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  • CVG to close

  • tafkap 20/12/2014

    I have an old issue from 1981 which has coverage of Dallas the video game..them were the days. It sounds like the mag was the victim of mismanagement - there's no way the oldest mag with all that heritage should be anything but the last to disappear. Oh well... Reply +1
  • Destiny's first expansion The Dark Below takes aim at story criticism

  • tafkap 29/10/2014

    I'm so glad I wasn't taken in by the hype for this - my copy would have been sold already. Reply +1
  • Blizzard botting ban strikes thousands of Hearthstone accounts

  • tafkap 28/10/2014

    There's some very sad people out there. As a result they're ruining the integrity of what for many is just a pastime. Reply +1
  • Surgeon Simulator dev reveals first slice of I Am Bread gameplay

  • tafkap 20/10/2014

    Is this from the same people who did flour? Reply +5
  • Intel Core i7 5960X review

  • tafkap 30/08/2014

    I'm still rocking a 1.8ghz Core2Duo from 2006, and enjoying Tomb Raider at 1680x1050 in almost maximum detail.

    I seriously am struggling with the concept of upgrading - got myself a new mb, 8gb ddr3 memory and 512gb SSD over last few months as bargains became available but I still find it hard to justify buying all the other parts..
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  • Video: Is the world ready for virtual reality?

  • tafkap 29/08/2014

    I can't stand hipsters. Get some originality. Reply +3
  • Leading creators back latest Tropes vs Women video

  • tafkap 28/08/2014

    I'm offended that most games portray men as gun toting Neanderthals. Reply +6
  • Gamer Network is now hiring!

  • tafkap 20/08/2014

    'Prospective marketing candidates should have plenty of social media experience, a track record with external partners and agencies, and a good knowledge of the sector in general.'

    I use twatter daily, have been with my partner for ages and she sounds like a broken record, plus I've completed Dark Sector. I've got to be a shoe-in for this.. Please forward me details of your relocation package as I live in Glasgow. Thanks.
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  • 170 Halo: The Master Chief Collection Mjolnir Edition has 12" Master Chief statue

  • tafkap 06/08/2014

    You missed the obvious tagline: 'Halo big boy!'. Reply 0
  • Here's some off-screen PES 2015 gameplay footage

  • tafkap 06/07/2014

    Go microtransactions, yay! I love them. Reply 0
  • Underworld RPG series returning with new game

  • tafkap 01/07/2014

    I loved these games, so immersive.. I hope this new title recaptures some of that old magic despite my cynical world view these days! Reply +2
  • Fans remake Grand Theft Auto 5's trailer in real life

  • tafkap 01/07/2014

    Someone has to do a Glasgow version with high rise flats, neds drinking Buckfast and single mothers with muffin tops being ogled by Big Issue sellers as an Easyjet from Ibiza flies overhead. Reply +8
  • PlayStation Plus gets TowerFall, Strider and Dead Space 3 in July

  • tafkap 25/06/2014

    I'm not familiar with any of these titles which is a good thing, but I do feel it's slightly disappointing compared to the last few. Sony has spoiled us in the past so I'll let them off with a 'quiet' month. Reply +1
  • Mercenary retrospective

  • tafkap 15/06/2014

    Back then they did so much with so little. Now it's quite the opposite.

    I second Tau Ceti for an article..what an atmospheric title that was. Fatworm Blows A Sparky is another candidate.
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  • Obama praises Witcher 2, but it doesn't sound like he played it

  • tafkap 03/06/2014

    He was probably disappointed that it wasn't a simulation of his favourite sport, 'The Pitcher'. Reply +1
  • Does Watch Dogs deliver on its stunning E3 2012 reveal?

  • tafkap 27/05/2014

    Ubisoft are becoming the Stock, Aitken and Waterman of games. Look it up kids. :-) Reply 0
  • Nintendo refuses to allow same-sex relationships in Tomodachi Life

  • tafkap 08/05/2014

    Oh jings, get a life! Reply -2
  • Face-Off: Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster

  • tafkap 05/04/2014

    @trobby I have always remembered this since I last played the game 10 years ago. Totally awesome, as memorable as the ballroom dancing cutscene from an earlier one. Reply 0
  • Code Britannia: Raffaele Cecco

  • tafkap 03/03/2014

    Such a recognisable name in gaming circles and I loved his Spectrum games - really brings back the memories. Now how about Matthew Smith, Fergus McNeil or Jez San? Or those involved with Imagine during it's demise?

