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  • Games of EGX 2016

  • tlozoot 26/09/2016

    Just here looking for confirmation that Little Nighatmares was awarded booth of the show. Reply 0
  • Jump the queue to play Dishonored 2 at EGX

  • tlozoot 15/09/2016

    Really, truly testing out Blink for the first time. Such a wonderful ability, that really lets you start thinking about stealth in new ways. Reply -1
  • Pokémon Black and White 2 review

  • tlozoot 09/10/2012

    @Der_tolle_Emil As far as I can remember the games have always required a bit of grinding on wild Pokemon. However, this is made a lot easier in Black and White, and maybe you weren't aware of the trick. You need to find shaking grass.

    Find a patch of grass and simply run up and down (or side to side) alongside it. This is best done when there's blank space next to the grass (best places to do this are Pinwheel Forest, outside Cold Storage, outside Dragonspiral Tower, and the route just north of Opelucid City). Keep moving until you see one block of grass begin shaking. Get to the piece of grass and you'll instantly encounter a Pokemon. Usually this will be Audino, who gives you far more experience than usual.

    Audino grinding is by far the best method of training your Pokes, and reduces the grinding time down to an almost negligible amount.

    Hope that helps!
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