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  • Modern Warfare 3 to "push genre forward"

  • teh_MBK 24/05/2011

    As much as I have grown to dislike the CoD franchise for it's stagnation, one can only hope the money gleaned from the "masses" who buy it is reinvested into more desirable titles. I am also interested in one part of those comments. Can anyone explain to me what "the most advanced multiplayer ever" is? multi-multiplayer? massively multiplayer? o wait, that one has been done. Reply 0
  • Arma 3 a PC exclusive for summer 2012

  • teh_MBK 19/05/2011

    A new engine? Wonder if this iteration will perform to a reasonable standard at high settings... Reply +6
  • APB Reloaded open beta delayed

  • teh_MBK 19/05/2011

    Given that they are encountering an issue that disconnects players after 1 or 2 hours, I'd assume they've made modifications. The assumption being based on my doubts that the game was originally released with that kind of issue. Reply 0
  • Portal 2 in orphan insult row

  • teh_MBK 18/05/2011

    Yeah, I'm convinced this is a rating issue (and therefore ESRB's fault??) more than anything else. Reply +3
  • teh_MBK 18/05/2011

    @Bratmandu #10 - The box in the clip (which I'm guessing is the US release) says "E 10+". So I guess they're great parents if we're judging good parenting by buying boxes with the right numbers on them.

    @God_Octo #16 - "..any sensible person could tell that GLaDOS was being petty and vindictive.". Even a 10 year old?

    In case you couldn't gather from my responses, sign me up for finding the adoption jokes tasteless. Perhaps the game should have been rated higher due to the player needing the maturity and experience to realise the abuse in the game is meant in jest from the developer and is pure pettiness from the in-game characters and should not be taken seriously.

    On the flip side, although I found the jokes tasteless, I hope to god Valve don't end up paying a settlement or anything. Like ukuleleimport (#17) said, no adoptive parent would tell their child they have no parents and most would tell that child that they were their parents from a young age (which is possible in this case as they never hid the fact the child was adopted from her, as stated in the video by the father). So the question the father in the video talks about I took to be "Daddy, who are my parents?" would either not come up in the child's mind or be easily answered with "We are.".

    As for the "Americans are stupid." comments, I'm gonna have to side with the Americans and express my disgust at how we seem to categorise all of them as dumb. Just like I hate that all Muslims are terrorists, all Germans are uber-efficient work aholics etc. F**king stereotypes.
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  • Valve: "Jerks" should pay extra for games

  • teh_MBK 17/05/2011

    @-cerberus- #93

    Just to jump in, no, capitalism works because it doesn't revolve around being "fair minded and reasonable". It's more to do with greed and being better (more money, better products to make more money).
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  • teh_MBK 16/05/2011

    I suppose it is possible, it aint international lying day tho (april 1st) so it's a bit of a daft time to pull a stunt like this surely. Having said that, the comment aint gonna stop me buying HL:EP3 assuming it'll even materialise. Reply 0
  • teh_MBK 16/05/2011

    I'm not sure about Gabe being a total arse, but this definitely points that way. Can't recall other things he has done, but this elitist bullsh*t I do not want in my games. Who decides who is a "fun" player? I have a mate who plays battlefield and consistently gets amazing KDRs, I think he's fun to play with and against, I'll bet others don't. What a load of cr*p. Reply +8
  • RAGE

  • teh_MBK 22/04/2011

    My main concern, as some others seem to have as well, is that the engine will rock and the game will be mediocre. I don't expect them to make a bad game at all, but just an uninteresting one. I liked Doom3, but it was the first time had encountered truly GIANT bad guys (the gate keeper or whatever it was, was awesome). This seems to have more of it, but it's a quite common now.

    Something that is keeping me interested in this is that the hands-on there seems to portray the story to be quite good (and I like a good story). Additionally, the mechanic of constructing turrets and other devices with items you can find lying around sounds like it could be a fun little addition.
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  • Mass Effect 3 details - no multiplayer

  • teh_MBK 08/04/2011

    "...before rocketing off to put the old team back together. He'll fight Reaper-controlled husks of all species along the way."

    Does this sound familiar to anyone else but me? ME2 perhaps? Okay now we have to fight husks of all species, but really? The party members all seem so keen to join Sheperd in a jaunt to take down an evil menace, but why don't they stick together until the job is done, i.e. Reapers defeated? Does everyone in the team secretly hate each other or something?
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  • 7 years of Secret World content planned

  • teh_MBK 07/04/2011

    As bad as 7 years planning might seem from a business perspective, I think it could be really good for story and setting if the writers know where they are going. For contrasting example, see the TV series "Lost" (I know a lot of people liked it, but I found the lack of direction really bad as it got ridiculous as they tried to explain away things they hadn't thought through from the beginning). Reply 0
  • The Secret World

  • teh_MBK 07/04/2011

    I'm not a huge MMO player, however, this is the first I've heard of this and I find it intriguing. I like the setting and style they seem to be aiming for from the videos in the article, though I have to agree with Shinetop in that less frequent encounters with the spooky side would've been better. Things like that always seem to work better when left to the imagination.

