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  • Hitman: Absolution Returns

  • terminalterror 04/10/2011

    "It's very clear to you what choices you have, then it's up to you what approach you take for that challenge and how you solve it."

    I'm really hoping that they mean they make a few choices clear (for casual players or those new to the franchise) whilst also having built in loads of obscurer or more inventive choices for more experienced players to discover.
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  • Retrospective: RollerCoaster Tycoon

  • terminalterror 26/09/2011

    Utterly fantastic game. RCT2 was just more of the same, but the extra coaster types made it such a joy to play.

    My finest achievement was managing to create a rollercoaster than went above 10.0 on the excitement rating (I think I managed just over 11). It was a steel hypercoaster, and I just made a really really big one and was careful to keep it from getting too intense.

    Wrapping a rollercoaster around awkward terrain is satisfying, even more so when it ends up with a high excitement rating.
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  • Alpha Protocol

  • terminalterror 14/03/2011

    Nice review!

    Whilst I agree that Alpha Protocol has plenty of faults, for me the originality and stellar execution of the branching choices mechanic made the game my favourite of 2010.

    Whereas in Bioware games you can often see the "insert line of dialogue referencing choice 27 here", in Alpha Protocol it is really hard to notice. Despite the enormous breadth of choice you have (you'll need more than 2 playthroughs to see it all as many of the decisions stack, e.g. you can't take up Character Xs offer, because this time he's dead), the script feels as though it was written only with your decisions in mind. It really is a superb script.

    The time limited conversation mechanic is also genius, as it keeps conversations flowing to a natural rhythm, and also forces you to make difficult, unclear and far reaching decisions under severe time pressure. The game really is best when you don't second guess yourself and reload saves to take different choices. Live with your consequences.

    The other touch of genius in the dialogue is the fact that most of it happens in cutscene type scenarios, i.e. you can't just walk up to characters and chat away with them. This means you never get the "sorry, come back later and we'll talk more" or "I'm repeating the last dialogue I said to you" things that you get in Bioware games that tarnish the immersion a little.

    I'd really view the stealth/shooty/punchy gameplay as just the filler in between all the dialogue and decisions.
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  • Music To Play Games By

  • terminalterror 30/11/2010

    An excellent article.

    I've discovered all sorts of wonderful soundtracks to games I've never played, thanks to listening to Streaming Soundtracks (mostly film, but also TV and game soundtracks). Most notably, Ace Combat. It really has some wonderful music, particularly Ace Combat Zero, which has an epic mix of orchestra, massive choir and flamenco guitar/castonets.

    My favourite Richard Jacques soundtrack is the one for Headhunter (again, a game I've never played and found the soundtrack through SST).
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  • Did Kinect's Times Square launch go well?

  • terminalterror 05/11/2010

    I'm genuinely curious how much it costs to hire nearly all the advertising screens in Times Square for a night. Can't be cheap! Reply 0
  • Rock Band 3

  • terminalterror 28/10/2010


    Thank rockbandaide.com, not me :)
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  • terminalterror 28/10/2010

    kangarootoo wrote:
    "So having read the review, its all about the pro-mode by the looks of it. There was only cursory mention of the other game mechanics, which probably means that if you don't have pro-mode controllers, you should just consider the tracklist as an extension of your song collection (if you like the tunes). I believe RB2 disc import is an option for a few quid, so it might make sense."

    The review is all about the pro mode, but the game has plenty of improvements for regular players too. The core guitar/vocals/drumming mechanic of non-pro mode seems to be pretty much the same (there was nothing at all wrong with it though), all the improvements are in the structure around it.

    You get a massively improved way of sorting your song library (needed now there are over 2000 songs available!) by all sorts of filters (genre, instrument, difficulty, decade, rating etc.). You can also rate songs, so highly rated songs appear more often in random setlists (likewise lower rated songs appear less often).

    As mentioned in some posts above, the overshell lets players change difficulty on the fly without interrupting other band members, which is a really really useful addition.
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  • Guess what percentage finished ACII

  • terminalterror 20/10/2010

    muscleblade: "If only 40% complete games how come so many complain that gams are too short, expensive and whatnot."

    I suspect that the 5-10% who complete most games make up a higher proportion of people who complain about games being too short than the 90-95% that don't complete games.
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  • Mobile Games Roundup

  • terminalterror 28/09/2010

    I shall also take a bow; Slitherlink on the DS is utterly fantastic.

    I didn't realise there was Slitherlink on Android. Downloaded the demo of the one reviewed, and I'm really liking the way they colour different line segments in different colours. Very helpful. Only complaint is that I can't whizz around filling in puzzles nearly as fast as I could on the DS using the buttons.

    The hexagonal ones are a great variation.
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  • Exporting confirmed for Rock Band 3

  • terminalterror 07/09/2010

    andywilkie35: I hope they do it like Rock Band 1 rather than Lego Rock Band. On RB1 it imports each track as an individual file so you can delete the ones that you don't like, whilst with Lego Rock Band I wanted songs like Song 2 by Blur but then also got stuck with KT fucking Tunstall on Rock Band 2 as they were in one bulk file!

