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  • Video: Is the world ready for virtual reality?

  • weebl 29/08/2014

    @AndyZetec it really isn't that difficult to get games like Elite, Euro Truck Simulator, Half Life 2 or DCS working.

    I agree it could be more straight forward but this is a development kit and not the finished article.
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  • Nintendo announces new 3DS and 3DS XL designs with extra buttons, improved CPU

  • weebl 29/08/2014

    I'm confused. They've upgraded the CPU on a device with the same name as those already out there. Some games will only be compatible with the new device.

    Surely this is asking for trouble?
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  • The Crew has artificial 30fps lock on PC

  • weebl 26/08/2014

    I stopped caring when I realised it was another Ubisoft game.

    Watch_Dogs. Never forget.
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  • Forza Horizon 2 proves the driving genre is back at its best

  • weebl 20/08/2014

    How does this play any better than games that came out not only in the last generation, but the generation before that? Do yourself a favour and bypass this for Project Cars when that comes out. Reply -5
  • Wii U version of Project Cars out in 2015

  • weebl 11/07/2014

    @DaftVice you're honestly not missing out on much. I wouldn't worry about it. Reply +1
  • Nintendo reveals Zelda Wii U gameplay footage

  • weebl 10/06/2014

    There's an awful lot of Nintendo software that won't be out until (possibly late) next year. I hope the WiiU can survive that long. Reply -5
  • Naughty Dog co-founder Jason Rubin joins Oculus VR

  • weebl 10/06/2014

    Shallow minded naysayers probably thought that 3D would never catch on until they saw Mario 64. VR may be having a second bite of the apple and is still in its infancy, but it is the future of gaming. Get used to it. Reply +2
  • Ubisoft's E3 conference

  • weebl 09/06/2014

    After Watch_Dogs, Ubisoft can go f*ck themselves. Reply 0
  • EA teases Mirror's Edge ahead of E3

  • weebl 09/06/2014

    Palmer Luckey will be at the EA conference so I'm secretly hoping that they'll make ME2 compatible with the Rift. It's a long shot but you have to believe! Reply +3
  • Rebellion makes Sniper Elite V2 free on Steam

  • weebl 05/06/2014

    Thanks for this. As someone arriving back from work at 7pm and with no access to this website during the day it's so pleasing to read that I've missed out. After all, it's only people that work hard that have the disposable income to buy games and support these devs in the first place.

    /winge over
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  • Watch Dogs PS3: has last-gen hardware had its day?

  • weebl 31/05/2014

    @man_on_fire As someone who's just gotten back into PC gaming from PS3, it's easy to fall into a dick waving contest, so I'll try and avoid that.

    It's true that high end PC hardware outstrips current gen consoles, but there are plenty more factors at work, such as developers targeting average PC specs and different components. Consoles are closed platforms so every bit of horsepower can be extracted, whereas with PC there are large percentages of users with graphics cards and processors that are several years old and rightly so these have to be supported.

    The closest you're likely to see when a specific PC build is developed for is the Nvidia Infiltrator demo, which used a single GTX 680 card, but graphically it looked absolutely stunning. Arguably within reach of the current gen consoles but not until perhaps the end of their life.
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  • Oculus and Samsung team up to make VR headsets - report

  • weebl 31/05/2014

    I don't think it is an odd pairing at all. Oculus already use Samsung screens so it makes sense to partner with them to get the latest screens manufactured directly from them.

    It also is positive that the Oculus SDK is becoming more widely used - I'm not against multiple companies getting involved in VR but standardising the software side is going to be beneficial for everyone.
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  • Watch Dogs performance analysis

  • weebl 28/05/2014

    The game doesn't even load (crashes to desktop) and when I did manage to get it to load (by verifying game files twice) some of the ground polygons were missing, causing me to fall into the ether.

    This is the biggest clusterfuck I've ever played in my life.
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  • Nintendo won't launch Wii U successor until it has "satisfied" current owners

  • weebl 13/05/2014

    According to all the comments I see on here from WiiU owners, they're already satisfied with their purchase. Apparently unfulfilled promises about unreleased (and even unannounced) games count for something.