    Sadly Mike Singleton is now impossible to quiz. Now that guy was a genius. :-(
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  • 2013 Steam Holiday Sale offers wicked bargains

  • tafkap 20/12/2013

    @ansionnach I completely agree that both Ultima Underworlds were revolutionary and get forgotten about a little these days.. They created incredible atmosphere with meagre system resources - definitely two of the greatest games I've ever played. Reply 0
  • Next-Gen Face-Off: Assassin's Creed 4

  • tafkap 07/12/2013

    The WiiU gets such a bashing that I actually was surprised at the visual fidelity on display when compared with next gen.

    Frame rates later on made me realise the price that had been paid, but if only they'd have been able to add another 5fps then there would have been some kind of parity. So close but no banana, though it's been a decent visual effort in my eyes.

    I don't have a WiiU and don't intend to get one, but just expressing my surprise at the comparison videos initially.
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  • What the hell is that?

  • tafkap 16/11/2013

    It's far easier to be amazed when the technological leap is obvious, when fundamental things are done that couldn't have been achieved previously.

    My two 'wow' moments are ancient and the first was just a photo in a magazine! I showed my c64 owning friend a screenshot of the upcoming 'Knight Lore' on the Spectrum as he was leaving and he just gawped at the page. Such large, detailed isometric environments were unheard of and Ultimate had just pushed the envelope.

    As mentioned before, the second was the move from the Spectrum to the ST. I showed my friend the flight sim 'Bomber' and as I taxied on the runway and then took off, I changed the camera to a rear view of the landscape diminishing and we just exchanged a glance of 'what the hell!'. No more wire frame objects..these were filled in polygons which provided a tangible sense of solidity. That was revolutionary.

    Now the basics can be done..objects are filled in and can be flung about, the sound is rich and has as many channels as needed. That's now all taken for granted, and it's about refinement more than breaking down obvious barriers..those barriers which my childish imagination had to previously climb over don't really exist any more. Then again, maybe I am just plain old. :-)
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  • Live: PlayStation 4 US launch event

  • tafkap 15/11/2013

    I'm staying up as I'm off work today as luck would have it! I hope for a Koudelka sequel, but I'll settle for Anna Kournikova Tennis 2. Reply 0
  • PlayStation Plus adds Far Cry 3, Giana Sisters and Dragon's Dogma

  • tafkap 17/09/2013

    @andrewsqual Thanks for the info, I'll look into it further as 250gb is simply inadequate due to Sony's generousity!

    There's no bigger gaming bargain out there aside from buying Fallout 3 or New Vegas for a fiver.

    I also hadn't considered that just because they're purchased doesn't mean I have to install straight away! My pile of shame is casting a shadow and needs to be cut down to size.
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  • tafkap 17/09/2013

    I've only got a 250gb drive, and after downloading Uncharted 3 I've only got 20gb left. I'm glad I've got FC3 get to play on my PC!

    Currently going through Dishonoured, then it's on to Bioshock Infinite, then FC3, then GTA V...and then I might just get round to all those PS+ games that are stuffing my PS3's hard drive.

    Is it really easy to back everything up and put in a bigger drive?
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  • Face-Off: Grand Theft Auto 5

  • tafkap 17/09/2013

    I only have a 20gb drive on my Xbox so it was always going to be ps3 for me anyway! Reply +23
  • Shelter review

  • tafkap 11/09/2013

    Will I need to update my anti-virus before I install it? Reply +3
  • Whore of the Orient gameplay footage leaked

  • tafkap 02/08/2013

    I'll pass on this and wait for the sequel 'Slapper Of The North-East'. Reply 0
  • Code Britannia: Mel Croucher

  • tafkap 18/06/2013

    @chrisy Ah yes that's him! I'm getting old and it's harder to remember names. I do fondly rember his game called 'The Boggit'!

    The fellows behind Starglider, Tau Ceti and TLL would be interesting to hear from. Just a personal wish list. :-).
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  • tafkap 18/06/2013

    Great article, how about tracking down Fergus O'Neill or Paul Woakes? I'm very sad that Mike Singleton passed before this series of articles began. :-(

    Deux Ex Machine and The Great Space Race were two titles that I never purchased but were incredibly mysterious to me with their mysterious premise and imposing packaging. A download wouldn't do justice to these highly conceptual titles, they were truly of their time.

    I'm impressed by the fact that Mel still has some fire in his belly all these years later.
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  • Code Britannia: Sandy White

  • tafkap 08/03/2013

    @IkariW Yes, Cyclone was awesome indeed.. As was Android.