    My theory is I suffered through certain songs on RB2 to get it pretty much completed (only missed two achievements), so if there are certain songs I don't want to come up on a "random" setlist from that game, I should be able to choose.

    Even if it does it as a bulk file, you'll be sorted because Rock Band 3 has proper track filtering and rating. You can rate the songs you don't want to come up on random playlists as 1 star, then they'll never show up. 2 stars and they'll very occasionally show up, 5 stars and they'll show up loads etc. Handy stuff!
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  • Red Dead Redemption sells loads

  • terminalterror 03/09/2010

    'Am I the only one unimpressed by a 3.5% margin? $12.4m doesn't seem like a whole lot of net profit from $400m of revenue... '

    depends. if they have had any big one of costs like acquisitions or debt repayment then its pretty good.

    Similarly, if they are investing loads in future titles (i.e. GTA5, Bioshock Infinite etc.) then that'll sap the profits now, but pay off later.
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  • Rock Band designer quits Harmonix

  • terminalterror 05/07/2010

    I'm another one who is looking forward to Rock Band 3 more than any other game this year. Reply +3
  • Sony ties up DLC/pack-in exclusives

  • terminalterror 15/06/2010

    I suppose exclusive DLC isn't as bad as exclusive titles, at least owners of one console get to play the core games and some DLC, instead of not being able to play the other consoles 3rd party games at all. Reply +1
  • The EGTV Show: The Videogames Election - Episode 2

  • terminalterror 02/06/2010

    Surely all this should have come out before the election? Reply -10
  • MTV: Green Day should outsell Beatles

  • terminalterror 17/05/2010

    Unsurprising, but still a shame that they didn't manage to break out of their normal demographic with Beatles: Rock Band Reply +1
  • Trion/Syfy MMO to link to TV series

  • terminalterror 27/04/2010

    What is the bet that some players of the MMO game the system to produce the stupidest effect on the TV series? Reply +1
  • New Phoenix, Monkey Island on WiiWare

  • terminalterror 19/02/2010


    Second hand, but available and not stupidly priced.
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  • Invizimals

  • terminalterror 18/11/2009

    Bundled with the camera for 30 doesn't seem too bad. Never heard of this before, and it isn't aimed at me, but nice to see Sony experimenting! Reply +2
  • EA: NFS series has sold more than 100m

  • terminalterror 22/10/2009

    "Unfortunately we've misplaced those, but we think we can remember some of them off the top of our heads:"


    One of the reasons I love EG!
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  • Harmonix releases Rock Band 2 update

  • terminalterror 28/09/2009

    The sort by stars is better than nothing, but fundamentally broken as it doesn't take difficulty into account, so you have no idea whether a song has 5 stars because you have aced it on expert or because you aced it on easy. Reply 0
  • Lennon would've been "excited" about RB

  • terminalterror 07/09/2009

    I have to say that this article was actually worth waiting for. Reply +1
  • Eurogamer Editors' Games of the Decade

  • terminalterror 04/09/2009

    This was a very entertaining read. Thanks! Reply 0
  • Editor's blog: Grand Slam Tennis to be re-reviewed

  • terminalterror 19/06/2009

    Kudos for admitting your mistake and acting to remedy it. Reply +6
  • Editor's blog: Top 50 Post-Mortem

  • terminalterror 05/01/2009

    I have an idea that retains the essence of the whole top 50 thingy, but clarifies the format for the benefit of retards who don't read the explanation at the top.

    You already assign each game a level of interest based on ranking within each contributer's list, and the number of lists it appears on.

    Instead of then ordering those into a list, why not present them in ascending "buzz" or "heat" or "EG lovedness" or something?

    The games would be listed in the same order, but instead of going 50, 49, ... 2, 1 - they would go:

    Game A - 12 EG superendorsements
    Game N - 17 EG superendorsements
    Game D - 32 EG superendorsements


    That way you retain everything about the current format, but you also gain an idea of how close the different games were, i.e. whether the most loved game was in a league of its own, or there were 3 games all loved to very similar degrees at the top.

    Obviously you'll need to come up with a better name for the "EG superendorsement" I used in my example.
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  • Lich King launch event was UK's biggest

  • terminalterror 13/11/2008

    "Why do Blizzard sell these expansions in boxes, by the way? It seems really odd to me, given that they already have your credit card details, that they still make you go out to buy a box in order to essentially just get a bit of paper with a code on. Why not do it all online?"

    Public service. They've got to make sure their truly customers make it outside at least twice a year. Doesn't quite work for those who forgo the midnight launch thing and just have it delivered to their door though.

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  • New details of Cube remakes for Wii

  • terminalterror 13/11/2008

    As has been previously stated, the bongo control was the best bit of Jungle Beat. It would still be fun without, but not nearly to the same extent. At least they aren't trying to replicate the bongo control with wiimote and nunchuck shaking. Reply 0
  • Lips

  • terminalterror 07/11/2008

    " it was a serious let-down when SingStar's PS3 edition turned out to be doing nothing more advanced in the scoring department than its PS3 ancestors."

    typo ahoy!
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  • Afrika dated for Japan

  • terminalterror 05/06/2008

    "Rhino you are but what am I?"