    So if I were Nintendo I'd announce the next box at e3. Make it a dirt cheap 100 set top box with decent mobile specs, plenty of software and a basic joypad and watch the customers flock back.
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  • Microsoft to sell Xbox One without Kinect for 349

  • weebl 13/05/2014

    Holy shit. What Microsoft really need to do now is to dramatically reduce manufacturing costs, sell the box at 250 and they might stand a chance. Reply +1
  • Historic real-life Eve monument defaced in days

  • weebl 08/05/2014

    Whilst I don't for one moment agree with the vandalism, I don't agree with the monument existing in the first place. Monuments commemorating life lost at war, sure, but gamers playing a video game? I'm sorry but no. Reply -2
  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare trailer, release date revealed

  • weebl 02/05/2014

    @Cringles88 How old is this comment now? You going to still be using that in two year's time? Reply +1
  • Codemasters announces Grid Autosport, cockpit cam returns

  • weebl 22/04/2014

    Please tell me you've employed someone who can do decent physics this time. I don't want cars that can brake from maximum speed in about 20 meters. Reply +4
  • Adam "#dealwithit" Orth's space survival sim Adr1ft picked up by 505 Games

  • weebl 05/04/2014

    Imagine for a moment what calamity Microsoft would be in now if it didn't have this man broadcasting their more misguided plans for the xbone. He did them a huge favor if anything. Reply +9
  • Get Even gets virtual reality

  • weebl 03/04/2014

    It's reasons like this that make me glad I buried my hatred for the FB deal and kept my preorder for DK2. I still don't like it, but I don't want to miss out on experiences like these. Reply +1
  • Oculus Rift: Step into the game, step out with two billion dollars

  • weebl 26/03/2014

    One week ago, I preordered a DK2 and began thinking about possible game ideas, throwing myself into Unity to reignite my past programming activities. I was excited by the current projects that had shown so much promise on DK1 and wondered how much better they would look and feel on the new hardware.

    Today, I feel utterly gutted. I found out about the buyout 22 hours ago and despite sleeping on the situation I still feel let down and confused.

    Let down because Oculus had shown such a passion to advance video games to a new level, had the backing of thousands of like minded indie developers and seemingly the backing of industry heavy weights like Valve. By allowing Facebook to buy them, they have gained nothing in terms of hardware contacts or expertise to manufacture cheaper units, nor a strong gaming focused resource with which they could create their own in house development team. It was telling that Palmer Luckey sighted the primary benefit of the buyout being to reduce manufacturing costs; with only cash to do this it isn't surprising that people's natural reactions are what they are.

    I don't in any way worship Notch - many of his comments have fallen flat over the years, including his summary of the buyout in which it sounds like he was merely tepid at the sound of developing games for the Rift. Anyone that follows his tweets can attest that he was rightfully excited by the recent visit and his write-up reads a little bitter, yet I cannot knock him for standing by his own values and clearly many people share the same opinion. Call him a hipster indie developer all you want, but the world would be a better place if people actually lived by the values that they supposedly subscribe to.

    I still want the hardware. I've wanted this revision of hardware for as long as waiting lists for the DK1 were so astronomically long; a long time. There are huge unknowns in terms of what the eventual consumer version will be specification-wise and what the Facebook influence will be, but I'd like to think that DK2 would have at least the same level of support that the DK1 had. Yet I feel that Oculus have made a huge mistake and can no longer remain game focused with Facebook on board. Luckey can proclaim his independence all he likes - Oculus is not his baby any more.

    So there we have it. I feel like I should take a 30 hit and cancel my preorder than give Facebook any more of my money, yet VR is still the promised land for me. The Rift stands more chance of commercial success than the Morpheus given its flexibility and scope but without the gaming industry fully behind it, what worth is there in it?

    Thank you if you read all of this. It felt useful to just write it even if nobody read it :)
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  • Ouya to remove free trial requirement in April

  • weebl 24/03/2014

    Surely demos of all games, whether they suited them or not, was one of the main positive points of the Ouya? Even if the game didn't suit one a time limited play of the full game would be better for the consumer than nothing at all.

