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  • Chaos Reborn leaves Early Access at the end of the month

  • vert1go 08/10/2015

    I keep thinking how perfect a Wii U or 3DS title Chaos would make. Reply +1
  • vert1go 08/10/2015

    Eurogamer casts Chaos Reborn review: AVOID.
    Spell succeeds
    vert1go casts disbelieve illusion
    Spell succeeds.
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  • Star Wars: Battlefront beta data-mined, Leia, Han Solo and Emperor found

  • vert1go 08/10/2015

    I cannot believe how terrible these are.
    Spared no expense, huh EA?
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  • Prison Architect review

  • vert1go 07/10/2015

    James "Jimmy" Bourne?
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  • Star Wars: Battlefront beta already being live-streamed

  • vert1go 06/10/2015

    ahead of the upcoming JJ Abrams excretion
    Fixed for director accuracy.
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  • Super Mario Advance 4's rare e-Reader levels recreated in Mario Maker

  • vert1go 06/10/2015

    Reminder: Going to the user's profile page makes downloading a LOT easier than entering dozens of codes. Reply +5
  • Rock Band 4 review

  • vert1go 05/10/2015

    @riceNpea So you want to get down on your knees and start... pleasing Jesus?
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  • Pokémon lawyers pursue party-planning Pokéfan for $4k payout

  • vert1go 05/10/2015

    Gotta catch 'em all*!

    *And then drag them through the courts for copyright infringement.
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  • Lego Dimensions review

  • vert1go 05/10/2015

    Yeah! And if I've paid several hundred quid for a TV or console I shouldn't have to pay anything more to enjoy all the content and games I want either!

    Or is that in fact an incredibly stupid way to look at it when you've just thrown £80 at a GAME supporting what you don't approve of in the first place?
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  • The Beginner's Guide review

  • vert1go 03/10/2015

    As someone who adored The Stanley Parable and Gone Home (the "game I wish I'd made") and so clearly enjoy these "things"... I just didn't with this. It felt too `designed to be liked-odd`. It tried too hard and all I'm left with afterward is... Okay? Is that all it was? And sadly the answer seems to be yes. It does veer into that slightly overly pretentious "I want this to be TALKED ABOUT" trap - right up to becoming cliche with a `melancholy ending song`. I don't feel any need to ever go back to it, and I haven't particularly come away with the impression this had any great deep insight to make, or really that there was even much point to it existing.

    Perhaps in this case "a thing" is literally all it is. I find that kind of sad.
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  • Criterion founders tease Burnout spiritual successor

  • vert1go 02/10/2015

    It was never the same without the GameCube's digital click. Reply -2
  • Tony Hawks Pro Skater 5 review

  • vert1go 02/10/2015

    "`Avoid`. Well guys... it's rarer than Essential or Recommended, so that makes it more coveted. Right team? Right..? I think we at Activision can hold our heads up and be PROUD of our work here."
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  • Introducing Home Free: a stray dog sim

  • vert1go 01/10/2015

    Some of you really are barking up the wrong tree with these dog jokes. Reply +3
  • New Consumer Rights Act puts gamers in the driving seat

  • vert1go 01/10/2015

    The Consumer Rights Act says goods must be:

    Satisfactory quality.
    Fit for purpose.
    So... Just how much compensation can we claim for every copy of Knack that was sold?
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  • Sony's Shu Yoshida talks the next 20 years of PlayStation

  • vert1go 30/09/2015

    the very first demo we provided was The Deep. It has no gameplay at all
    And as a gamer, spending hundreds on a dedicated videogame system, then similarly on a headset, that is exactly what we want, right folks? No gameplay - the FUTURE of games! Right..?
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  • The Stanley Parable creator reveals The Beginner's Guide

  • vert1go 29/09/2015

    Stanley thought it was incredibly sad that RoaringFolly felt that way towards what was a fantastically funny and clever PC title, and so did the narrator.

