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  • At the moment, Astroneer is a fascinating inversion of typical sci-fi wonder

  • wanted_0012 03/01/2017

    You know what would make this article better? A video with some footage. Obviously I can go to youtube and look, but you know.

    Looks a cool little game.
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  • First-person astronaut game Adr1ft launches on PC in March

  • wanted_0012 07/01/2016

    @frightlever First footage I've seen but I'm pretty sure it would have a similar affect on me! Reply 0
  • Battlefield 4's Night Operations DLC sneaks out in September

  • wanted_0012 06/08/2015

    @Binba442 Wouldn't that be 160? Reply +6
  • In Theory: Nintendo GameCube remasters on Wii U

  • wanted_0012 25/04/2015

    Doshin the Giant?

    Seriously though, F-Zero would be incredible. I played that and rogue leader again recently and they both hold together amazingly well. F-Zero is long overdue.
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  • Duke Nukem 3D dev re-reveals action RPG Bombshell

  • wanted_0012 03/03/2015

    Hadn't seen the original trailer before, is that really from last year? Looks awfully dated.

    The new one looks more promising but I don't think this is going to be a game for me.
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  • Half-Life 2: 10 years on

  • wanted_0012 16/11/2014

    The facial animation was amazing for it's time and still it. It's all about the eyes. Love HL2. Reply +7
  • Who needs games: PlayStation 4's first year

  • wanted_0012 15/11/2014

    Can we get one of these articles for the Wii U too please? Reply +2
  • Two discs "wasn't practical" for Halo: Master Chief Collection

  • wanted_0012 20/10/2014

    There's probably not a case designed to hold two disks or something stupid like that. Can't imagine the cost of the disk itself is prohibitive. More likely they are just shifting cost onto the consumer. Reply -1
  • Shovel Knight heads to 3DS and Wii U in Europe next month

  • wanted_0012 15/10/2014

    This does look great, can't wait! Reply 0
  • Frozen Synapse Prime gets a September release date

  • wanted_0012 05/09/2014

    @Cosmitz I was thinking exactly that when I watched the video, loved the simple original visuals. This has lost some of it's charm for me.

    But I'll probably buy it anyway.
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  • A few extraordinary pledges secure Areal Kickstarter success

  • wanted_0012 21/07/2014

    Has anyone pressed the "Report this project to Kickstarter" button at the bottom of the page yet? Reply +4
  • Yoshi's Woolly World has two-player, out 2015

  • wanted_0012 10/06/2014

    Watching this puts a big smile on my face :) Absolutely love the look and the sounds! Reply +5
  • Nintendo unveils Wii U GameCube controller adapter

  • wanted_0012 29/05/2014

    @CynicalMe2 That is exactly what I was thinking :D Despite having a PS4 I've been playing my GameCube the most recently. Favourite controller ever. Reply +11
  • Ex-WayForward staff announce charming platformer Adventures of Pip

  • wanted_0012 10/05/2014

    This looks pretty cool! Love the concept. Reply +2
  • Valve hauls "scam" Earth: Year 2066 from Steam Early Access

  • wanted_0012 06/05/2014

    Valve has said Early Access is "the way games should be made"
    I'd like to see Valve putting some games through early access.
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  • Arma 3 dev offers €500,000 to modders in Make Arma Not War contest

  • wanted_0012 07/12/2013

    @ShiftyGeezer Maybe the 200k prize is unfair if there is no 2nd/3rd place. But still, usually people make mods our of love (or trying to get a job) for no money at all.

    Massive assumption on my part but it's possible they could split the prize if there really are two entries that are equally great - that's not out of the question. Either way they would probably all be offered contracts out of it.

    I just think this sort of competition should be encouraged rather than slated. It's a platform for people to get noticed.
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  • wanted_0012 06/12/2013

    @ShiftyGeezer It's not really unfair is it, they could not give any money to anyone... Reply 0
  • Steam expands beyond games in September

  • wanted_0012 08/08/2012

    Maybe they will do something ironic like start selling origin installers :D Reply +2
  • Gaikai won't just be used for Sony's games machines - Andrew House

  • wanted_0012 05/07/2012

    @cw- I hope you're right. I'd actually hate that to happen. It just crossed my mind that they might be able to sidestep licensing issues somehow because the game is being run somewhere else. Reply 0
  • wanted_0012 04/07/2012

    Anyone know if it's possible that Sony could use this to stream games that aren't originally from Sony devices? What I'm getting at is could the next Play Station have the ability to stream Nintendo's games? Reply -2
  • Total War: Rome 2 live-action video evokes Gladiator

  • wanted_0012 03/07/2012

    I'm well up for this, Rome is by far my favourite Total War! Reply 0
  • Sony: Why Vita gives us an advantage over Wii U

  • wanted_0012 19/06/2012

    @HotCoffee is exactly right, devs don't know that people have both devices (and possibly both games on both devices for cross platform stuff?) so it will always be an afterthought that some people may use.

