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  • Valve: "Jerks" should pay extra for games

  • tedster11 19/06/2011

    I love this idea and the fact Valve are thinking differently. I was playing portal 2 recently and the other person/people in the co-op game were really surprised that I was helpful/nice/entertaining to play alongside. What valve are doing here is basically trying to avoid the same social differences that exists in say, car drivers and pedestrians: they want to eliminate the "them and us" mentality and encourage people to just get along and make their game worlds a positive experience.

    I'm all for that as I think it's time everyone stopped turning on a machine to hate the world. we pay a fortune for these boxes under our TVs, which at the moment are only there for us to gawp at or insult the rest of the world while we blub internally about how lame our lives are, when really we want to gain something positive out of switching this technological marvel on. Valve/Douge: you're on to a winner here! We've had enough of the "fuck you dick head I'll shoot you in the face/hack you" mentallity! Let's make gaming awesome!!
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  • Midnight Club: Los Angeles

  • tedster11 25/07/2008

    Best subhead. Ever.

    + 1

    (Or for those on the continent: si tu aime beaucoup de customisation don ton bicuit attendre notre club.)
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  • Fatal Frame IV: The Mask of the Lunar Eclipse - First exposure

  • tedster11 21/07/2008

    /o\ Reply 0
  • Escape From Paradise City - Trailer

  • tedster11 21/07/2008

    Cackfest fuck twats. What a load of arse. I'd sooner play in the traffic. Reply 0
  • Football SuperStars

  • tedster11 06/04/2008

    Good effort at 'the worm' in the second shot.

    what is this? some kind of sims meets champ man?? Sounds pants
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  • Virtual Console Roundup

  • tedster11 25/03/2008

    Virtual Console roundup??! All well and good but what about Pro Evo?!!!

    /needs fix
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  • Wii Roundup

  • tedster11 09/03/2008

    Ooooooooooooouch Reply 0
  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07

  • tedster11 06/03/2008

    Always wondered how that baseball game worked! I'll stick to boxing, "ffwwooooosh.... PANG!" DOWN you go!! Reply 0
  • Retrospective: Phil Harrison

  • tedster11 25/02/2008

    Judging by the photo on the front page, I've either been playing too much TF2 or this interview was conducted with a hat and rocketless Soldier. Reply 0
  • PES 2008 - Wii tutorial

  • tedster11 07/01/2008

    Class, count me in! Reply 0
  • Phil 'The Power' Taylor

  • tedster11 18/12/2007

    queue more shots of wiimotes impregnated in Telly's...

    (Phil's a kiddy fiddler?!!)
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  • HL2: EpTwo stats digested

  • tedster11 19/11/2007

    I am in the top hard core of mega bastards, opting for the 'hard' setting from the off.


    Come get some I'm a machine. YES.
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  • PC: 12 Games of Christmas

  • tedster11 14/11/2007

    cheers wayn3h^! and Skillian!

    I'm not surprised, I had HL2:EP2 cranked up to the max, all ran absolutely fine, apart from the fact there were pixels which flashed red or white all the time in some of the walls! - didn't bother me, jsut told myself it was designed that way, "it's all part of the portal, it's all part of the portal, the computer's fine!!"...
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  • tedster11 14/11/2007

    Oooooo, lots.... Orange Box is brilliant.

    As for the others, how about 12 graphics cards of christmas?...

    Not sure if Bioshock's worth getting with my radeon 9800pro?! any ideas?
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  • Halo 3

  • tedster11 23/09/2007

    Crummy lorks, I'm agog with surprise. Something of a curve ball that result. Reply 0
  • Team Fortress 2 - The Engineer

  • tedster11 12/09/2007

    Quality. Bring on the Orange Box. Reply 0
  • Zapper packed with Link game

  • tedster11 11/09/2007

    Is that a Wayne's World reference?

    Not intentionally no. Trying to work out how it might be... what's the link?

    /waits for the bumble bee suit add on to fly Mario around in, in Galaxy.

    /Thinks that'd be fucking awesome for a bumble bee light gun combo game in my living room so long as I didn't have flat mates.
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  • tedster11 11/09/2007

    "Can't believe how negative people are about this. It's an optional add on that recreates that light gun arcade feel. It's cheap, and it comes with a free game.

    You don't HAVE to buy it to play any of the games it's compatable with (unlike light guns on previous consoles), but if you enjoy the light gun experince then you can get it.

    So why are people bitching about an optional peripheral? At least big N are giving you the choice."

    Yup, with you on that one.

    Wish people would stop blubbing about these extras, seems pretty cool frankly. They're going to need to make a 'Wii-rack" to accommodate all these peripherals though.

    You'll be surfing on the weight board thing, jump off shoot stuff in the face with the zapper, then hop into your kart and drive away with the wheel. There'll be peripherals flying everywhere sure, but bloody hell it'll be incredible!

