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  • Bloodborne walkthrough and game guide

  • the_sas_man 27/03/2015

    The same happened with Cities Skylines - EG claimed it was just one of those things that couldn't be helped. It was a week late after their competitors.

    Now they are pumping resource into a walk through rather than the review (bear in mind they are still trying to convince people the new system is valid)

    Something has gone horribly awry at EG. New score system, Amazon links that are "subtle", late reviews, Destiny filled tripe... it goes on.

    Not all changes are negative - but you MUST do the basics right - i.e. reviews before game guides.
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  • the_sas_man 27/03/2015

    Before the review...? Reply +4
  • Performance Analysis: Bloodborne

  • the_sas_man 26/03/2015


    I tend to believe the 45+ critic reviews from experienced gamers who have played Bloodborne in depth, cumulatively for probably 1000+ hours between them, who are rating this as "Must-Have" rather than your perception of a game you haven't even loaded into your PS4.
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  • RollerCoaster Tycoon World to upgrade game engine following negative reaction to trailer

  • the_sas_man 23/03/2015

    All of a sudden a yearn for Theme Park remake Reply +2
  • With the announcement of the NX, Nintendo admits defeat with the Wii U

  • the_sas_man 18/03/2015

    We all love Nintendo - but it didn't necessarily change with the times.

    Nintendo will always have their unique style and it should never change - but imagine a dedicated games consoles to the power of the PS4/XboxOne. Imagine the potential and capabilities of the system. I don't mean just graphics - I'm talking game physics - the raw computing power to manipulate environments to a greater extent than what we currently see. Nintendo need to get away from their consoles being viewed as a kids console and more as a "gamers" console.

    We'd all buy one instantly.
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  • Laid-off SimCity dev launches Patreon for creation of Cities: Skylines buildings

  • the_sas_man 16/03/2015

    @Oli Appreciate the response Oli. Many thanks. Reply +1
  • the_sas_man 16/03/2015

    @Oli Out of interest, how did it "fall through". Very intriguing/ambiguous.

    Other sites have had this up for days now.

    Not a great start to the new EG culture that's being instilled here...
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  • Cities: Skylines sells 250K copies in a day

  • the_sas_man 12/03/2015

    @Malek86 yeah, it's a great starting point. All very intuitive. At 16 it's a low risk option too. Reply +1
  • the_sas_man 12/03/2015

    Been playing this solid for a day. Really really impressed.

    The scale of the game is simply astounding and it just does all the basics right. Literally takes forever to fill just a fraction of the map. My highlight was my crematorium burning down.

    I managed to pick this up (legitimately) for 16 on a reputable site, so well worth it.

    Sim City may have the graphical polish, but other than that this game smashes it to pieces in every way. Let's not forget this is fully mod supported so I'm expecting great things.

    I know scores are banned, but definitely an 8/10 in my book (Sim City being a 4/10).
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  • Editor's blog: We've revised our editorial policy

  • the_sas_man 09/03/2015

    New editorial guidelines, new scoring system, new "best of lists" which act as a score in disguise...

    I love Eurogamer. But lately it's been losing it's way. The fact we are starting to see articles about why there is advertising etc is the death knell.

    The advertising always existed before, but you guys produced great content and it was easy to get along with.

    I can't help but feel it's a softly softly approach to the end of the EG I use to love. Subs will be announced soon i'm sure.

    I have never, in all my life looked at other gaming sites as much as I do now. I'm sorry EG, but you need to re-evaluate your editorial content and work out why there is so much cynicism to your new policies.

    Because the secret is that us fans still love the site... so don't force us out...
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  • How powerful is Nvidia's new 12GB Titan X?

  • the_sas_man 09/03/2015

    Nice - but I just can't think of any real world off the shelf game that will require such huge specs?

    2 x 970 will probably do you just fine for the next 4 years and I suspect cost half as much.
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  • GTA Online Heists update is 4.2GB on Xbox One

  • the_sas_man 09/03/2015

    I have the amazon version pre-ordered Reply 0
  • Editor's blog: So, we do best games lists now

  • the_sas_man 08/03/2015

    So it's kinda like a scoring system for the top 20 games of each console... sort of like a metacritic in disguise? Something that EG didn't want to do... hmmmm

    As it happens I like it, (like I like the scorer!) but unless this is on the main page how do you navigate to it. No point in it sitting as an article all the time?
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with Sony's near-final Project Morpheus

  • the_sas_man 04/03/2015

    Looks amazing... but where does the sound come from?

