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  • Why so many FIFA 18 players think the computer cheats

  • tinners 07/12/2017

    "Scripting, momentum or handicap - however you want to describe it, does not exist in FIFA"

    If you translate this much like the EA Italian help desk truther

    "It exists!"
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  • EA not giving up on microtransactions in Star Wars Battlefront 2

  • tinners 29/11/2017

    "We did some testing around the MTX model but not enough to really understand some of the reactions we ultimately got,"

    Oh fuck really EA, you didn't understand how much you wanted to rape your own audience?
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  • Star Wars: Battlefront 2 players are using elastic bands to cheat their way to credits

  • tinners 27/11/2017

    It's more a case of they don't differentiate between a skilled player who goes 60 - 0 and finishes top over someone who just spins around in a circle all game and finished bottom, it makes no difference if you go on a rampage or do nothing, you get the same reward.....that's the main problem for me after they temporarily stopped the cash cow. Reply +1
  • Inside FIFA 18's Weekend League, the gruelling mode that's consuming players' lives

  • tinners 21/11/2017

    The other issue you have is EA itself being the cashcow they are, 40 games doesn't guarantee amazing rewards after a weekend of hell, i've seen top 10 guys pull the same shit you would see from playing an online FUT Draft (4 games) the risk/reward in terms of time spent is crazy when you think that you are then thrown into a tombola of player rewards, that are as always rigged by EA, i'll prolly pack Ronaldo once i'm dead :rolleyes: Reply +1
  • After Star Wars Battlefront 2, EA changes Need for Speed Payback loot crates, progression

  • tinners 20/11/2017

    Fix the good game first EA :( Reply +2
  • Star Wars Battlefront 2 looks like a case of being careful what you wish for

  • tinners 06/10/2017

    So the first one is too simple and gets marked down for having no depth and lack of content, this one is much deeper and content rich and its getting marked down, yeah cant win, and if you played walker assault on Hoth then you died a lot i found. Reply +25
  • There's no new official Half-Life game, but there is an officially licensed Half-Life comic

  • tinners 07/07/2017

    Put it out to pasture EG and milk something else now please. Reply 0
  • No Man's Sky on PS4 Pro delivers the 1080p60 dream

  • tinners 14/03/2017

    @Rogueywon - Absolutely given some people would rather sacrifice gfx for fps, myself included it hard to watch these pro vids 60fps locked of BF1 and then realise these people are in the same server as you Reply 0
  • The next Street Fighter 5 DLC character is Kolin

  • tinners 09/02/2017

    Looks awesome!

    Maybe now Capcom you can focus on your god awful netcode, i picked this up in the sales recently and now i know why it was so cheap, the netcode is still as bad at it was on launch.

    I get 2 bars when trying to connect to my friend across the road from me but get 4 bars with anyone in America (anywhere but the UK) its just madness, most of the time you just get a lobby full of question marks in the Lounge, its like i'm paying for a beta version like Street Fighter Drive Club, and after checking the forums this is widespread....but yeah thanks for the new character Capcom please now fix the actual game.
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  • Performance Analysis: Star Wars: Battlefront

  • tinners 17/11/2015

    @CliffPromise "It's quite clear that Frostbite isn't really a good engine"

    Lol it is?, or is the bitterness causing you eyes to seize up? best looking game ive seen this year and run super smooth
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  • Rebels now have an easier time of it in Star Wars Battlefront's Walker Assault mode

  • tinners 13/11/2015

    Think it's a bit of a missed opportunity tbh, felt like a massive achievement bringing down the walkers while defending the final activation point.

    Does everything need to be so balanced? sometimes its nice to have insurmountable odds especially when it mimics the film, obviously there would be too many people moaning because no one works as a team but would be nice to see a developer grow a pair and patch it later in the day especially seeing EA are more than happy to ignore the gazillion FIFA posts each year.
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  • Payday 2 community erupts in anger at addition of stat-changing microtransactions

  • tinners 19/10/2015


    Based on your so called facts Shenmue should not have been annonced let alone backed by so many non gamers then? :p
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  • tinners 16/10/2015


    "The elephant in the room is that a lot of people actually want these microtransactions, a lot of people buy them and are happy to do so"

    I'm pretty sure the same people who spend hundreds on FIFA 16 FUT are the one's happy to throw money at this, but I don't think that resonates with the majority of actual gamers who would never support a pay to win model.

    Wondering if the whole 30 days money back guarantee law extends to when the developer chooses to fundamentally change the product after launch, surely making Sony enforce this law properly would stop these bastards making us pay more than once.
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  • Yes, the Rebels had it tough in the Star Wars Battlefront beta

  • tinners 14/10/2015


    Totally agree there's more ways than people realise to beat the imperials while still
    Having that impending doom feeling with the arsenal they have available from the off.