    Looking forward to a bit of melee action with the zapper myself. WHAM!!
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  • Virtual Console Roundup

  • tedster11 03/09/2007

    Ok cheers, yeah SNES is my preferred, mainly for the haunted house one and all the dodgy shortcuts. Reply 0
  • tedster11 03/09/2007

    I just got online with the Wii, got to download Mario 64 - I knew there was a reason for me never getting round to buying on the N64! Looking forward to delving into it and hoping the thing will still have legs in it, especially after the plumbers slightly lame outing on the GC.

    When's Mariokart (snes or 64) coming out?!
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  • BioShock

  • tedster11 03/09/2007

    Why does everyone have to use the word "juxtaposition"?! I say 'everyone' when really I mean the last two people I've read personal reviews by, but still. Could an analogy not be used instead, makes for a far more colourful imagery rather than noting the quirk, irony or parody behind two related parts. It's not bad, it's just a little hackneyed, or dare I say it, GCSE/A-level...

    Not that it makes for a bad review by any means, and I'm not being fair as I've not read the rest of the review yet! Gah who am I to judge!

    Right I'll get on and read the rest of this, but I had to get that off my chest!
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  • Halo 3 co-op confirmed

  • tedster11 01/08/2007

    Hoorah. Now to buy a router and a 360... Reply 0
  • Team Fortress 2 - Heavy Weapons Guy

  • tedster11 15/05/2007

    Cummon! I'll out smart the bullet! :) Reply 0
  • FlOw - 1

  • tedster11 24/10/2006

    That was the most irritating thing I've ever watched!!!!

    JUST EAT THE FUCKING BLIPS!!!!!!!! gahhhh
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  • The Eurogamer TV Show launches

  • tedster11 10/10/2006

    after all those previous shouts way back to get Edge to do a telly show! Who needs it!

    Cool look forward to this then.....
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  • European gamers 'don't mind' launch delays - Sony VP

  • tedster11 06/10/2006

    /sits back and slurps on his morning caipirihna some more

    /nods to strangeed nails a couple Slippery Nipples with his Weetabix

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  • tedster11 06/10/2006

    pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffft, well, for me i couldn't care either I've never bought a PlayStation. After seeing the size of the thing, and the videos of in game footage, the price, the gamble on expensive tech, them speculating on removing rumble, and their clear indecision as to what controler to use, their utter dependance on EA regurgitated tripe - "All new create your own player!", woopdido I've created a guy who looks absolutely nothing like me, apart from the hair colour (had i dyed my hair maroon) - PLUS this.... adds up to alotahotairhypetossshineybreezeblockmegawankfest.

    But really, I'm sure the console will be wicked to play, but for the love of GOD don't tell any gamer they don't mind waiting - you're screwing with our minds damn you!!!! And our budgets by constantly changing the dates!
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  • Broken Sword 4 - Puzzles

  • tedster11 27/09/2006

    mmmm that looks likie a cool sunday game, love broken sword Reply 0
  • Forza Motorsport 2 - Customisation

  • tedster11 27/09/2006

    Cool trailer, like that Reply 0
  • TGS: Resistance: Fall of Man

  • tedster11 27/09/2006

    Too many teeth Reply 0
  • Dead or Alive Movie - Jaime Pressly

  • tedster11 07/09/2006

    Looks like utter turd Reply 0
  • Team Fortress 2

  • tedster11 01/09/2006

    O my word what flipping cool game! Trailor's very clever too. Big hand to Valve, look forward to it. Reply 0
  • James Pond: Codename Robocod

  • tedster11 16/08/2006

    I used to love the Jelly level, the car and the plane but no doubt like you say if i were to give it another bash i'd be very, very bored...

    (like you say Ignatius_Cheese! posted before i read...)
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  • HL2: Episode 2 - Extended Trailer

  • tedster11 25/07/2006

    why do the resistance still insist on firing their machine guns at the striders? EVERYONE knows the rockets the only way forward to know em over!! :)

    - Ah! just read the third post!
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  • The Ship released on Steam

  • tedster11 13/07/2006

    well going by their site there's a single player game against bots, although it doesn't sound like this is what they're really selling. Surely one of those games where the real fun comes from human opponents who are far less predictable. Reply 0
  • tedster11 12/07/2006

    Sounds quite cool. Some of the game mechanics sound a bit like the sims, wonder if that'll be a good thing or not (poo & pee?! in a first person shooter? hope it's not too graphic). Could be quite bizarre if you're chatting away to someone, only for them to suddenly get snipped from afar. o_O Reply 0
  • Paris Hilton's E3 hiccup

  • tedster11 12/05/2006

    Well that's just a PR stunt isn't it - going off the fact she a well know dumb blonde. No one would remember the name if she had got it right! Reply 0
  • A Sensible Decision

  • tedster11 01/11/2005

    one of them was the first fotball game to have commentary wasn't it?

