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  • Forza Motorsport

  • unwashed! 09/05/2005

    I don't care what other reviews might say, I've been bumped off the road without having done anything at all to warrant it often enough to know that it's happening regularly - it's especially lovely when you get a tap right at the start to spin out. I think it's pretty funny to defend this behaviour when the AI does it considereing human players are usually scoffed at for playing unfair.

    As for what I consider better racing games, at least RalliSport 2 and the god-like Gotham 2 definitely are better packages all round. And while I'm no big fan of GT4, the offline part of Forza just isn't better (and looks less impressive). Of course I know Xbox (only, most likely) fans don't want to hear this so therefore it can't be true.

    I agree that PGR2 and RSC2 are both excellent games, but I feel the need to point out that the AI in PGR2 could be randomly evil for no reason. I'm stuck with some of the later Nurburgring races because I just get punted offthe track.
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  • Far Cry Instincts

  • unwashed! 09/12/2004

    So, can someone tell me, am I interested in this game? Reply 0