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  • Seeing Red: The story of CD Projekt

  • urizen 07/11/2013

    Fantastic article. Thank you. Reply +3
  • Fallout 3

  • urizen 28/10/2008

    "Your review is actually pretty good, but I missed a rationale as to why the final review came out so different from the preview."

    The rationale's been given - different people previewed the game.

    "Yet it scored 8,while Eurogamer continue to gives 10s to games that OBJECTIVELY don't deserve perfect score-GTA4,Bioshock,Halo3 and now Fallout3."

    I challenge you to prove OBJECTIVELY that they didn't deserve that score. Really.
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  • Turning Point: Fall of Liberty

  • urizen 14/03/2008

    Freedom Fighters, long forgotten - how dare you! :-P Reply 0
  • Alone in the Dark

  • urizen 29/02/2008

    Wow....that sounds fantastic. Love the inventory. Reply 0
  • Rebellion talks Shellshock 2

  • urizen 11/12/2007

    A next gen Sniper Elite?

    Yes bloody please - what a criminally underrated game, with some fantastic AI going on.
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  • Mass Effect

  • urizen 20/11/2007

    How fucking dare you give ME an 8? Reviews elsewhere on the web scientifically *prove* that Mass Effect is the flawless perfect gaming experience the less intelligent amongst us were hoping for.

    /clumsy sarcasm mode off

    Seriously, anyone who's outraged in this thread but hasn't yet played it.....get a life and while you're at it try look up two words: "informed" and "opinion".

    I'm about 15 hours in and I have to say the review sums my feelings up very well, particularly:

    "Visually, it's well up to scratch, but at the cost of a pretty poor frame rate, rather unsatisfying combat, and an enemy which doesn't really put up much of a concerted fight. The first impressions certainly don't suggest Mass Effect should be talked about as a must-have game..."

    I had very mixed feelings at first, finding the combat quite ropey and how a game with such technical issues can get perfect scores boggles the mind - there's clearly a lack of ambition out there concerning what we should expect from classic games. The texture pop-up, particularly on games recently loaded, is pretty bad, though not half as annoying as the jerky frame rate in battle, which can actually affect the gameplay (though is mostly simply irritating).

    I agree about the citadel too - they could have picked up the pace here; I enjoyed wandering and chatting for a bit, but it started to feel like a slightly souped up Kotor, really, and not much more.

    I think after about 5 or 6 hours, I was feeling moderately let down, while loving the dialogue options, and starting to enjoy the combat more. Then I did my first major chunk of main mission - saving a colony - started experimenting with equipment and tactics more, started clicking with the universe, and I found myself hooked.

    I'd give more credit for the exploration element - it's formulaic, but does a reasonable job of sustaining the illusion of a large and diverse game world, and I just enjoy wandering to random planets and driving around in the Mako. Occasionally, you can come across something fairly surprising.

    All in all, a very, very good game once you get into, but certainly flawed and certainly nowhere near the perfect next-gen game many are hoping for.

    Edit: oh, and time to take the pitchforks and torches over the Gamespot....8.5, which is probably what I'd score it. In other words, very, very good.
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  • Clive Barker's Jericho

  • urizen 19/07/2007

    "Game sounds promising. Pity it's probably going to be ruined by incompetent spaniards."

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  • Fallout 3

  • urizen 02/07/2007

    It looks stunning - the beautiful Oblivion engine made glorious nuclear winter.

    Nice line :-)
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  • Two Worlds in July

  • urizen 16/05/2007

    "I gag to be able to take your character from the single player game in their current state of development and do co-op stuff with your mates current characters"

    It would be good, though I think I read that you won't be able to transer your single player to the online - they're been treated as completely different.
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  • Microsoft dates trio

  • urizen 10/05/2007


    It's called Tenchutis, a chronic condition a few suffer from which renders them unable to resist buying increasingly weak iterations of a franchise that hasn't really been much cop since the utterly fantastic original (which was itself somewhat flawed).

    This poorly bunch *know* it's not gonna be great, know that it fails to innovate or evolve in anything but tiny incremental steps, but they are drawn back by siren's call of sweet, sweet ninja kills.

    Personally, I can't stop loving Tenchu games, though I really should know better.
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  • Resistance: Fall of Man

  • urizen 22/03/2007

    @Scimarad, you're right of course - but the thread did yield a pretty interesting discussion of AI in shooters.

