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  • "We could be the biggest game in the western world"

  • varkdm 15/01/2018

    @BumpkinRich the lootbox stuff in the main game really isn't bad. I bought the beta access before it turned all battle royale and put probably around 15 hours in before moving on (I'm a nomadic game player, 15 hours is actually not bad for me). I didn't feel the need to buy anything. Whilst the guns do degrade, I never had any trouble collecting the resources to rebuild them from playing the game. Reply -1
  • A voice from the past

  • varkdm 15/01/2018

    A good friend of mine killed himself about 5 years ago. He was probably my best friend at the time I bought and moved in to my flat some 10 years ago. He helped me move in and choose and assemble all the new furniture. I recently replaced the bed and had to break apart the old one (it was all wood and had been a total bastard to assemble, had taken hours and given us both blisters from having to drive screws with hand screwdrivers into the wood). Whilst breaking it apart I noticed a blemish on one of the slats and looked closer. The cheeky bastard had signed his name by scratching it into the wood. Gave me quite a big pause for thoughts and feels. Reply +5
  • Star Citizen, I am disappointed

  • varkdm 10/01/2018

    @Rogueywon hmm you have a rose view of publishers. You are right, they would have stepped in and told them to cull features and get it out, but they wouldn't put too much emphasis on Polish. More likely get it out, bugs and all and then see what they can recover later down the line. Reply +1
  • EA not giving up on microtransactions in Star Wars Battlefront 2

  • varkdm 29/11/2017

    This time v money argument is just bollocks. Yes, some people are willing to pay to not have to grind, but what about those who are time and cash poor, who managed to pay full price for your game jyst to find they were fucked by your money gouging mechanic. Also, most people buying arent time poor, they just don't want to wait in order to be competitive with someone who paid for an advantage.

    As for their cosmetics being hard in star wars argument... Also bollocks, swtor gets by on selling cosmetics (that can also be bought on the marketplace with in game funds), they don't seem to be struggling. Their design team must be atrocious if they are given the star wars universe to play with and they can't come up with interesting cosmetic variations to characters, ships and weapons!
    Reply +3
  • After five years in development, sci-fi colony sim RimWorld is on the "final stretch" to release

  • varkdm 21/11/2017

    As sad as it may be, I find it really hard to enjoy games with crappy outdated graphics. However, this is one of the very few that I was able to enjoy regardless because the gameplay is so strong and enjoyable and there is simply nothing else out there like it. I onlybought in at alpha 17 but have gotten 50 hours play time and will return to it in good time for yet more games. Reply -1
  • FIFA players react to EA's dramatic Star Wars Battlefront 2 microtransactions U-turn

  • varkdm 17/11/2017

    I wouldnt really call a couple of hours every evening, totalling 500+ over a year "limited playing time"... Its not about saving time, he just wants the advantage and wants it asap. Reply +3
  • New report paints Visceral's cancelled Star Wars project as troubled from the off

  • varkdm 29/10/2017

    @LittleBigDave i dont think it is bullshit. It was also one of the reasons cited by the bioware team for Andromeda's failings, that EA insisted they use frostbite and it was an enormous amount of work to get it to even begin to handle it. Reply +2
  • varkdm 29/10/2017

    Why does every Star Wars game have to have the force as a major factor. For me its the least interesting part of the universe. Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster. Reply +4
  • Interview with the video game whale

  • varkdm 25/10/2017

    @VotesForCows That seems like a very low spend, especially if you are including the cost of buying consoles. Gaming is my main hobby and i reckon I average £100-£150 a month on games (mostly buying new games, occasionally mmo subs or cosmetics if im playing one). This month was a light month with only two new games bought but destiny 2 and total warhammer2 cost £85. Throw in £2k every 3 years for a new pc and £350 for a new console about the same.. its so easy to spend a fortune. And im a lot better now than I was! I think my problem is that i never get "in" to a game long term anymore. I can remember playing counterstrike 1.6 and quake2 for months on months, possibly years. WoW and Ultima Online when they first came out id play for bouts of 3-6 months at a time. I remember playing Black Desert Online during the Spring this year and thinking.. "wow this game has done pretty well, ive almost played it for 2 months now..." Reply +1
  • Bungie insists it's not banning Destiny 2 PC players for using third-party applications

