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  • Daybreak Game Company, formerly SOE, lays off several staffers

  • varkdm 11/02/2015

    @grassyknoll normally I'd agree that an investment firm picking up a games company is a bad thing, but I remember reading up a little about the one that bought SOE. Not all investment companies are in it for a quick buck and this one "says" its looking for long term investment opportunities. I think they bought another games studio(Harmonix) that as yet, they haven't devoured, torn apart and sold on. I used to work for Fidelity Investments and when I think about it, they were always about long term picture (usually a minimum five years) and they are one of the biggest. It can work out well, but im guessing SOE was in trouble before they bought it and this would have happened one way or another.

    This is from their 'mission statement' "CN takes a value-oriented, long-term view to investing and seeks consistent returns with an emphasis on capital preservation." that basically means they don't do short term speculating, they find what they view as undervalued companies, that they believe have strong underlying assets and then invest in them expecting that they will turn around their performance or bring out products in the future that will build their market value. Then they might sell them, or they might keep them for the income, depending on what their investment partners prefer.
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  • varkdm 11/02/2015

    @grassyknoll jesus, that's a huge amount. Im not surprised though, as much as I love ps2, I couldn't understand how they could be running that at the level they were with such a limited stock of things to sell that really mattered. There's only so many camos and helmets that people can buy. They did say quite specifically that they are still developing EQ Next though. They'd be kinda stupid to drop that, EQ is their biggest franchise. Reply +5
  • Planetside 2's record-breaking battle was an eSports moment worth savouring

  • varkdm 29/01/2015

    @CaptainKid I see. Well... Thats interesting. You are complaining about unfair spawn camping and would prefer they brought back the ps1 spawn system. The same spawn system where the respawn timer was about 30 seconds and if the spawn was overrun, you would spawn with a shit gun and no armour, right in front of a line of heavily armed and armoured enemies... all with their guns pointing at the three tubes respawning players materialised in?! I had a macro saved for that situation, it simply said "pull!" in local chat. It was like clay pigeon shooting. At least in ps2 there's a shield over all the spawn sites, you have to make a decision to walk out into overwhelming enemy fire in order to be killed by spawn campers... tanks are nowhere near as tough or lethal as they were in Ps1 and towers and outer doors were always camped and locked down by them and as infantry you gad far fewer options to deal with them! Reply 0
  • varkdm 29/01/2015

    @CaptainKid I'm not gonna pretend its easy to kill a vehicle 1 on 1, it isn't. But it shouldn't be. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I don't, but usually the heavy assault rocket launcher only drives them off, unless there's lots of you with them or the tank is stupid enough to turn its back on you. The best anti vehicle weapons when there aren't many of you around are c4, mines or an av max unit.

    But it is inevitable in this sort of game that fixed spawn sites will be overrun. In most cases you have to overrun them, which means camping either the spawn shields or the common access routes to prevent the faction retaking the capture points. Its the individual players fault if they repeatedly spawn at the same site, knowing that its overrun. Especially when you always have multiple locations you can spawn at and even bring your own spawn location to help retake the base from a more defensible position. Worst case, go back to the warpgate and spawn your own tank or fighter and bring the battle to them on a more even ground. Planetside is simulated war, war isn't fair.
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  • varkdm 28/01/2015

    @CaptainKid when was the last time you played? They completely changed all the base layouts and spawn locations so that it was impossible in most bases to do that any more. And vehicles were nerfed to make infantry much more effective against them. Reply 0
  • varkdm 28/01/2015

    @Skirlasvoud on ServerSmashes its all highly organised. Each faction will nominate a Force Commander, in overall command of the entire faction. They wont play, and will spend the entire time on voice comms and staring at the map, as well as spreadsheets/notes etc of the various platoons under their disposal and what their current assignments are.

    Then you have the platoon commanders, generally these are based on who each participating outfit nominates to run their players, but often some platoons are made up of mixed outfits and players so they are chosen by committee based on who is considered to be the best fit to lead that platoon (often the air fighter/bomber platoons are made of mixed outfits, usually the top pilots from all the participating outfits grouping together, and you may also have support or armour platoons of mixed outfit as well).

    Platoons will vary in size, depending on what the Force Commander intends for their battle plan and which outfits are participating and in what numbers. Most of the time, its still mixed as you tend to have a lot of outfits wanting to take part, and limited spaces. In the server smash I played in, outfits were committing a max of two squads, usually one. So most platoons were mixed squads with the platoon commander elected by the participating outfits of the platoon. Each platoon is 4 x 12 man squads. Each squad has a squad leader.