    Nintendo have that same cross console relationship between the 3DS and WiiU if they want it. So I guess your point is kinda moot then, Scott.
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  • Exclusive Rayman Legends Wii U gameplay

  • wanted_0012 13/06/2012

    Thought that looked great, I'm wondering how it works in single player too though. Reply +1
  • Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon confirmed as downloadable

  • wanted_0012 07/06/2012

    This looks quality, I'm considering a 3Ds because of this... Reply 0
  • Nintendo "human resources" must approve your Miiverse posts

  • wanted_0012 07/06/2012

    Next they are going to announce that all these moderators will be funded by entirely unobtrusive advertisement popups... Reply 0
  • Wii U to support two GamePads

  • wanted_0012 05/06/2012

    It's actually a good way of handling it. They could say it's not allowed to affect the frame rate, and then all devs would have to leave enough processing overhead in order to accomodate a 2nd controller video stream that may never be used. So quality would have to be lower all the time.

    This 60fps thing though, does anyone know if thats all games, or just nintendo games?
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  • Ubisoft teases Nintendo Wii U line-up trailer

  • wanted_0012 05/06/2012

    Zombie U and rayman both look pretty good.

    Wish that Assassins Creed trailer would fuck off now though.
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  • Nintendo's E3 2012 Conference

  • wanted_0012 05/06/2012

    Come on Shigsy, show me the magic! Reply 0
  • wanted_0012 05/06/2012

    @NeonStorm plus 1 to that! If they show a new f-zero I'll get a pre-order in. Reply 0
  • PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale trailer

  • wanted_0012 05/06/2012

    @zoweewowee I see what you did there.

    Game looks like ... smash bros. Only without the Nintendo magic. Not sure about that.
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  • Splinter Cell: Blacklist confirmed

  • wanted_0012 04/06/2012

    Not sure what to make of that, I liked conviction. It wasn't a proper SC game, I much preferred the earlier ones. It was more Bourne than Splinter Cell. But I knew that before I played it so didn't mind so much.

    This is just weird, looks like old SP (in the day), plays like a cross between Conviction and Assassins. Far to high paced. I want to be able to sneak through the game and only have to kill people if I fuck up and get seen.

    It could still be good, it's just no what I was hoping for. As others have said, I wish they would call it Conviction2 and make a proper SC game as well. Or better still, buy the Bourne license and make a game that does it justice.

    Maybe Michael Ironside wants to go back to the old formula and wouldn't let Ubi use his voice for this :p
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  • Watch the Halo 4 live gameplay demo

  • wanted_0012 04/06/2012

    @X3Entente I was totally thinking the same thing. The enemy design, environments, different visors, it's all a bit Metroid Prime. Not that that's a bad thing, Prime was awesome. And this is looking top notch too. Reply +2
  • GameCube celebrates 10th birthday in the UK

  • wanted_0012 03/05/2012

    Loved the gamecube, it's up there with the N64 for me. Hardly used my wii since i got bored of wii sports tennis and realised the remote didn't really work for me with FPS.

    Xbox may have been more powerful on paper but in reality there was very little difference if any, nintendo did a cracking job with everything other than marketing!

    Metroid Prime, F-Zero GX, Wind Waker, PN03, Rogue Leader (one of the best launch games ever surely??), Pikmin, Resi remake, Resi4, Smash Bros Brawl, Time Splitters 2, Viewtiful Joe, Metal Gear remake...
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  • PC gamers get playable Arma 3 build post-E3

  • wanted_0012 23/02/2012

    Great news, I gave up on ARMA 2 after about 2 weeks of trying to get through the early stages with some mates in co-op. It was so close to being brilliant but just too buggy. Reply 0
  • David Braben discusses consumer Raspberry Pi release

  • wanted_0012 10/02/2012

    @lavalant I think the point is it's cheap enough for both schools and parents to buy. It could be a laptop, but that's going to bump the prove up significantly. Reply +1
  • Anno 2070's weirdo DRM is working as intended

  • wanted_0012 20/01/2012

    Oh man, I've defended Ubisoft and their 'always-on-internet' DRM before but I can't justify this. So if I install this game, change my graphics card, then format my pc I wont be able to use it?

