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  • Live: Electronic Arts E3 2013 Conference

  • tomrich 10/06/2013

    mirrors edge trailer was full of combat - could be game of throws by dice Reply 0
  • tomrich 10/06/2013

    yes mazzle, you just made me do the sam Reply 0
  • tomrich 10/06/2013

    this is totally shit Reply 0
  • Live: Microsoft E3 2013 Conference

  • tomrich 10/06/2013

    introducing, nothing

    there are no games, everyone go home
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  • Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn review

  • tomrich 23/05/2013

    I thought this was quite a bad review, not to mention the fact that he consistently misspelled the main character`s name (a character who is not only present in spartan ops but also the mainstay of Halo 4`s plot as well).

    The show itself was great in that it captured the spirit of the halo universe - which is absolutely able to stand up without the need for the chief, awesome guy though he is.

    Lasky and his comrades are believable in that they are human and yes, although the script was cinematic shorthand and deliberately swift in order to accommodate the format, it was not overflowing with cheese.

    I find the need for gratuitous space battles to be semi-ridiculous when not even the Halo games felt the need to make every scene about ships taking chunks out of other ships. Ultimately, thats because Bungie always wanted to develop the series` character and humanity, if not in smart plotting then ambiently, with its particular choice of language, evoking noble desperation, military reverence, etc.

    As such, in that regard I see that the series was a complete hit, it nailed all the core tenets of the Halo universe. It wasn`t perfect, granted, but in my opinion thats mainly because it was too short. I wanted more!
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  • BioShock Infinite ending explained

  • tomrich 04/04/2013

    This is a nice discussion chaps but you may also like to examine the game on a more thematic level rather than a mechanistic level.

    See here for a nice blog I saw doing exactly this:

    I must admit i`m of the opinion that no one will ever square the circle of the time travel multiverse mechanics in the plot of infinite, but we may be able to derive a pleasing interpretion of why or how it was used to further the struggles at the heart of the story.
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