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  • Free horror game Slender is absolutely terrifying

  • tendollarlameo 04/07/2012

    Went into that bathroom thingy...got the shit scared out of me when I turned around. Ended up closing the game.

    Atmosphere + random scares makes for one of the best horror games I've played in recent memory, even if most of the scares are cheap. Wish his design was a bit better, but overall, I'm not going to nitpick at things like that.

    On a side note, my heart is beating very fast from that scare that happened a good half hour ago. So...watch out if you have a heart condition. I don't want to oversell the game, but yeah...it's like those "Scary Maze" things where you know something's going to happen but you don't know when...and then BAM! out of nowhere.
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  • Michael Jackson: The Experience Review

  • tendollarlameo 12/01/2012

    @cowell Guys, stop acting bad. I realize it's just human nature, but just beat it. Though I will admit, another part of me wants this to continue. Reply +2
  • Nintendo brings Boom Street release date forward

  • tendollarlameo 22/12/2011

    @sonicyoda How could Mario and Dragon Quest characters coming together to buy property and invest in the stock market possibly seem weird to you? ...Oh wait, I just read the sentence I typed. Yep. Definitely weird. Reply +1
  • tendollarlameo 22/12/2011

    It's actually called "Fortune Street" in the West. Unless by "West" you didn't mean North America, in which case, the egg is on my face. Reply +1
  • Kirby Mass Attack Review

  • tendollarlameo 22/12/2011

    Fir-nah I couldn't even do it jokingly. This is a really great game, and much better than Kirby's latest(and last) Wii outing. Still doesn't have the charm of Canvas Curse, but it's execution with it's Kirby-Clone idea is definitely good.

    Also, it reminds me of that Mario game. Mario 180 or something? It eventually ended up becoming Super Mario Sunshine, but originally, you controlled Mario and his clones.
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  • Trine 2 Review

  • tendollarlameo 21/12/2011

    @Casserole Please do not play Rayman Origins. Reply -1
  • tendollarlameo 21/12/2011

    Who cares if the game gets a fucking 2/10? If you like it, great. Chris considered it a 7/10. Two points above average. Three points away from perfect. Seems like a fine score.

    Do you people seriously just not read the reviews and jump straight to the number, then jump to your keyboard so you can bitch? It can be given an ∞/10 and there would still be someone who says, "THAT'S TOO LOW FOR A GAME OF THIS QUALITY!"

    Stop getting butthurt. Play the game or don't.

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