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  • Destiny will soon get microtransactions

  • t8yman 06/10/2015

    @FrozenMetalHead it was negged because you are wrong. if you think silver is being introduced because bungie want to give you the option to look/dance nicely in the game, i have some magic beans to sell you. Reply +2
  • t8yman 06/10/2015

    I'm done. I've enjoyed my time, took some time out, then had fun when I came back. TTK rekindled some of the love I had for the game, but eventually you hit that wall where the grind just gets to you again, playing daily crucible just to get 15 legendary marks every day, doing the same bounties over and over just for XP, and for what - the cryptarch bends you over and turns that lovely exotic engram into some legs you already have, or a chest for another class you don't use.

    Now this, the thin end of the wedge.

    All they want is an accepted, in game, real world currency. Once its a normal part of the game - then the shenanigans start.

    I'm glad we are about to hit silly season (release wise) and i can finally find something else to plough my time into.

    So long guardians, its been fun (some of the time).
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  • Star Wars Battlefront won't have microtransactions

  • t8yman 06/10/2015

    destiny microtransactions start today. shitstorm incoming.

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  • Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 has a day-one update larger than game itself

  • t8yman 29/09/2015

    looks absolutely horrible. the originals didnt age that well either to be fair, i got the HD remake that came out on XBL and they were nice, but not gripping. I sunk days into the originals. Reply +2
  • Bungie stamps out Destiny's Three of Coins exotic engram exploit

  • t8yman 25/09/2015

    It didnt need nerfing, it needed a cooldown timer. I only bought about 45 of them, and wasted my first few by stacking them, thinking it would make a difference. Then I tried the farming method on scourge of winter, and had about a 10% success rate, however the engrams I got turned out to be a chest piece I already had, and two arms for a class I dont use. So i gained little in reality. I have had 2 yellows drop just during normal strike play though. Getting everything quickly would ruin the game anyway. I got my "Truth" launcher maxed out now so I'm happy. (bought that one from the blueprints) Reply +4
  • Destiny: The Taken King review

  • t8yman 24/09/2015

    Never known a game be so divisive. Its either love or hate. I've put 9 days into destiny, and enjoyed almost every minute. TTK is a breath of fresh air, and the changes I hated at first make sense now, its incredible. Reply +4
  • Destiny: The Taken King guide

  • t8yman 19/09/2015

    @RoaringFolly a strike is basically a mission with a boss fight at the end, usually giving decent rewards, great if you are solo and fancy a 20-40 minute blast (also a lot of fun with a fireteam) matchmaking is usually available (but not at the higher levels).
    The raids are a different kettle of fish, they are the big dogs of the game, there are now 3 - crotas end, vault of glass, and kings fall. these require (initially at least) a full fireteam, specific gear, and a lot of time - initially at least) they could be described as 4 very hard strikes combined into one, with exclusive "raid gear" loot at the major checkpoints. There are puzzles to solve, steps to work out, and a huge boss at the end. They sound very, very daunting to a n00b, but are incredibly satisfying to complete.
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  • Star Wars Battlefront beta playable offline, open to everyone

  • t8yman 17/09/2015

    I'm really torn, that alpha footage bored me too, after being excited by the E3 stuff earlier. I'll try the beta, loved BF4 eventually, but just gone a bit lukewarm on it recently. (pun not intended when I typed it) Reply +2
  • Destiny's most powerful gun may return, but not before Year Three

  • t8yman 15/09/2015

    for those asking, the gally has a max damage stat of 170, Ive seen purples this morning on the vendors list that have 280 damage. so I guess you can still use it, it just wont have any impact on enemies in 2.0 Reply +1
  • Destiny's big update 2.0 is now live

  • t8yman 10/09/2015

    @TheChimpy you dont have to engage them. They wont hurt you unless you poke them with sticks! Reply 0
  • t8yman 09/09/2015

    I ploughed hours into this game, and gave up after a few months of "the grind". I came back to it after a couple of months hiatus, and played it smarter. I took the time to understand how to play the game, and ever since have absolutely loved it. Doing a raid with a full fireteam (even on normal difficulty) is up there with some of my favourite gaming moments ever. I still havent done the full VoG raid, but I have done crotas end twice. Its fantastic.
    If you are tempted - learn how the levelling system works properly, learn what you need to do to get the best weapons and gear - and you will have a blast. Taking it at face value is a valid approach to take. But playing it in a smart and informed way will be so much more rewarding.
    Having no people on your friends list shouldnt hold you back either. There are thousands of people in the same boat as you. Go on Destiny LFG and join games other people are advertising for. They occur every few seconds for just about any event you want to try.