    As long as you can handle dying lots for the cause/objective it's a great feeling to win as rebels.

    Agree that the lack of VC isn't ideal to help everyone pull to the same goal but by the end of the beta most ppl were on the same page, which is a large page with 4 bullet points written in crayon saying - activation posts/snow speeders ending it all in seconds/use turrets/orbital strike!
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  • tinners 14/10/2015


    Ok yes there's inevitably the usual pub banter between devs etc that goes without saying but posting comments in regards to a BETA > Full Release on a fairly popular site such as EG is possibly bending the rules a little too far.

    Which is why I eluded to speculating rather than passing facts, which if I am to believe you is what you seem to have done.

    Up to you, I hope your "mates" are cool with all the exclusive content your leaking on a public forum...
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  • tinners 14/10/2015


    Lol indeed matey i decided to set phasers to maximum sarcasm - oh wrong franchise :/

    It's great knowing people in the industry, I have loads working on AAA games I'm dying to play which they won't even tell me how the end credits screen looks thanks to this thing called an NDA......?
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  • tinners 14/10/2015


    I already did, but in my 13 years of working in the industry I'm pretty sure most companies make employees or "mates" sign an NDA before giving out info that you may or may not have already been privy to.

    Anything passed that is speculation, regardless if you work in production/design/marketing/QA or Localisation etc.
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  • tinners 14/10/2015

    @Drunk-Si Well my point is that a lot of people don't seem to care about Objectives in BF even tho its needed if you want to win, the amount of snipers who sit on a hill all game or people just holed up in an area when there are flags to take is mostly what I've seen from playing BF since launch.

    Don't get me wrong there will be games where everyone is on the same page in BF and mass teams roll on flags together but if they don't its not critical as much as it is in Battlefront if the Rebels don't work together.

    Played it all week solid and mostly found Rebel players running passed the Activation points to Jetpack onto a hill and snipe all game.

    Maybe just my experience, either way that shouldn't be the case given Battlefront has no K/D count atm.
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  • tinners 14/10/2015

    @Pr0gen Wow impressive foresight! were you blessed with the ability to see future events/finished products at birth?

    How does Game of thrones end based on what you have seen, and what is the full version of Uncharted 4 like based on the E3 trailer? please do tell?

    This is why some people should never play Betas, making assumptions totally unfounded, what I do know is DICE said in a Jack Frags interview recently the card system is way more complex than your future bearing eyes seem to have predicted.

    Totally agree with most comments on here if people don't play the Rebels like K/D obsessed battlefield players it's balanced just fine, normally resulting in the final ATAT getting brought down just before defeat from overwhelming imperials....as it should be.

    Don't cave into ignorance DICE and people that don't understand game mechanics.
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  • Star Wars Battlefront beta extended until Tuesday

  • tinners 13/10/2015

    Can't help but feel so many people have missed the mark with walker Assault, anyone who thinks there's loads of stuff going on and can't figure out what to do clearly can't comprehend a games new mechanics or think this is just battlefield with lasers.

    The rebels will die a lot that's the point, you're outnumbered by imperials big time but it's not unbalanced it just requires people to work as a team which is an alien concept to most bf players obsessed with K/D ratio over any actual team play.

    Activate the outposts and weaken the atat and you can orbital strike the atats/enter a cable tie mini game and end if immediately or just shoot them as a team.

    Think knowing is half the problem here as it's not exactly a deep game but it's definitely not as basic as cod either and it's a beta so I'm expecting Dice to reveal much more as the weeks follow.

    Absolutely loved it was just pure fun as it should be.
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  • Performance Analysis: Star Wars Battlefront beta on PS4

  • tinners 08/10/2015


    Heard it was more like 3pm but still see nothing on PSN :(
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  • tinners 08/10/2015

    Wow the fanboys are out in force today clinging onto there console's like a childs blankey.

    More importantly when the fuck does this drop? cant wait!
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  • PlayStation Plus October line-up revealed

  • tinners 01/10/2015

    @tinners So if lets say they offered NO Mans Sky for free or Minecraft I take it you would complain then also just because it is an 'indie game'??
    @jamster126 Think you missed the mark a little there fella, the point is you compare other services out there such as MS gaming with gold who have Ass Creed Black Flag and Tomb Raider. 2 AAA games compared with what PS+ is currently offering and it's a fair complaint.

    Im not dismissing anything because its an indy title but im also not ignoring what other services offer for the same amount of money.
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  • tinners 30/09/2015

    Don't get me wrong free is cool and a good game is a good game, but by now i'd expect something like Knack or the first NBA 2k to be making an appearance, there's only so much super meat boy and "insert indie game title here" that I can take each month. Reply +8
  • PS1 at 20: rehearsing the rock hard light gun game Die Hard 2

  • tinners 29/09/2015

    Best licensed game ever bar Batman :) Reply +3
  • PES 2016 vs FIFA 16: a friendly comparison

  • tinners 18/09/2015


    heh yeah ye olden days of consumer fairness are a distant memory, it seems the bigger our industry gets the more us gamers suffer for our years of patronage in helping it get so big.

