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  • Trials Fusion has day one patch to boost Xbox One resolution

  • weaselrat 14/04/2014

    When is the review of this out? Reply +7
  • A glimpse at The Last of Us Remastered on PS4

  • weaselrat 10/04/2014

    Looks nice Reply 0
  • The Last of Us: Remastered for PS4 revealed

  • weaselrat 09/04/2014

    I am soooooooooooo happy. I regret selling my PS3 because I never got to play this. Now if dark souls 2 gets announced soon I think I may just cry Reply +43
  • Kinect Sports Rivals review

  • weaselrat 08/04/2014

    I had a feeling this was going to be the case. I own an xbox one, wii u and ps4. I have to admit I am most disappointed by my one at the mo. Come Microsoft get your act together Reply +11
  • Almost inFamous: Nate Fox talks Second Son

  • weaselrat 19/03/2014

    When are we getting the review?? Reply +21
  • Video: EA Sports shows off its next-gen UFC fighters

  • weaselrat 19/03/2014

    Ronda rousey and Miesha Tate Ohhhh yeeaaaaaahhhhh Reply +2
  • Sony shows off 79.99 PlayStation 4 wireless headset

  • weaselrat 03/02/2014


    They must be the same earphones my wife wears in bed :-(
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  • weaselrat 03/02/2014

    If u can't afford these plug your stereo earphones from your smartphone (I use my galaxy ones) into the ps4 pad. You can have both chat and stereo surround through them by changing the controller options to all audio and it is a pretty good alternative Reply +7
  • Sony: UK PS4 to Xbox One sales ratio is 1.5:1

  • weaselrat 02/02/2014


    which is weaselrat
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  • weaselrat 02/02/2014


    check out my gamertag on psn and xbox live then and then you can ssshhhhhhhhhhhhhuuuuussssshhhhhh
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  • weaselrat 01/02/2014


    I am keeping my wii u for the classics and download arcade. Sold my xbox one because the games on it are pretty much the same that you get on the ps4 but I prefer the console with more power and higher res/frame rate/better exclusives. Even a slight drop in quality on my 65 inch panny is noticeable plus the sharpening that the one uses is hideous. I bought ass creed and bf4 on each to compare them and the difference is very noticeable.
    I have a decent console for me and the wiiu offers games at the mo that neither Sony or Microsoft can.
    I'll possibly consider buying the next xbox one model with a lower price but at the moment I am glad I sold it. Underpowered and overpriced. I'm gutted really because I was a 360 guy and feel I have been shit on by Microsoft.

    Oh yeah forgot to say your comment was about as funny as the time I had a lumbar puncture...
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  • weaselrat 30/01/2014

    Sold my xbox one. Keeping my ps4 and wiiu.
    Was really let down by Microsoft
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  • PSN buckling under pressure of EU PS4 launch

  • weaselrat 29/11/2013

    @TheMoodyBlue thanks. I consider myself a big gaming fan. Never brought myself to a gaming pc but I will. Worked hard play harder and I'm in it for the games. Everyone add me because I'm not a hater. Its all about the games for me.Enjoy Reply +2
  • weaselrat 29/11/2013

    Guys I had nothing but problems with my xbox one for the first few days especially on bf4 and fifa. I have a 60mb connection too Reply 0
  • weaselrat 29/11/2013

    I now own a ps4 as well as xbox one. Both have had similar problems on launch day but I would like to give the following non fanboy comments. Xbox one is clearly a capable machine and geared for all round use. At the mo I am addicted to dead rising and kinect fitness. However I have sold nba 2k14 and bf4 and bought the ps 4 versions. Why!!??? Because I love the vita remote play and there is something about the ps4 that just makes it feel for the hardcore gamer. I love both and will keep both but I tell you what, live broadcasting and the ps4 controllers are hot. The xbox one is smooth and sleek. I honestly cannot choose between either as they both have massive strengths. None of this is bullshit if you check me out on both you will see I own both. weaselrat is my gamertag. This generation is win win. I game on a 65 inch panasonic so the higher pixel count does benefit me on the ps4 versions. I hope you all enjoy your consoles and if you want any unbiased questions answered please message me either on live or psn or here. Much love to all of you Reply +17
  • Forza Motorsport 5 review

  • weaselrat 20/11/2013

    Sooooo glad I went for rivals and cancelled this. I will be all over Forza 6 though Reply +4
  • Full length trailer for the Need for Speed movie looks stupid/amazing

  • weaselrat 19/11/2013

    Pinkmaaaaaaaaaaaaaan Reply +11
  • Dead Rising 3 review

  • weaselrat 18/11/2013

    I have plenty of sense but I am also a gadget freak with the money to buy both of these consoles at launch because I work hard so why shouldn't I? Come to think of it why shouldn't anyone if they can afford them and want to. I could be out pissing my money up the walls and getting into fights but choose to spend my money on tangible property that I get long term enjoyment from! I believe I speak for all the early adopters when I say ''OUR BAD''............... Reply +2
  • Next-Gen Now: Killzone Shadow Fall, Resogun and Knack

