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  • Jelly Deals: Win one of 5 keys for Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series

  • tt_rage 19/04/2017

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  • Watch: We play around with a very expensive Mass Effect toy

  • tt_rage 21/03/2017

    Actually, that link in the article for the GAME 250 bundle would suggest it DOES include a (PS4) copy of the game. Maybe they threw it in for free when people started complaining... Reply 0
  • New Reservoir Dogs game doesn't have much in common with Reservoir Dogs

  • tt_rage 14/03/2017

    @RawShark Jinx! Reply +4
  • tt_rage 14/03/2017

    ...Mr. Blonde, for example, is a blonde man with a goatee, not the clean-shaven neurotic famously portrayed by Steve Buscemi.
    Pretty certain Steve Buscemi played Mr Pink. Michael Madsen played Mr Blonde.
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  • Why Let it Die's microtransactions are great for the game

  • tt_rage 04/01/2017

    @riceNpea "Blimey your bladder must be ready to burst. Get yourself to the toilet quick!"

    It's a medical condition and I'll thank you not to draw attention to it.
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  • tt_rage 04/01/2017

    Also, don't use Death Metal to revive characters - at least to start with. It's much better to put it towards expanding the capacity of your storage locker. Reply +4
  • tt_rage 04/01/2017

    The way Let It Die is structured is that it encourages you to develop multiple characters simultaneously, specifically for the eventuality that one of them dies.

    The "grind" is actually rewarding in that each time you go out into the tower, you are collecting coins or scavenging for Research and Development materials, or unlocking shortcuts to new areas and generally improving your characters' stats, your equipment and your inherent playing skills.

    However, if you're hoping to burn through the game from start to finish in one sitting, that isn't the way it's going to work, simply because climbing the tower too quickly leaves you woefully under-prepared for the challenges in later areas.

    The game's levelling systems allows you improve proficiencies with weapons across all characters, meaning the more ANY character uses a weapon the more deadly every character becomes with it. You can also funnel funds into R&D to make more powerful versions of each weapon.

    The upshot of this is, a good player with a powerful weapon and maxed-out proficiencies in that weapon CAN storm through areas with a level 1 character, if you want to retrieve a fallen character manually.

    Or you can use a Death Metal token (which are given out liberally and totally for free) to resurrect the player where he fell.

    Or, if you need more coins, you can instead storm another player's base, smash up his piggy bank and retrieve thousands of coins in - at most - 3 minutes flat. This is the most time-effective way of gathering coins and SPL (a secondary resource you need to craft stuff). In early stages, just a couple of these runs is enough to buy back a downed character.

    Crucially, none of these options requires you to spend real money. I've been playing for about 3 weeks now, and haven't spent a penny.
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  • Watch: Chris and Aoife shake it in Duke Nukem 3D

  • tt_rage 14/10/2016

    If you "Use" the pool balls (rather than shooting them), they do actually ricochet around the table and drop into the pockets. Reply +11
  • Stardew Valley is changing the way you start your farm

  • tt_rage 29/09/2016

    @ihnm_aims ConcernedApe made Stardew Valley using the XNA framework (which is more of a library of helper functions than an fully-fledged engine like GameMaker or Unity).

    XNA uses C# as its coding language, and most XNA developers use Visual Studio as their development environment of choice.
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  • Jelly Deals roundup: Star Wars Battlefront, Bastion, Darksiders and more

  • tt_rage 17/09/2016

    You can also get the Battlefield 4 expansions for free on Xbox and PS3/4 through their respective stores.

    Edit: until Monday Sept 19th ... so hurry!
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  • Celebs named for Dara O Briain's Go 8 Bit TV video game show

  • tt_rage 28/07/2016

    Quick jaunt to youtube turned out this (edit: It's a preview reel of the original Edinburgh Fringe show):
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  • Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered is coming to PS4 in July

  • tt_rage 17/06/2016

    Blimey! Apparently you can dl the (PC) demo here:
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  • tt_rage 17/06/2016

    If you can find it, play the demo. It's much MUCH better than the full game. And I'm pretty certain it doesn't have a virtual David Cage intro telling you the proper way to enjoy it. Reply +12
  • Lindsay Lohan's Grand Theft Auto lawsuit gets ugly

  • tt_rage 15/03/2016

    Thought they based Lacey Jonas' image on Kate Upton

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  • Bill Paxton to play Jack Thompson in BBC GTA drama

  • tt_rage 14/04/2015

    @Baranga Now I'm staring at that gif and wondering if Jack Thompson is related to Brian Thompson. Reply +1
  • Layoffs at NFS: Rivals dev Ghost Games UK

  • tt_rage 03/02/2014

    Another great UK studio sliding slowly under the waves is terrible, terrible news.

    Regardless of whether or not you got on with their games, Criterion/GhostUK have a legacy that stretches back 20 years, and they've produced some amazing stuff that's been both entertaining and a boon for the industry. Remember Renderware, the engine that Grand Theft Auto 3 was built on? Titles like Burnout, definitely, but quirky games like TrickStyle and Airblade too. Or Black - the game that's been screaming out for a sequel for years. Fans may not have agreed with the direction they took Need For Speed, but it reinvigorated a series that was dying on its feet.

    Criterion was one of the last few UK studios whose name was synonymous with quality. My heart goes out to all those talented people who made the brave move to a new studio that was no longer Criterion, and are now out of a job.

