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  • GAME charges people to try PlayStation VR in its shops

  • varkdm 25/10/2016

    @redcrayon the comparison with consoles doesnt hold water. Games consoles are widely available and have been for decades. There is no fundamental difference between a ps3 and a ps4, you can see in TV adverts the change in graphics and features. Vr is a fundamentally new experience that few have tried and few have access to and cant really be demonstrated via TV adverts or YouTube vids. Its also widely reported to cause severe motion sickness in a significant number of people, meaning many will want to try before buying and game want to offer that to genuine buyers. They definitely dont want to have the service rinsed by people trying their version before buying it from Amazon. Reply 0
  • varkdm 25/10/2016

    @the_ewan you dont tend to find richer sounds and sevenoaks hifi stores overflowing with kids/young teens desperate to try out their gear either... Reply +1
  • varkdm 25/10/2016

    @VideoGameAddict25 I really doubt it, have you seen all the videos of people falling flat on their faces whilst playing with VR sets? They dont want to get sued, so they will definitely be manning these with safety trained staff. Reply +1
  • varkdm 25/10/2016

    I have some sympathy with Game on this one. There are very few places you can go to try out this tech. So they want to allow people to try it.. but as others have said.. dont want to just have people hogging it who have no intention/ability to buy, for safety and hygeine reasons they have to have the demos manned, which costs money. Secondly, as most of the comments on here show, a significant majority of people on here, would not buy the thing from Game. So the 2nd aspect here is why should they provide a free demo service of this tech, so that people can then go off and buy it from Amazon, who will no doubt be cheaper?

    The other way i look at this.. if they werent offering a demo of any kind, at all would you all be so angry? I mean.. they could have gone three ways here - free demo, paid demo, no demo. How is offering a paid demo with a refund if you purchase, worse than offering no demo at all?
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  • This is what really happens when swords hit armour

  • varkdm 06/09/2016

    @Doomspoon just curious, i thought it was called chainmail to differentiate it from scalemail? Reply 0
  • varkdm 06/09/2016

    Im lookinf forward to this, but with reservations. It strikes me as the arma of rpg games. Which is fine if you like ultra realism in your war sims, but its something of an acquired taste. This also reminds me of an episode of ultimate warrior where they had viking vs samurai. Demonstrated how effective chainmail was, slicing weapons could not get through at all, so the kitana was completely useless against it, quite an eye opener. Reply +1
  • Blizzard changes Overwatch "gg ez" messages into something very different

  • varkdm 18/08/2016

    Yea and then they will just add those to the list of comments that get changed. Eventually they will have to type out their childish insults in full english, whcih will take too long and the game will flip maps before they can do it - or they have to come up with ever more obscure insults that most players wont have a clue what they mean anyway. Reply 0
  • varkdm 18/08/2016

    I whole heartedly endorse this approach to dealing with the toxic behaviour of idiot gamers and hope it gets copied by every other online game that has txt chat and lobbies. Reply +3
  • No Man's Sky modders start by shutting up your exosuit

  • varkdm 17/08/2016

    Use your combat mining laser to shoot them down and scan their bodies, much more effective than the actual gun! Reply +1
  • You can max out your ship and equipment on the first planet in No Man's Sky

  • varkdm 16/08/2016

    I love the game so far and have spent propqbly 15-20 hours on the pc version and about 10 on the ps4 version. I see the limitations of the game and I wish there was more in terms of cities and more challenging space combat, but Sean murrays comments about supporting the game long term. Particularly when combined with that day 1 patch. Not because they patched it, but because they changed the galaxy generation seed in order to make huge changes to how the game worked, what aggressiveness pirateshad etc etc. They also said that unpatched saved games would continue to use the old seed data. So im hoping that means they can introduce seasons or dlc (free they said) that will allow you to start again and experience a completely different challenge. Id also love to see competitions and league tables on things like who has uploaded the most flora/fauna/location/planet/system data, who has travelled furthest, killed the most ships etc. Theycould give hoals and rewards based on stuff like that. Theres just so much potential, especially since they built the game on a shoestring and now have a ton of cash rolling in from its success! Reply +4
  • No Man's Sky isn't going over well on Steam