    Great article, I remember getting I Of The Mask for Xmas, purely on the basis of a Crash review and my respect for Ant Attack.

    Kids these days take so much for granted! Back then an imagination was a prerequisite, for such games became far more than what my eyes fell upon. Due to the low quality graphics, my brain had to fill in the gaps to create an involving universe.
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  • Making friends

  • tafkap 26/10/2012

    'Making Friends And Virtualising People'.

    A much better tagline. :-).

    I like a bit of company in games - they can be lonely!
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  • Dream a little bigger: the legacy of Mike Singleton

  • tafkap 21/10/2012

    Oh geez..

    I started reading this article, thinking it was just a retrospective, to learn that Mike had actually passed away. I was so saddened to read those words - the possibility hadn't entered my mind. As code is immortal, it's sometimes easy to forget that their creators certainly aren't.

    I loved both LOM and DR..my young imagination was enraptured by the worlds he created, the names of the characters (my WOW warlock was called 'Doomdark'!) and the practical miracle that he packed so much into a tiny amount of memory.

    I remember reading Crash back in the day I think it was, and it mentioned that after their interview they left Mike to carry on development of 'Eye Of The Moon'. This was nigh on thirty years ago and I've been waiting ever since...

    Along with the denizens of Midnight and Icemark, I salute you and the genius work you created. RIP.
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  • UK dating site Shag a Gamer gives YouTube tips to virgin gamers

  • tafkap 19/09/2012

    Yes, Games World was a fantastic show and I appreciated the informed comment from Jet as the Games Mistress. She put alot of young lads straight so she did....on gaming matters that is. I'm sure I have a video of that show somewhere, I'll dig it out some day for a laugh.

    Although I despair at the vacuous nature of the article and it's reinforcement of stereotypes, I do find myself very annoyed that I'm too late to watch the videos as by all accounts they're rather amusing.

    Let's face it, whilst the majority of games developers are blokes, and most games involve guns, cars or kicking each other in the face, a generally sexist tone will persist...because it appeals to the target demographic.
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  • Spectrum Made Me

  • tafkap 25/04/2012

    @krayzkrok Those Crash maps were amazing.. The two created for Lords Of Midnight and Doomdark's Revenge I would gladly hang on my wall! Reply +1
  • tafkap 24/04/2012

    The spectrum encapsulated my childhood from the age of nine until I progressed to the ST in 1990.

    So many forgotten memories would come flooding back if I could hold a lenslock once more against my telly and take off in Tomahawk, smell the thick odour of the Knight Lore instructions, hear my Currah Speech unit pronounce dirty words.. Ah yes.

    The skullduggery in the playground was legend. I was duped by a friend into giving him Quazatron in return for what turned out to be a blank Lloytron C45 tape. The sneaky little git.

    I lost my copy of Wizard's Lair and at the bell found long streams of brown tape all over the tarmac at the front of the school.. Coincidence? I'll never know but it's a trivial detail of my childhood that will always haunt me!

    Does anyone remember the song 'Everyone's A Wally?'.

    I returned the form I got with Nodes Of Yesod, along with a passport photo, and got my laminated Odin Computer Graphics 'Agent' card in return. I still have it, though my haircut has changed a bit and the freckles are gone!

    Those were innocent times when my imagination filled in the gaps. I see the world through jaded adult eyes now and modern graphics don't have the same charm, but at least I can look back with the satisfaction of knowing I experienced the golden age!
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  • Why GAME collapsed

  • tafkap 27/03/2012

    That Vita promotions girl is rather attractive..more of those events with lycra clad women would have lifted sales.

    On a related note, my local Game had the staff dressed up in a Batman theme for Arkham City, I can't see Tesco staff doing that for instance. A little less colour on the high street isn't a good thing.
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  • Original EverQuest goes free-to-play

  • tafkap 30/01/2012

    I tried it out a couple of years ago, post-WOW, and my goodness it looked terrible. It was difficult to get past the Voodoo level graphics, albeit there's probably a huge and engrossing game in there. Reply +1
  • Saturday Soapbox: Bring On The Next Generation

  • tafkap 17/12/2011

    I'll always remember the first time that I played Tomb Raider with a 3DFX card - it blew me away. However, the game was the same and it didn't make me want to complete it.

    In terms of hours spent, my most played game is Championship Manager on the ST...and that's just text!

    Imagination from both the player and the developer is key to making a game addictive, and graphics are secondary.

