monitor since using the DK2 - it just can't compare I'm afraid.

    The number of naysayers I see dismissing VR, including the article author above the more I despair. I have a friend who had written it off as he had with 3D cinema but as soon as I put him in the cockpit of an Elite Dangerous ship he had a stupid grin on his face and could have carried on for ages.

    VR is as close to a teleportation machine we've had yet. You'd think the number of people here that want to see a genuine advancement in video games would welcome it with open arms...
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  • weebl 13/06/2015

    I've played games in my Rift for hours at a time and have only stopped for the same reasons that you would with a TV. There is no craning of necks with most games and aside from half of your face getting warm there is no discomfort. Reply 0
  • Assetto Corsa confirmed for Xbox One and PS4

  • weebl 03/06/2015

    @samharper I race with the AI on 98% and they will pass you cleanly if you leave a gap. They won't tag you as they try and avoid collision where possible. Honestly I have no idea what you're talking about. Reply 0
  • weebl 03/06/2015

    @eightbitboy I don't think they are all laser scanned, but they might as well be given their quality. Reply +1
  • weebl 03/06/2015

    Just my two pennyworth, but Assetto Corsa feels much more alive than pCars, the joypad controls still need a tweak but car selection is great and AI is the best I've played against. I'm lucky enough to play it with a Rift too, so if they port it to Morpheus a lot of people are in for a huge treat.

    It's one of those games where playing it in VR kind of ruins playing any other driving game on a TV. You could spend any amount of spare time just doing lap after lap.
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  • What does it take to run The Witcher 3 at 1080p60?

  • weebl 28/05/2015

    Another day, another bunch of Witcher 3 articles. I mean seriously, it almost looks like Eurogamer signed an agreement with CD Projekt Red to run X amount of articles for a period of X days. It's the only way that I can imagine a single site can run this much content on a single game. Reply -3
  • Is this the new Logitech wheel for PlayStation 4?

  • weebl 23/05/2015

    @LordDemigod So a company like Ubisoft that makes money by selling broken software wants to sell more broken software? Revolutionary! Reply -2
  • Performance Analysis: Project Cars

  • weebl 06/05/2015

    I preordered this 20 minutes ago for PC on the back of your pre-review review saying that the AI was great. WTF is going on in these videos? Have you ever played Assetto Corsa to know what great AI is like?

    Well I guess it will be pretty...
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