    WTF is wrong with you Ubisoft? If you ever do that to Assassins Creed games I promise I'll stop buying them..
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  • Syndicate four-player co-op demo trailer

  • wanted_0012 17/01/2012

    As someone who has never played the earlier syndicate games, I really like the look of this. From the gameplay footage i've seen it looks like the perfect sort of game to play through in co-op too.

    I also quite like the art style they are going for. I think it's the holographic overlays on the weapons and the way the rest of the hud moves. Could just be me on that though..
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  • Stalker 2 not cancelled says dev GSC

  • wanted_0012 12/01/2012

    Best news all week :)

    I was actually upset when it looked like it wasn't going to happen, it was almost like how I'd feel if valve came out and said "we're not going to do Half Life 3 after all". (Please don't do that Valve)
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  • Steam claims 100% sales growth in 2011

  • wanted_0012 07/01/2012

    @TrevHead I realize some games will be cheaper retail. CoD games are priced stupid on steam, the original MW is still 20 for god sake :S

    Deus ex however is 30 not 45, I got it a bit cheaper than that at launch because I pre-ordered. And if you looked in the xmas sale I believe it had 50% off so was down to 15.

    I guess I just prefer to get games from steam because of the convenience, I always had a real problem with having to put the CD in the drive to play a game I've already installed on my computer, I'd rather have Ubisoft style DRM (I feel dirty saying that!).

    So I guess what I'm saying is if you pick your moment steam has some bargains. And even if it is more expensive I will use steam where I can (got BF3 from amazon as it was a 15 less than origin) because of the convenience and I like the service.

    Having said all that, I don't buy many pc games at launch anymore, mainly because of the crazy sales and the fact I've bought so many 3 games I haven't got round to playing yet. Deus ex was the last one.

    Each to their own I guess. I personally value my game collection being on the steam cloud where I can access it from different machines with no hassle and don't have to worry about disks getting scratched or lost or where to store all the damn boxes!
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  • wanted_0012 06/01/2012

    @CaptainKid Seriously, check out the seasonal sales on Steam, lots of things are way cheaper than retail. DNF was 3.74 in the steam Xmas sale, it's 18 on play.com or 5.89 on amazon.co.uk with free delivery so you'll get it in about 7 days time.

    And who actually wants a box these days anyway? Personally I love the fact that the games are already in a format I can use them in. When I used to buy CD's I used to rip them to mp3 straight away. When I get a new DVD I make a digital copy and watch that. When I was buying boxed games I'd install it then find a no cd crack ... It's just more convenient!
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  • Games of 2011: Deus Ex: Human Revolution

  • wanted_0012 28/12/2011


    I played through stealth, trying not to be seen by anyone. When I got to that section I stopped sneaking and went nuts with my silenced pistol. Just because you played through the game being stealthy doesn't mean you had to do that section stealthy. In fact you pretty much didn't need to even try to save Malik at all.

    And I've got to say the controls were anything bug clunky (on the PC anyway). Some animations were a bit sketchy, but nothing as bad as PS2. Quality game, I loved every second apart from the first boss.

    That section with Malik and the chopper is awful. The game gives you no way of prepping for that so that you can approach it any way that you choose.

    Thats the whole point! Your hover copter thing just got unexpectedly shot down, you shouldn't have time to choose your loadout and prepare for it. If you want to start a level with exactly the right equipment and be lead down a path showing you exactly how to do things then go and play COD. Or the BF3 single player for that matter.
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  • Saturday Soapbox: Bring On The Next Generation

  • wanted_0012 17/12/2011

    There seems to be a lot of talk about a lack of innovation in games at the moment. Or as some people have stated, lack of innovation in AAA games. The way I see it, this is because of the sheer cost and time needed to make a game at the moment. The current consoles are powerful enough to mean that a massive amount of effort is required to make a game that meets the expectation of gamers round the world.

    The next gen wont fix this. If anything it will make the situation worse, budgets will increase, time to make a game will increase. The risk of creating new IP will increase.