    The team speak servers they use for this look like a mess when you first look at them with literally hundreds of nested channels, but its all very cleverly done. The force commander will generally only talk to and hear the platoon commanders. The platoon commanders will only talk to and hear themselves, the squad leaders and force commanders and the squad leaders will talk to the platoon commander, their other platoon squad leaders and their squad members. Squad members will only talk to each other and their squad leader.

    Server smashes are nothing like the normal game, they are highly organised and played by really disciplined players, its quite something to be a part of :)

    This video, from about 13 minutes is from a platoon commanders perspective I think, but it gives you a good idea of the level of organisation going on :)
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  • varkdm 28/01/2015

    Throughout the article he writes the score as population. Shouldn't the score be read as territory, not population? Population sounds like they were winning more people compared to the other factions. Reply +3
  • Planetside 2 gets Guinness World Record for biggest FPS battle

  • varkdm 27/01/2015

    @CaptainKid the article, if I remember correctly, took an event across multiple servers where all the factions fought over the same base and the overall faction winners were counted from the results from all the servers. I thought it seemed a bit spurious and hardly met the definition of a single battle in an online fps.

    In my mind, the largest PS2 will have ever seen is still the Battle at Camp Connery that took place on the Miller server some 18 or so months ago. It was on the Indar continent and the vanu had held the continent for weeks. So the terran and new conglomerate outfit alliances agreed to work together to shift them off control of the map. This ended up with a population locked Indar (2000 players) with the entire vanu faction stuck at their warpgate and Camp Connery just outside of the warpgate. And the vast majority of the other two factions fighting them at camp connery. It was horrifically laggy and almost unplayable at times, but when looking at the map you could see the only hotspots and serious fighting were taking place at camp connery. So its safe to say there were 1500+ in and around there.
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  • I'm not a robot: Valve adds Captcha security to Steam Trading

  • varkdm 12/01/2015

    @chucklepie I think of them like reward points. Buy game, play game, (or take part in steam sale voting etc.) get 4 badges, sell them, get 25p-50p back on your next purchase. Sometimes you get a special coloured badge and you can sell them for a couple of quid. It takes about 20 seconds to sell each one. Reply 0
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition bug preventing companion banter

  • varkdm 28/11/2014

    @EdragonXX once you've done the dialogue aren't you supposed to just go to redcliffe with dorian in your party and head to the inn? It's not an automatic transition, you need to travel to hinterlands and then to redcliffe. Reply 0
  • The search for PlanetSide 2's largest battle

  • varkdm 01/11/2014


    definitely not cancelled.
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  • varkdm 27/10/2014

    @Ep1cN3ss1e not the case with ps2 though as 99% of the stuff you can buy with cash isn't an improvement, but a different way of doing things (gun with faster rate of fire, but lower damage per shot.. or faster rate of fire but smaller magazine.. etc). There are only one or two that are considered to be pure upgrades (rocket pods for the aircraft.. but even now, a lot of the top gun pilots prefer not to have those and to fly with the default afterburner tanks). So .. yea it takes longer to get stuff, but the stuff isn't better.. just.. more. Reply +2
  • varkdm 26/10/2014

    The video below is taken from the Camp Connery battle. Its from one of the Terran outfits that took part. I remember the battle well because I played for Wasp Inc who were a New Conglomerate outfit also attacking camp connery. I like this video because it shows some of those moments he talks about in the article eg suddenly encountering a swarm of dropships (bare in mind, each of those dropships had about 12 soldiers in and the game engine wasn't rendering them all at that distance (or the many one man escort fighters that were flying around them)). As for your statistics, well.. look at the long shot of the map half way through, there are only two "hotspots" (areas of conflict) taking place on the map and the map was full. The entire Vanu faction only had camp connery left (they needed it to hold onto the Indar continent ownership benefit, which is why the Terran and New Conglomerate factions had a temporary truce to gang up on them to clear them out). So you can safely say the vast majority of the vanu were there, and looking at there being only one hotspost elsewhere, the vast majority of the TR and NC were there too. It also shows that at that time, about 5 months after launch, the servers and engine couldn't handle it. Having said that, 18 months down the line, the game is much much better at dealing with heavy numbers.


