1.21 GIGAWATTS?!?!?

[quote][b]silentbob wrote:[/b]
terminalterror's posts are officially the most genuinely interesting on EG.[/quote]

[quote][b]CosmicFuzz wrote:[/b]
I shall now call you the "Funny Finder" of this here interweb.[/quote]

[quote][b]Charm wrote:[/b]
How do you keep finding all this cool stuff, TT? :)[/quote]

[quote][b]mowgli wrote:[/b]
You are King of the Internet. [/quote]

[quote][b]foreverafternothing wrote:[/b]
TT is king of the comedy internets[/quote]

[quote][b]MrED209 wrote:[/b]
"Where do you find all this stuff. Someone should make a thread. It should be called Things TT found on the web. You are the man. Get a blog. Do you spend all day on the internet. Etc."

[quote][b]boo wrote:[/b]
TerminalTerror. Reading the entire internet, one page at a time, since 2003.[/quote]
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