    edited for spelling, and apologies for the TL;DR
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  • New Apple TV has a Nintendo Wii waggle to it

  • t8yman 10/09/2015

    @SHPanda true, but not everyone is capable or inclined to do so. Reply +1
  • t8yman 10/09/2015

    @Humperfunk I wouldnt bother tbh. Get a rooted amazon firestick from ebay. 57.99 with free delivery, has xbmc (now kodi) preinstalled for all of your viewing pleasure. and its a quarter of the size of the ATV. Reply +1
  • Battlefield 4's big summer patch out today

  • t8yman 02/09/2015

    Havent been back to the game for a while now, but it was the best fun I have had on my XB1 so far - after they fixed the terrible launch. My biggest bugbear was that they split the playerbase massively with the map packs. Quickmatch was basically impossible on anything other than vanilla maps. Reply +1
  • Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 gameplay footage, post-graphics change

  • t8yman 27/08/2015

    @TheFirstDoor exactly what I was saying to myself as I watched. I dont want to build a park, I want to play old school tony hawks, in 1080p 60, with the same addictive, fun, and real joy I got from the game back in the day. Reply 0
  • What's the deal with Metal Gear Solid 5 microtransactions?

  • t8yman 25/08/2015

    I'm not buying it. I might - when they u-turn on this. Otherwise theres plenty for me to play instead. Reply +12
  • Xur the vendor is selling Gjallarhorn, Destiny's most powerful weapon

  • t8yman 14/08/2015

    @Stomp224 I agree for the raid, but weekly nightfall and PoE should be matchmaking. Reply +3
  • Star Wars Battlefront alpha leaked, mined for information

  • t8yman 02/07/2015

    @adstomko Battlefront all day. Reply -1
  • Destiny: The Taken King director apologises, Collector's Edition content will now be sold separately

  • t8yman 26/06/2015

    and part 2 of the weekly update goes into no further detail about "year 1 vip goodies" or any such bollocks. so bungie consider the storm over, and their damage limitation successful. bravo bungie. and bravo to the "fair play" brigade. Reply 0
  • t8yman 25/06/2015

    @XbDf why dont you give u8p while you are (not really) ahead fella. no one gives a fuck over which piece of plastic you buy. sony and ms are both guilty of annoying practices, and bungie are obviously massive shysters sucking at the teat of activision these days. Halo 5 is going to be a microtransaction heaven, some of which is going to affect MP and even in a "pay to win" way, so why not just stop with the fanboyism and discuss what the thread is about? Im an xbox one owner, and massive halo fan btw. Reply +2
  • t8yman 25/06/2015

    @codypadel no, its $20 for armour, shaders and dance moves, on top of $40 for the taken king (or 40 which is $62ish) Reply 0
  • t8yman 25/06/2015

    They have an opportunity to nip this in the bud with their 2nd half of the weekly update, the first half was to gauge how players reacted to their peacemeal. anyone who does say "fairplay" is damning themselves to an eternity of bending over at the altar of bungie.
    Stand up, tell them you are not impressed with the pricing, TTK at 40 is the equivalent at current rate to just under $63.
    And the leaked redbull marketing memo about destiny players being suckers is all you deserve if you don't.
    As gamers, the sheep have brought this on us all. Vote with your wallets.
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  • t8yman 25/06/2015

    Why are people saying "fair play"? Smith was an arrogant tosser who was blatantly trying to justify ripping people off, he says sorry, and calls himself an "asshat" for extra effect, then proceeds to rip people off by charging them $31 for 3 emotes, shaders and class items.
    and then sits back expecting people to say "fair play".
    Fuck that, I'm not even buying TTK.
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  • Destiny: The Taken King promotional Red Bull quest and bonus XP detailed

  • t8yman 25/06/2015

    @CyborgD that sir, is genius. I tip my hat to you. Reply 0
  • Destiny: The Taken King director defends 40 expansion price tag

  • t8yman 23/06/2015

    What a stunningly arrogant man. I like destiny, recently rebought it as I did miss it. Its a very, very well made game with an interesting and diverse universe, great game mechanics, and can be a lot of fun. Where it falls down is on content, as we have all known since its release. And many people have made the point that content was stripped out to be sold back to us as DLC. This interview confirms Activisions intentions, and Bungie appear to have bought into the philosophy. The claim that watching a video of 3 emotes would make someone want buy a game a second time is possibly the most misguided comment I have read from the games industry ever.