    Also, the camp connery battle was a completely player driven thing, no developer involvement, no special event laid on. The main TR and NC alliances simply agreed to cooperate for the night to try and shift the long held vanu domination of Indar.
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  • Valve pulls game from Steam following dev's tweet threatening Gabe Newell

  • varkdm 21/10/2014

    @TekMerc It's not quite that simple, this wasn't a message directed to valve, this was him spouting off in public. Its like your boss pissing you off and then you going outside and venting about it to friends, insulting him etc. If the boss finds out.. id expect a reprimand and a warning on a first offence.. depending on how good an employee I was in the first place.

    In this case.. I have a little sympathy for him (not much) as he has been quite frank in his apology that he was being a prick. If they allow the game back, he should show his sincerity by offering a percentage of profits to an appropriate charity (perhaps something to do with online bullying or mental health issues). Otherwise he could be used as an example to warn others, but I doubt it would have much impact, people on a short tether get into trouble because they don't have the control in the first place.
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  • Destiny UK's biggest new IP launch ever

  • varkdm 15/09/2014

    @Rogueywon the figures don't include digital downloads, so cant be sure what the actual split is. Reply 0
  • Destiny public events to occur more frequently

  • varkdm 13/09/2014

    @kaya08 you can heroic mode all the missions, setting them to have greater numbers of opponents who are more aggressive and are level 18, 20, 22, 24 or 26. Reply +1
  • varkdm 13/09/2014

    @null I went back there at level 22, they are just tough level 20 mobs and there was nothing else there. Reply 0
  • Xenonauts review

  • varkdm 08/07/2014

    @karry2 Now Transport Tycoon is an interesting one.... I LOVED that game. Played it for hours upon hours. However... I cant go back to it, because every game ended the same way... I'd hit the station/vehicle cap and that would be the end of my empire building, then it was just empire managing. If there was a version of it that removed that cap (a limitation of much reduced system memory at the time) then I'd happily give that one another go. Reply 0
  • varkdm 03/07/2014

    @UncleLou im 33 and have been playing games since I was 5 years old (on a bbc electron to start with). I find it REALLY hard to go back and play old games.. partly because of the graphics, but partly because a lot of the time they also had really clunky interfaces too. There are a few exceptions that I have been able to go back to (Medievil Total War II, UFO:Enemy Unknown... and.. that's about all I can remember). I just find that without fresh gameplay and graphics (not always, I enjoyed FTL for example) that it's really hard for a game to keep me interested. Reply 0
  • varkdm 03/07/2014

    @penhalion I think each "turn" was supposed to represent 10 seconds of action. So taken at the slow pace of just clicking and giving orders, it seems so much more comically inept. But if you actually play the turn out in your head, considering how much movement and aiming whilst being under fire, pressure, comrades and civvies dying around them etc they were supposed to be making mistakes, the number of which reduced as they gained experience. Admittedly, sometimes the mistakes were a little too much, but it still did a good job of it on the whole. It's just it's very hard to marry that frantic pace up with the slow methodical way the game plays. Reply +1
  • Time to move for EU players of SOE games

  • varkdm 18/06/2014

    Good news. I have an old soe account that I was using to play ps2 and never understood why they were so keen to add another layer of admin between them and their customers. Refused to sign up to everquest next or landmark beta invites because they insisted I take out a PSS1 account.. guess now I can go sign up! :) Reply 0
  • No Man's Sky will launch on console first on PS4

  • varkdm 10/06/2014

    @CamberGreber I cant be sure, but I think it takes quite a bit longer from ground to space on the first planet that it did from space to ground on the second, and the second looked like it might be a lifeless rock (you can see from orbit that it doesn't really have much of an atmosphere) - in which case it may well be deliberate. Reply 0
  • Chris Roberts: Star Citizen won't sell to a bigger company

  • varkdm 01/04/2014

    @thekeats There was an article on this recently, I don't think he used any private investment in the end, well not in the traditional sense. The original plan was to try and raise something like $2m on kickstarter.. this was to prove there was interest in the concept and would then convince some private investors he had lined up to part with the additional $20m he needed. However, having now raised $41m entirely through crowdfunding, he never needed to get that funding, so its entirely crowd funded. Which is his dream because he is in total control of the game and only has himself and his fans to please. Reply +1
  • Total War: Rome 2 Hannibal at the Gates DLC arrives alongside free update

