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  • Breath of the Wild won't arrive for Christmas, but these Legend of Zelda jumpers will

  • vert1go 31/08/2016

    Ocarina always reminds me of the launch madness we had over here. Sprinting around towns trying to find a copy - the last... THE LAST one in town - and then Xmas day, all gamers up early, calling each other every so often on the Actual Phone to share and exchange tips and thoughts, suddenly finding it had turned from 6am some day to 11pm at night and you hadn't eaten...
    Will we ever see the likes again? I'm doubtful now.
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  • Battlefield 1 open beta launches this month

  • vert1go 31/08/2016

    Unfortunately it is as full of overpowered sniper rifle tedious crap as every other online multiplayer game that doesn't realise giving players a zero skill one hit kill weapon that can be used from afar or up close. There's no feeling of impact or... Well, of anything substantial to be honest. It's just quiet, uninvolving, and a bit tedious.
    Honestly, don't worry if you can't connect. You really are missing nothing unfortunately.
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  • Forza Horizon 3 PC specs revealed

  • vert1go 31/08/2016

    Halo owners get a Warthog.
    Should read;
    Non Halo owners get less content.
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  • Klei Entertainment's upcoming Hot Lava is exactly what it sounds like

  • vert1go 30/08/2016

    I think I'll wait for the sequel, which thanks to redundancy giving us phrases like "armoured tanks" recently alongside "hot lava", will be "Cold Lava".
    A game where you can only walk on the ground.
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  • Nintendo has a stellar new Galaxy 3DS design

  • vert1go 30/08/2016

    All these worlds are yours, except New3DS. Attempt no more exclusives there.

    Nintendo obliges.
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  • When bass fishing features go wrong: a cautionary tale

  • vert1go 27/08/2016

    I haddock go at coming up with a fishing pun but all the bass ones were already taken. Reply 0
  • There's a new report about those NX detachable controllers

  • vert1go 26/08/2016

    I can fit just over half a Wii U Gamepad in my pocket safely enough. I think we'd cope. Reply 0
  • vert1go 26/08/2016

    As for the sensor bar, put it this way; there's a reason the 'chuck and 'mote combo is considered as *the* most pro and accurate way to play CODBLOPS2U, while the PS4 pad is mostly considered to have a giant interfering light on it. Reply -1
  • vert1go 26/08/2016

    The most recent rumour had September as reveal month.
    It can't come soon enough at this point really. They have GOT to get on this and give it time to sink in, build hype, and let people know how much they need to set aside for one. Playing it this late is dangerous.
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  • "We have to do better when we launch NX"

  • vert1go 26/08/2016

    Here's a wacky, madcap, crazy idea;
    Nobody aside from us knew the Wii U was coming. Nintendo UK/Europe never ever advertised the bloody thing. We are what, six or seven months - SIX MONTHS! - away from it being out and available, and we don't even know what it IS yet. Give people time to save money, take it in, decide if they even WANT it, get hyped, preorder?
    Show. Don't tell.
    Although right now, even that would be something. Stop dithering around over it. Give people and yourselves time to answer any questions that come up after whatever initial reveal is made. Even I'm not setting a penny aside until you do so, and the likelihood of enough cash coming together in what is now six months dwindles by the day.
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  • Finally, you can add 2-Step Verification to your PlayStation account

  • vert1go 25/08/2016

    Ah, the great PSN (wait, Sony, what happened to that SEN rebrand?) hack. Where gamers finally realised how damned stupid it was to have all of that lovely personal info attached to something just to play some games online. Or get them free. Or for any reason.

    Oh, wait, they still haven't. Yet.
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  • Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare developers on the battle with the backlash

  • vert1go 24/08/2016

    Zombies and literal spacemarines.
    How has it taken this long for games to use these two innovative and inventive new ideas?
    This is true "next gen" originality right here.
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  • The PS4 Slim is real - confirmed

  • vert1go 24/08/2016

    I look forward to seeing how exactly Sony intend to make everyone who knows about this forget.
    This is the internet, Sony. Best of luck defeating it. Always goes well.
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  • vert1go 22/08/2016

    Quite how a retail and fully boxed unit made it out nearer two months before it's even been announced I can't quite figure, but it's real after all then.
    Who'd have thought a console that ugly could've been real? Who'd have thought box art design could've been so terrible as to look like some very bad photoshop work?

    Sony quality.
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  • vert1go 22/08/2016

    So no images of it all plugged in, box contents or... You know, actually turned on, then?

