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  • Codemasters announces Grid Autosport, cockpit cam returns

  • tobs 22/04/2014

    well it looks fab to me, glad the cockpit view is returning too.. Reply +1
  • Immortui: the debut game from a 15-year-old designer

  • tobs 23/03/2014

    making games, writing books, painting.. a lot of art forms that require a large investment of time generate a feeling of dissatisfaction or just boredom of the project you are working on. You begin to see only the flaws and it becomes compelling to abandon your work - often justifying this to yourself with the promise of starting again with a new and better idea or approach. It's so difficult to work through that. Reply +15
  • Rain World gameplay video shows off stealth

  • tobs 24/01/2014

    I'll buy this, looks like it might be good fun Reply 0
  • Sky Movies and Sky Sports on PS3 with Now TV app

  • tobs 05/07/2013

    well it would be good for me - I'd love to watch the f1 races live for £10 a time without a sky contract - but it would be as frustrating as other streams on my poor internet connection. Reply +1
  • Dear Esther artist working on an "open-world S.T.A.L.K.E.R-like game without weapons"

  • tobs 24/10/2012

    sounds like he felt more restrained than retrained?? Reply +5
  • relaunched to sell newer PC games

  • tobs 27/03/2012

    great original games Reply +1
  • Football Manager 2012 demo out now

  • tobs 07/10/2011

    I can see both sides of the Steam argument, I used it when it first came out and it was a terrible piece of software that hooked itself into your PC and you struggled just to uninstall it properly. I felt frustrated when FM was first announced as a Steam game a few years ago, but I thought I'd give Steam a second try and it has improved out of sight. It's fast, easy to use, only runs when you want it to, sits quietly in the background and is easy to remove if you need to for some reason. This is not the Steam of old, you guys really do need to give it a second look. Saying all that, the games are slightly overpriced and it is bad that alternatives don't exist for people. Reply 0
  • PES 2012 announced

  • tobs 13/05/2011

    It was PES 6 that was the last one to use the PS2/PS3 engine. After that they rewrote from the ground up. That's the engine we have today and it has never been the same. I'll probably get negged for saying that, but it's simply a fact borne out by Fifa sales and Konami's own words about trying to get back to their best ever since. For me the primary reason is the close-in play - tackling and dribbling around players. The passing in last years PES was a highllight though, liked the weighted passes, the first real improvement since 2006? Reply +1
  • Bad Company 2 Vietnam release date

  • tobs 30/11/2010

    give it a go for a tenner, not a fan of jungle maps in Battlefield though... Reply -1
  • F1 2010

  • tobs 11/06/2010

    I don't think the history is quite right at the start of this - Geoff Crammond was all geared up to make a GP every season after GP4, but I think Bernie Ecclestone's company sold the exclusive rights to Sony for many years and have only recently opened them back up to other video game developers? I think I'm right, but will stand corrected if I'm wrong? Reply +1
  • PES 2010 demo now on Live, PSN

  • tobs 20/09/2009

    Got to admire the tenacity of Konami, they are determined that people will enjoy PES 2008 and they don't care how many times they have to change the front end and update the year in the title... kudos! Reply 0
  • Buy ChampMan 2010 for only £2.51

  • tobs 18/08/2009

    hmmm... :(

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    An internal error occurred while the Web server was processing your request. Please contact the webmaster to report this problem. "
    Reply -3
  • tobs 18/08/2009

    Yeah, fair play to them, I will pay them a tenner for this... brave move and a good way to win back players. Reply +4
  • Konami promises big with PES 2010

  • tobs 08/04/2009

    I have bought every PC PES and quite a number of Playstation ones, and ISS before that. It has been a disaster since 6, so my friends and I are back on 6 with a free update for latest transfers, a private server program and running kitserver so the textures are higher res(sort of) and wide screen. I'll try the demo this time out, but for the first time Seabass has used all the good will up so not an automatic purchase for me. As Brian Potter said - "shape up or sh*t out!" Reply 0
  • Championship Manager 2009