  • varkdm 27/03/2014

    @Devils-DIVISION same for me - no crashes, runs fine since launch. Game far from perfect in its gameplay, but recent patches have vastly improved that and started playing again a couple of weeks ago to find it was the game I hoped it would have been at launch. Friend of mine who is a big TW fan felt the same way too. Reply +3
  • Xbox One Resolutiongate: the 720p fallout

  • varkdm 01/11/2013

    I haven't decided which one I will get, will probably be getting one in the Spring.. however.. on that comparison video.. I see the XO frame rate dipping occasionally more than the PS4 one does. However.. I prefer the colour palette in the XO, it looks more vibrant, where as the PS4 version looks quite washed out. Not sure if that is more realistic or not, but I just prefer the colour vibrancy.. so that video tells me that XO graphics (for me) look nicer, but may run a little slower. Im still none the wiser about what one would be best. Reply -2
  • Check out this brilliant virtual version of 17th Century London

  • varkdm 24/10/2013

    @Boomzzilla it was used at the end of the movie Black Hawk Down, that's where i recognise it from anyway. Reply 0
  • Fan-harassed writer Jennifer Hepler leaves BioWare

  • varkdm 16/08/2013

    I think it's sad that people are being hounded like this.. however....

    She was just a writer in the game. Writers, developers etc. don't have to open up to their lives to the customers who consume what they create.. from what ive seen.. many seem to do it for a mixture of reasons, some benevolent in wanting contact with fans and to engage with them .. and some less so.. in hoping to build profile and to hear adoration from fans - or simply tell fans their opinions are wrong.

    If a writer/developer has no profile outside of the company, then they aren't going to get the abuse. Companies have PR and customer relations departments to deal directly with fans. ANY role where you deal with the public will involve a certain amount of dealing with cretins. If you are lucky enough to have a role that doesn't involve dealing with the general public and you don't want to get abuse from the general public.. then don't volunteer yourself to do it.

    It would be great if everyone played nice on the internet, but the fact is they don't - so don't volunteer to get stuck in that mire if you aren't strong enough to deal with anonymous mud flinging it sadly and inevitably entails.
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  • Sony backtracks on real-money Planetside 2 buffs following fan outcry

  • varkdm 18/07/2013

    The main issue was they were only temporary. You could use in game certifications or real world money to buy them, but because they were temporary it just seemed very wrong. Especially as implants in planetside 1 were things that every player could have three of just by levelling up and they were just a feature of your character.

    I think if they were permanent, a one off cert or sc purchase this would not have been such a bad thing - although some of the implants were silly (ignoring flashbangs?!).

    At least they do listen and who cares if that's out of respect or fear.. its best they have a little of both than none of either.

    Calling PS2 a pay2win game suggests those doing so have absolutely no idea what that phrase actually means.
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  • Microsoft restores game ownership and expects us to smile

  • varkdm 20/06/2013

    I personally don't think MS were trying to "screw us over" with the original setup. I think they lost sight of what was important to most people, but they didn't do that deliberately. You can quite clearly see that they were just thinking internet is the future, internet is everything lets make everything online and interactive and digital and include Kinect as standard because its so futuristic with its gesture control etc..... because that's what they believed the future was. And to be fair, it probably is (not so much the gesture control). They didn't come up with anything that wasn't what the pc market has been for a long time... but the price point for the games was wrong.

    I wasn't bothered about the DRM, ive lived with Steam and don't see the difference and can see the benefits to an extent. The removal of the online check and online requirement for offline games is brilliant news, because, frankly no one has been able to make that work problem free so far and it just isn't necessary on any level. Im now basing my pre-order on which console has the best games for me at or near launch.

    Ironically, the author of this article is crying about access to old games for his kids.... well the digital ownership and virtual machine style setup of the xbox one would have made that far far easier in the future than it is now. Now if you want to play and old SNES game you have to have the SNES or put it through an emulator on a PC. Even old 360/ps3 games are going to need you to have those consoles in order to play them. By MS withdrawing from their digital ownership plan, part in thanks to your own campaign, you are now complaining at them for something that is much harder to do with the old system they have gone back to. I've been a member of steam since it launched, if I want to play HalfLife 2, CS1.6 (or even older classic games that predate steam like commander keen or Doom thanks to the fact they can be added cheaply via digital distribution) I can, very very easily.. I just click the install button against their listing in steam and off I go - you have just forced ms back down the route of requiring a compatible console and the physical disc. If you want to blame anyone for making legacy gaming harder, blame yourself.
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  • Microsoft reverses position on Xbox One DRM

