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  • NiGHTS into Dreams HD announced

  • uiruki 05/07/2012

    Brilliant news. If this is half as good as the other ports Sega have been putting out lately, this should be excellent. Reply +3
  • NiGHTS into Dreams HD remake teased

  • uiruki 03/07/2012

    @MikeRox It's a score attack game with an emphasis on speed and smoothness (which is why they hyped up the analogue controller at the time). The main challenge and risk is getting and staying in Bonus Time as long as possible. Since every time you complete a 'lap' of a stage you can either end the stage or go for another lap, there's a risk/reward element to either getting more points or perhaps overstretching and losing almost all your points for that stage.

    In the Wii version, when you complete the lap after destroying the Ideya Prison it ends the level, with no option to fly past the start/end point. I think they also dicked around with the drill boost system. The Saturn version didn't have any horrible, horrible unskippable cutscenes or terrible side games either.
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  • uiruki 03/07/2012

    I'd be well up for a version of the Saturn game. The Wii one they came out with was utter shit and completely missed the point of Nights. Reply +4
  • Tekken producer hits out at "whining and complaining" fans who "blindly repeat" voice actor requests

  • uiruki 26/06/2012

    On the subject of voices changing, I'm playing through Persona 4 Golden on Vita and the new lines for Kuma/Teddie sound super rough, less than 4 years after the original game was released. Rise has changed a fair bit, too. Reply +1
  • Former Tony Hawk, Guitar Hero developer Neversoft now working on Call of Duty

  • uiruki 15/06/2012

    360 kickflip Indy to headshot Reply +29
  • Face-Off: Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown

  • uiruki 14/06/2012

    Surprised that Rich Leadbetter didn't handle this, given how much of a VF fan he is (or at least said he was in SSM!). Maybe he's too busy playing it.

    As an aside, the original arcade versions did occasionally drop the odd frame and it would really throw you off - it only happened on certain stages when certain characters would do a tech roll to the side, causing the camera to pan. Dealing with tech rolls on the attacking side requires good timing, so slowdown was a real pain.
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  • EA steals UFC license in multi-year, multi-product deal

  • uiruki 04/06/2012

    @spacewarrior AKI are actually called "syn Sophia" now. They've been mostly working on portables. They did the first Yakuza Black Panther game on PSP (great, super smooth 60fps fighting engine with lots of fighting styles), though Sega took it inhouse for the sequel. The last wrestling game they did was a Kinnikuman licence which came out in arcades in 2005, and is available for PS2 in Japan. It's really fun and silly, lots of outlandish special moves. It's probably more strike-based than you would expect after something like No Mercy, though.

    edit: I take it back, their website suggests they did some work on the second one as well. If you have a PSP, check out the demo for the second one if you can - you should be able to muddle through the Japanese and follow the arrows.
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  • uiruki 04/06/2012

    Taking bets on how long it'll take EA to turn off the servers for this one. Reply +8
  • Eurogamer Investigates The Mighty Simulator

  • uiruki 01/06/2012

    Good article. He clearly doesn't take himself too seriously, but there is clearly a market for his games. I can definitely see more merit in creating something which would appeal to those slightly older people who sometimes do the same job than another licensed cash in.

    I really like the sound of that Ice Cream Van Simulator, too - from a purely game perspective, you could look at it like a cross between Theme Park and Transport Tycoon. Buying stock, getting more and better vans, employing drivers, dealing with trends, picking the best areas throughout the year... someone should make that!
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  • New Gears of War confirmed

  • uiruki 31/05/2012

    I'm no fan of Gears, but I'd certainly get excited if it were by People Can Fly. They're very good at making just shooting feel really fun. Reply +7
  • Panasonic Eluga dL1 Review

  • uiruki 31/05/2012

    Water and dust resistance are extremely common on Japanese phones, as is a pathetically tiny battery. Your experience with the Panasonic seems to match my impressions of Japanese Android phones - skinned to hell and back, thin and attractive but with terrible battery life and poor technical specs. Reply +7
  • Japanese police make first R4 cartridge seller arrest

  • uiruki 31/05/2012

    Amazed it has taken so long, given how much the Japanese government is in the pocket of big business. Remember that this is the country that actually had second hand game sales effectively banned. Reply +9
  • Daytona DLC to invade Ridge Racer Vita

  • uiruki 31/05/2012

    @LLJaf The analogue stick feels very digital, so I use the dpad, which feels great. You're right about Outrun, that was ruined on PSP by the analogue stick controls. My hands would cramp up after one full run! Apparently the PSP emulator on Vita runs at 333MHz too, so it would smooth out the framerate as well. Reply 0
  • uiruki 31/05/2012

    Now Daytona would be a hell of a game on Vita. Super colourful, super smooth, lends itself well to short play sessions.

    I didn't buy Ridge Racer Vita, I picked up the second PSP game for less on PSN. Twice the framerate and loads more to it. The resolution isn't even that much lower.
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  • Vita game New Little King's Story downloadable this summer

  • uiruki 31/05/2012

    @Akira_Tenshi it was definitely a retail release in Japan, one more expensive than most titles. Even the downloadable version cost a thousand yen more than most other titles, and there's DLC as well. I can't see Konami releasing it at anything other than full price, and it follows that a full price release would assumably come out at retail.