    Slowly, bit by bit, the Ouya project is moving away from the kickstarter pledge that got them the initial momentum in the first place. When you think how exciting it sounded at the start it's such a shame that so little has been realised.
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  • From Software explains changes to Dark Souls 2 graphics

  • weebl 21/03/2014

    It looks like they deliberately borked the PS3/360 version to get people to buy it again for PS4/Xbone, although frankly if the E3 video was from those versions, it ain't going to be a looker on those either. Reply -2
  • Oculus opens pre-orders for new, improved dev kit

  • weebl 19/03/2014

    @Rens11 It's a fair enough stance to take. For me I want to be a part of what I think could be the biggest development in gaming since 3D graphics and I couldn't wait for the consumer version. It felt like eternity since DK1 was released and although the wait for the consumer unit probably won't be as long, the DK2 should hopefully be compatible with published games with it being the final kit.

    The only advances I see them making after DK2 is to bring the weight down and refining the manufacturing process to give them a bigger net profit. Perhaps also adding front facing camera's to view your surroundings.
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  • weebl 19/03/2014

    @Rens11 $50 now and the rest on the shipping date. Reply +2
  • weebl 19/03/2014

    @StooMonster I'm not sure that G-sync would be a good fit for the device as you don't really want any drops in framerate below 60/75. Likewise, you don't want the framerate to vary above 60/75 either as it would probably bring about motion sickness.

    I think that long term Oculus are targeting mobile platforms as well as AMD GPU's so paying Nvidia for a G-sync licence also wouldn't really pay off.
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  • weebl 19/03/2014

    I've pre-ordered and I'm so excited. I never bought the DK1 but there have been plenty of times looking at ebay when I've been tempted to spend nearly this amount on one of them, so this news was a bit of an impulse purchase for me.

    I know I'm probably not going to get the July shipment (I'm order CK-144****) but just knowing that a "consumer version"-grade version will eventually find it's way to me is enough. And although I'm not a games developer, I have coded games as a hobby in the past so this is the perfect reason for me to pick it up again.
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  • Oculus Rift recruits Valve's VR project lead as chief architect

  • weebl 12/03/2014

    I get the feeling that next week and e3 are going to be very exciting for VR. Oculus know they will have a fight on their hands with Sony, even though they may not share host platforms.

    My excitement for the rift hasn't ever waned, even though I've never tried one.
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  • Nintendo terminating Wii and DS online services

  • weebl 27/02/2014

    So they are killing off their successful major franchises now? I honestly don't know wtf Nintendo are thinking these days. Reply -6
  • PS4 off to strong start in Japan

  • weebl 25/02/2014

    [link url=http://www.edge-online.com/news/ps4-launches-in-japan-but-with-a-lacklustre-turnout-at-retail-do-japanese-players-care/]PS4 launches in Japan but with a lacklustre turnout at retail, do Japanese players care?

    Is Edge cynical, or is Eurogamer putting a needlessly positive spin on things?
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  • Microsoft announces first Xbox One price cut - and throws in Titanfall for free

  • weebl 24/02/2014

    Still 50 more than the PS4 then. Good luck with that Microsoft. Reply 0
  • Win a 400 Sony Entertainment Network voucher

  • weebl 22/02/2014

    I don't buy it Sony. I prefer the games I buy and own to be complete experiences. Please don't turn my hobby into pay to play subscriptions. Reply 0
  • Diddy Kong confirmed for Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS

  • weebl 21/02/2014

    @flaming.carrot quite. In other news, GT7 will have a Skyline in it. Reply 0
  • The Last of Us: Left Behind review

  • weebl 16/02/2014

    Just finished it. Enjoyed most of it but there were sections in combat which were hugely frustrating, much like the main game. Unfortunately things were made worse by borked autosave and restart points which made the whole thing even more aggravating. Whilst the main game could be excused for these moments I'm not sure I can forgive the DLC.