  • tobs 12/03/2009

    I might just support these guys this year and give this a try. Reply 0
  • Noby Noby Boy

  • tobs 21/02/2009

    Just my opinion but this game design is admirable, crazy, brave, unique and shit. It just doesn't work for me, sorry. Glad some people are enjoying though and don't mind chipping 3 quid in to encourage more brave design decisions - think of it like funding the arts, lol! Reply 0
  • PES 2009 to get transfer update

  • tobs 06/02/2009

    The PC and PS2 servers are gone, mate. We had a message up for a month, thanking us for our loyalty to the series and announcing the close date for the servers. It might be different for the xbox as Konami are clearly in bed with M$ for the last two years over the PES series, if that's the case then lucky you, enjoy it while you can. For the last few hundred players left playing PES 6 on PS and PC it is game over - a way of forcing people to buy their new games... kicking loyal fans in the teeth more like... Reply 0
  • tobs 06/02/2009

    Dear Konami, does this make up for closing down the PES 6 servers on Sunday? I bought your stupid PES 08 and PES 09, but they are rubbish compared to PES 6 and you know it!!! Reply 0
  • Hydrophobia - Episode 1

  • tobs 21/12/2008

    Don't go rushing it to please the investors now, BladeInteractive. Looks good.

    Haha, nice one mate, that is probably the most ironic thing you could ever say about Blade. /carries on waiting for WSC2008 REALly delayed game...
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  • Rockstar explains GTA IV's DRM

  • tobs 29/11/2008

    Yeh! Well done realistic publishers, soon you'll stop piracy completely. Then you'll recover all the lost sales... oh hang on, you won't recover them because 99% of pirates have no intention of paying for the game whatsoever. They weren't lost because you never had them in the first place. Oh dear, you inadvertently killed the PC games market off at the same time. Never mind, everyone can play on consoles and you'll make your money back on those titles... oh, hang on again - the PC gamers are not migrating but abandoning playing video games all together. Whoops! Reply 0
  • Football Manager 2009 patch on Friday

  • tobs 11/11/2008

    Well they have to release a game each year or they won't have jobs. Last year everyone screamed at them for not making enough changes, this year people are screaming because they stretched a little and added more than they could handle bug free.

    Saying that, I was alarmed to see the game freeze in my first game of the demo; text bugs or freaky goals are one thing, but freezes mid game could be a game breaker! There must be underlying code changes to the UI as it looks near identical to the last few years which were rock solid. It's the worst bug I've seen in a CM/FM game yet. :( I'm praying I won't see that after the patch or ever again.
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  • Empire: Total War

  • tobs 20/09/2008

    This feels a little like deja vu. I read much of this before Rome about the campaign game and the AI. I admire the battle engine in this game, especially graphically. I have never understood the gushing praise though, particuarly from the media, followed by an onslaught of that special breed of gamers who like to be told what they enjoy... The campaign "game" has always sucked, IMO. The AI is fun until you figure out it is stupid on your second or third battle usually... Sid Meier nailed battle AI with Gettysburg more than a decade ago, and no Total War game has yet even come close despite the promised overhaul before Rome's release. I shall buy the game on a wave of hype, but I expect to be disappointed... again... surprise me! Reply 0
  • The Witcher to be re-released

  • tobs 19/02/2008

    Agree Zulu, it is clickorama. Reply 0
  • Football Manager 2008

  • tobs 22/10/2007

    QUOTE - "Tobs - your ascertation about FML is not true - the dev teams are completely seperate. FML has been in development for nearly 4 years now and, whilst the games share some code and features, no people working on FM have been working on features specifically for FML, or adjusting their approach for their work on FM because of FML."

    It was less of an assertion, more of a speculation. Fair play, the game is brilliant this year - I'd recommend it. Thanks. :)
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  • tobs 16/10/2007

    Well at least Miles feels passionate enough about the game to defend it. Only SI know for sure, and they will deny it vigourously, but maybe the development of FM Live has had an impact on the scope of development of FM this year. Perhaps they just decided to not overreach though and make everything they had already work.