    It isn't like it is full of voice acting or anything so I don't see it being a Warriors Orochi 3 situation, where SCEA would only approve it for digital distribution.
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  • uiruki 31/05/2012

    This is pretty good. A bit choppy, and a bit expensive in its Japanese form, but it is still a fun game. Reply 0
  • CD Projekt announces Cyberpunk

  • uiruki 30/05/2012

    Cannot wait. Reply +2
  • Next gen Pro Evolution Soccer to use Kojima's Fox Engine

  • uiruki 30/05/2012

    A new engine and a new producer - that's a good way to make me take another look at a series that has felt tired for quite a long time now. I just hope they don't cast Seabass down the pit of obscurity like they did with Koji Igarashi - just because his "main" series has lost momentum, that's no reason to have him work on trash like Otomedius. Reply +2
  • Resistance: Burning Skies, Gravity Rush demo on EU PlayStation Store

  • uiruki 30/05/2012

    Play Gravity Rush. There's no excuse not to at least try it. Reply +5
  • Vita Pro Evolution Soccer in development

  • uiruki 30/05/2012

    Maybe they're working out a way to have a ridiculous gacha system in there to squeeze as much as they can out of fans. I didn't buy their baseball game because they wanted more for an average game and then had that ripoff system on top. Reply -1
  • Shin Megami Tensei 4 coming to 3DS

  • uiruki 30/05/2012

    @MattEdWithCheese I really hope it is. If nothing else it means that a much higher proportion of my cash goes to the people who actually make the games, rather than a bunch of middlemen. Nintendo need to stick their necks out like Sony did and make simultaneous digital releases mandatory. Reply +2
  • uiruki 30/05/2012

    So it is going to cost twenty quid more than it would on a Sony handheld because I'll have to buy it on cartridge. I can feel the eye strain and wrist twinges from the 3DS already. Feel for the guys who can't get it because of region locking, too. Reply -20
  • Gravity Rush Review

  • uiruki 25/05/2012

    It's charming, it's gorgeous, it's got beautiful music, and it's just plain fun. It gets a bit fiddly when the difficulty rises near the end, but don't let that put you off - 90% of the time it is properly great.

    Edit: also, the voices aren't Japanese - it seems to be a Panzer Dragoon-esque made up language. Same with the sound effect glyphs in the comic scenes.
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  • Tekken Tag Tournament 2 release date announced

  • uiruki 22/05/2012

    To be fair, it is preorder content which everyone will get for free at a later date. It is about as inoffensive as such a practice is ever going to get, and the game includes all the arcade version characters on day 1 anyway. This isn't the Batman Arkham City lunacy by any chalk. Reply 0
  • uiruki 22/05/2012

    By the time Zavvi bothers to send the game to you Kunimitsu will have been unlocked through their "time release" system anyway. Reply +3
  • Journey creator: "Games are not good enough for adults"

  • uiruki 18/05/2012

    Says the guy who names himself after a character from FF7. Come the fuck on.

    edit: Also, why does the Gamasutra link go to the Hollywood Reporter?

    edit2: Having read the actual interview (thanks @Uncompetative!) his words about using character design and screen furniture to force players to play Journey "properly" - especially the deliberate lack of arms on the player character - are interesting. It is quite illustrative of his opinion of his playerbase, as a designer; a gentle hint, particularly one given without words, can be as effective as a clear text message or a failure state, while not making the player feel foolish.

    It's almost ironic that by taking advantage of the way human nature works in order to give his game its selling point (unique interaction with other players), he is using the exact same thing that the big FPS makers do in order to keep people playing with their levelling, perks and prestiging, the likes of Blizzard with the level and gear treadmills in WOW or Diablo 3, or Valve with their heavily playtested puzzles and level design. Taken by that measure at least, Journey, by tapping directly into that subconscious, uncultivated, childlike area of the human mind, is no more a game for "adults" than any of those.
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  • HTC One S/One V Reviews

  • uiruki 16/05/2012

    @Miths You won't see the Pentile matrix effect on the S2 because it isn't a Pentile screen. Look at the SGS1 or HTC Desire and you'll see it. It is hard to see on the Galaxy Nexus but it is definitely there. It makes straight vertical lines jagged, thin text has a kind of checkerboard effect and the whole screen tends to get a slight green tint, especially when viewed at an angle. Reply +1
  • Cave drops PlayStation Vita titles

  • uiruki 16/05/2012

    The Cave CEO's first name is Mikio, not Miko. Having a shrine maiden running the studio that provided Guwange would have been kind of cool, though. Reply +3
  • Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown release date, price announced

  • uiruki 14/05/2012

    @FuzzyDuck Joined in? It was the first, ten years ago. As with everything else Namco has done in the last twenty-odd years, they just copied it from Sega. Reply +4
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 Review