    There is the odd flutter of fairness but never from the likes of EA and Konami like you said.

    Makes you wonder what the profit margin would be like if EA decided to give you an update from FIFA 15 to 16 like they did with the last World Cup release for say £15.

    Im guessing if a person within EA dared suggest this they were probably cast aside like an outspoken employee working at Mr Burns Nuclear Power Plant :) :(
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  • tinners 18/09/2015

    I think what I can take form this is, both versions don't really need purchasing again if you have last years iteration, back in the ps2 winning eleven days I couldn't wait for a tweaked version to drop but it wasn't 50 quid a pop then either, Reply +1
  • The BBC's Grand Theft Auto drama was weird and meaningless

  • tinners 16/09/2015

    "but we get no sense of why this important to him"

    you might wanna chuck an "is" into your review
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  • Until Dawn review

  • tinners 27/08/2015

    So better than Night Trap then :) Reply 0
  • I was there when The Witcher 3 launched

  • tinners 20/08/2015

    @Bertie one mic, two girls, one screen

    I swear I've already seen that movie :o
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  • DriveClub's latest update makes some big changes

  • tinners 18/08/2015

    Fanboys to your posts....and blindly..... defend!!!

    30 fps locked is fine but obviously some people don't care about the smoothness just numbers.

    Whoever thinks it's like Forza can't distinguish a racing sim over an arcade racer *sigh*
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  • DriveClub overtakes 2m sales

  • tinners 03/08/2015

    @LLJaf Wouldn't say its had a huge over hall but certainly the Drifting was addressed in patches along with certain cars feeling different and more stable since the initial release.

    @nathull - How are you comparing this to Forza? when it's more like a PGR/Codemasters game
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  • tinners 03/08/2015

    All they need to do is sort out Private Servers and all is forgiven for one of the worst launches for a game I've seen and paid for.

    The handling was an issue but now it feels like a really solid arcade race and those graphics/that engine :-)
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  • The Amiga is 30 years old today

  • tinners 27/07/2015

    My god so much GOLD!

    personally :- Stunt Car Racer, Supercars 1 & 2, Settlers, FA18 - Interceptor and Moonstone were some of my personal favs but there are just too many tbh.
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  • Rory McIlroy PGA Tour review

  • tinners 21/07/2015

    Have to admit were not off to a very good start with the next gen iteration of games when all we get is half finished rushed out games which seem to lack the polish that you would expect from the bigger companies let alone the small ones struggling to make ends meat in this AAA Climate of gaming that we (the gamers) are now funding at £50 quid a pop.

    I can't think of one title this year bar lots of great but admittedly not exactly cutting edge indie games that are actually solid from Day 1, we seem to be glorified Beta testers who are paying for a product that may be fully realised in 6-8 months down the line which begs the question, why should they be allowed to charge us full price for any games that have A) crippling frame rates, B) terrible screen tear C) multiple crashes or bugs that should never be allowed passed certification D) Half the content of the previous iterations or even worse E) the DLC climate we now live in where you pay over the odds for a game that is only incomplete due to the money grabbing publishers wanting you to funnel all your funds into one game that should be a complete package once you have spent your 50 quid and not once you have spent over £80 + just to get the complete story to a campaign (Destiny) or to get a mode you had a year ago on your previous console (F1/PGA etc)

    I would say at least the games coming from Japan still have that high standard you have come to expect in say Vanquish or anything by Capcom but even Bloodborne as great as it is has tarnished this fact of late with frame pacing and constant patches.

    Whatever happened to quality control and value for money :( maybe the new street fighter will be the one exception to this rather worrying trend of next gen tiles.....
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  • Sony says sorry for PSN Christmas outage with five days of PS Plus

  • tinners 05/01/2015

    These little fame seeking ginch like fucktards need to be found and shamed to the entire world, once all these kids whose xbox's couldn't boot a game or ps4's couldn't sign in on Christmas Day grow up they can go all jay and silent bob on their scrawny asses with a steady ddos flow of monthly beatings and a constant update of lizard address changes or witness protection names!

    Seems to be more an inherent flaw with the internet harking back to the early days where ddos attacks can be done by any faceless prick with a bit of security knowledge, and all they suggest is Sony or MS hire them to solve the problem, as if a multimillion dollar company can't hire people of the same caliber or better.