    I can understand to some degree the pressures of programming new features and bug hunting them, but my biggest disappointment with the demo is the same as my last year's complaint. I can't believe it would take a huge effort or resources to freshen up the text each year. I understand it gets translated into a billion languages or some such claim, but it would take a reasonably competent English speaker an hour at most to reword the 30 or so most common phrases. I'm sick of reading the same text over and over, and it really seems such a simple trick to freshen it up for the long term players.

    Anyone else agree, or is it just me that this annoys?
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  • Football Manager demo Sunday

  • tobs 26/09/2007

    Should be good. The repetitive news items were dis-heartening in previous versions, so I'm glad they have revamped this.

    I'm not too keen on the bar graphs shown in the boardroom/fan meeting screenshots:
    Hope you can change them for a numerical value or something, they look a bit naff! Maybe they'll grow on me...
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  • Mafia 2 revealed

  • tobs 22/08/2007

    Wonder how many thousands of sales 4/10 ratings cost this game - could be partly why we have waited so long for a sequel... Reply 0
  • Call of Duty 4 - Multiplayer

  • tobs 26/06/2007

    >>yes tobs. bf2 rules. i'm sure thats the exact same reason why cod is more popular.

    Is it? With who? oh yeah, I see...
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  • tobs 25/06/2007

    No vehicles in multiplay. BF2 rules. Reply 0
  • Premier Manager 08 dated

  • tobs 19/04/2007

    Did they exclude Wales again? Well I'll exclude this from my shopping list again then... Reply 0
  • Eastside Hockey shut down

  • tobs 31/01/2007

    I played ice hockey and I have a game of (uni)hockey tomorrow. I live in the UK and I tried EHM and I just didn't enjoy it at all, not sure why.

    I play some 5-a-side soccer, but have never been to a match and support no-one in particular. I probably play FM more than anything else, and have since CM days.

    Piracy was rife in the 80's when I had my Spectrum, but it really grew in the 90's when publishers took the average game price from £9.99 to £29.99. Developement cost were nothing like today and the profits were huge for a while. Doesn't make it right, but it was a greedy decision by the publishers back then also. Now games piracy is part of the culture. However, movies and music are going the same way, so maybe it was inevitable.

    I tried FIFA manager demo this year, and it's really good, until you play the matches. Then it lacks a bit of soul. Not sure what my point is...

    Finally, Si are hard working guys and wish them the best of luck. Brave to try diversifying into other sports areas, kudos.
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  • World Snooker Championship 2007

  • tobs 15/01/2007

    Wish this was making an appearance on PC this time around. :( Reply 0
  • Race: The Official WTCC Game - Macau

  • tobs 23/11/2006

    Nice game, plays well, but after 2 laps I have motion sickness and must lie down!!! Reply 0
  • ChampMan 2007 demo

  • tobs 02/10/2006

    Just feels like a poor imitation of FM06 & FM07.

    Reading some of the other comments I can see that it has made improvements over previous years(which I haven't played since SI moved on) which is positive, and it's good that there is competition to FM07, but why don't the developers/Eidos stop imitating now and start innovating.

    It feels like an attempt to wring the last few bucks out of unsuspecting punters and cash in on the name - which might not be the case and unfair of me to say, but you asked...
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  • tobs 02/10/2006

    Tried this out and it's shameful. Reply 0
  • FootMan 2007 demo

  • tobs 02/10/2006

    Interface speed is better. Match speed is better - slower as it was way too fast before IMO.

    Has the skin's font changed? Like the icons at the bottom though.
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  • FM 2007 to be more accessible

  • tobs 07/09/2006

    I just wonder if training has been improved in this version. That's what confused me most last year - a wizard would be cool.