  • varkdm 25/10/2017

    The cynic in me knows that there are thousands of cheaters on pc games, ergo thousands of people to complain about banned. Im sure in this case there is a genuine problem, but I won't the least bit surprised if a large number of the people affected were actually cheating. Reply -9
  • The Bungie interview: how Destiny 2 on PC is more than just a port

  • varkdm 25/10/2017

    @evolgenius it's more that it's running at 144fps on current hardware. My 2 year old pc is getting a consistent 130+ with most of the settings on high. Reply -1
  • NeoGAF offline after owner accused of sexual misconduct

  • varkdm 23/10/2017

    @MrTomFTW not necessarily so hard to misread the situation. I know plenty of people for whom vomiting from alcohol is just a stage in their night out and that shortly after they are back to being merry. For me if I'm sick it's game over, but for some it just gives them a second lease of life. Theres no indication of how much time had passed, what state she was in. Her account doesn't sound like she was wasted and in a state and him leaving her alone as soon as she explained no would suggest that this really was a misreading of the situation. Embarrassing for both of them. Not enough info to gauge, which is the whole point of innocent until proven guilty. Reply +34
  • Elex review

  • varkdm 18/10/2017

    This looks interesting, but I think its very rough edges have put me off. At least for now whilst it's £35, when the price comes down and its had some patches I'll give it a go. Reply +4
  • Total War: Warhammer's ambitious Mortal Empires arrives this month

  • varkdm 11/10/2017

    Really enjoying the game at the moment. Playing as the Dark Elves and im mid game at the moment. Will probably lose as the High Elves seem to have raced ahead on their scroll hunt, but ive learnt the game now and it all seems to work nicely. The map is huge, love the addition of treasures to hunt down as well. Reply +1
  • Fortnite bans "thousands" of Battle Royale cheaters

  • varkdm 08/10/2017

    @tidy-spidey iddqd idkfa and my brain is too old to remember the other quake ones. Other than the classic alt-f4y. Reply 0
  • What happens to your Steam account when you die?

  • varkdm 07/10/2017

    @UncleLou I know that feeling. A friend of mine killed himself a few years ago. He wasn't a big gamer, but he loved world of warcraft and whenever I log into and see his name or check my quite small friends list in that game it gives me a little twinge of sadness. Reply +2
  • Destiny 2 downtime is as regular as the game's weekly reset

  • varkdm 03/10/2017

    Hopefully as destiny on the pc is handled by this won't affect the pc version. It doesn't half piss me off when games companies make no effort to hide that they view anyone outside of the US as less important, especially for a game that makes money hand over fist. Reply +1
  • Cities: Skylines - Green Cities arrives next month, here's a song to celebrate

  • varkdm 27/09/2017

    Cool, I was always a bit dissapointed at the lack of eco stuff there was in the game and this nicely corrects that! Reply 0
  • Don't be put off by Kingdom Come: Deliverance's stiff characters

  • varkdm 27/09/2017

    @spamdangled but it's modability was a deliberate feature of the game, which is why modding has been so successful for it. Id played skyrim for 200+ hours and about 10 different characters before I finally got around to finishing the main quest. Thanks to the foresight of the developers in releasing the creation kit that spawned so many mods that added, changed, corrected, or polished the game. Yes skyrim as it was released, may not be the most amazing of games (although I remember thoroughly enjoying the vanilla game) but it was designed to be almost the lego of fantasy rpgs and that it did very well, better than any other before or since. Reply +2
  • varkdm 27/09/2017

    @spamdangled i agree fallout 4 wasnt a masterpiece. But it was a great game. Not as good as Fallout 3, which in my opinion is the best of the series. However, claiming morrowind was the last masterpiece bethseda made is patently rediculous, being that Skyrim is one of the all time great games ever made and still enduringly popular six years after its release. Reply +5
  • Ruiner review