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  • Rock Band gets someone evicted

  • terminalterror 29/11/2007

    "loud noise disturbances before and after the hours of 10:00pm"

    eh? That makes no sense at all.
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  • No news updates on Monday!

  • terminalterror 26/05/2007

    That article raised a small chuckle from me. Congratulations. Reply 0
  • What's New? (16th Feb, 2007)

  • terminalterror 21/02/2007

    "Surely it's only harder to get re-elected if they were going to vote for you? If they weren't would you not be better killing them off?"

    I'm sure it is quite hard to get reelected if you get found killing people that weren't going to vote for you.
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  • History Channel game revealed

  • terminalterror 13/02/2007

    "There will be over 100 historically accurate battles to play"

    Will there be giant enemy crabs?
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  • Man chooses WoW over childbirth

  • terminalterror 29/01/2007

    Interesting how if this article was entitled "Woman chooses WoW over childbirth" it would take on a vastly different meaning. Reply 0
  • Super Columbine Massacre RPG - Part 2

  • terminalterror 23/01/2007

    Great article Simon! Reply 0
  • Kororinpa Wii dated

  • terminalterror 23/01/2007

    Why do I think of Tingle when I see Kororinpa? Reply 0
  • Sam & Max Episodes named

  • terminalterror 17/01/2007

    "Each instalment will cost you just GBP 4.55, EUR 6.93, or you can purchase the entire set for 18 quid, or 27 Euro-bob."

    No you can't, you have to pay tax as well. I wasn't sure whether it was a US sales tax or UK VAT though. Technically any website selling anything digital to European customers has to charge them tax.
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  • Early Wii figures from Japan

  • terminalterror 06/12/2006

    "That put it just a few thousand ahead of Wii Play, which comes bundled with a Wii remote and Nunchuk controller, which managed 171,888 copies."

    Is that a typo or does the Japanese Wii Play come with a nunchuck as well?
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  • Exclusive: The Witcher

  • terminalterror 24/10/2006

    Nice trailer, but they need to hire a better copywriter. Reply 0
  • Mercury 2 PSP demo

  • terminalterror 27/07/2006

    "2.71 was hacked weeks ago."

    I thought that was 2.5 and 2.6?
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  • terminalterror 27/07/2006

    Does this imply that 2.71 is close to being hacked?

    Anyway, I'm quite tempted by this as I want to play that Mercury 2 demo. Best way of getting people to upgrade the moment the new firmware is out.

    I want more demos!
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  • Star Fox DS rumbles

  • terminalterror 07/07/2006

    "Taking bets on it being called something completely different in the UK because some ancient Amstrad game got there first with the 'Starfox' name...

    Please, powers-that-be, not Lylat Wars DS. Just....don't."

    That must have been resolved now that we have "Starfox Adventures" and "Starfox Assault".
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  • terminalterror 06/07/2006

    It isn't compatable at all with Warioware Twisted. Where the hell would you plug it in given that Twisted is a GBA game? It has its own rumble built into the cart alongside a tilt sensor. Reply 0
  • GOA gets Warhammer MMO

  • terminalterror 08/06/2006

    There is no way you can get away with a story about Warhammer Online without mentioning possibly the best sales pitch ever

    I didn't really care about the game until I saw that!
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  • Play music and movies on DS

  • terminalterror 07/06/2006

    They aren't all bad. They were the people that made the Freeloader for the GameCube, which is in fact totally and utterly awesome. No faffing about, you just shove in the Freeloader, then a Jap/US game and it all works just fine. Lovely. Reply 0
  • Star Fox DS renamed

  • terminalterror 30/05/2006

    I loved Star Fox Adventures as well.

    Never got around to playing Star Fox Assault though as it was one of the later cube releases which means it is still full price everywhere.
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  • Miyamoto talks Wii plans

  • terminalterror 12/05/2006

    "It's all about connectivity.

    hey, thats a Sony thing"

    I thought it was a Nintendo thing. They kept going on about the connectivity between Cube and GBA, but nobody used it.
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  • Rare doing Diddy Kong DS

  • terminalterror 12/05/2006

    I loved DKR. The hovercraft were the best. Reply 0
  • E3 2006 Sony Conference Highlights

  • terminalterror 09/05/2006

    Like the news style signoff :) Reply 0
  • Warcraft movie on the way

  • terminalterror 09/05/2006

    As long as they keep Jason Hayes doing the soundtrack then I should be happy :)

    I'm assuming they are going more for an adaptation of the CG intro movie than an adaptation of a whole load of tards spamming 'LFG' all the time.
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  • EG.net's E3 Coverage Schedule and details

  • terminalterror 06/05/2006

    The site isn't going to die under all the EGTV traffic then? Reply 0