    Despite my interest, I'm still looking at Guild Wars 2. Unfortunately, it will be more fantasy, but the dynamic world, player role flexibility and, can't forget, the free-to-play nature sound too good to miss.
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  • Bulletstorm PC demo goes live

  • teh_MBK 05/04/2011

    I wasn't being sarcastic, but I got the game as a gift for my Birthday. I feel sorry for anyone who spent 30 on it, but it was okay. Played once, had a quick go on multiplayer and aint touched it since.

    I no longer pirate games cause I want DRM to GO THE F**K AWAY! Steam is the only one that hasn't screwed me at some point.

    Note: Totally forgot about the piracy saga.
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  • teh_MBK 04/04/2011

    Hmm, I'd imagine most who wanted to try it will have pirated it already. Reply -3
  • TESV Skyrim: why there's no multiplayer

  • teh_MBK 01/04/2011

    Been reading the comments about co-op and I have to agree it would be nice, however, I wouldn't like to see the rest of the game suffer. So, here's an idea: How about releasing the game single player in all it's elder scrolls glory, then releasing a DLC which adds co-operative play? That way we don't get a scaled single player experience and we can, eventually, enjoy the game with our friends/family. The only problem is that it's gonna be harder to sell co-op play to the majority of people (judging by the comments here) and they'd probably make more money from...say...horse armour. Reply -1
  • Crysis 2: Crytek defends DRM

  • teh_MBK 21/03/2011

    jaguarwong: "The PC community are the only enthusiasts in the world that actively destroy that which they purport to love."

    Wake up. It's probably more prevalent on PC in terms of gaming, but don't think that console users don't pirate, what do you think chipping/console modding is for? Additionally, many movie/TV lovers will also pirate their media.

    As for the effectiveness of DRM, I'd say it causes some hassle for crackers who do the pirating, but some of the method they use to get around the DRMs can be too much hassle for the end-user pirate (Assassin's Creed 2 virtual server application for instance).

    On top of that, DRM can sometimes delay a pirated release. Now, I realise this isn't the case 9 times out of 10 and normally pirate releases come before actual releases, but this is more down to release dates being off-set across the globe, hows about releasing it everywhere at the same time publishers? I'm sure that would help slightly.

    As for the quote from the article "If I'm playing a game and it has DRM on it, do I notice? Not really.", I think he is a VERY lucky man. The example that sticks for me is that the SecuRom (I think) protection on Batman: Arkham Asylum didn't like my DVD drive. I installed the game fine and then DRM says it cannot detect the disc in my drive. I spent AGES looking for a solution before I decided I'd try swapping out my drive for a spare I had kicking around and it worked. I was furious. I have had other issues on top of this.

    Something I took to doing for a while was buying the game and downloading cracks/DRM free versions so I could play without the hassle. I always wonder how many others do this as it will badly skew publisher statistics.
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  • Epic reveals its next-generation vision

  • teh_MBK 03/03/2011


    I accept your point. Mine however, is that I am more concerned with what an engine presents in terms how it will benefit my gaming experience, which is surely what most developers want to do, allowing them to make their software as good as it can be for the majority of users.

    Sure, having the tech in place as a sort of "future proofing" is great and the tech is even more amazing for the likes of cinema CGI. However, from a gaming perspective, the majority of what CryTek's showed off in that movie is going to be pretty much useless for a while. Obviously, this isn't what they are thinking about as they want to get the most out of their 3-4 year investment in development time, but in terms of selling licences to third-party developers, the game is still wide open for the new unreal engine, especially when one considers the familiarity with the tools. However, even now that the CryEngine can be run without too many hiccups, how many titles use it?

    Yes, CryTek are technically innovating (which is the point of an engine) to a huge extent, but whether that is more than Epic, we wont know until they release some movies of their new engine. Additionally, whether we'll see any of the innovation in future games depends on the rate of reduction in hardware costs/rate of adoption, I guess (I don't fault either Epic or CryTek for this fact as they can't possibly control it, it just is).