  • varkdm 27/09/2017

    This game does look interesting. I like the style and ive watched a few gameplay videos and read a few yser reviews on steam. One thing to note is, whilst the developers intended the game to be played on the hard setting, they have included easier settings. I havent the time or incliniation to play mercilessly punishing games and so doubted i would want this. However the developers have acknowledged that mercilessly punishing isnt for everyone and catered to the crowd that just wants to enjoy a run through of the game, without having to fail 100 times before defeating each boss. So its on my list, there have been about ten new games out recently i want and there are still more to come so ... thats the best it gets at the moment. Original Sin 2 to finish first. Reply +1
  • Divinity: Original Sin 2 review

  • varkdm 22/09/2017

    @JiveHound I had exactly the same experience with the first one. Loving this one from the go though. Reply 0
  • Firewatch review-bombed following PewDiePie racism incident

  • varkdm 19/09/2017

    Can you set steam reviews to show verified purchases only? Reply +7
  • Divinity: Original Sin 2 roars out of the gates to nearly 500K sold

  • varkdm 18/09/2017

    Im thoroughly enjoying it, more so than the first which I could never finish as found it a little too obtuse, but this one seems a more balanced challenge. Reply +2
  • Divinity: Original Sin 2 is shaping up to be every bit as good as its predecessor

  • varkdm 15/09/2017

    @Rogueywon it's been in early access for about a year, with first part of the game available to play. Reply +3
  • Absolver review

  • varkdm 30/08/2017

    Im having difficulty getting in to it. Looks nice, runs well, no lag, plays well, so the basics are all there. However I've learnt more about how this game works by reading this review than playing it for two hours. The tutorials is abysmal and the combo system just isn't explained. I eventually worked out about chaining moves by their start and finish stances is what you are supposed to do. Just irritating that these companies put huge time and effort in to these games then fuck up the tutorial section, which should really be pretty simple to do. Reply 0
  • Darkwood developer releases its own game on Pirate Bay

  • varkdm 26/08/2017

    @SpaceMonkey77 bandwidth costs money, they won't give it for free or a tiny price on their website when they can do it for free via torrent. I like what this Dev has done, as I dislike key resellers for the reasons they mention. What I dont understand though, are keys mandatory on steam/gog etc if not why give any out? Reply 0
  • Devolver's stylish cyberpunk shooter Ruiner gets a release date

  • varkdm 21/08/2017

    @invidentus hmm loads of cyberpunk games, wouldnt call it forgotten in the industry.. Deus Ex and the Shadowrun games come imediately to mind. Reply +3
  • Mass Effect: Andromeda won't receive any more single-player updates

  • varkdm 20/08/2017

    @sloth09 I kind of get what your saying. But it doesn't really work, because the me3 ending was the equivalent to Truman/churchill/chamberlain/whoever defeating the nazis before they took czecheslovakia, then negotiating the Japanese into a peaceful climb down and then still having Russia take eastern Europe and someone nuking Japan anyway. Reply +3
  • varkdm 20/08/2017

    Sad that the series is on its arse, but better than it continue down that route, under that team. Clearly haven't learnt still though, I personally like the multiplayer, but they were crucified for tying sp story progress to it in me3 and that just required you play one or two games to get the best ending. Now they are continuing the actual story, through multiplayer.... Reply +1
  • Agents of Mayhem review

  • varkdm 17/08/2017

    @AgentDaleCooper I didn't, I just wanted a decent single player experience. Reply +2
  • LawBreakers review

  • varkdm 11/08/2017

    I like it. Plays very fluidly and easy to learn and get into. Ive had as many finely balanced, tense, close games as stomps, but with all new players at the moment I suspect the match making engine doesn't have the data yet to consistently match people well. Also, playing tank or medic is fun because their combat ability is still excellent and their utility and defense abilities don't interfere with their main combat. Reply +4
  • One year on, is No Man's Sky the game it should have been?