  • varkdm 13/08/2016

    @Romeric try turning off vsync and removing the fps cap, it seems to fix the stuttering for most people. Reply +3
  • varkdm 13/08/2016

    @Fourfoldroot on ps4 the game takes at least a minute to load when you first fire it up. It takes about 30 seconds+ to load a new star system. The voxel pop in is significantly more noticeable during play. It takes about 5 seconds to load the game and jump stars on PC (with SSD). Reply +2
  • varkdm 12/08/2016

    @JamaicanHype ive got both versions, the PC version is far superior.. once you fix the hitching, which is fixable by alterring the graphics settings. Colours, texture quality, frame rates, load times and the general smoothness of it all are better.. i can actually see stars in space now, on the ps4 version its just a pink/green/blue muck you are flying through. Reply +3
  • varkdm 12/08/2016

    I think these performance problems are caused by vsync. When I first started the game it had loads of hitches. I then upped all the graphics settings to max, set max fps to unlimited and switched off vsync and now it runs beautifully. Reply +2
  • Here's exactly when No Man's Sky unlocks on PC

  • varkdm 12/08/2016

    @SvennoJ I had a similar problem but I bought antimatter from the station, or ships landing in the station and was able to jump and then get the BP for it. Reply 0
  • How to avoid No Man's Sky's allegedly game-breaking glitch

  • varkdm 12/08/2016

    Which must be a bug, I checked loads of ships and all of them, even crashed ones had a hyperdrive. I think the best advice on nms is dont explore or change ship until youve followed the missions through to the point youve jumped system 3 times and have both the antimatter and hyperdrive blueprints qnd if you dont then start again :| Reply +3
  • varkdm 11/08/2016

    @Abban Yea, got some antimatter, made the next jump and then it showed me to the factory with the blueprints. Reply +2
  • varkdm 11/08/2016

    @Plankton1975 hmmm thats what im worried about, ive jumped, im in that system but cant find anything, and ive spent a good few hours there. I sold my ship for another.. no antimatter to make the jump and cant buy any .. i will keep asking traders until one has some i guess :| Reply +1
  • varkdm 10/08/2016

    I got the hyperdrive blueprint ecen thoigh I was using the preorder ship, what I didnt get is the antimatter blueprint so I can only buy it, was I supposed to get a blueprint for antimatter through the missions? Reply +1
  • No Man's Sky has been delayed three days on PC

  • varkdm 26/07/2016

    The UK release date always was the 12th. Because thats the Friday after the rest of the world gets it and for some reason this UK indie studio, with potentially one of the biggest hits of the year, had to follow what the UK retailers preferred release day :rolleyes:.

    So does this mean that they are now releasing it on the 15th in the UK and the US has been pushed back to the 12th, or is everyone now getting it on the 12th?
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  • Next Star Wars: The Old Republic expansion is Knights of the Eternal Throne

  • varkdm 18/07/2016

    I got it when it first came out, got bored after about 6 weeks and unsubbed. Came back for the Rise of the Hutt Cartel Expansion.. got bored within a week and unsubbed. Came back for the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion along with the changes it made to the main game and Im really enjoying it again. Played it on and off for the last 3 months, its a very different game to what it was, a huge number of quality of life improvements and the way they've done the story in the latest expansion is so much better. Reply +9
  • Eurogamer's best of E3 2016

  • varkdm 18/06/2016

    @TheStoneRoses I dont know, I just checked the news eavh day and very little interested me. I was hoping for more on mass effect but the new trailer was it really and I just didnt see any games that, for me, had wow factor. Plenty of good. Just no wow. Reply +1
  • varkdm 17/06/2016

    I think this E3 was a huge dissapointment, literally no reveals that im excited about :( Reply -4
  • Row over "stolen" Fallout 4 mods

  • varkdm 06/06/2016

    @SpaceMonkey77 you've completely missed the point, read the article, this isnt anything to do with paid mods. Reply +1
  • APB Reloaded hits Xbox One - with a 115 "micro"-transaction