    This is the reason that innovation is moving to mobile devices (iphone, ipad etc). The costs are lower, people expect less, the risk of doing something new is less. OK the cost of the games is also less so there is less profit for every game sold, but studios get to take a punt on a new idea without a huge risk. If it doesn't sell then they can move onto something else.

    Angry birds or flight control didn't take 3 years and multiple millions to make, and look where they ended up.

    These new less powerful platforms give indie devs somewhere to compete and they are making use of it. I just hope it filters up the chain.
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  • Stalker 2 dev: "we will do our best to continue"

  • wanted_0012 12/12/2011

    No! I've been waiting patiently for Stalker 2, loved all of them so far, they totally nailed the atmosphere in the games, the shooty bits, customizable kit. I really hope someone else picks this up if they do close, totally looking forward to what they could do with a new engine. Reply +3
  • Syndicate Agent Tools trailer

  • wanted_0012 01/12/2011

    @djkav - Does the video actually work for you? Or are you just trolling without even watching it ...? Reply +4
  • More tracks spotted in Mario Kart 7 trailer

  • wanted_0012 27/10/2011

    wtf is up with the uncharted twitter feed down the side of my page? I really don't get the new site design, you seem to have gone for a minimalist clean look. But then thought, shit, theres not enough stuff, and just gone nuts cramming heaps of crap in.

    And the video player is a shambles, I have to wait 2 minutes to pre-load a frikkin uncharted advert that refuses to stream, before I get to the actual video I want, which does stream. Whats wrong with you people.

    Mario kart looks great though, loving the new mallet weapon :) Not sure about the the first person bits though.
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  • Kirby's Adventure Wii gameplay

  • wanted_0012 16/10/2011

    That looks ... quality. Between this and Zelda I'm going to be giving the Wii a dust down for Xmas! Reply 0
  • EGTV: Modern Warfare 3

  • wanted_0012 10/10/2011


    They would need a new engine for that though and we all know they aren't interested in a new engine. Why get a new cow when there's still more milk left in the one you have?
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  • DICE details top 10 BF3 beta issues

  • wanted_0012 07/10/2011


    Stick to COD then mate.

    It's kinda funny all the ps3/360 guys kicking off because the game doesn't look as good on their platform as it does on PC. How can you possibly expect it to? The sheer processing power difference between the consoles and the kind of PC that can run BF3 at full spec is massive. Dice have said all along PC is lead platform for BF3. If you have limited hardware it's just not possible to have everything.

    Console was lead platform for Bad Company 2. It's only fair PC gets a turn!

    The only reason I think PC is lead for this is because this console generation has gone on for so long. I haven't upgraded the CPU in my PC in about 4 years and the graphics card in about 3 which is the longest period either have gone without an upgrade before. And the reason is nobody has been pushing PC games forward since the original Crysis came out.

    I've been waiting years for a game that wont run properly on my computer. Good work DICE!
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  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution DLC vid

  • wanted_0012 24/09/2011

    "It is a lazy cash in,this should of been in the original game but thanks to the xbox it was cut."

    I love how the sony fanboys have jumped on the "my optical format is bigger than your optical format" bandwaggon all of a sudden. The only thing that might have been cut because of the xbox DVD format is the resolution of the cut scene videos. At well over 30 hours of game play you can hardly accuse Eidos of cutting out levels so they can flog a "lazy cash in". And at 5 hours long with engine improvements it doesn't look lazy at all.

    I personally can't wait to hand over a few more quid, it looks great.
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  • Battlefield 3 blasts out new teaser

  • wanted_0012 10/09/2011


    Surely though, if everyone is playing at the same frame rate, then whether is it 30 or 60 or 791 becomes completely irrelevant? I'm sure most of us here have played goldeneye on the N64 right, anyone remember how the framerate used to drop to about 4fps when an explosion went off? Same thing, everyone is in the same boat, so it's not a disadvantage.

    You can't have everything, if DICE made it 60 fps on console then they would have to drastically drop the resolution or level of detail or something else instead, and then you would be on here slating some other aspect of it.

    Personally I think DICE are doing a great job of this, it looks great on the PS3, and they are pushing PC hardware as far as it will go at the same time. Would you rather they didn't bother making you a console version at all?

    I'm pretty sure lots of the PC guys on here that have been stuck for the last 4 years with almost every cross platform game not taking advantage of extra horsepower a PC would.

    Stick to COD, I think it's probably best all round. x
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