    Oh Stanley.
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  • U2 songs are in Rock Band 4

  • vert1go 28/09/2015

    Just wait for the announcement of Rock Band: U2 from Microsoft or Sony at E3.
    "...And we're giving it away FOR FREE and downloading it to YOUR systems RIGHT NOW!"
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  • Watch the Eurogamer Podcast special - and the rest of Sunday's EGX sessions

  • vert1go 28/09/2015

    Hyphen!™ Reply +3
  • Rich Stanton on: Year Walk and the future Nintendo predicted

  • vert1go 26/09/2015

    There are two things that are common misconceptions people seem to have about the Gamepad which utterly baffle me. The first is this idea that it was ever supposed to somehow replace a tablet, or that it was intended as one. To this day people refer to it as one. It's not and never was meant to be. There's a reason Nintendo called it a Gamepad and not a tablet - because that is the intended use of the device. It is a controller, which happens to have been designed with a screen (noted rightly - at last by someone! - to serve the off-tv play feature, as it was in literally all the promotional material at the first E3) or another screen for multiplayer, and as they could provide an extra user friendly input in touch by doing so, they did so too.

    It's no more a tablet than a DS or 3DS is a smartphone. People never refer to those as such, yet they offer for the most part the exact same extra functionality - the option of checking something in a browser and such - that the Gamepad does. It was never marketed or advertised in any way as being "a tablet". Right down to the first presentation and the name of the device. Gamepad.

    I do not understand why people were expecting some specific title or function that `sold` the device. It wasn't meant as anything other than offscreen use, and an extra input should developers choose to use it. That's what it was advertised as doing. Beyond that was people expecting for some reason that it was going to replace an idevice, which is something Nintendo never intended or even hinted at. The message was actually very clear. Gamepad. You play games on it. With it. Yet at the same time, nobody looks at the DS or 3DS line and has expected it to be a smartphone.

    The second thing is much easier, and much siller. This idea that the Gamepad is some sort of massive hulking beast of a thing, not meant for mortal hands because of its vast acreage. I can only assume people who state these things have never held one or they'd know that a) it is lighter than it appears and b) you `use that massive thing` the same way you drive a car - move your hands an entire few inches further apart than another controller. Amazingly, people cope with steering wheels all the time and don't find the `massive controller` a problem there...
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  • Just Cause 3 WingSuit app offers interactive 360 degree VR videos

  • vert1go 25/09/2015

    They could've thrown it on youtube at 1080p or even 4k and it would've been great for cardboard.
    (Cardboard owner with a nice large screen? Go get some 4K 360 panorama videos from youtube.)
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  • Dragon Age Inquisition: Game of the Year edition requires you to download all DLC

  • vert1go 25/09/2015

    I still think they should just go with "Full, Complete Game In A Box Edition". Reply +9
  • Umbrella Corps isn't the Resident Evil game you were hoping for

  • vert1go 25/09/2015

    its most famous series, Resident Evil
    Uh... the Street Fighter franchise would like a word with you there I feel pretty sure.
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  • Gear VR's consumer version will ship this November for $99

  • vert1go 25/09/2015

    @bad09 The way it turns out though, if you have a cardboard with good lenses that fill your FOV really well (and I don't know what Bander is talking about as my Note 3 outputs with no lag whatsoever...) the plastic versions tend to be a little more like watching on a big screen rather than `view filling you-are-there` experiences. Mileage may vary. Just be aware of it.

    Everyone interested in VR should try Cardboard. Try SBS 3d or 360 panorama videos from youtube. Try the Tuscany Dive demo which has excellent depth effects looking over the side of the staircase in the house, try cmoar's Cinema Pro for the experience of sitting in a virtual cinema watching your own films, or Titans of Space for a scale-showing tour of the solar system and beyond. Try the Space Shuttle `tech demo` - where standing in the cargo bay with the doors open literally made me feel like I should not breathe. Stream your PC games with Trinus VR. But know that you won't want to do it for long stretches, and you'll learn the same will be true for gaming on a headset. At a certain point, you won't want to be looking around constantly, and the awkwardness and limitations will be much more understandable.
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  • vert1go 24/09/2015

    Buy a cheap plastic `cardboard` substitute from ebay for around £15 then. Reply +5
  • Assassin's Creed Syndicate takes a leap towards inclusivity with the series' first transgender character

  • vert1go 24/09/2015

    Must've found some more resources down the back of the sofa again then. Reply +1
  • Forza Motorsport 6 review