  • varkdm 04/06/2016

    I quite enjoyed APB:Reloaded when it came out. Went back to try the F2P version and found out, that even though I had spent 50 on the original game when it came out, that meant jack shit and i still had to pay to get access to stuff like.. the car i had already unlocked or the custom tattoos and spraypaints i had already made... so i logged out and said no thank you very much. And i don't normally mind fair microtransactions, but to ignore that i've already spent money on the game is just taking the piss. Reply +1
  • The Doom movie missed the point - but so did most rival games

  • varkdm 20/05/2016

    I loved doom, doom2, doom3 and im currently loving doom...err..the new one. First quality fps in a very long time that has just been about the fun and the challenge and its a joy because of it. Reply +2
  • Exploring a tiny galaxy filled with jerks in Stellaris

  • varkdm 16/05/2016

    @mingster there are mods that double or even quadruple Ai aggression levels. Ibdoubled them after a very passive playthrough. Had a long play through where I had rapidly and greedily expanded out to be the largest of 50 empires in a 2000 star game and still only one declared on me. Ive now quadrupled it..... Reply 0
  • Stellaris Review

  • varkdm 10/05/2016

    Loving this game. I love the idea of 4x games and have been playing them since master of orion. Unfortunately theres only a handful of really good ones amongst a sea of dross, the last one I really enjoyed was endless space. However, the exploration, diplomacy, galaxy map, events, randomised aliens and research systems in stellaris have just completely hooked me already. Reply +1
  • Battleborn review

  • varkdm 06/05/2016

    Bought it, played about 3 hours.. couldnt be bothered to continue it. Sound was broken (missing sounds, delays and occasionally long hitches in the entire game) and had exactly the same problem with Deserts of Karak which i believe was also Gearbox. I've never had any problems like it on any other game and im a prolific gamer.

    But even with the sound issues aside, the gameplay was sterlie, the special abilities felt weak and pointless and the loot system just didnt appeal to me as much as I thought it might. I just dont have time for another Gearbox dissapointment and so for only the second time ever i got a steam refund for it.
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  • EverQuest Next has been cancelled, Landmark still on track

  • varkdm 12/03/2016

    @Minmat have you tried black desert? I was expecting another pretty but generic mmo, but have been very pleasantly surprised by the depth on offer there. First mmo in years that I could see the long term appeal with. Reply +1
  • Watch a massive Elite: Dangerous fleet jump into hyperspace

  • varkdm 20/02/2016

    I really dont get whats special about this, this kind of stuff happens in Eve, on a far larger scale, all the time. It looks kinda cool, but deserving an article about? hmmm. Reply +4
  • A single button press skips loading screens in XCOM 2

  • varkdm 14/02/2016

    @HertogJashin there's a mod for that on steam workshop. Reply +1
  • XCOM 2 guide

  • varkdm 06/02/2016

    @chucklepie well..... Steam takes a 30% cut, but also gives you unlimited downloads of the game for as long as steam is around. The disc, probably cost less than 30% to produce. So, if you are happy using the disc, then great, save yourself the money. But a lot of people, myself included, are lazy fucks who just want to click the button and play the game the moment it launches on digital download :) Reply -1
  • Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak review

  • varkdm 02/02/2016

    @jebus yea, bit if they are using cutscenes to hide loading screens for slow loaders, then they should be skippable for fast loaders. Never an excuse for unskippable cutscenes. Reply 0
  • Is it time for a PS4 SSD upgrade?