    Also, I was disappointed in the repetitiveness of the text/news - how many times did the "minnows" description come round?!?
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  • Spore

  • tobs 08/05/2006

    Has xbox360 got a mouse? Reply 0
  • Hellboy director's new game

  • tobs 08/05/2006

    I loved Hellboy, it was something original(ish) in the quagmire of movies at that time... Reply 0
  • Next Call of Duty not for PC

  • tobs 05/05/2006

    Years from now, I'll dust down an old PC, boot up my Xbox360 emulator and download a CoD iso. Sigh... nostalgia... Reply 0
  • SEGA Europe cues up snooker titles for next-gen, PSP

  • tobs 27/04/2006

    WTF? I hope they are going to do a PC version of WSC07 too! I only got WSC05 last night on PC and it is mega! ;) Reply 0
  • CivCity: Rome

  • tobs 13/04/2006

    Wish Sid Meier would make something original, I'm sure I used to respect that guy. Civ 4 was just a rehash, if you want to be honest, and so is the stuff Firaxis is pumping out now. I loved Gettysberg and still play it sometimes against my mate online, wish Sid would look at a remake of that if he must keep remaking old games. At one point he almost had something new on the go called Dinosaurs or something but that was dropped to make more remakes...

    Sorry for being cynical!
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  • Starforce accused of posting pirate software links

  • tobs 13/03/2006

    "The percent of users that had compatibility problems with StarForce is 0.3%." - yep, users that actually knew it was caused by Starforce and told them about it and that they are telling us about... the rest cursed for a few hours/days, maybe bought new CD/DVD drives and/or wiped their HDD and reinstalled the o/s... then had the same problem cos they reinstalled the StarForce game... Reply 0
  • tobs 13/03/2006

    People do pirate games... dvd's & music CD's too. They were pirating games in the 1980's but somehow the computer entertainment industry has "struggled" on to become the mammoth it is today - as in, it's size, not because it's anywhere near extinct! It's healthier than ever, which inevitably attracts the money men who want to squeeze every last penny out of the consumer. Piracy is a big problem today, but the growth in piracy is a result, not the cause of, the stupidly high prices for games - which in turn are the result of the greed of publishers and the other leeches.

    The simple truth is if there was no demand for PC games(or dvd's or music CD's) then they wouldn't keep making so many and charging so much. They are making a fortune week in, and week out, and companies will keep making PC games for a long, long time to come so get real...

    Starforce is fine if it stops piracy, but you can clearly see the drivers are running as a service every time the pc starts, not "just when needed" which is what StarForce claim - coming up with your own generic CD/DVD drivers which deviate away from Microsoft and/or the CD/DVD drive manufacters drivers could screw up it's operation and leave you really confused as to the cause, that is obvious and I didn't even hear about their cash prize so I'm guessing a few million other people may have missed it too!
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  • tobs 13/03/2006

    I was a bit p*ssed to find StarForce on Toca3... Reply 0
  • Lionhead cuts 50 staff

  • tobs 07/03/2006

    Populous was great at the time, so original. Then Flood which was pretty cool for a 2d platformer, and then Powermonger, which was excellent fun for one level, but there was no continuity, so you felt like the game had rebooted after every level cause you were back at the frickin start! I never got excited by B&W and when I tried it at a mates house I knew I was right - they forgot to put a game in there... Reply 0
  • Medieval 2: Total War announced

  • tobs 22/01/2006

    We are holding out for an American civil war version with Sid Meier as consultant... I still love Gettysburg! Reply 0
  • No DS redesign, says Nintendo

  • tobs 16/01/2006

    I quite like the design of the current DS - apart from pressing the power off button sometimes by accident. I was worried about getting a silver one instead of a black one incase of scratches but it's really pretty solid, well made and reasonably unscratchable. I like the size, weight and screen size too... Reply 0
  • Top 50 Games of 2005: 40 to 31

  • tobs 26/12/2005

    Virtua Tennis... I nearly bought the PSP instead of the DS for this. Reply 0
  • Top 50 Games of 2005: 50 to 41

  • tobs 25/12/2005

    Zookeeper... Reply 0