  • vert1go 23/09/2015

    And it's GOOD NEWS!
    There's yet another Forza game, and it's out on Xbox One and taking the nation by storm!
    Great! Anyway...
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  • Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer review

  • vert1go 23/09/2015

    It's there they've mostly stayed, with Art Academy: Atelier
    A review of which is coming up, alongside Wii Fit U and Wii Sports Club, any day now I'm sure...
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  • On the hunt for Halo 5's spark

  • vert1go 23/09/2015

    Thank fuck, finally another sequel to a last gen game series with slightly prettier graphics! I was beginning to think we didn't have too many of them already. Reply -17
  • It looks like Super Mario Maker has a new hardest level

  • vert1go 23/09/2015

    These levels are neither "awesome" or difficult to make in any way bar being willing to sit and `test` your route works once before uploading. With the trails in the editor you can lay out the exact path with whatever margin of error you care to leave in (adding hazards that you hit if you `fail` to match it), and after that it's just adjusting the timing on the elements like that shell to make sure holding forward at the right angle will always hit it after it rebounds. Go into the editor and actually TRY to make a `hardest ever` like this. It is NOT hard to do. Finishing them is just a matter of guessing what that person wanted you to do in their little prescripted sequence of moves and being willing to sit there and redo until you get the script right.

    You don't play these levels. You copy a predetermined `win` path that has been set up to kill you if you don't match it with the degree of preciseness determined by the original creator - who already knows it.

    There's far more talent displayed in some of the levels in the EG forum thread for creating unique or "Mario-like" experiences that aren't just prefab `brutally hard` or autoplayer trash. Most have a clear mechanic, ways to learn it, and multiple routes or secrets for replayability. They feature actual gameplay, and some approach actual Nintendo constructed quality at times.
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  • Here's the Call of Duty Black Ops 3 1TB PS4

  • vert1go 23/09/2015

    Does look THAT bad. Reply -2
  • Street Fighter 5's PC system specs revealed

  • vert1go 22/09/2015

    All that RAM for a fighter? Not exactly texturing vast worlds with it, are they? Reply +8
  • Assassin's Creed Syndicate has an achievement for shooting horses

  • vert1go 22/09/2015

    I've produced an exclusive guide;

    Counterkill, Counterkill, Skip Cutscene, Counterkill, Counterkill, Skip Cutscene, Walk forward, Skip Cutscene, Counterkill, Counterkill, Counterkill.
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  • An ultra hard Mario Maker level beaten - after over 11K failed attempts

  • vert1go 21/09/2015

    A word of possible warning; My Wii U has just done a system update and immediately restarting Mario Maker led to the rather worrying "save data created" appeared and it opened up on the original 1-1 tutorial level. I do not know if continuing would have messed things up, but shutting off and rebooting the Wii U at that point might just have saved my save data from being lost.

    If you see the update you might want to do the same, just in case.
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  • Nintendo patents controller with shoulder scroll wheels

  • vert1go 18/09/2015

    Anyone here whose statement basically equates to `I want the same thing we've had before over again`, please do us a favour and leave gaming. Nintendo isn't for you. Thanks! :)

    Also, making a hard Mario level is not (ironically?) in any way shape or form hard to do. It's pathetically easy. It's also boring, just like the "auto player" levels (Place track that follows insane path, place interactive elements, place enemies to never intersect with predetermined route. Send player to sleep and go back to making cutscenes for games.) What is hard is making a challenging but fair and fun level... quite a few of which you can find in the EG forum thread for Mario Maker courses.
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  • vert1go 18/09/2015

    Wonder if these could be used as an alternative to analogue triggers in certain games. I could see them being used as a throttle/accelerator but can't quite see them as being durable enough long term - sooner or later that mechanism is just going to wear away. Interesting idea though.