  • varkdm 23/01/2016

    @unclemonkey why isnt 480gb enough? What are games are people playing that take up so much space? I've had a ps4 for more than 2 years and only just hit the storage limit before christmas.. so.. i deleted a bunch of games i hadnt played for ages and problem gone.. id gladly trade up to an SSD as i think the load times on ps4 are painful, especially as im all SSD on my PC and the gulf in performance gets more and more as time goes on. Reply 0
  • Ex-Sony Online boss announces RPG Hero's Song

  • varkdm 19/01/2016

    @Triggerhappytel Its not just salaries, they will have to fund equipment, software licenses, customer support teams, marketing, online infrastructure etc. All of that needs to be in place before the game can launch. Reply +3
  • What you actually do in The Division

  • varkdm 16/01/2016

    To those saying its ubisoft, so it will be shit: The publisher is ubisoft. The developer is Massive. To my knowledge, Massive have never made a bad game and have made some superb, genre spanning games in their time. Reply +6
  • GAME blames low last-gen sales for pre-Christmas slump

  • varkdm 24/12/2015

    I'm not really surprised that Game shops are more expensive than online retailers.. of course they are.. they have the shops running costs to pay for. They have their uses and actually do have some good deals from time to time (online and in the shops) but to switched on buyers they aren't really the place to go. But that was never their core market, it was parents and grandparents out browsing for stuff for their kids .. and kids (who cant pay online) spending their pocket money and store credit for trade ins. Reply 0
  • Total War: Warhammer developer "disheartened" by pre-order DLC reaction

  • varkdm 03/12/2015

    The reason why there are so many complaints this time, is that in previous times the addon factions just weren't that important. The greek states were all basically the same and not significantly different to the other 10-15 other playable factions in game in terms of units, strategy or map location. However.. in Warhammer there are so few races to play compared to factions in historical TW games that this is like chopping off 20% of the game unless you preorder it. Reply +2
  • Fallout 4 beta patch due next week on PC

  • varkdm 21/11/2015

    @ISmoke glad its fixed, its a wierd system they have going on there! Reply 0
  • varkdm 20/11/2015

    @ISmoke have you disabled vsync? That glitch happens when your frame rate is too high and it messes with the games physics engine. If so, you need to run a frame rate limiter and set it to 60, so you still lose the input lag from vsync, but the game engine doesn't go mental on you (no vysnc and high frames makes everything move faster as well). Reply 0
  • Why I'm tired of Fallout 4 encumbrance

  • varkdm 18/11/2015

    I think the particular problem with f4's system is that is neither one or the other. Its not even close to being realistic but imposes tiresome limits in the name of realism. I'm all for a realistic inventory, when the game mechanics properly support it. People say its an rpg, the limits are part of that... Its nothing to do with being an rpg. Even halo has realistic inventory management and master chief is in power armour! Either do it properly, but have systems to support it - like having your settlers collect all the items from cleared areas after you move on, or make a decision in the name of gameplay to throw realism out the window so people can just gave fun with the game. F4's bastardised system really pleased very few because its not realistic enough for those that want realism and its no fun for those that dont. Reply +2
  • varkdm 17/11/2015

    First thing I did was player.modav carryweight 100000 .

    Carry weight and limitations are done well in some rpgs - deus ex, witcher etc but the system is just awful in TES and newer fallout games, even mores so with new crafting on F4. There's no realism to an arbitrary weight limit. Claiming the abilty to sprint and jump around whilst carrying 4 rifles, a shotgun, 2 pistols, an smg, thousands of rounds of ammo, bunches of grenades, molotovs, drugs, stimpaks whilst wearing armour plating, but not move at all if you add another rifle to the mix is just ludicrous.
    To those saying ignore the junk pipe weapons... With the right perks they are a huge source of the rarer crafting materials, cogs, gears, copper etc. Ive been hoovering up literally everything, haven't done much settlement construction other than that required for each settlement to function properly, but still run out of stuff when modding weapons and armour. I could leave the weight limits on and fast travel and dump gear every 5 minutes, but that's just a chore, not a fun thing to do in a game that already takes up huge amounts of time to play.
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  • Fallout 4 mods are already changing the game in cool ways

  • varkdm 15/11/2015

    Whilst we are on the subject of altering fallout 4, the best mod ive found so far.. more of a tweak than a mod is... forcing vsync off in the driver settings for the game. That fucks the game up on its own though (everything moves really fast and you actually cant leave computer terminals once you are in them), but the way to fix that is to run a frame rate limiter. So now I run the game with vsync off and frames limited to a max of 60. No more heavy input lag, it makes such a difference to the feel of the game. Reply 0
  • varkdm 15/11/2015

    I think I get what some are saying about mods on here. If you look on nexus there are 44,572 mods. Then there are also thousands of mod on Steam and on other sites as well. A lot of those are copies of each other, but its safe to say there at least 50,000 skyrim mods available. I heavily modded my copy of Skyrim, at some points I even had the error message about exceeding the maximum number of mods in use at once (235 I think?). Sooo.. individually only a tiny percentage of those mods were actually of interest to me. There are a lot of things like "Ultra 4k HD Spoon Texture" on there that I remember seeing and thinking.. "what the fuck was the point in that?". But some people downloaded it.