    As long as you can slide tackle one way and pass the ball the other, perform massive diving headers, kick the ball then ram the joystick back to get more height on the ball... then it'll be sensible soccer.
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  • Pro Evolution Soccer 5

  • tedster11 21/10/2005

    God, I know I'm going to love this game in a month. Last night was pure hell learning the new moves. I'll get there in the end and then show the world my tallents!!! mwah hahahaha Reply 0
  • Bully under fire once again

  • tedster11 13/10/2005

    "...By the way, all these protesters are stupid..."

    wait a second, you're jumping to conclusions and so could they be. There's no argument or debate about who's being stupid here cause there's no information.

    I know what you mean about the free publicity though, but that's life!
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  • tedster11 13/10/2005

    yeah you need to see the game to be opinionated.

    but with a title like Bully it's gunna get stick regardless of what it is. If it turns out to be a game based on bettering your bullying skills then I'd be bothered by that as well. How lonely do you have to be to 'bully' a bunch of pixles. Know nothing about the game but from the title alone I'm thinking it's gunna be rubbish. I can't get my head aroung the idea of bullying being a form of entertainment - if indeed that's what it turns out to be.

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  • PES6 for next-gen platforms

  • tedster11 06/10/2005

    I'm with you on this one Mike69_2004.

    having a weekly meet up online with some old mates who I useed to play football with would be fantastic. As I no longer live near all my uni mates it'd be great to play a weekly match with them or however often, online. playing in positions would be great. It's got my vote, and I know there are loads of people who'd be blown away by the idea.
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  • tedster11 06/10/2005


    you what? you're retarded mate.

    can't wait myself.
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  • Possession

  • tedster11 03/05/2005

    Wow, the future of computer entertainment looks so real. Reply 0
  • Counter-Strike: Source

  • tedster11 14/10/2004

    Good review that, I've never got into Counter strike so I hope they'll make it into the shipped product or modded in at some point... Reply 0
  • Half-Life 2 pre-load hits phase four

  • tedster11 29/09/2004

    /Gasps, trying to catch breath as if having just reached the summit of Everest and Kilamanjiro(? o_O) on top of one another.

    I have waited *gasp* since June 200*cough*3 for a magazine review *pant* to hit *hhhhughh* the sh-sh-sh-shelves. And now it's here.....


    Yipidee doo daaa Yippidee day

    /Gets run over by bus
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  • Valve - Vivendi legal battle may delay Half-Life 2

  • tedster11 29/09/2004

    /Rant on - Sleves up, anger hat donned

    "HL2 will be released and most people will love it. All those of you who are throwing a hissy-fit because you can't play it yet; Get real, it's only a game, it'll be out when it's done. You don't have a god-given right to play this game,it's a choice you have.If it's not available then tough Valve owe you NOTHING."

    I have to say that your post is truely pointless. Speaking as a 22 year old "Hissy-fitter" I like to think I have a jolly good grasp of reality and think you are an arse!

    "You don't have a god given right to play this game", that's a lovely cliche - did anyone here ever say they did? Are you writing without thinking, tired, or do you genuinely think that those Hissy-fitters are going to their local church and asking the Vicar why Valve haven't delivered yet? I mean really! Who thinks they have a god given right to play anything, that phrase means nothing.

    My "Hissy-fit" post came from me being frustrated at waiting for particular games, for a high spec pc that is crying for it's legs to be stretched. What on earth is the point in posting if you are purely trying to sound like a parent, or use a condesending tone such as you did?

    "Valve owe you nothing" True. Unless of course you are one of the people who received a free coupon for the game when you bought a graphics card, in which case i suppose valve do 'owe' people something... - not that I'm actually one of them. I don't remember anyone saying that Valve owed them anything. Just shut up, or think, or go to sleep cause your post was rubbish!

    /Rant off - Storms off slamming door behind. Promises not to rise to wicked irritations again here.
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  • tedster11 28/09/2004

    "Let's just skip HL2, and move straight on to 3, please"


    This is unbelieveable. When News first broke of this I posted to the forum that "I just hope this doesn't turn into the next perfect dark and Keep slipping and slipping leaving everyone on tenter hooks for this great game".

    For me there's nothing more irritating than waiting for a stunning/revolutionary game to come along. Daily serches on the net for another bit of news on how development's going is sucking the life out of me!

    It's blatantly all ready to ship and be played by everyone, waiting for some wanker lawyers to chat about who gets what cash. God. What's the point in being lied to about release dates. You go out and buy a high spec pc spend loads of cash on the thing and have to wait till you're retired to play the FUCKING game!!!

    Really pissed off about constantly being told vague release dates. There really is no point in saying "it'll be out in Sept/Dec/April/Summer/Late Summer/Sept 30/2005.

    I mean really!!!!! W T F

    It's rediculous. I'm fuming!!!! Please, if you are a games developer/publisher. Don't f'ing bother giving release dates unless you can deffinitely meet them. And seeing as nothing in life is deffinite, DON'T FUCKING BOTHER!!!
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  • FIFA 2005 demo released

  • tedster11 10/09/2004

    isn't it still 2004?

    Yeah, but the 2004-05 season... :)
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  • tedster11 10/09/2004

    I'm "in the place of 'work'" now. nuts! Reply 0