    Or perhaps Nintendo is coming out with a new Tempest. With TWO ships controlled at once via the two scroll wheels.
    No? Darn.
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  • PES 2016 vs FIFA 16: a friendly comparison

  • vert1go 18/09/2015

    Why don't both just get it over with and release Fifa Maker/PES Maker? They can even keep money coming in with DLC each year inst... wait. Wait forget I suggested this. DO NOT DO THIS. Oh crap now I've really done it... Reply +2
  • Nintendo delays Star Fox Zero until 2016

  • vert1go 18/09/2015

    (EG, where is your Art Academy: Atelier review?! For shame!)
    In the same place as their Wii Fit U and Wii Sports Club reviews, presumably.
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  • Mighty No. 9's demo has been delayed

  • vert1go 17/09/2015

    Someone get them a copy of Super Mario Maker, it can only speed up the process. Reply 0
  • Star Wars Battlefront beta playable offline, open to everyone

  • vert1go 17/09/2015

    Yeah. Being honest aside from being pretty, if there's a bright gameplay center to the universe, that alpha footage was on the planet that it's farthest from. Reply 0
  • vert1go 17/09/2015

    Let's all play offline mode, to hide our numbers. Reply +35
  • Facebook "terminated" from PlayStation 3, Vita and TV

  • vert1go 17/09/2015

    I wish Facebook would terminate Facebook. Reply +13
  • Nintendo's new boss faces the most pivotal year in the company's history

  • vert1go 17/09/2015

    The one thing I find odd is that with Iwata now so clearly in retrospect spending what was his last year planning and setting up the company for the future, it doesn't seem like any plan was in place for who might take over for the man himself. All I can think is he wanted the company itself to decide who was the best man going forward. I was actually surprised not to see Shibata become at least temporary president given he's Japanese, has been with the company for a long time and has the experience of running the largest overall territory when considering Europe as a whole.

    I'd also like to randomly mention that for anyone interested in the insider story of how Nintendo works - including lots of interview with Iwata, Miyamoto, and even a nice account of a visit to Yamauchi's residence - and a better understanding of the company philosophy, written during the time of the Wii and DS, the book "Nintendo Magic" is well worth a read.

    Still at least the Nikkei interview dispels the silliness of the judging that went on a few days ago that this was a serious and stern man, based on a whole two images.
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  • Capcom announces first-person shooter Resident Evil Umbrella Corps

  • vert1go 15/09/2015

    FINALLY a game that combines first person shooting AND zombies! DAY ONE!

    Ow, my sarcasm.
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  • UK chart: Super Mario Maker 2nd, Tearaway Unfolded 33rd

  • vert1go 14/09/2015

    @TheFirstDoor Well I for one would certainly never be so shameless as to mention my little Star Wars Death Star based pair of levels "Episode IV - 1977"
    or the slightly easier and improved retouched version "Star Warz Episode IV E-Z Edit" A694-0000-0031-9948 in a comments thread.

    *cough*. (Hmm... I think I got away with that.)
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  • vert1go 14/09/2015

    Mario Maker is no mere game now. It is an obsession. Reply +9
  • Nintendo names new company president

  • vert1go 14/09/2015

    An interesting choice. Whether that's a good or bad kind of interesting we'll have to wait to find out. Nintendo is pretty well covered on the creative side, and as pointed out it's not like Yamauchi was the friendly face of caring gamer that Iwata was. We still mock Microsoft in particular every E3 for clearly being business suits trying to look and sound cool and down wit dem gamer leet.

    It's also quite possible Iwata had him shadowing for some time given his prognosis. As with all things Nintendo, wait and see. Banking is standard experience for the type of position, he's clearly devoted to the company, and honestly judging him to be this serious severe person based on his appearance in all of two photos and a summary is a bit ridiculous when you stop and think.
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  • The making of Gears of War: Ultimate Edition

  • vert1go 13/09/2015

    when Microsoft approached us
    *nudege, nudge*
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  • Super Mario Maker review

  • vert1go 11/09/2015

    Now... If anyone wants some inspiration; How about some 2D recreations of those wonderful `pure platform, Mario-64 boss level style` bits from Super Mario Sunshine? ;) Reply -1
  • vert1go 11/09/2015

    A v3 of my own little randomly intricate course. It shouldn't be overly difficult (now...), has multiple solutions to each part, has no `fail state` you can't come back from. I do recommend a d-pad for precision and corrections. It's a bit Lost Level's-y and repeat plays should reveal a new trick or two. It's intended as challenging but fair.
    Questionable Blocks v3
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  • You won't believe who Bowser Jr's mother is!

  • vert1go 10/09/2015


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