  • weaselrat 16/11/2013

    That killzone guy is a BANE wannabe. I have shadowfall coming with my mega bundle but I have already ebayed it so I can play assassins creed 4. Got an xbox one night this week and a ps4 one the following. Cannot wait for them to arrive because I sold my PS3 and 360 2 months ago to help funding. 2 months with just a vita is hard Reply -11
  • Face-Off Preview: Need for Speed: Rivals on PS4 and Xbox One

  • weaselrat 15/11/2013

    More trees in the background on the PS4!! Man that is going to ruin the game just BLOODY RUIN IT ON THE XBOX ONE AAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! not (Have some of you heard yourselves)

    Negged by ps4 fanboys yet I have the Xbox one and Ps4 mega bundle coming you are laughable and must have massively empty lives if something as important as the odd shadow and a tree in the distance gives you a boner
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  • weaselrat 15/11/2013

    I have a launch PS4 and launch xbox one coming. I am using the PS4 for it's awesome exclusives and games I want remote play with like AC4. I am using the xbox one as the family console and onliner with my mates as so many have ordered one. This game being near identical is a win for all gamers and I can live with 30fps.
    Those waiting for drive club (as am I) does it have cops mode then because this is quite a unique selling point for this game..... Everyone loves being a cop.
    Skipping Forza for now and prob get this for the one and wait for drive club on the ps4 as it does look good
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  • Knack review

  • weaselrat 13/11/2013

    @slowbots Never mind the bloody sheep
    WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY....hatty hatty hatto ho buy a PS4 hatty hatty ho
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  • weaselrat 13/11/2013

    I was hoping this was going to be great so my little girl could play it with me. Oh dang guess I will have to get NBA 2K14 and she's just gonna have to respec dis baller the cry baby Reply +4
  • Watch Dead Rising 3's most ridiculous weapons in action

  • weaselrat 10/11/2013

    I thought I was going to discuss DR3 when I got to the comments section but I seem to have stumbled into PC world. ''Pass me the tissues Mavis, my super tower is about to explode'' (looks at camera wearing black thick rimmed specs sporting a greasy combover whilst biting one side of his bottom lip and then fade to credits with camp electronic music and fake applause) Reply 0
  • Face-Off Preview: Battlefield 4 next-gen vs. PC

  • weaselrat 30/10/2013

    @StooMonster I used to get hypnotised by those patterns. just stare at my essentials test disc patterns now telling myself I could get more from the tv. You are right though, mine just have so much pop. I send the wife mad though Reply 0
  • weaselrat 30/10/2013

    @StooMonster mine are all outputting fine unless I have been conned. Even though they are done to rec 709 standard or as close too I still sometimes wonder if they have shifted a little over time. Wouldn't mind a re measuring but don't know anyone with the equipment so would have to pay again. Reply 0
  • weaselrat 30/10/2013

    @StooMonster Perhaps I should have reworded that. Each input is calibrated rather than fiddling with the consoles. So every input has gamma, white balance, colour space etc all adjusted. My Vt runs the xbox and can be fully calibrated for gaming and the ST is calibrated albeit there are fewer options like 10 point etc unless you get into the service menu. I have friends who constantly switch between super white etc on ps3 and the reference levels on 360 but never seem to be happy. Yes it cost me money and would probably be cheaper to by some starter gear myself but peace of mind knowing it is the best it can look lets me get on with gaming as small things
    really bug me......( said as I look in my pants and cry)
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  • weaselrat 30/10/2013

    Maybe it's time for an adult only site to be created. A healthy debate is always good but most of you on here argue like children in a playground with an equally weak grasp on the english language. ''MY DAD IZ TOUGHISTER THAN YOUR DAD IZ'' WELL MY DAD AZ MORE AIR ON IZ WILLY WONKA''. Reply -1
  • weaselrat 30/10/2013

    I always find leaving my 360 and PS3 at factory settings and adjusting my tv's works better. There are several combinations on these consoles that cause crushed blacks or clipping whites so it is best to adjust the picture per input. And no I don't have shit tv's, I own a panny 65vt65 and a 65st50. Both top level tv's and calibrated. I think we should wait for the final versions and whichever console you own, just enjoy the game. I have a PS4 and one pre ordered but my xbox one comes with BF4. Yes I would like higher res especially on a monster screen but I will still love playing it with my mates. When my PS4 arrives, I have killzone to keep me busy and will make use of the vita remote play.
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  • Crytek: the next generation

  • weaselrat 26/10/2013

    @evnewell Yep I know but now and again you will find me in the street shouting at brick walls wearing a coat stained with vomit and dogs piss starting fights with myself.