    I was considering buying TTK, as another 50 hours or so of fresh gameplay might well justify it, but if that is an indicator of their perception of value - they can ram it, right where venus doesnt shine.

    And Bravo Tom for not shying away from making it difficult for him.
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  • Watch five minutes of Star Wars Battlefront

  • t8yman 15/06/2015

    best thing EA had by far. I thought it was third person only? I prefer first person anyway so I'm happy with that.

    I'm really looking forward to this now
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  • Bethesda reveals first Doom gameplay

  • t8yman 15/06/2015

    I'm unconvinced, don't get me wrong - it looks impressive in that it looks to run smoothly, the models and animation look good. but we all know doom is about the atmosphere of the game, and the absolute hordes of enemies, I know it was only a small snippet, but its very "rinse and repeat" looking. And yes, the hyped up crowd whoopin and a hollerin don't do it any favours. Reply +8
  • Destiny: The Taken King release date leaked

  • t8yman 09/06/2015

    part of me misses Destiny, part of me is glad I got away from the grind. I dont know, maybe GOTY edition if its happening? Reply +5
  • Call of Duty Black Ops 3: side-stepping the inevitable comparisons with Titanfall

  • t8yman 27/04/2015

    @TekMerc depressing because its true? or something else? Reply 0
  • t8yman 27/04/2015

    I wish they would just do a remaster boxset of the best of the series for new gen. COD2, MW, MW2. I'd buy that day 1.

    Had some of the best ever MP experiences playing COD2 when the 360 came out. Great maps - Burgundy, Carentan, Moscow. Great days.
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  • Star Wars Battlefront is more than just a big budget Battlefield mod

  • t8yman 18/04/2015

    @leehughes1 possibly, could be more, could be less. its what they did with hardline in the week before release, you basically have a 10 hour countdown timer once you start. 10 hours of actual gameplay, as long as you close the game completely when you stop playing, some people left the game running in the background when doing other things, and lost the 10 hours in 1 go! Reply +1
  • t8yman 18/04/2015

    @leehughes1 no, i'm sure I read there was EA access early play, which is therefore an xbox exclusive. but it will likely be 10 hours play in the week prior to release. Reply +2
  • t8yman 18/04/2015

    This is gonna need a huge beta. Absolutely huge. and possibly a further one for final tweaking. Reply +2
  • Star Wars Battlefront playable "first on Xbox One"

  • t8yman 14/04/2015

    I initially slagged off EA Access, but recently - mainly for the BFH first play and the fact I could give my hard copy of BF4 to a friend, I went for it. For 20 I got BFH early, BF4 playable without having the disc in, UFC, which I liked but wouldn't buy, and the NFS game. So I am quite happy with it. Reply +10
  • Smart Boy will turn your iPhone 6 Plus into a Game Boy Color

  • t8yman 04/04/2015

    Enthusiasm on comment feeds and forums doesn't always translate to real world sales. And the potential market is restricted to just 6+ owners. Don't put your house on this making money.
    Cool idea, but I predict a large fail on this one.
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  • Borderlands: The Handsome Collection has 16GB day one patch on Xbox One

  • t8yman 26/03/2015

    @thorbarry absolutely. If you are on a non fibre connection, you could well be waiting until the following day to play it - nevermind potentially going over your data cap. Reply +15
  • Battlefield Hardline's disappointing campaign is more Bad Boys than The Wire

  • t8yman 17/03/2015

    I have to agree, from a quick playthrough of the prologue and first mission via ea access - I found the campaign to be dull and unsatisfying, I didnt even bother finishing ep1. The MP however - again only an hour or two, felt really really good. The gunplay was very smooth and responsive, and the firefights felt very fair. It will be interesting to see how the game stands up with full servers, but once players have more of a grasp of the maps and modes, I think it could be a lot more impressive than people are expecting. Reply +2
  • Battlefield Hardline Xbox One EA Access trial live now