  • varkdm 19/06/2013

    I think a lot of people saying still not buying one etc will end up changing their mind (or at least making the final decisions) based on what games are exclusive. I was going ps4 at first.. this makes things a little more even.. i'll make a decision at release time based on what games are available at release and which console has best bundles. Reply -2
  • State of Decay MMO follow-up Class4 still in negotiations with Microsoft

  • varkdm 17/06/2013

    @Harmonica yea.. odd about the marketing. I only heard about it through word of mouth on gamers forums I belong to, hadn't seen it advertised anywhere?

    Got it and its great btw :)
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  • Planetside 2 is PlayStation 4 bound

  • varkdm 06/06/2013

    If anyone is wanting to see a bit more about the game, a good set of videos to watch, to get a feel for what planetside 2 is about, is the "War Correspondent" series by Robert Stoneman, all on youtube. Reply 0
  • varkdm 06/06/2013

    @The_shlaaaag_returns im not sure it does the drop pod thing anymore. I created a character 2 months ago and it played a totorial bid, then added me to a squad at a friendly warpgate. There is a training area to test guns and vehicles and there was some chatter about an actual tutorial, but not sure if they added it or it was a soon thing. its best to keep track on their social media because the volume of content updates is huge on ps2 :)

    either way, the game is not too forgiving on new players (not because of skill, just in getting the hang of what is going on) but its well worth getting to know it. Also worth joining an outfit to play with!
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  • Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn review

  • varkdm 23/05/2013

    Hmm I don't think I have much in common with Dan. I enjoyed Terra Nova (light hearted and interesting idea) and I enjoyed Forward Unto Dawn - to this date the only web series ive been able to watch all the way through and actually checked each episode on day of release. Reply +2
  • Next Xbox to be released in "early November" - report

  • varkdm 25/04/2013

    @ZuluHero Im not sure it does, the cheaper model having a subscription adn the more expensive one not having a subscription still leaves it wide open - it rather suggests after 2 years and the $299 can then cancel their subscription. Either way, this subscripotion thingy is just about gold membership, not always online. Reply 0
  • Saturday Soapbox: The high cost of free-to-play

  • varkdm 13/04/2013

    I think there needs to be some kind of clarification on the different types of F2P games. This Clash of Clans looks exactly like the type of F2P game i avoid like the plague.

    I however enjoy playing League of Legends (bought one new character i liked after about 30 hours of playing it), Blacklight Retribution (bought nothing so far, after a similar 30 hour period), Path of Exile (bought one cosmetic item because i think the devs deserved it) and Planetside 2 (bought shitloads of cosmetics in all honesty, but i played the first planetside and spent a lot more on that through initial purchase + subscriptions and i absolutely adore the game.. and ive got 9 days of play time in it so far. I am well aware of how much money ive spent and it really doesnt concern me in the last because I feel ive had good value for money, i also play alongside lot sof people who've never spent a penny on the game and are enjoying it just as much as i am).

    The games in that list or so far removed from shit like Clash of Clans its just ludicrous that you are tarring them with the same brush.
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  • Defiance review

  • varkdm 12/04/2013

    Review it on the PC please, no way is this a 5. I've had no issues, no lag, no disconnects, smooth framerates even in the middle of major arkfall events with tons of people and mobs all around. Its fun, its easy to play and it keeps you coming back for more.

    The UI is terrible, the quests are often quite dull - but at least they try to make them make sense in an open world mmo environment (mobs spawn in sequence when you trigger events, they arent just randomly walking around areas). Closest game to this is Borderlands 1. In fact easiest way to describe it.. is a third person mmo version of borderlands. Even the skill system is the same (level of weapon types for minor bonuses by using them, one active skill that you can amend with level up bonuses and a ton of passive skills you can get over time. Guns seem to be randomly generated or at least there are thousands of them to appear that way). That this gets a 5 is just staggering.
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  • Saturday Soapbox: The high cost of high standards