    It might be only a tiny percentage individually, but thousands of those mods are downloaded by tens or hundreds of thousands of people, in some cases millions of people. I never used "Cloaks of Skyrim" but 4.3m downloads on nexus suggest quite a few others did.

    So as an experience, modding skyim from scratch, now, is a great deal of trawling through shit (and a lot of mods that simply aren't designed for me) but there is so much good stuff in there it makes it a worthwhile exercise. I literally could not stand to play vanilla Skyrim any more. Bland textures, stiff animations, awful combat, buggy, far too easy even at highest difficulties, frustrating mechanics.. the list goes on. My steam profile says ive put in nearly 600 hours on Skyrim (which is kinda horrifying in a way, that's nearly a month of my life, I may need to rethink things...). In all that time I only ever completed the main storyline once. I spent the rest of exploring and re-exploring the world thanks to mods.

    I was excited about Fallout 4 more than other game this year, not because I loved the other Fallout games (which I did) but because once id played through it, I knew I could come back, pretty much every 6 months and play it again with a bunch of mods on it and experience a completely different (and usually better) game each time.
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  • What does it take to run Fallout 4 at 1080p60?

  • varkdm 15/11/2015

    The best thing I did to improve the feel of the game was force vsync off in the driver settings for the game. This fucks the game up on its own though (everything moves really fast and you actually cant leave computer terminals once you are in them), but the way to fix that is to run a frame rate limiter. So now I run the game with vsync off and frames limited to a max of 60. No more heavy input lag. Reply 0
  • Rebel Galaxy review

  • varkdm 20/10/2015

    @Deadite thats the star citizen approach, smaller number of hand built systems loaded with stuff to see and do. Reply +2
  • Metal Gear Solid 5 will have horse armour DLC

  • varkdm 07/10/2015

    I don't really mind cosmetic dlc. As much as people complain about dlc and similar practices, I did some basic math a few weeks ago on another topic where cost came up and based on inflation alone, console games should be costing about 68 if they were still being charged at their relative ps1 launch day prices. They aren't, and there is resistance to increasing that cost by gamers, despite the increasing complexity and development costs of games. So complain away about dlc, but ask what you prefer... 68 for a new AAA game, or 50 + optional dlc. As long as the dlc is cosmetic or harmless time saving (xp booster in an mmo for example) then I prefer that system to knowing I'm going to have to pay extra for every game I buy. Reply +1
  • Watch No Man's Sky wow Stephen Colbert

  • varkdm 06/10/2015

    @mcronline it does have eleite style stuff in it. He said in some of the E3 stuff (I think maybe with IGN) that if you wanted to be a trader, a pirate, a bounty hunter and never ever explore anything, then you could do that. Similarly you could also land on a planet and never ever leave it and spend your whole time exploring that. Collecting and trading materials, data and items is the core of the game.

    The game also generates points of interest, factions, loot items (space suit, gun, ship stuff and ships - all procedurally generated). Factions will war each other and you can take part (but not like lots of players in the same factions, just as you are travelling through systems you will encounter factions that happen to be at war with other factions).
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  • Star Wars Battlefront PC specs confirmed

  • varkdm 06/10/2015

    @simpleexplodingmaybe Really? I bought my pc 4 years ago (for the launch of planetside 2) - i52500, 8gbram and a 670gtx) and its still fine. I'm getting to the point where I want to upgrade (principlally for fallout 4) but I haven't encountered a game yet where it's struggled with "high" settings. Reply +5