    Why oh why in AI discussions does no one mention the underrated gem Sniper Elite? Among the best AI I've encountered in a, erm, budget game set in war torn Berlin.
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  • Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2

  • urizen 09/03/2007

    @HairyArse: nah, I thought GRAW looked pretty consistently superb too, and I don't recall major issues with night vision (though it was a common complaint, to be fair). Reply 0
  • Priceless Victories

  • urizen 30/01/2007

    Just did half an hour or so on Battle for Wesnoth - what a gem. Great stuff. Reply 0
  • urizen 29/01/2007

    Wow...cool. One already downloading. Thanks! Reply 0
  • Armored Core 4

  • urizen 24/01/2007

    That old From control system was a right chore - sounds like they have defnitely changed the series for the better, though teh har8core may disagree. Reply 0
  • Eurogamer's Top 50 Games of 2006: 10 - 1

  • urizen 29/12/2006

    But..but...you get caves, Ayleid ruins and forts - that's at least three types of dungeon! ;-) Reply 0
  • urizen 29/12/2006

    The fact that NPCs don't just stand there in the same spot, all the bloody time, helps - it's incremental, perhaps, but an improvement nonetheless. Reply 0
  • urizen 29/12/2006


    2 good quests? Are you sure we played the same game?

    I agree about Radiant AI being overhyped, but you clearly haven't played Morrowind for a long time, or have some very large rose-tinted specs if you think it's not an improvement in Oblivion.

    As for the spoken dialogue, did you actually prefer wading through text boxes in Morrowind?
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  • urizen 29/12/2006

    Can't agree with you Errol - it was a backward step in terms of the levelling, and the story was just not as interesting, but elsewhere Oblivion trounced Morrowind....AI, spoken dialogue, *much* more interesting quest design, buying property at least gave you something to spend your wealth on, better menus / inventory, improved combat, and no fucking cliff-racers, above all ;-)

    Edit: I'm a massive Morrowind fanboy, btw
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  • urizen 29/12/2006

    Good to see Oblivion up there. GOTY for me :-) Reply 0
  • Gears of War has 'zero innovation', says EA exec

  • urizen 11/11/2006

    `I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say that this is, without a doubt, the biggest journalistic scandal in the history of written language.

    I sense that it is i sign that we stand on the brink off the demise of western civilization and the beginning of new dark age.`

    LMAO! My thoughts exactly :-)
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  • Sniper Elite

  • urizen 23/01/2006


    Great review and bang on with the score. Your summary of the AI in particular is true - I've replayed levels and had (fairly) different experiences each time.

    No better gaming rush last year than my 400-odd metre head shot :)
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  • The Suffering: Ties That Bind

  • urizen 24/10/2005

    'But if you played and enjoyed the first game and fancy more of the same, The Suffering: Ties That Bind won't disappoint'

    That's me, then. Good review btw.
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  • It would be 'good to finish' BG&E - Michel Ancel

  • urizen 23/08/2005

    'They'll probably end up doing another BG&E, but dress everyone is leather, give it a 'dark' theme and fill it full of death metal. :-)'

    ...now there's an idea - cast Monica Belluci in the lead role. Sold! :)
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  • Tenchu: Fatal Shadows

  • urizen 11/08/2005

    Mixed feelings about the review myself, even as a die-hard Tenchu fanboi. The camera issues are well overstated, the PS1 graphics comparison plain stoopid (even if it's still sub-par graphically, when was the last time you played the first Tenchu? It looks horrible, relatively speaking).

    Above all, I disagree with the whole 'stealth is pointless' bit - Tenchu for me still has the visceral thrill of stalking and snapping necks, and the whole stealth kill element has been greatly improved over WoH with the timing bonuses, not to mention the perennial incentive of mission ratings and bonus items. Sure enough, you don't *have to* play stealthy...but wtf would be the point? Buy Madden and complain the ball's not round.

    Having said all that, I agree about the fact it's not different enough, the valley girl voice-overs, convoluted story and silly narrator... btw, lol at the beat poet comparison ('In this land, Nasu means egg-plant; there are many delicious ways to cook an egg-plant; but you wouldn't want to eat this egg-plant, because he's a man'...wtf?). All in all, better than WoH for me(especially the level design), but can't help but wish they'd do something a bit more fecking radical.

    Tenchu-fanboi score: 8/10
    Sane score: 6/10
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  • Metal Gear Solid 3 due in March with Euro bonuses

  • urizen 02/12/2004

    Sooo long to wait....:( Reply 0
  • Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

  • urizen 26/11/2004

    @valli \0/

    btw, how you come you're playing it so soon? Import copy that you received really quickly?
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  • urizen 26/11/2004

    Excellent Review!

    I tried to pretend I didn't care, I tried to persuade myself it would be shit. Didn't work.

    It's official - better than MGS2!


    Man, I can't wait...especially for the boss fights and ESPECIALLY the sniper fight, which has cropped up in reviews elsewhere as a stunningly tense piece of gameplay.

    /fanboi mode off
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  • The Getaway: Black Monday

  • urizen 11/11/2004

    Dear oh dear oh dear. How on earth could they have taken several steps backwards?


