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  • Far Cry 2 - Console gameplay

  • tangerinemenace 29/08/2008


    "when you factor in the 360's failure rate your awesome sales stats don't seem so awesome. "

    i'm pretty sure when one fails they don't go out and buy a new one, besides, if they fail that often why do people appear to still buy the xbox rather then the ps3?
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  • tangerinemenace 27/08/2008

    "ITS real time lighting. No magic bright lights like what get the X.box witch is on is knees world wide as sales of ps3 KICK ASS. "

    Love the way you ps3 guys big it up... latest worldwide stats as of 16th August 08 are as follows

    1. Wii - 31.12 Million
    2. Xbox 360 - 20.35 Million
    3. PS3 - 14.89 Million

    Doesn't look like it's kicking ass to me
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  • Konami "pulling out stops" for PES 2009

  • tangerinemenace 15/08/2008

    "Does this mean there will be the return of 2v2 games like there used to be in pro evo 6? (2 people per team controlling as many players)"

    I hope so, that was the best feature of any of the pes games, what has been put out since has been utter shit, i like many on here have been a die hard supporter since the days of ISS butif they push out more of the same shit then i may too convert to EA.
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  • Gears of War 2 - Multiplayer

  • tangerinemenace 30/06/2008

    Looking good, and if the lagging issue is fixed as well should be losing many an hour on this.

    Not sure about the proximity mines though, cheap kills.
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