    Best of luck to you all, guys.
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  • Live: Electronic Arts E3 2013 Conference

  • tt_rage 10/06/2013

    Ubisoft in one hour. Reply 0
  • The Hall of Heroes: BioShock Infinite's Fort Frolic?

  • tt_rage 02/04/2013


    Surely the BIGGEST paradox is the fact that Booker is drowned by his daughter(s) before he's fathered them. So they can't actually exist to kill him. So he isn't killed, and free to father his daughter(s). Who go back in time to drown him...
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  • Far Cry 3's writer argues critics largely missed the point of the game

  • tt_rage 19/12/2012

    @Skyclad :) I guess not everything can be explained away. Sometimes you have to accept that it is a videogame, and if the curtain had dropped after the endings I (as a player) would have been disappointed to be denied the opportunity to go back and collect the relics and the do the billboard missions I had left behind.

    There are hints that Jason is stumbling through the jungle, delusional, armed with an AK-47. For instance, Liza at one point says she's worried about Jason's state of mind. Accept that and the plot holes - how does Vaas acquire that dagger? - could be seen as Jason's mind playing tricks on him ... if that encounter even happened at all.

    I have to admit that I let a lot of the 'huh?' stuff slide or explained it away with mushroom-vision because I was having too much damn fun jumping on bad guys and punching sharks.

    Just like Jason Brody.
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  • tt_rage 19/12/2012

    Unreliable narration isn't new to games - Spec Ops The Line has been mentioned, and I still think Second Sight on the PS2/XBox/Gamecube is one of the best examples of what you think you're seeing isn't what's happening in a game.

    This also reminds me of what Paul Verhoeven said about Starship Troopers - no-one saw it as a satire, which confused and amused him.

    With FarCry 3, there are clues scattered around that suggest what Jason (and the therefore the player) was doing wasn't actually "real". The knife fights that start off in one room, fade out to a one-on-one and then fade back into a completely different room filled with dead bad guys who you didn't kill being just one example.

    If the entire thing is a drug and remorse-fuelled vengeance fantasy acid trip, it answers questions like how is a Californian frat boy able to comfortably handle a range of military-grade weapons better than anyone else on the island, including professional soldiers - because it's a vengeance fantasy. It's the killer put-down that you throw out that leaves the other guy totally _crushed_ ... twelve hours after the argument in the pub has finished.

    Start thinking that way, that it's a Hollywoodland victim's action movie fed imagination, and it all falls into place: A South African white drug baron, a German "bad guy" covered in Neo-Nazi tattoos, pirates on a tropical island, local population that all look and sound the same, a hot chick who wants to have sex with the player. Doesn't Jason get killed and then resurrected on three seperate occasions?

    We're basically playing out Jason's fantasy. Is any of it real? You can't take anything at face value. But that's not the point - by playing the game, we are participating in our own escapism. Maybe THAT'S the point.
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  • The Visit is a hilarious free flash game that's well worth your time

  • tt_rage 24/10/2012


    Ah - apologies :)
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  • tt_rage 24/10/2012


    As a job application tailored to the company you're applying to, it's absolute genius. It's unique and attention-grabbing and shows dedication, enthusiasm, knowledge of the history of the company and its owners and, most importantly it shows very succinctly that the applicant is capable of doing the job and what he might bring to the company.
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  • Toss a gherkin in a roll: Sony patents TV-adverts-into-games idea

  • tt_rage 22/08/2012

    Hmmm - suddenly Sony's purchase of Gaikai makes sense. Imagine the next generation of Bravias - a "smart" tv with built-in Gaikai connectivity and the remote control is your controller.

    Your favourite programme hits an ad-break and instead of a passive advertisement watched by a few thousand people it fires off a 30-second minigame which you can play against a bunch of other people also tuned into the programme.

    That 30 seconds of gameplay progresses your character. You advance the leaderboards. You get a voucher for levelling up. Suddenly you're looking forward to the next time the "advert" is on-air because you REALLY need your little furball to hit level 30 so you can find out what your next reward tier is.

    And now your tv programme is getting in the way of the ad-breaks...

    (edited for reely badd speling)
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  • Hitman Absolution level changed due to negative nun trailer reaction

  • tt_rage 16/08/2012


    To give kinky_mong's comment a bit of context:
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  • Assassin's Creed 3 footage boasts new AnvilNext engine

  • tt_rage 02/08/2012

    "Welcome to the Un-United States of America" ?

    How about "the Divided States of America" instead? Seems less clunky.

    Bet they wish they had me on their writing team...
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  • Former Inside Xbox team's Project Possum hits funding target

  • tt_rage 15/06/2012

    @ChiefGB @makeamazing

    3 reasons for them going the Kickstarter route spring to mind:

    Firstly, they get the cash upfront so they can plan out the run of the show more safely and with a defined schedule, rather than throwing out an episode as and when they raise enough cash to record it.

    Secondly, They can gauge if anyone actually wants it. If it struggles to meet the target or fails to hit it at all, it's probably not worth their while to do it. Now, they can say "There's an audience here because we hit our target within 24 hours." when pitching to TV companies and advertisers.

    Thirdly, Kickstarter can be a phenominally successful method for getting your product known and spreading word-of-mouth. Looks like that worked for them too.
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  • Capcom chasing Street Figher X Tekken hackers who unlock DLC characters

  • tt_rage 20/03/2012

    If Capcom had released the characters as something you actually had to download, would that have made it all OK? Reply 0