  • varkdm 09/08/2017

    I enjoyed it, but was dissapointed with a lot of it as well. Im sure ill go back to it and have been paying attention to the updates for there to be a sort of critical mass of new stuff to go back to, but it isn't there yet and the atlas update doesn't sound like it will add much for me. What I really wanted to see was far, far less life. Exploration became pointless when every system had 1-5 planets all of which had some form of life and most had lots of it. I wanted planets to be different, interesting things to be rare, so that when you did find them, it would be exciting and I enjoyable cataloguing it all. But even so called "barren" planets had plants. I wanted factions to mean something, for there to be towns, cities etc. Not just a landing pad with at most 2 souls aboard. I wanted the space battles from the trailers... Factions fighting each other for control of those rare planets that teme with life or resources.... But none of it was to be :-( Reply +1
  • Mass Effect Andromeda studio BioWare Montreal will be absorbed by EA Motive

  • varkdm 02/08/2017

    @kraenk12 hmm that's not how I remember the bioware acquisition. The two owners sold it and then retired from the game industry, but are still on good terms with the studio. Its pretty common business plan, build it up until a bigger company wants to buy you then take the money and move on with a huge nest egg. The founders leaving was unquestionably the worst thing that happened to bioware, but ea didn't drive them out. Reply +1
  • varkdm 01/08/2017

    @kraenk12 not actually true, mass effect was ea, even if mostly in development before ea acquired bioware. mass effect 2, which most consider the best in the series was fully ea. I think DA Origins was also entirely ea as my fuzzy, aged memory is telling me that came out after mass effect. Reply -2
  • Epic's Fortnite on UE4 plays better on Xbox One

  • varkdm 26/07/2017

    @Mrsyms it starts to get challenging at about tier 15 missions, so yea takes a few hours of going through really easy missions before your first challenging one sadly. Reply +1
  • Riot blames Brexit for 20% League of Legends in-game currency price hike

  • varkdm 05/07/2017

    I hope this just drives down purchases of their stuff. Its all very well to say it's because the pound is less against the dollar, but as they say, they price based on what the market can bear. People in the UK aren't earning 20% more, if anything the earnings outlook looks pretty poor for the UK now. How do they price this in China, Russia, Poland, India etc? I'm willing to bet it's a damn site cheaper in dollar/sterling terms in those countries because they have to price realistically for that market. This is just opportunism on Riots part and I hope it causes sales of their digital items to collapse in the UK. Reply +1
  • Robert Yang's The Tearoom appeals to censors by swapping cocks for glocks

  • varkdm 04/07/2017

    I actually hope twitch do ban it. Because then theyve played right into his hands and will have to come up with some reason as to why they banned a game about licking guns as opposed to using them to kill people. I hope that how rediculous that makes them look, starts a rethink on how over the top total censorship of nudity/sexual content is. Reply +2
  • Star Citizen studio seeks to calm fan fears it faces financial issues

  • varkdm 28/06/2017

    @Dryvlyne Reply 0
  • varkdm 26/06/2017

    @Dryvlyne sort of, bad example though as ea told bioware they could have another 6 months to work on andromeda and they refused and released it in the sorry state it was in sadly. Reply 0
  • Titanfall 2 still getting free DLC

  • varkdm 24/06/2017

    This game is one of the only single player fps campaigns in many years that was actually entertaining enough for me to finish. Well... I nearly finished doom but somehow got distracted by another game and never finished the last level, I should probably do that really! It was also the first multiplayer fps in years that I enjoyed playing for more than a few hours. I hope overall sales are better now through word of mouth and that plenty of people are supporting them with the cosmetic paid dlc. Reply +2
  • No Man's Sky community deciphers cryptic Hello Games cassette message

  • varkdm 07/06/2017

    @Luciferous making up a game in their heads is not really fair or accurate. I enjoyed the game, but was dissapointed that features Sean Murray said would be in the game, were not (eg dynamic battles and faction warfare, functional star systems etc.) so a lot of the anger is completely justified, he lied, repeatedly about all manner of things in the game. Yes a large minority take their outrage way too far, but the significant majority are justified in feeling dissapointed in what they got. Reply +8
  • GAME launches unattractive new £36 loyalty card scheme