    So, as a third-party dev, I'd probably stick to what I know on an engine that, with current hardware availability, will produce an equally shiny title as a more complex engine I don't know how to code for and can't use the majority of features.
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  • teh_MBK 03/03/2011

    darkmorgado, I like that observation. Can't have too much cyberpunk :o). Reply 0
  • teh_MBK 03/03/2011

    Yeah, I'd agree that shot looks reasonably representative. I haven't played UT3 in a while though (mainly cause no one else seems to either). Anyway, yes, CryEngine 3 CAN do all that stuff in real time, but doubtful it'll have acceptably FPS on the majority of gamer PCs. Maybe if you're packing dual 580s or 6900s. Maybe.

    Having said that, I don't actually know for sure, but I'm running on past experiences. Remember how nice Crysis looked? Almost nobody could run that. Oblivion (on release) was a demanding game too.

    What I liked most about the UE3 shots was not really the beauty (as has been said, hard to gauge on dark screens), but if the DX11 mesh displacement is real time, that could lead to some amazing gaming moments. I really wish DX11 consoles would come out soon, no developer is going to spend the time and money exploiting DX11 features to any large extent just for the PC market. Only exceptions I've noted are Metro2033 and Stalker:COP (which was PC only anyway) devs, who managed to give us tessellation.
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  • Dear Esther

  • teh_MBK 17/02/2011

    If ur gonna be buying wireless peripherals and decent video cards, you may as well get a nice case (for about 40) and some cable tidies too... Reply 0
  • teh_MBK 17/02/2011

    Looks awesome. I've had the MOD downloaded for a while, but never got round to playing it. Guess I'll wait, give the guy his due and have a nicer playground. I'm liking where gaming seems to be going, as linea mentioned, I think I'm one of those people who would've preferred ME2 without the shooting, it was dull and monotonous, but the conversation segments were pretty good as was the story line. However, I'm not sure those segments would have stood up on their own. I never really "felt" either Mass Effect game.

    Amnesia: The Dark Descent was a brilliant break from, what I would describe as, the standard gaming formulae (RPG, FPS etc) and gave a truly engaging experience, which I hope Dear Esther will accomplish too.
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  • Crysis 2 leak: Crytek still loves the PC

  • teh_MBK 15/02/2011

    Granted, someone at EA/Crytek should definitely be getting a boot up the jacksy, however, just because someone there leaked it does not alleviate those who downloaded it. That's just saying that only the original torrent up-loader is to blame. Rubbish. Those who took the money after it was thrown out the window are just as much thieves (if not more so by your analogy - not in the case of torrents) than the thrower. Reply +4
  • Videogame storytelling can surpass film

  • teh_MBK 02/02/2011

    After watching the True Romance clip above, observing the actions of the actors, it seems to me it might be an idea to get actors involved in animation process, especially during heavy dialogue segments. The way the mafia boy (I know, I should know his name, but I don't. He was in Batman Returns as well.) looks away and down at ~0:57 is just the kind of timely, little expression that makes films more emotionally engaging and make video game animation look static and lifeless, regardless of the random hand waving they add (I'm looking at you The Witcher).

    I'm not talking about making people look real or anything, just the movements. Wall-e is a perfect example (in film) of how non-human/animate objects can show real emotion. A little like the clap-trap character in Borderlands, though this example brings to mind the repetitive animation problem. Just to note, I realise developers can't possibly counter this, especially in free roaming games, due to the expense and time involved in animating characters.

    In terms of story telling, I kind of agree with Lusterpurge in that a player can completely ruin a good story line by tw*ting about, but that's more a case of killing the immersion than anything else. Bugs are good at doing that too.
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  • Exclusive Portal 2 levels for Razer Hydra

  • teh_MBK 10/01/2011

    Portal doesnt need gimicks.

    No, but that motion controller surely does. I realise, as has been said, it does fill a niche, but that is a small niche.
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  • id Software's first game is 20-years-old

  • teh_MBK 15/12/2010

    Commander Keen was brilliant. I'm only 22 now, but I still played it when I was 5 or so. Along Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure :o). I think the original Dukes must have come later... Reply +1
  • Unannounced BioWare game gets a screen

  • teh_MBK 17/11/2010

    With that face, it has to be Max Payne XD Reply 0
  • Treyarch gets tough on Black Ops cheats

  • teh_MBK 10/11/2010

    Just wanted to post:

    "We are disinterested in making mini-celebrities out of douche-bags. You better think twice before you glitch. You never know who in your game doesn't like glitchers who reports you and saves the game in their File Share and tells us about it."

    because reading it twice wasn't enough...
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  • Analysts criticise EA's MOH Taliban cut

  • teh_MBK 01/10/2010

    haha, haven't read the entire article yet, just saw that Pachter was "surprised". I sure wasn't, it was bound to get cut before release and the only reason it existed was to generate some cheap marketing.

    On another note, does this mean that books and movies will have to use "Opposing Force" aswell?
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  • Duke Nukem Forever

  • teh_MBK 14/09/2010

    "...offering few concessions to modern gaming conventions."