    I'm not actually convinced there is this great untapped resource of creativity out there...what if we've already experienced most of the game types possible?

    Depressing as that is, we might just be looking at nicer graphics in the future but the same old gameplay methodologies.
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  • Why we missed the Battlefield 3 review embargo

  • tafkap 25/10/2011

    Please don't rush to be the first...strive to be the best. Reply +3
  • Fallout New Vegas: Lonesome Road vid

  • tafkap 15/09/2011

    I've played the main quest for 96 hours and still not finished it! The DLC will finish me off, I'll have a beard down to my ankles at this rate. :-)But really, what an awesome game - I thought it would be hard to top Fallout 3 but I think New Vegas really is better. Reply +1
  • Retrospective: Text Adventures

  • tafkap 10/07/2011

    These text adventures really helped with literacy - there was no room for spelling mistakes! I wonder if the kids of today would be able to get anywhere with them?

    'Pwn Orc with hammr...lolz'

    There were some great satirical releases - 'Bored Of The Rings' and one about Norman Tebbit spring to mind..can't remember it's name..! I still have The Pawn and Guild Of Thieves sitting around somewhere...those graphics seemed incredible when I was fourteen!
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  • The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom

  • tafkap 22/04/2010

    The very concept of a single player game needing an internet connection is plain wrong. I hope people vote with their wallets to prevent this becoming the norm. Reply +20
  • Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening

  • tafkap 17/03/2010

    I'm glad this is good.
    I'm not glad that I have so many games to complete whilst also satisfying other needs like eating and breathing.

    I mean...I've not touched Mass Effect 2, The Witcher, Bioshock (1 and 2), GOW2, Dead Space, MW2, Bad Company 2 etc. etc. Argh!!
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  • PlayStation Move

  • tafkap 11/03/2010

    The major problem Sony face is that Ant & Dec already signed up with Nintendo. Frankly I wouldn't buy anything that doesn't have their endorsement.

    I can't wait for them to arrive at my designer flat to discuss how the Wii and DS have improved my inter-personal relationships and guided me away from a life of drugs and prostitution.
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  • Eurogamer.net Podcast launches!

  • tafkap 13/01/2010

    Good to hear a well informed UK based podcast. I listen to numerous gaming podcasts during my daily commutes, and most enjoy those with a sense of humour that know where to draw the line.
    Enduring raucous laughter for thirty seconds isn't fun, it's like looking in at a party you're not invited to (Bombcast has been guilty I must say).
    As has been said, stuff like rebelfm or thatvideogamepodcast get the balance right - they're gamers having a chat about what they're playing and enjoying some witty banter, without getting weighed down discussing esoteric concepts of gaming culture and dull chat from a developer about the choice of font in a menu screen. The gametheory podcast was the only one of that nature I vaguely enjoyed, but it's sadly ended.

    Plus, nothing worse than having the volume up high on the train and then there's someone too low in the mix so you can't hear them, and others loud enough to cause tinnitus. Also, laughter into the mic can be loud! Not that you're guilty at all, but just something for future note...equal volume equals aural pleasure. :-)

    Gaming chat from a UK perspective other than 'one life left' is much needed (though that's a great show), and you're already streaks ahead of the MSN Gamecast IMO. I hope to see my favourite gaming site also becoming my favourite podcast. Good luck for the future..
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  • Games of 2009: Solium Infernum

  • tafkap 29/12/2009

    Ah, play by email. The modern replacemement for Play By Mail (PBM) games that I was addicted to back in the early 90's.

    Serim Ral, It's A Crime, Troll's Bottom...ring a bell, anyone?? Filling in order cards and sending them off, then waiting for your turn results was such a thrill. This sounds like just the ticket for some old fashioned scheming!
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  • New Diablo II patch includes respecs

  • tafkap 11/12/2009

    So can I play it now that it's had a few patches? Or should I wait a few more years for the next patch to come out before I jump in? I can't stand to play buggy games.

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  • Dream C Club's hostesses perform

  • tafkap 04/09/2009

    That maid could come round and clean my house anytime. She's got a great set of lungs on her. Drool...

    It must be awesome to live in Japan and be surrounded by hentai and bukkake and karaoke. And sake.
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  • Sony gamescom conference

  • tafkap 18/08/2009

    No backward compatibility, and no media card slots - I wish I hadn't sold my original PS3 now!

    Granted, the large HDD is a step forward and Microsoft need to get on the case with that one.
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