    Faker than a very fake thing indeed.
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  • Dark Souls 3 DLC Ashes of Ariandel announced for October

  • vert1go 23/08/2016

    October? Praise the (lack of) Sun? Reply +12
  • Sleeping Dogs developer's new game is, sadly, not Sleeping Dogs 2

  • vert1go 23/08/2016

    FINALLY a multiplayer online shooter!
    If there's one thing gamers have been crying out for, it's a multiplayer online shooter, and AT LAST someone is catering to them!
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  • Microsoft announces official Xbox Onesie

  • vert1go 23/08/2016

    I'll personally be holding out for the Windows 10 onesie. It'll shift more units than the actual OS and be riddled with measurement sensors that send back telemetry on arousal state, among other things. Reply 0
  • vert1go 23/08/2016

    Give it another year and they'll release an upgraded version, remove the hood which was an absolutely integral part of their clear vision and `impossible to remove`, and charge $20 for custom zipper colours. Reply +6
  • Stunning GTA 5 Redux mod delayed after creator hacked

  • vert1go 23/08/2016

    "But there's more to Redux than a visual upgrade. GTA 5's police system has been reworked, weapons have changed and the game population overhauled.

    There's also some interesting work on the physics side of Rockstar's open world game. For example, bullet victims react with realistic movement, reach for the injured area and stumble and fall more naturally. Vehicle collision has been tuned, too."
    All of which this trailer managed to avoid showing off, at all.
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with DriveClub VR

  • vert1go 21/08/2016

    But how BORDERLINE INSANE is it?
    Can you tell that every microscopic molecule of paint has been rendered in MULTIPLE LAYERS?
    What about the STITCHING ON THE SEATS?

    #Driveclubguy #NEVERFORGET #neverEVERforget
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  • Forget Go - Pokémon Snap is the series' greatest spin-off

  • vert1go 21/08/2016

    @MrTomFTW Is that the one where you have to try and snap the Hello Games screen before it disappears back to the desktop? Reply +1
  • Face-Off: No Man's Sky

  • vert1go 21/08/2016

    Alternatively, try the "instagram filter" removal mod and enjoy a more colourful, clearer and sharper game all round. Reply +1
  • vert1go 20/08/2016

    Some of you with lower end hardware or struggling to run the game well may find this of interest;

    Ultra-low Config for low end PC's

    Worked incredibly well to get the game running on my ATI-toting laptop. 60-90fps.
    (By default res is 640x480, find it in the TKGRAPHICSSETTINGS.MXML file and edit it to whatever you want. Other mods exist that can remove postprocessing effects and such for FPS boosts too.)
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  • vert1go 20/08/2016

    Well. As of the latest GOG version, No Man's Sky... "works".
    And by "works" I mean...

    Yes, they've fixed everything and the game is now fully playable. I'm not sure about this new art style however. Perhaps DF could run a comparison.

    (And no, this is not a joke. This is literally how the game is running right now. You can move around at a solid 60fps! There are no graphics other than the UI prompts.)

    No Man's Sky - the technical disaster that keeps on giving! [t.m.]
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  • vert1go 20/08/2016

    Hello Games logo runs at full 1080P w/vsync, crashes at a locked 60fps. We found similar performance results under Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. Resolution and framerate of crash were consistent across all PC OS options.

    8/10. Still Better Than Halo.
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  • No Man's Sky is a fine example of one type of game (but many people were expecting another)

  • vert1go 20/08/2016

    The only difference I had any expectation of over what turned up was "working" rather than "still broken and won't pass the company logo screen after three updates and a week after launch, having been delayed to `make the PC version better`".

    Little things like that.
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  • No Man's Sky's first post-launch patch is out now

  • vert1go 19/08/2016

    I can state fairly plainly - and I believe I have before on here - that I spent many enjoyable hours with the game - not crashing at all, unlike any official method - so far. The problem is I have to rely on a complete piece of luck that a third party on a Steam forum discovered the Intel emulator trick because otherwise the game flat out does not work. Not due to "overlooking". Due to laziness. They did not test it at all on any Phenom CPU. That is inexcusably stupid. And yes, experience in QA does give me the ability and the right to critique others in the industry for not doing so.

    So your little belief that I hate the game kind of gets torn to shreds at that point. And I'll suggest not thinking otherwise just because you've decided that fits what you wanted to believe. The quality of the game is not the disputed thing. The fact it is techincally abysmal in many ways is.