  • varkdm 07/04/2013

    What value do the companies place on sales that take place outside of the launch windows? I'm cruious because I havent bought Tomb Raider yet, but I know I will, probably in the summer when the release schedule dries up (I should also point out that although I have been a gamer since the 80's, I've never bought a tomb raider game, but this one has convinced me to try). I imagine people will still be buying the game in reasonable quantities (not launch quantities, but still many thousands.. perhaps hundreds of thousands) over the next 1-3 years. That 3.9m surely could end up at 4.5...5... 5.5m over time. Are there any figures that show how these sales are counted and what effect they have on the perceived success or failure of a project? Reply 0
  • The video game industry's gender wage gap is worse than you think

  • varkdm 05/04/2013

    This stuff about the gender paygap is starting to irk somewhat. The BBC was on about this with an article about graduate pay being better for male graduates for women and automatically assuming that it was sexism and couldnt be anything else. Failed to point out that its well known in recruitment, that male students tend to apply early for the jobs, because in they spend less time revising for the exams and doing their final projects. Women tend to focus 100% of their mind and effort on getting the degree, then apply for the jobs afterwards. By which time, all the companies looking to fill their quota's for graduate intake are already 75% of the way through the process and those late applicants are getting what is left. So women tend to get better results, but are late to the party when it comes to going for the jobs.

    Jobs with big companies these days are all so tightly controlled to fit HR rules, everyone has to be on the same paygrade for the same job, with little variation in that. I have no doubt that when it gets to senior levels there is an element of sexism (although this i think is overblown too due to the fact many women choose to raise children over a career) but for every day jobs, it's just pathetic that these researchers keep crying sexism when it just isn't there.
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  • BioShock Infinite ending explained

  • varkdm 04/04/2013

    I'm sure this stuff about the bathyspheres isnt right. Andrew Ryan and his creation for Bioshock lived at a completely different era. It was the "new you" resurrection machines that were genetically coded to Ryan. The Bathyspheres were just offline as a form of marshal law because of all the riots. Anyone could use them, but Ryan had shut down access to them.... Which is why you cant use them in the first half of Bioshock.

    I saw this being discussed on another game site thread about the ending and the concencus at the end of the comments was that Andrew Ryan was not another version of comstock/booker and if he was then theyve filled their plot with holes. If you look at the bioshock wiki entry for bathsyphere it says nothing about genetic coding.
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  • This is what top-level COD competition ****ing looks like

  • varkdm 21/03/2013

    THis is embarrasing to watch and im not sure whats worse, the players doing it or the people involved in running the sport justifying it.

    If they want esports to be like football, rugby etc, then they cannot have player sbehaving so obviously like that. Yea bad things are said on the rugby pitch and the football pitch, because noone can hear it and few can see it - its impossible to police fairly.

    Not so for an event like that which is more akin to snooker/tennis in that everyone can see and hear exactly what the players are doing at any time. Whilst they let them do it, it will never be a mainstream sport. They have a lot of growing up to do.
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  • John Riccitiello out as CEO of EA

  • varkdm 18/03/2013

    I personally dont feel EA are that bad. They are a large publicly listed company, they are about as bad as I expect for that type of entity in an industry where it's a big challenge to make profit and retain it.

    Yea simcity is a big mess, but thanks to that mess I will have simcity to play when its fixed in a month or so time and in the mean time ive got a free copy of Dead Space 3 to play, so im not pissed at all.

    They took on some of trolls like the Edge guy and launched new IP's, even if they favoured rinse and repeat franchises. But those wouldnt work if people didnt actually want them. I think of EA & Activision as the Sainsburys and Tescos of the game development world. Safe stock, high sales, hard bargaining with "suppliers" to ensure profitability. Other publishers fill the role for the risky, quirky or stroke of genius ideas.
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  • Maxis looking into fixing SimCity traffic problems as complaints grow about pathfinding

  • varkdm 13/03/2013

    @xuiton I would say each city is about 20% of the size of previous sim city maps. However.. you do have multiple cities working together in the same area, so its not quite that simple. You can have up to 16 cities in a region and 4 great works sites alongside those. The maps need to be bigger than they are now, but they dont need to be as big as in previous sim city games. Reply +1
  • varkdm 13/03/2013