  • uiruki 12/05/2012

    320 quid for a cut-down version of what was originally designed to be a mid-range card. This is why we need a strong AMD - remember what they did with the price of the 8800 Ultra the last time ATI had sustained difficulty at the top end? People remember the 8800GT but nV were asking a thousand dollars for the 8800 Ultra. Reply 0
  • EA: Gamers still afraid to buy online following PSN hack

  • uiruki 10/05/2012

    Nothing to do with their completely insane digital pricing and things like the Rock Band iOS incident, of course. Reply +4
  • UK northerners play Xbox 360, and southerners play PS3

  • uiruki 10/05/2012

    I hate it when art students try to interpret statistics. Reply +3
  • Microsoft cancels Inside Xbox in Europe

  • uiruki 09/05/2012

    No more Independint Charles then :( Reply +23
  • EA wants to know what you think of Origin

  • uiruki 03/05/2012

    The good: there are games you can run with Origin closed so it doesn't need to run all the time.

    The bad: the installer is huge, it didn't let you remove games from your list properly for the longest time (I had a version of Warhammer Online I had bought but couldn't install or remove from my list because I bought it in Japan), it needs you to reinstall everything when you reinstall windows, those reinstalls don't work half the time, it doesn't keep stuff up to date and the store is a pill to get around. Probably some other stuff too.
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  • Diablo 3 launch night events announced

  • uiruki 25/04/2012

    Someone must tell Leonard Boyarsky he should now go and work on Wasteland 2 with Brian Fargo, Chris Avellone and Tim Cain. Reply 0
  • App of the Day: Furmins

  • uiruki 22/04/2012

    A new Housemarque game? I'm up for that! Reply +4
  • Tales of Graces F battle gameplay

  • uiruki 17/04/2012

    I wasn't the biggest fan of the story in the Japanese version, but actually playing the game (the battle system and everything that surrounded it) was tremendously satisfying. A properly good fun JRPG. Reply 0
  • Sega design chief joins Kinect Sports dev Rare

  • uiruki 17/04/2012

    New version of Waxworks for Kinect confirmed? or maybe even Elvira if they can afford the licence. Reply 0
  • Game of the Week: Fez

  • uiruki 14/04/2012

    You need a new keyboard, that's not how you spell "Skullgirls". Reply -9
  • GAME and Gamestation websites are back online

  • uiruki 30/03/2012

    Anyone put these on the reverse bargains thread yet? Reply +15
  • Capcom announces Resident Evil: Chronicles HD for PS3

  • uiruki 13/03/2012

    If the aiming on the first game is improved, then I'm in. I found it far too laggy and imprecise, and there were no proper adjustment options like in Ghost Squad. Reply 0
  • Tony Hawk explains why Ride was "rushed"

  • uiruki 09/03/2012

    I think he genuinely likes it, but then he has a pro skater's balance - didn't every review say that everything except the easiest mode was basically unplayable? Reply +5
  • Mega Man creator laments "tragic state of Japanese games industry"

  • uiruki 08/03/2012

    He's not doing his case any favours rhetorically when he partners with shite merchants like Idea Factory. Reply +2
  • Ridge Racer Vita Review

  • uiruki 22/02/2012

    That is terrible. All they needed to do for a great online portable Ridge was take the PSP games and add an Autolog style system. No tournaments? No real single player at all? That is, to borrow the words of Julian Rignall, a shambling mockery of a travesty. Reply +13
  • Capcom explains why PC versions are released later

  • uiruki 20/02/2012

    @thebuzzard Which, in the case of Street Fighter 4, is a port from PC based arcade hardware! Reply +7
  • Apple begins Foxconn factories inspections

  • uiruki 13/02/2012

    Hopefully these audits are done with as little forewarning as possible - see the current PIP scandal to see what happens when inspectors advertise their visits. Reply +9
  • Sony admits "dropping the ball" with Demon's Souls

  • uiruki 10/02/2012

    In fairness to Yosp, when I saw it at the Tokyo Gameshow before release (less than 5 months before the game came out) the game was pretty much unplayable. The framerate was really appalling, the controls unresponsive. It lacked one of the most interesting features, too - it definitely wasn't the game that they released. It still had that King's Field style oppressive atmosphere, but it was definitely a case of waiting to see what happened in terms of the game itself, and to me it wasn't certain that they would rescue it. Reply +6
  • 240 jobs cut in THQ "restructuring plan"

  • uiruki 01/02/2012

    Firing people is a quick way to boost a stock. Got a long way to go, though - it rose by 5 cents, but it is still only at $0.72. Reply +4
  • Curt Schilling defends Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Online Pass

  • uiruki 30/01/2012

    @32768Colours That is a poor example: Torchlight is a PC game, and thus is impossible to buy second hand. The comparison is irrelevant - buyers of KOA:R on PC will all get the missions because they have to buy it new. From the perspective of players on that format, they just added some extra missions for all players, for free. Reply -2
  • Final Fantasy 13-2 Review

  • uiruki 29/01/2012

    I've been thinking about this for a little while, and I think you're completely wrong about the soundtrack. The tracks have a high hit rate, they fit extremely well and they are a lot more suitable overall than yet another sub-Hollywood orchestral dirge, the like of which has been ruining videogame audio since the SNES sound chip. Reply +7