    People forget how immersive and important sound is, especially on a device like this.

    Does it come through your TV (deal breaker for me), on high quality speaker built into the headset or are they low quality tinny sounds like a poor mans radio?

    Absolutely critical detail.
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  • While we wait, 15 new Grand Theft Auto 5 PC screenshots

  • the_sas_man 01/03/2015

    @null I'm not saying it should be gridlock!

    But look at any analysis (including EG) and they have all said the promises increase in traffic is not really visible.

    GTA4 had this right if you ask me as Times Square was very built up. But in GTAV it feel like whether you are in the countryside or in Downtown it feels quite sparse.

    I'm not saying they should make it realistic - that would be stupid. I'm saying they should make it more heavy like they promised.
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  • the_sas_man 28/02/2015

    I can't wait for this - few more weeks won't hurt and it's lookin stunning.

    For me though the biggest disappointment with the upgraded GTAV has been the lack of traffic that was promised. It still looks a bit sparse in places, and anyone will tell you who has been to LA, the traffic at times can be dire. I really hope this is improved as this will make the experience far more immersive (Downtown vs Hollywood Hills should feel different on the roads).
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  • Grand Theft Auto 5 PC screenshots

  • the_sas_man 28/02/2015

    I can't wait for this - few more weeks won't hurt and it's lookin stunning.

    For me though the biggest disappointment with the upgraded GTAV has been the lack of traffic that was promised. It still looks a big sparse, and anyone will tell you who has been to LA, the traffic at times can be sure. I really hope this is improved as this will make the experience far more immersive (Downtown vs Hollywood Hills should feel different on the roads).
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  • Troll deletes 11-year-old's Destiny characters

  • the_sas_man 23/02/2015

    @Nielzor Yes, I did.

    I'm not having a go at his parents here (how they choose to bring him up is up to them). It could be that his parents bought the game for him (like my parents would for me).

    However, this is an issue of corporate responsibility.

    Bungie should acknowledge this fact rather than stating their policies on reinstating characters. Because in essence they are condoning a young 11 year old playing their games.
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  • the_sas_man 23/02/2015


    Because as an avid games fan, I don't like my hobby getting blamed for school massacres/shootings when there are advisory ratings in place to protect minors from this sort of stuff.
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  • the_sas_man 23/02/2015

    Destiny is rated T for "Teen".

    This lad is eleven.

    And Bungie has commented on the story without commenting on that element. Its poor, because trust me, the world goes crazy when a kid goes on a rampage having played an 18 rated game.

    It's a sad story I agree, but he shouldn't be playing it anyway.

    Content is generally suitable for ages 13 and up. May contain violence, suggestive themes, crude humor, minimal blood, simulated gambling and/or infrequent use of strong language."
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  • Total War: Attila review

  • the_sas_man 20/02/2015

    The irony is that if they keep adding badges it will just become a visual score.

    Personally I think you go big or go home. You scrap all this badge nonsense and let the review do 100% of the talking.

    If you add a badge people will just look at it as a score out of 4... not far off what a lot of sites do with a score out of 5 (which is exactly what EG do not want to do?)
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  • the_sas_man 20/02/2015

    I give it less than 12 months before review scores come back! Reply -6
  • The Order: 1886 review

  • the_sas_man 19/02/2015

    There's a certain irony here that the comments being given a thumbs up by the EG community are referencing the scores of other websites... Reply +1
  • Rich Stanton on: Requiem for a dreamer

  • the_sas_man 14/02/2015

    What an excellent article. Two in a week! Reply +22
  • Just Cause 3's new brand of chaos, and its (asynchronous) multiplayer

  • the_sas_man 13/02/2015

    @porkface Out of interest, can you run an article with photographs of what accommodation they give you.