    SPAM drives me insane in other words.
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  • weaselrat 26/10/2013

    @kovada08 Firstly f##k off. Secondly. If your buddys best friends sister is even real and not just a scam, I imagine the money she made on her laptop involved a web cam. YEAH THAT'S RIGHT. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM. Reply +10
  • PS4 and Xbox One both support eight-player party chat at launch

  • weaselrat 25/10/2013

    Argos have the ps4 demo unit in store now. The controller has really improved and I can def see me using it for fps now whereas it always used to be the xbox for preference. I really really don't know which console is going to be for me next gen Reply +3
  • Sony confirms PlayStation 4 Killzone, Camera, second DualShock bundle for UK

  • weaselrat 10/10/2013

    Got mine ordered from argos guaranteed for launch day. They offered it to new orders so I cancelled my shopto because I received an email from them saying it was unlikely I would be offered one. Reply 0
  • weaselrat 28/09/2013

    All just to let you know. Argos are offering the killzone megabundle to persons that haven't preordered. Guaranteed launch day stock. 449.99 online order for home delivery only. GET IN!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply +1
  • weaselrat 26/09/2013

    @breaking_good what gameseek? or this package? Reply 0
  • weaselrat 26/09/2013

    Anyone on here ever used gameseek.co.uk??? Never ordered with them before and they have mixed feedback so want to know any feedback? Reply +2
  • weaselrat 26/09/2013

    I just bought the PS3 GTA console pack as my fatty bombatty PS3 blew up. To my surprise it was a solid boxed copy of GTA5 inside next to the console so my hopes are high for this pack. Goooooooooo Sony.
    Win win for whichever side you buy into now
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  • Xbox One will let you upload clips to YouTube and Facebook next year

  • weaselrat 25/09/2013

    @GodofDuty tiny sagging cat tit? Reply +1
  • Grand Theft Auto Online micro-transactions spotted

  • weaselrat 24/09/2013

    Rockstar should be giving me in game money for inconveniences caused from the following incident just now:

    I spend what can only be described as a ludicrous amount of money on a car then pimping it to max.
    I drove to my next meeting with the feds and when I got out of the car I ran into someone by accident. He punched me so I thought I would be a smart ass and call the police whilst standing on the roof of my car.
    Whilst waiting for the police to turn up and as I was laughing at the guy trying to abuse me so I would come down from my car...some punk jump in my car and made off at speed. I tried to pursue him in a Cadillac I jacked from an innocent waiting at the lights but just couldn't keep up. Car gone, money gone. Didn't save it in my garage :-(
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  • FIFA 14 review

  • weaselrat 24/09/2013

    Apologies all. Had some friends at mine yesterday and clearly one of the handpumps thought it was a good idea to use my laptop in their never ending quest of being a twat. Reply -1
  • Grand Theft Auto 5 review

  • weaselrat 16/09/2013

    @weejok Wait for the faceoff Reply +1
  • FIFA 14 and PES 2014 demos go live

  • weaselrat 11/09/2013

    Played 12 games on the FIFA 14 demo now. It plays a lot more like pro evo. It is more physical and the ball does feel independent of the players. This is a good thing and once mastered it could be a great game. Lots of new touches and movement. Players behave a lot more intelligently instead of just staring at balls passing by them. Might have to but both FIFA and PES this year Reply +1
  • Microsoft still hopes for Xbox One digital game trading

  • weaselrat 05/09/2013

    Everyone is here because we all share a common interest...GAMES!! So why does it matter what your console or PC preference is? Why do some of you feel the need to be so abusive to each other!!?
    From here on those who behave in this way will be branded with either or both of the following titles...

    Buy one,both or all!! Just enjoy (Please feel free to use the word NOBBER or DEREK and let us fight this bitter battle of immaturity to the end)

    Tally ho chaps
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  • Xbox One release date announced

  • weaselrat 05/09/2013

    Everyone is here because we all share a common interest...GAMES!! So why does it matter what your console or PC preference is? Why do some of you feel the need to be so abusive to each other!!?
    From here on those who behave in this way will be branded with the following title...

    Buy one,both or all!! Just enjoy
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  • Watch us play Splinter Cell: Blacklist from 5pm BST

  • weaselrat 30/08/2013

    I am loving this game. If you want to play it super stealthy then you can. I feel like the grim reaper with the way I take peoples lives from the shadows. BOOOOOM you just got grimmed! Reply 0
  • Watch the Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer reveal live

  • weaselrat 14/08/2013

    Don't think you can stay long enough to blow up in cranked. Seems not too well through out apart from preventing camping Reply 0
  • weaselrat 14/08/2013

    Battlefield chatter copied. #original Reply 0
  • weaselrat 14/08/2013

    Mantling!! Never saw that half a decade ago on other games. Leading the way with this one Reply 0
  • weaselrat 14/08/2013

    Two singe bits of destruction on one map with a predefined point of explosion. Wow........not Reply 0
  • weaselrat 14/08/2013

    Ok. Cranked and search and rescure are welcome additions Reply 0