    Beaten by kids or found and killed by robocop is the only option!
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  • Xbox One without Kinect "levels the playing field" with PS4

  • tinners 14/05/2014

    @Confucius sounds like they could raise it by 200 quid now and you would pay it, ahh ignorance is bliss :) Reply 0
  • tinners 14/05/2014


    i don't see what this does other than actually bring the price down to what it should have been from the start, you don't get momentum from a price drop? they now need another drop to 299 to make up for the lack of power thats becoming more and more apparent with each game being announced.

    Sony need to do the sum total of fuck all at present they are in the driving seat while MS keeps trying to claw back the gap in now sales and technology.

    i think the question is who didn't see this coming as it was a given? also ES Ram is still in that thing so good luck getting a huge performance boost 10%....wow! :p
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  • DICE deploys new hardware to combat Battlefield 4 rubber-banding

  • tinners 25/04/2014

    it IS sorted now tho... like really....honest!

    had a game last night and it was how it should have been 6 months ago
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  • DICE promises to tackle Battlefield 4 rubber-banding

  • tinners 03/04/2014

    "Reducing lag for these players is absolutely a TOP priority for us to solve and we expect to have the solution very soon," DICE added.
    So thats everyone then, i love the way they try and make it sound isolated when it's been completely fucked for everyone since Day 1

    *one day EA/DICE* *sigh*
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  • Xbox One FIFA bundle was not a reaction to E3 criticism

  • tinners 22/08/2013

    Did i miss the update where GAME who i pre ordered my FIFA from sent a mail out saying they will also swap it for COD Ghosts which i thought was pretty big given the amount of sales that thing gets per iteration?

    Maybe they have gone back on this as i don't see it being reported?
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  • Sony's E3 victory was a PR stunt, but PlayStation 4 is still the one to watch

  • tinners 13/06/2013

    @arcam Definitely! But the only business models we "gamers" should care about is the price and im already watching The Apprentice, if MS released games on demand for the same price so I don't have to que up with a load of yoots for the midnight release of BF4, but also have the option to buy and own like PS4 without the connectivity bullshit then it would be a closer contest.

    It also suggests in this fickle world of gaming we live in that Xbox diehards get upset about an "opinion"

    PC users go on the offensive due to the PS4 finally using PC architect and not having that DDR...yet along with a boat load of 3rd and 1st Party exclusives

    And this is normal for console releases tbh I choose "games"!
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  • tinners 13/06/2013

    It's also a pretty damning statement to the Industry as a whole when you think that the biggest moment or "cheergasm" @ E3 was weather Sony would decide to stick to something that millions of "Gamers" were crying out for.

    Not the unveiling of a massive game that gets us "Gamers" in hysterics, surely that's what should be getting us excited @ any E3 event?

    And you will still get the so called gamer-crowd following the XB1 with total ignorance like an extra from a Walking Dead Episode, but if your a real gamer for almost £100 less with more grunt and a company that actually listens to it's customer and reads threads, PS4 is the only "Gamers" choice that seems viable.
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  • PES 2013 review

  • tinners 18/09/2012

    Thing is if FIFA and PRO both get a 9 and there really is nothing much to split them my shallow football loving side will go with licensed teams, EA have the monopoly for now.

    But given I swore by Pro until the 360 iterations came along its hard for me to ignore a 9, that being sid it needs no be a pretty big leap from previous as FIFA just has the edge in this current era, demos are hard to get a read on when you hardly get time to enjoy a full half.

    Buying both tho isn't really an option for me it's like when in trying to play soul caliber and vf you can only get so good at either of your constantly chopping and changing, maybe if all you play is football then its an option
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  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Review

  • tinners 23/08/2012

    Been on this all night but tbh it's damn near unplayable at times, the party system other than private games is just refusing to work, it's crashed a few tImes joining friends games, and forcing you to join game chat is fine but if the idea was everyone joins game chat so no one can ghost in an xbl party, then that idea makes no sense at all as both sides can hear each other at all times.

    But when it works it's glorious cs that I spent a ridiculous amount of time playing, just patch it please.
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  • Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown Review

  • tinners 13/06/2012

    About time someone gave it the praise its deserved 9/10 indeed!! Reply +2
  • Spectrum Made Me

  • tinners 23/04/2012

    I remember playing Run The Gauntlet like it had it's own religion.

    Feel sorry for todays generation not knowing who US Gold were or Ocean etc.
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  • BBC iPlayer on Xbox goes live today

  • tinners 21/03/2012

    Just need Crunchyroll now and the circle of life is complete Reply 0
  • THQ announces WWE WrestleFest

  • tinners 22/02/2012

    Can they just not emulate the original arcade version? It looked and played amazing, this looks worse somehow. Reply +2
  • UFC Undisputed 3 Review

  • tinners 14/02/2012

    He didn't just run away he outscored him, it's simple if yoh know the sport. Reply +2