    We can then name and shame those that throw you in places like a Travelodge.
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  • Cities: Skylines release date revealed

  • the_sas_man 12/02/2015

    @spamdangled haha... How peculiar.

    I too. And you know what's odd?

    When you book media space, for example press ads, you DO get to say in the negotiation if it's possible to run a favourable story. You're mental if you think it doesn't happen, because it does.

    The decision comes down to the editor, and as long as the content is not against the time of the publication and there is space, you'll find your ad runs as well as your story.

    You're living in la la land if you think that advertising space is booked completely separately without leaning on editorial influence.

    When the horse meat scandal hit regarding Tesco, The Sun newspaper had a very very tough time as the spend from Tesco in that paper was huge. They diluted it as much as they could until it was full blown.

    And without mentioning names, I know that another newspaper had their advertising spend completely pulled because the editor did not run a story about a dodgy car insurance brand because the media agency CEO in question had a rough ride with them! The editor caved in and ran the story.

    That shit happens all the time. And I'm quite aware how it all works, and I'm fully aware of your processes. You're right too, most sales teams sit nowhere near the editorial teams. But you are totally naive to think spend does not influence exposure. After over 10 years in the game, it does happen and it happens regularly. I find it sad that you think otherwise. No conspiracy theory - it happens.
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  • the_sas_man 11/02/2015

    @spamdangled You know, I don't actually blame you for thinking that. But there is nothing wrong with taking an open mind to it. Heck, even someone who knows a thing or two about it can probably shed some light.

    1) EG (like any other media outlet) is there to make money. They do not purposefully give extra exposure, but money talks. This is not an EG thing but how advertising works (sadly)

    2) In EG's case they will have a sales guy selling advertising space to media agencies. These media agencies buy space on behalf of their clients. Rightly or wrongly, NEVER underestimate the power that these agencies have. In fact, they can plan and buy media space without even giving their clients a say.

    3) Case in point. Omnicom (a media agency) buys media space from the likes of EG. If they want favourable stories, they WILL get them. In fact, Omnicom is currently preventing clients from spending ANY of their money with Channel 5 because their is a trade agreement with ITV. 30m no less is part of the deal: Source:

    4) So if a media agency, in control of hundreds of millions of pounds, tells a vendor (in this case EG) that you wi run a nice advertorial for X spend, it WILL happen. It's not an EG thing - it's an advertising thing. It's exactly why some newspapers refuse to run with some stories whilst others go to town with it. Trust me on this - it's how it works.

    So next time you see a story about a game, or politics, or a product... And it just so happens that a newspaper/website/TV AD is covered in advertising, please don't be so naive to think its coincidence. It really isn't.

    This game looks fantastic. And I take NOTHING away from it what so ever. But there is no way EG would run with the story unless they had the takeover page that they bought - if it drives clicks it drives revenue.
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  • the_sas_man 11/02/2015

    @Branoic Agreed.

    But then if you think different to my point then you totally miss the point. When you do marketing deals and buy advertising space, the extra exposure through news stories etc is DEFINITELY discussed in negotiation. You'd be naive to think otherwise.

    Anyway, the point is that this DOES look amazing. And I can't bloody wait as I feel sorely disappointed in Sim City.
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  • the_sas_man 11/02/2015

    Ooooo... a story on the same day their page takeover advertising begins! Reply 0
  • The God who Peter Molyneux forgot

  • the_sas_man 11/02/2015

    Now THAT is investigative journalism.

    Sod all that Destiny crap off - this is the sort of stuff I come to this site for. Brilliant article EG.

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  • PlayStation 4 online multiplayer unlocked for all this weekend

  • the_sas_man 09/02/2015

    @Pocketgrandpa Exactly. Reply +1
  • the_sas_man 09/02/2015

    "or maybe that little heard of game named Destiny."

    Oh EG you tease us!
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  • Sunless Sea review

  • the_sas_man 06/02/2015

    "My colleague helped write the game."

    "I see. Well let's be fair and give this a good score... Just don't let anyone know how it plays, how it sounds, graphically how it looks..."