  • t8yman 12/03/2015

    I was considering trialing ea access for a month just to try this, but theres only 9 games in the vault? And I already own 4 of them.
    If I sign up for a month just to try this, can I cancel after the first month?
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  • Destiny patch forces matchmaking on Weekly Heroic Strikes

  • t8yman 20/02/2015

    Finally. Just a shame its way too late. Traded mine for FC4, but might have held on to it if this was around back in December. Reply +3
  • Xbox One overtakes PS4 sales for November in UK and US

  • t8yman 12/12/2014

    Makes complete sense to me, my son and every single one of his friends are on 360. this year the next gen consoles are now becoming affordable for parents who are not necessarily gamers themselves. I think the casual market are going to stick with the brand they are familiar with, and the friends list they have already established on last gen. I know "my son" isn't a barometer for the world console market, but as an anecdotal example - it makes sense. Reply +7
  • Destiny will upgrade your exotics - but there's a heavy price to pay

  • t8yman 04/12/2014

    Glad I dipped out, the game still holds an interest for me (hence me reading the article and commenting) but I traded it for GTA 5, sick of the grind, and during my 2 or 3 months with it, never once had an opportunity to visit xur as I am always busy at weekends (which was basically friday morning to sunday morning). And the epxansion is overpriced and underpowered. Reply +6
  • SingStar Ultimate Party review

  • t8yman 13/11/2014

    Brilliant, the review kicked off with a witty, Ellie'esque tone, and got better. Then I saw it was Ellie. Great review, and such a shame SS has sunk to such depths, had some great times playing it on the PS3 before I got rid. A really good Singstar on PS4 might have made me take the plunge with a PS4 just before the "holidays".

    Bravo for the review

    Boo for the (poor excuse for a)game.
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  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare review

  • t8yman 10/11/2014

    I'm fairly bored with it already tbh. The campaign feels like every other cod game, the MP - I fear, is going to be very titanfallesque in that the novelty might well get old rather quickly, and I was amazed that this review had no criticism for the fact that Zombies is behind a paywall. I have never been a big zombies fan, but I know a lot of people are/were.
    Its a 6/10 game for me all over the place. MCC tomorrow could see me trading this for GTA or FC4
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  • Halo: The Master Chief Collection review

  • t8yman 10/11/2014

    This is preloaded to my box, and ready to go as soon as microsoft unlock it for me. Cant bloody wait! Reply +1
  • Destiny has over 9.5 million registered users

  • t8yman 05/11/2014

    Loved it for 20-30 hours or so - which aint bad by any game's standards, the only games I have played more in recent memory are the battlefield games since BC2. But Destiny has run out for me, the DLC price and content were an insult, bungies refusal to sort matchmaking for dailies and weeklies and the raid, and the overall grind meant I traded it saturday. COD, Halo, FC4 and GTA5 will be keeping me busy enough, I traded it while the value was reasonable. Reply +2
  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare pre-loaded on PS4 is experiencing issues

  • t8yman 04/11/2014

    Install from disc seemed to take ages for me too, I started the campaign as soon as the xboxone said "ready to start" expecting to be able to play MP within 10 minutes or so, I did 1.5 missions and the game still hadnt fully installed, I reckon it took over an hour all told. Reply 0
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition's EA Access trial detailed

  • t8yman 04/11/2014

    That last paragraph really concerns me in an age where we are coming to expect games "journalism" to be impartial. Reply +1
  • Halo 2 Anniversary launch trailer shows off fancy pants new cinematics

  • t8yman 29/10/2014

    I want this so badly, I was a bit late to the Halo party, but loved what I have played, the "hat0rz" really dont know what they are missing. And new bells and whistles are almost always a good thing. They are gonna have to really mess this up to score less than 10/10 in most reviews I reckon. Reply +5
  • Bungie promises power matters in Destiny's new and improved Iron Banner

  • t8yman 27/10/2014

    Matchmaking for dailies/raids etc might keep me interested. Its a really tough game to stay interested in for people with sparse friends lists and/or strange playtimes like me. Reply +8
  • Battlefield 4: The redefinition of Early Access

  • t8yman 15/10/2014

    I went back to it after a few weeks off, and couldnt find the mcoms in rush. Buggered me up bigstyle that did. I do love BF, although this game was a real challenge to enjoy. But it is true - there are moments you will only ever get playing battlefield. Reply +2