    /removes from 'maybe' to 'no' on wish list
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  • The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age

  • urizen 11/11/2004

    And if you wanted to be challenged in FFX, you could go for all the ultimate weapon and dark aeons.

    That'a why it ate 125 hours of my life altogether...

    /also loves FFX, especially the sphere grid system
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  • Halo 2 breaks street date in US

  • urizen 05/11/2004


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  • Hitman returns with Blood Money

  • urizen 04/11/2004


    Mine's a fibre-wire, please.
    I'm a bit puzzled though - I've read elsewhere that both Hitman 2 and Contracts undersold, and yet it's a 'best-selling' series? Hmmm.
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  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

  • urizen 29/10/2004

    'For now it's a great game with issues that few people are seemingly brave enough to mention even exist. God forbid that there might actually be *things wrong with San Andreas*!'

    Well done - I feel strangely closer to buying it now than after the unconditionally adulatory IGN review.

    Good job!

    /heads off to see if it's arrived in his country yet...:(
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  • Jak 3

  • urizen 26/10/2004

    Jak 3's out in a month?

    /pre-orders adamantine controller
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  • Halo 2 goes gold

  • urizen 12/10/2004

    /curtains Reply 0
  • Tenchu: Fatal Shadows

  • urizen 05/10/2004

    It looks almost identical to Wrath of Heaven...how disappointing. Reply 0
  • Halo 2 finished

  • urizen 04/10/2004

    drivle, just think: when you've finshed it, and feel all empty, we'll still be playing it ;)

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  • MGS3 is 'Final Episode' in trilogy - TGS trailer

  • urizen 27/09/2004


    All the ribbing is well deserved. Knowing that Snake Eater is the closer, I dread to think how fecking long (and weird / sanctimonious / pompous) the final cutscenes are going to be.

    And yet....I still love MGS, I do. Fool.
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  • urizen 27/09/2004

    Or Metal Gear Tumescent?

    /hides dictionary behind back
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  • New Ninja Gaiden download features new episode

  • urizen 16/09/2004

    IIRC there was a content download section on the offical xbox mag disc I picked up when I was home. Nothing of interest on it for me, of course. Reply 0
  • urizen 16/09/2004

    but some of us can't get live even if we were willing to pay for it! Reply 0
  • Silent Hill 4: The Room

  • urizen 14/09/2004

    I thought the demo was pretty unimpressive. It seems then the SH trend of the quality of experience declining with each new instalment continues. Shame. Reply 0
  • The Bluffer's Guide To PS2 Cult Classics

  • urizen 20/08/2004

    'O_o ....!
    You don't need any ammo for this guy (at least in my Japanese DC version). Just whack him with the crate a couple of times and dodge his attacks. That's all. '

    Ahem, well, I knew that all along, of course, it's just that using the environment is just so passe....;)
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  • urizen 20/08/2004

    'As for 'conserving the good ammo' for when you meet big baddies... surely that's the whole point of survival horror? It's the same in every other game of the genre - you save the good stuff and use the lower-spec ammo on the normal grunts. Otherwise at some point later you just know you're going to come across an eight-foot mutant cyborg demon bastard who'll smear you across all four walls because you're trying to shoot him with a potato gun. '
    Indeed, Blerk. The Tyrant in Code Veronica X on the plane being a classic example of this - I'd saved all my hardcore ammo, but a mate hadn't and had to restart. Muppet.
    Excellent article. Good to see the imperfect but imo worthy Fordbidden Siren there.
    Now, why did I trade in my copy of Ico....?
    /gnaws fist
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  • Tomb Raider VII next summer?

  • urizen 20/07/2004

    Yes, that's a little optimistic, but you just never know....
    /naively reserves judgement
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  • Half-Life 2 specs revealed

  • urizen 12/07/2004

    Lutz, btw, I've been meaning to thank you for your top 'use the arrow to drive' Halo warthog tip...sorted! Reply 0
  • The Getaway: Black Monday

  • urizen 25/05/2004

    I agree that it deserves credit for originality regarding the techniques it used for cinematic immersiveness - but if the sequel fails to sort out the indoor camera, then you can count me out. Reply 0
  • urizen 25/05/2004

    I found the driving to be acceptable, but the indoor sections / the camera was a joke; all promise and potential is redundant imo if they don't address this. Reply 0
  • urizen 25/05/2004

    m0t0rb1k3s rool!
    Alas, shite control does not.
    Fix it for fucks sake, fix it!
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  • Hitman: Contracts

  • urizen 20/04/2004

    can't answer the crouching dilemma...but presumably if he still runs like he's ice-skating, then he's still got crouching issues.

    I have just tried crouching / moving fast without making a sound, by the way, MikeD.

    You are correct.

    Next experiment - to loop back - playing AoD and enjoying it.
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