    Beyond that I really see no point in continuing. The game is broken. Sean is a liar. These are documented facts. They are not disputable. Even Hello Games and their publisher acknowledges it enough to be trying to fix or refund it. As are quite a few sites and game stores as I'm led to see.

    Or is it all a massive conspiracy out of `dislike` of the game from those here, or in the Steam threads, or at the companies themselves to make the game seem that way, for unknown inexplicable reasons?

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  • vert1go 19/08/2016

    @Romeric Perhaps make yourself familiar with Frontier: Elite II while we're at it, and realise there is nothing particularly new or "ambitious" being done here. Billions of planets and stars? Done. Transition from surface (with towns) through atmo into space and hyperspace? Space stations? Mining? Trading? Enemy attacks? Upgrading or buying new ships (and we had escape pods!) with ever more capacity? That was nailed over 20 years ago. As far as I recall you may not be able to actually get out and walk... but then when that amounts to not drawing a ship HUD and model onscreen it isn't really a massive gamechanger. Frontier: First Encounters enhanced on all of that - though by most accounts was almost as prone to not working as NMS.

    You could even go further back and look at the Mercenary titles. The first ran on the Spectrum and gave you a basic `planet` to explore - plus a spacestation - in much the same manner. Mercenary 3 took to cities on multiple planets, with transport systems and all sorts of complexities.

    Voxel engines even, did not come along magically with Resogun. We had plenty of them in the Amiga days already, down to one featuring in a (as I recall) passable WipeOut clone.

    It's very well done, but it's only new because few gamers are really aware of the history on these things.

    Those things also for the most part worked - a claim currently eluding No Man's Sky.
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  • vert1go 19/08/2016

    @Romeric There are Steam stats that can account for that claim very easily - the short version is with the game not working on *any* Phenom processor at launch, you can do the maths very easily that it is far more than 1% of the userbase.

    I think Shaun talking crap most of the time is at this point just something that is a fact with more than enough evidence to prove it. Even looking at the statement in the patch notes that "thousands of lines of code" were rewritten... Utterly misleading. It must have been a hell of an effort by the sound of it, right?

    Well, if you find ticking a few different checkboxes in a compiler and essentially hitting "build" to be a huge backbreaking amount of effort, sure. "Thousands of lines" rewritten. Click. Click. Click. Done. But that doesn't sound as intense as the way it was said, does it?

    I'll also say what I like on the side of QA too, thank you very much. Having done the job extensively on far bigger projects than NMS, I find the lack of care and effort that went into this version fairly offensive on a professional level. To lie about it, even more so.

    The fact that a week on from a - delayed - release, the game still runs better for far more than that 1% using a slow Intel-related emulator (for hours, if you want to - and I have done) because it does not work with any official version that exists still, is an absolute joke.

    One people are still being charged for.
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  • vert1go 19/08/2016

    Considering too that the delay was to `make the PC version better` I can only wonder what state it was in at the time. Surely to be worse than just plain broken it must've been formatting hard drives, or out burning down orphanages and supplying arms and funding to "isis", while creating reality tv shows on the side or something? Reply +2
  • vert1go 19/08/2016

    The new patch/install of the GOG version has done wonders. And by wonders I mean the game is still crashing on startup and more broken than the SSE4.1 emulator version. On Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and on 10.

    Good job there, Hello Games.

    I'm honestly starting to believe what lies at the center of the galaxy might in fact be a working copy of the game. That's why they knew it would take forever to reach.
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  • vert1go 19/08/2016

    ""Even though less than one per cent of players have raised support issues,"
    We know from the stats that's bollocks for a start, Shaun.

    "It's pretty crazy for us how many people are playing. And how large a number even one per cent of that user base is."
    It's also pretty crazy how many people couldn't play at all. And how massively the number playing via Steam dropped within 24 hours and continued to dive.

    Most of which could have been avoided if you'd at any point actually done some proper QA work on the PC port. What does that Q stand for, again..? There's a reason we have it.
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  • Disgruntled No Man's Sky players thrust Sony's PS4 refund policy back into the spotlight

  • vert1go 19/08/2016

    @GreyBeard Books, movies or music rarely crash though to be fair.
    And on the rare occasions that BR discs or music - download or physical - suffer from non functioning, they tend to be replaced.

    And I read all of the massive hardcover of A Dance With Dragons and the book never crashed once, before or after the opening...