    @neuroniky i have been specialising, but in my tourist city the gambling and tourist buildings, also need extensive public transport - so in order to have big tourist attractions and casinos (many of which are huge buildings) you also need to have 1-3 bus depots, a train station, a ferry terminal, an airport, a streetcar terminal a tourism addon for your town hall, a gambling HQ + Specialisation HQs and realistically for quick response times and the high wealth people that need to live there to make it a nice tourist attraction.. local fire, ambulance and police services, 2-3 school buildings, the city hall, the mayors house and the mayors mansion. I import/export water, sewage, waste disposal, recycling and power services to other cities in the region. But in order to have enough people to work at the casinos and attractions, it means i have a tiny amount of space left for commerical buildings that benefit from tourism and an even smaller space left for industrial buildings to give the locals a mix of jobs. The maps are just too damn small. Reply +1
  • varkdm 13/03/2013

    I've really enjoyed it so far. Pre-ordered.. played fine about 20 minutes after midnight on the release day. Had a couple of short lived connectivity issues with it in the days after, havent had a problem with that since Saturday though. Ive probably put in at least 24 hours on it, its massively addictive. The biggest challenge I have had so far is the traffic management and the dodgy scripting. But whilst frustrating at times, im still enjoying the game.

    There are some glaring ommissions from the game though - cant rotate "ploppable" buildings, cant sculpt terrain, cant clear up pollution and most of the workable map ends up being filled with fixed buildings because you need them all and the map is too small to fit them. I can kinda see why they did it, they want each city in a region to specialise to one or two things, which is realistic, but even so the map size is an extremely arbitrary and irritating restriction. However, knowing this is EA and a sim game, its clear why those things were not included, they have to have something to add for the future DLC.
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  • The Torment: Tides of Numenera Kickstarter begins

  • varkdm 07/03/2013

    Some of the funding levels on this game are incredible....

    At this point.. 5 people have already pledged $10,000 or more.
    2 pledged $5000
    2 pledged $2000
    23 pledged $1000
    10 pledged $750
    174 pledged $500
    33 pledged $350
    64 pledged $275
    500 pledged $250.. 500!
    I've taken part in a couple of kickstarters but it's not just the speed at which they raised the money, its the number of people willing to part with the seriously large pledges that is really impressive to me. I think Star Citizen was one of the most succesful kickstarters ever and that only got 1 $10,000 donation, 1 $5000 and 3 $2,500.
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  • HTC 8X review

  • varkdm 17/02/2013

    I've got an HTC Mozart (WP7.5 phone), it was my first smartphone and its due for an upgrade in the summer. I won't pay for Apple products as in my opinion they do nothing special. I quite like the idea of Android, but it also sounds messy in it's approach.

    The tiles thing always appealed to me, playing with a friends windows phone was what made me finally decide to get a smartphone in the first place. I think WP works for me simply because I like the bright and simple operating system and the lack of apps doesn't concern me in the slightest. I also suspect there will come a time when most apps will end up as applets in web pages anyway.

    One thing I was really impressed with, is the HTC's build quality. I've dropped it more times than I can remember - in clubs, onto pavements, wooden furniture etc and its not done anything. I know people whose iPhones have cracked from just being in their pocket. I was pretty sure I was going to go with a Lumia for the upgrade, but I don;t want to discount HTC because I know their phones are tough and well built. Nokia has that reputation too, but I haven;t had one of their phones to experience it for.. 10 years probably. Decisions decisions :)
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  • Aliens: Colonial Marines' Bug Hunt DLC set for March

  • varkdm 07/02/2013

    @propalex the ORIGINAL avp had a horde mode. It was kinda tough, as I seem to remember ammo didnt respawn, but was bloody good fun. Back in the late 90's i think. The fact it's not in this game is.. really really bad. More shocked that it's come from Gearbox, the DLC for Borderlands has always been really good.. this.. this is just a joke :/ Reply +3
  • Dead Space 3 includes micro-transactions for buying better weapons

  • varkdm 23/01/2013

    @IvorB I've seen plenty of annual statements from EA saying they made a loss over the last few years. Even so, their revenues are nearly $2bn and their profit is $80m .. its not exactly high margin stuff. What that would suggest is, that since they brought in more aggressive DLC, they have been able to turn a profit.. so what I said stands, they needed these other revenue streams to make the model work. Reply 0
  • varkdm 23/01/2013

    @Bedsidelee discs.. very little, never did cost much when they were mainstream. When CD's were introduced over floppy disks there were usually two versions of games launched and the CD one was about 1 more. But its not the discs that cost money, its the years of paying lots of peoples relatively high salaries and enourmous marketing costs + needing to make a profit to make it all worthwhile. Reply 0