    Best news ever!
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  • Duke Nukem Forever demo likely

  • teh_MBK 07/09/2010

    This demo is definitely a good and important move. With all the doubters out there saying that the game will "just borderlands" or that it is still wishful thinking that it will be released. I guess in the end it can do two things, relieve the doubts or enforce them and drive more players away. From previous comments have said about the PAX demo, it seems they've at least preserved the mood of the game, will be interesting to see how it plays first hand. Reply 0
  • Realtime Crisis

  • teh_MBK 20/08/2010

    toy_brain: "It's done when it's done"

    This reminds of another developer, I think they were making a duke nukem game ;o). Another classic example of why deadlines are essential. It's not just business though, most things require time planning and sticking to that plan.
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  • 11 bands to debut in next Guitar Hero

  • teh_MBK 11/08/2010

    If that is a full track list then firstly can I say, that is a mother load of tunes. Secondly, I must say the content of these games seems to be improving, though it could just be that there are so many songs, there is bound to be a few songs for everybody. Reply +1
  • Acti laments poor Blur, Singularity sales

  • teh_MBK 10/08/2010

    androidave: "...games should be judged on creativeity, gameplay, fun?.. not how many bloody units they sell :(..."

    HAHAHAHA! You do realise the western world is capitalist right? The only way a game will be judged on creativity etc is if consumers buy games that are creative etc. Otherwise publishers will churn out the same old sh...song time and time again.

    To some extent it's fine because consumers are apparently buying what they like, which isn't the case because we buy what we know about and like as publishers like Acti keep neglecting the non-established IPs like they did with Singularity.

    Like many others I only every saw two trailers for this game (one cinematic, one game play) and no advertisements. Kinda dwarfed by Starcraft II's advertising campaign, wouldn't you agree Eurogamer? ;o). Though I didn't expect it to receive that kind of treatment, a little more wouldn't have hurt.
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  • Remedy has "great" ideas for Alan Wake 2

  • teh_MBK 09/08/2010

    AC!D: "A great game and its a pity it hasnt sold well. The Xbox 360 just doesnt have the community for these kinds of games. At the very least MS could let them port this to PC."

    Yea, but everyone knows that PC gamers like myself need M$ to tell them that they shouldn't play their games cause u need to be a couch in front of a TV. We just can't make that decision ourselves.

    Kinda surprised this article is in the PC section at all. Unless we see an AW1 port in the next few months, there is no way AW2 is coming to PC. If it does, I can't see it selling well unless those who own 360 and PC decide it'll be better up close to the screen where you can get really immersed. But then they would be wrong.

    Oh yea, them grapes are sour ;o).
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  • UK PC gamers denied Mafia II CE

  • teh_MBK 05/08/2010

    "good luck hope its not bug ridden.."

    Same game play code, any bugs we get, you get. Only difference will be better graphics. Soz. I just wish the next gen of consoles would come out and stop holding everyone else back. I want more DX11 support please, tessalate those curves, get rid of that old jagged edge bull, we are past it.

    Even if it is buggy, at least there will be either community patches (not likely due to DLC nuking the mod scene) or dev patches which I don't have to pay 30 (XBL) a year on top of my broadband connection to get.

    I wont deny that console gaming has it's perks, lounging on a couch with a controller is nice, I've done it, but I still prefer the PC for gaming for anything but racers and some third person games. Though I can always plug my 360 controller into my PC...and sit on the couch...enjoying slightly better graphics...I could even plug my PC into my TV...

    PC gaming died with Crysis? Well Crytek obviously didn't seem to care, they have already said that Crysis2 will look better on PCs.

    Finally, this doesn't show anything about PC or console bias. It's only the UK that aren't getting the CE, so obviously, 2K only hate British PC gamers.

    As for this article, I am with those who couldn't care less. CE editions are a rip off and the only one I ever bought was GTA:SA and I will never do it again.
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  • Blizzard policing erotic role-play in WOW

  • teh_MBK 05/08/2010

    @superdelphinus: U dont really get "role playing" do you...

    Still, I don't play WoW, but I have to agree that this sort of thing really should be kept to private channels. In any MMO.
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  • Activision denies "lose the chick" report

  • teh_MBK 05/08/2010

    @macmurphy: Well said, but the recent titles haven't exactly been blockbusters have they...

    @Jebus: Exactly. I think the main problem is that with the last generation, gaming has become a much bigger business and also a lot riskier in terms of development costs. This leaves publishers a lot less willing to take risks with their products.

    Back on topic, I gotta say I'm indifferent to what the gender of the protagonist is. Nine times out of ten the gender is interchangeable anyway.
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