    So, given that you'd place games in the same category, isn't it perfectly reasonable and fair to expect them to at least work?
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  • vert1go 19/08/2016

    For those still paying attention, a THIRD version of this has appeared from GOG.

    Two new versions in a week. Crazy. Perhaps this one will actually work.
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  • vert1go 19/08/2016

    "I was told I couldn't re-buy it off the store digitally, and I couldn't buy a physical copy because whatever system they employ in the background wouldn't let me run it. They delete the license from your account, and that seems to put a block on it."
    This cannot possibly be true, surely..? :eek:
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  • Metroid Prime: Federation Force may point to a Metroid Prime 4

  • vert1go 19/08/2016

    As far as I remember Retro have been working on something unknown for years at this point. Reply +3
  • Metroid Prime Federation Force review

  • vert1go 19/08/2016

    Do we even know yet what it is that Retro have been up to for the last while..?
    (a more traditional dual stick first-person shooter style system is available for those with a New 3DS, though the smaller nub doesn't seem up to the task it's been handed).
    Given that we've had - and it seems likely to stay this way - an entire ONE exclusive game for the N3DS, I'm surprised they even remembered it exists.

    Although does that make it the machine with the highest percentage of great games ever? 100% of N3DS titles are superb.
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  • EA's Peter Moore: I'm not sure video game press conferences have a future

  • vert1go 19/08/2016

    Peter Moore: You know I read Eurogamer every day and still will, and smile, and move on.
    And this is why these companies don't understand what it is that people want, and are genuinely confused and angry when people don't like what they give them.
    "No that's not what we're s-"
    "But we all hate day one d-"
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  • vert1go 18/08/2016

    I sat and watched the 4 hours or so of Zelda being streamed quite happily. Depends on the content not being Fifa Yearly Update Edition really. Reply 0
  • vert1go 18/08/2016

    "I think (all) people were (bored)."
    Fixed that for you there, Peter. You're welcome.
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  • Yes, there will be Project Scorpio VR-exclusives

  • vert1go 18/08/2016

    "Yes, we will be moving all existing original customers down to tier 3." - Basic gist. Reply -2
  • Classic Spectrum game Skool Daze gets official remake

  • vert1go 17/08/2016

    Please sir, I cannot tell a lie . . . This new graphical style is fucking terrible.
    1,000 LINES vert1go DON'T USE PROFANITY.
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  • A quick look at the beginning of BioShock, original compared to remastered

  • vert1go 17/08/2016

    Have they upgraded the faux-intellectual pretentiousness with it too? Perhaps given the other characters hipster goatees and glasses..? When you kill every enemy by walking backwards and holding fire do they comment on how they were doing that before it was cool..? Reply -52
  • No Man's Sky offers new PC patch beta

  • vert1go 16/08/2016

    Disagreeing is not automatically the same as complaining.
    Reasoned and logical arguments as to how the game is broken and what could have been done are extremely easy to make in the case of this game. Eurogamer is actually often one of the places where commenters do so far better than anywhere else. It just is.

    The lack of testing the PC version obviously went through - leave out an ENTIRE CLASS of processors? - is ridiculous, and the alternative to pointing that out was... What? Stay quiet and let them get away with it? "Unreported issue"? If they had tested it (open beta? what a shock idea!) the issues present - now supposedly fixed - would not have been present, as the short turnaround on the fix tells us.

    The game they released did not work. It did not work for a hell of a lot of people. And it's happening far too often outside of Nintendo platforms. You pay for a working product. Money is given for it. You are not entitled to the Moon on a stick. You are entitled to expect that it went through basic QA and won't crash less than ten seconds in on a logo screen, however.

    Yeah. Some of us have a high standard. "Working" is apparently considered too much to ask for some here then.
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  • vert1go 16/08/2016

    Could've saved themselves a lot of hassle and negativity if they'd just tested the damn game properly on PC in the first place.

    Or just at all, really.
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  • EA Gamescom 2016 live report

  • vert1go 16/08/2016

    Fair point re audience. Reply 0
  • vert1go 16/08/2016

    I think he was afraid how the audience might answer. As in, honestly. Reply 0
  • vert1go 16/08/2016

    If you listen carefully you can hear this tapping... it's morse code. "S O S send help - Tom" Reply 0
  • vert1go 16/08/2016

    Go forth and drink, Martin. Drink it all away. All... away... Reply 0