  • varkdm 19/05/2017

    Playing devil's advocate here, all the high rated posts here with the calculations, assume that noone takes up any discounts and that the birthday gift is worthless. If you were buying a console and getting £20 off that, then you only have to make up £16 in other purchases, maybe less as not sure if £250+ console would also get points, presumably it does. So to me, this looks like a deal to encourage people to buy consoles and to tempt them to keep coming back to them for games. Seems like an awful faff to me, but it will work for some I'm sure. Reply 0
  • Mass Effect series "on ice" following Andromeda disappointment

  • varkdm 11/05/2017

    @riceNpea Completely agree this is all on Bioware. All the hate on EA i dont feel is justified in this instance. Bioware went downhill because their founders quit the game industry after they sold Bioware. They knew how to deliver a good, satisfying story in an RPG through to completion, the people who took over.. not so much. ME3's ending was decided in the last 3 months by Casey Hudson, on his own, rather than using the writers who had been penning the story all along. Inquisition and Andromeda, whilst far from terrible games, are bad by Bioware's standard because someone high up at Bioware decided that skyrim was so succesful because its an open world and that open worlds = mmo quest design. They've just bloddy mindedly followed that approach and demonstrated they just dont know how to do it (or take more from Ubisofts design ethos than Bethesda/CD Project Red). Far from EA forcing andromeda out the door, unfinished and in poor quality, they offered Bioware more time and they refused it.. Reply +15
  • How to save Mass Effect Andromeda

  • varkdm 10/05/2017

    @Lord_Kemyst whilst I dont doubt ea had a negative impact overall, it was actually the two founders of bioware retiring from the games industry that sent bioware off the rails. Getting games finished on time and in budget isn't just down to some evil publisher ruining everyone's fun, its about having people in charge of development who are good at driving the development through to the timescales and budgets they agreed to work to. Its also not ea's fault what happened with andromeda, they offered bioware more time to polish it and they said they didn't need it. Reply +1
  • Blizzard reveals Overwatch's loot box probabilities

  • varkdm 05/05/2017

    @tomevans "You missed his point/joke. Look up the definitions of the words "common" and "rare". Something that you get in every box is by definition common." That depends on how many items are in the boxes. If there are 100 items in a box and all are green except 1, then the 1 that isnt is the rare one. In Overwatches case you have 4 chances to win a rare or better level item (not winning meaning you get a white item) and one of those will always produce at least a rare. However you might win a purple/orange and no rare, so rares dont necassarily appear in every box. So the definition of rare, still fits. Although to be fair it should probably be "uncommon" to be more accurate in this case. Reply +1
  • British terror hoaxer charged after US gamer shot by cops

  • varkdm 12/04/2017

    @Sagara_Sousuke_x no its not designed to do it, but at very close range theres a high risk of it happening. Reply 0
  • varkdm 12/04/2017

    @The_Weird I think the police response in this case seems very much over the top, but just because the family said he was asleep, doesnt mean he actually was asleep. The article doesnt say, it just says what the family told police. Its easy to sit back and judge the cops in this, but you have to put yourself in their shoes. They live in a country where tens of thousands of people kill each other with guns every year. You are told by your superior officers that theres a homicidal maniac with a gun in that house and you need to deal with them.. would you knock politely and say "excuse me sir, would you mind very much coming outside with your hands up?" or would you kick the door down and incapacitate them as quickly as you possibly could? Their gun laws make it a reasonable expectation that any perpetrator would be lethally armed, its really those laws that cause all their problems like this. Reply +1
  • Say it in less

  • varkdm 01/04/2017

    Yea, I hate in game voicecomms. Partly as my fiancee is often in the same room, partly because im an introvert, but mostly because half the time it's full of squealing, deafening malfunctioning mics or someone chewing the mic, having conversations/arguments with people in their homes, eating, being dicks etc. One saving grace of andromeda having voice comms forced on by default, is that it allows you to choose which output it goes to... So ive set it to my permanently 0 volume screen speakers :-) Reply +6
  • Mass Effect Andromeda and the quest for great facial animation

  • varkdm 29/03/2017

    @MrTummyGiggles the ones where people singled out individual developers for their anger and bile. Reply 0