    Seriously people!?!
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  • the_sas_man 06/02/2015

    @darc Thank you Darc. This is my EXACT point. Look at any other review on EG and we see all the major points addressed from sound, graphics, game plays etc. But not here we don't. In fact we just see a well written piece about the story.

    And yet it gets a 10/10.

    You can all call me a conspiracy theorist but I don't buy it. Like I don't buy the Destiny coverage as purely coincidental.

    I'm telling you now, it pays in business to support those closest.
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  • the_sas_man 06/02/2015

    Nope - definitely deleted. Reply -19
  • the_sas_man 06/02/2015

    Oddly "someone" has deleted my post about favorable coverage to Destiny based on revenue. Odd. Reply -21
  • the_sas_man 06/02/2015

    I've read the review. It's very well written. If I could write that at school I'd be quids in.

    But no mention of sounds, graphics, atmosphere, logistics, UI etc.

    If this comes out as 10/10 across other sites then fair enough, But if EG comes out as the oddity when other sites have voted 7 and 8 out of 10 then maybe I'm being fair.
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  • the_sas_man 06/02/2015

    Put it this way - do we think Destiny received favourable coverage based on the huge advertising spends put to this site... albeit this site is explicitly independent and doesn't take notice of things?

    I don't blame EG for it. But just like the BBC cannot be viewed as unbiased, there is now way this review cannot be seen in the same way.
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  • the_sas_man 06/02/2015

    @spamdangled I'm sure.

    But this is business. You honestly think there isn't a leaning towards being more favourable? If you don't think the business world works like then good luck!
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  • the_sas_man 06/02/2015

    "Disclaimer: Richard Cobbett, a contributor and friend of Eurogamer, is one of the writing team on Sunless Sea. We chose a reviewer who doesn't know Richard personally."

    No offence EG but there is BOUND to be goodwill in favour of Sunless Sea.
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  • Performance Analysis: Battlefield Hardline beta

  • the_sas_man 05/02/2015

    FYI - I have no issue with it being a mod. Just price it accordingly. 15 would have me interested. Reply +26
  • the_sas_man 05/02/2015

    "The overall takeaway here is that the Hardline beta looks and feels very much like its predecessor, and we can't shake the lingering sense that we should be seeing substantial improvements to both image quality and performance in a game launching over 15 months after its predecessor."

    As suspected, this is a mod.
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  • Dying Light has a Destiny loot cave Easter egg

  • the_sas_man 28/01/2015

    Well at least EG now recognise there are a load of Destiny articles.

    That's a start...
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  • Destiny: Crota's End guide

  • the_sas_man 24/01/2015

    @AgentDaleCooper Maybe we should just fill these comments with more crap. I'll start by requiring some of last weeks Destiny article:

    "Bungie know everything there is to know about FPS games and how people play them. Its QA department alone must have noticed what was possible in this scenario with a Destiny obsessive's mindset. I refuse to believe a designer wouldn't have realised what placing a chest there meant. And yet there it is."
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  • the_sas_man 24/01/2015

    @AgentDaleCooper no problem. I hope it kept you warm. Reply +11
  • the_sas_man 24/01/2015

    "Crota's End was originally vulnerable to a range of exploits that allowed daring players to shortcut its most difficult encounters, but a succession of patches has removed that possibility."

    Wasn't the article last week about "Cheesing" your way through and how Bungie probably kept it in purposefully?

    Yet a week later you state they removed it?

    Great journalism!
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  • the_sas_man 24/01/2015

    Click bait Reply -10
  • Microsoft investigating PC to Xbox One streaming

  • the_sas_man 22/01/2015

    I know everyone is going to hate on Windows 10, but I must say I've been quite impressed.

    Probably the most excited I've been about Windows since Windows 98!
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  • So, what do you actually do in No Man's Sky?

  • the_sas_man 22/01/2015

    "There's the answer I want to give, and then there's the one I can't really say,"

    Looks like we have another Peter Molyneux on our hands people!
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  • Alien: Isolation passes 1m sales mark after three months

  • the_sas_man 21/01/2015

    I think Colonial Marines is 90% the problem here.

    Us gamers who know their stuff know it's a different developer. But average Joe Bloggs on the street probably relates the two and thinks better of it.

    A real shame.
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