    Not really worth the 12, more like 5, but I'm not too upset about it.
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  • Tech Analysis: Titanfall beta on Xbox One and PC

  • weebl 16/02/2014

    I've seen screenshot comparisons between xbone and PC on another site and they are night and day different. Not sure how this wasn't realised in the report? Reply +5
  • Project Cars still on course for 2014 release

  • weebl 13/02/2014

    Vapourware Reply -4
  • CandySwipe dev: King "taking the food out of my family's mouth"

  • weebl 13/02/2014

    What kind of world do we live in where this is aloud to happen? Reply +1
  • Ikaruga shoots up Steam next week

  • weebl 13/02/2014

    @Deionarra Agreed, but just need Rez HD porting to PC / PS3 / PS4 first. Reply 0
  • Watch Dogs delayed again on Wii U

  • weebl 11/02/2014

    @JamieR the trouble is, the WiiU should be a platform for third parties to release interesting new IP on, making the most of the featureset of the console. If they have already lost faith, there's a huge amount of software you'll miss out on. Reply +2
  • weebl 11/02/2014

    Remember: it's nobody's fault but Nintendo's. Expecting to get sales without a decent software development phase, attractive offers for publishers and good marketing were the biggest mistakes Nintendo could have made. Reply +2
  • Why the creator of Flappy Bird pulled the game from sale

  • weebl 11/02/2014

    Could it just be that by getting the game pulled he would get more players and for a longer duration than letting the phase burn out over time? He'd probably make more money by doing something like this than it naturally winding down in a few week's time. Reply +1
  • Flappy Bird clones flood App Store, now with in-app purchases

  • weebl 10/02/2014

    Although the whole situation disgusts me, there is a delicious irony in the fact that most of the clones look more original than the one they were copying in the first place.

    I'd hate to be a genuinely honest mobile games developer right now - you've got no chance of success. Pack it up and get the Vita SDK instead.
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  • Gone Home has sold 250K copies

  • weebl 08/02/2014

    @losaa I must be tripping balls - it's called "Serena". Not sure where I got After Though from! Reply +1
  • weebl 08/02/2014

    Probably not a popular opinion, but I found the game to be seriously overrated. I found a lot more emotional impact in the recent free Steam release "After Thought". Reply 0
  • Savour the Wii U and Vita - they're our new Dreamcasts

  • weebl 01/02/2014

    The Dreamcast had a much richer wealth of quality games than both though, some of which drew on Sega's much loved arcade heritage. So no, they're not. Reply +67
  • Iwata isn't Nintendo's problem. It's Miyamoto

  • weebl 25/01/2014

    Could it just be that Nintendo is Myamoto and what we are seeing is the winding down of everything that makes a Nintendo game just as he prepares for retirement? Sure, he can try and pass off his ideas to a younger team but I'm afraid it doesn't work like that. Their going to muddy the vision that he set off with and these classic Nintendo franchises are going to lose their appeal, bit by bit.

    It's difficult to say what Nintendo should do to remedy the situation. New platforms are out of the question - nobody would buy them so soon after the 3DS or WiiU. New games would be the obvious answer, but not Nintendo's idea of what this means. I think they should court Japanese small and indie developers and give them attractive contracts to fast track new game ideas. What they need is new original games fast and this is the best way of achieving this.

    Secondarily I think Nintendo should reach out to all of the struggling Japanese developers like Cave and Treasure to bring them under their umbrella. Not only would this please true gamers, it would bolster Nintendo's reputation in Japan. They need to be exclusive contracts obviously, and not a hark back to the abysmal contracts that Nintendo made publishers sign, especially during the 90's.

    Anyway, sorry for the ramble. Those are my thoughts on the situation.
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  • Watch Oculus Rift let people virtually swap bodies, genders

  • weebl 23/01/2014

    What I'd also find interesting is wearing a harness (stay with me on this) that had a camera positioned above and behind you so that you could live out your normal life with a third person viewpoint. That would be pretty crazy. Reply +3
  • Titanfall test gameplay footage hits the internet

  • weebl 20/01/2014

    It looks good, but not "throw 425 down on a console I didn't want in the first place" good. Reply +24
  • Several Steam Machines' specs and prices revealed

  • weebl 07/01/2014

    I thought Valve were more forward thinking than to embark on a pointless endeavour such as this, but it seems to be happening regardless... Reply -1
  • Watch Nvidia's new mobile chip run Unreal Engine 4

  • weebl 06/01/2014

    Battery life < 10 minutes. And no decent control input. Just because it can be done does it mean it should be done. Reply +5