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  • The show ends for Rock Band Network

  • t8yman 19/09/2014

    This week I finally binned my drumkit and guitars that have been cluttering up the garage for the last few years.
    Shame, had some great times....
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  • Digital copies of Destiny can be upgraded to new consoles for free

  • t8yman 08/09/2014

    tesco are 40 anyway according to press ads today. Reply 0
  • The worst games I've ever played, by Ellie Gibson

  • t8yman 29/08/2014

    Bye bye Ellie, you've given us all some great writings over the years. I hope you are successful in whatever you choose to do. All the best. Reply +3
  • Standalone Kinect for Xbox One release date set for October

  • t8yman 28/08/2014

    I love the way the copy of dance central is a download code. The move to giving away free game codes is exactly what the big console manufacturers want. to be able to basically give away "nothing", and for it to occasionally appear like added value. Reply +5
  • FIFA 15 on PS3 and Xbox 360 doesn't have Pro Clubs mode

  • t8yman 22/08/2014

    They will later add it as free DLC to EA Access members. Reply +3
  • EA to stop selling EA Sports Season Ticket in March 2015

  • t8yman 21/08/2014

    @WizenWolfBain are you mental? do you really think they are gonna give you FIFA 15 this side of next may/june? prepare for disappointment my friend, they are not going to give away one of their biggest selling franchises to people who cant spot the flaws in this ridiculous marketing tactic. wake up mate, smell the shit flavoured coffee. Reply +2
  • t8yman 21/08/2014

    @FallenGrace it begins being bare faced....... the cynical among us have seen this coming since Access was announced to great hoots from the simple people. Reply +7
  • Microsoft testing 24-hour free game unlocks for Xbox One

  • t8yman 21/08/2014

    Interesting idea, Ive held off on a couple of games because the RRP is a bit steep for a game I might not like. Ive just finally got fibre, so downloading 30gb+ isnt much of an issue for me these days, but as has been said, for most it is just too much. Reply +9
  • Titanfall and MGS: Ground Zeroes both half price on Xbox One

  • t8yman 14/08/2014

    Just bought GZ, thats a much more sensible price. Having never played an MGS game, I'm quite intrigued to see what I've been missing. Reply 0
  • Microsoft's Gamescom 2014 briefing

  • t8yman 12/08/2014

    gimme your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle..... Reply 0
  • For the first time in ten years, Madden won't be getting a free demo

  • t8yman 12/08/2014

    it would appear I was wrong about early access, you dont have to buy the game, you can have limited access to the full game (or part of the game) for a limited period, up to 5 days before release. so it is a paid demo then.

    i was wrong, EA are still offensive though.
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  • t8yman 12/08/2014

    People do realise that the "early access" is only going to be for people who have paid full price for the digital copy (minus the huge 10% discount they are giving you) and it will be non refundable? And then EA will give you it for free 8 months later when all of the other avenues of revenue have dried up. Reply +6
  • t8yman 12/08/2014

    so sony owners have no chance of trying the demo then? nice touch EA. Reply +9
  • Does Advanced Warfare's exoskeleton really change Call of Duty multiplayer?

  • t8yman 12/08/2014

    I think it looks interesting, it is just cod mixed with other stuff, but the 3 year dev cycle has obviously helped them do more than just churn out a reskin of last years game. the virtual lobby is a nice touch - whats the point of customising your model if you never really see it?

    I hate the "day zero" guff, but if the game is well balanced, and well supported, and they dont shaft you for micros - I might well pick it up. I just picked up ghosts for the XBO, simply cos it was 20, and its OK - a bit of a break from BF4, but its certainly the weakest MP for a long time.

    Map design, spawn system, and balancing are by far the most important parts of getting it right IMHO, and none of those are going to be evident until we can actually play the game.
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  • EA Access is now publicly available on Xbox One

  • t8yman 11/08/2014

    @dan_de_la_peche it's not about the seemingly low monthly cost, it's about principle, if you tolerate this- your children will be next. Reply 0
  • t8yman 11/08/2014

    Are people really so unable to cut through marketing bullshit that they believe the 10% discount is worth anything whatsoever?
    You can pick up games at retail, in the high street, on day one for far less than the RRP, and you get a disc with resale value. EA are offering a 10% discount on digital purchases that are ALWAYS full RRP on launch day, with no physical disc or resale value.
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  • t8yman 11/08/2014

    No thanks EA, I know you only have our interests at heart, but truly- your generosity is too much, I couldn't.
    Games that are 8 months old, 3 of which I already own, 1 of which is only just in a playable state.
    What worries me is the number of people who are saying it represents great value!
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  • Battlefield 4: Dragon's Teeth DLC release date confirmed

  • t8yman 14/07/2014

    @Dat_Guy its great fun fella, always has been, but in terms of improvements over the last few months - its almost a different game. I would certainly pick it up. Reply 0
  • Face-Off: Sniper Elite 3

  • t8yman 09/07/2014

    Wow, I remember when EG comments were a fairly civilised place to post. Even the slightest positive microsoft comment gets downvoted quicker than Obama at a KKK rally. Reply 0
  • t8yman 09/07/2014

    Ive finished it and more or less replayed it again. Haven't noticed any screentear at all on the XBO version (with the huge day one patch installed). Either I'm a bit blind/dim, or its a different version. Reply -12
  • Looks like we have a Battlefield 4 Dragon's Teeth release date

  • t8yman 05/07/2014

    @Uncompetative the MP is brutal and unforgiving. Knowing the maps is absolutely essential, and they are big buggers in the most part. I would advise starting with some of the non vehicle gametypes to gain some map familiarity before moving on to rush and conquest. When it clicks with you, it is absolutely amazing, but getting there is damn tough for a noob. Its worth the pain - honestly. watch a few youtube videos on how to not be a noob, and understand spotting, resupplying, healing, repairing etc. Reply +2
  • Video: What if Sniper Elite 3 was on HBO?

  • t8yman 30/06/2014

    I think that vid is a little harsh, it certainly hasnt been my experience playing on xbox one. I am part way into the 3rd mission, and have had great fun with it. I'm playing on sniper elite difficulty, and played the first mission twice (once I'd got a grip of the mechanics and abilities) and the second mission took me a good couple of hours. I normally hate stealth games, and find 3rd person a bit of a turn off, but outside of BF4 - its the most fun I've had with my XBONE since launch. I would certainly recommend it to friends. Reply +2
  • Sky charging 5 more to use Sky Go on Xbox 360

  • t8yman 24/06/2014

    I left sky about 9 years ago, its simply not worth it. How people can justify 70+ per month just for telly is beyond me. I really want BT Sport (I'm a huge UFC fan), but as a freesat viewer I can't have it. But I still wont even take the minimum sky package, because Murdoch is a class one cunt.

    I have actually met people who think the only way you can "series link" is through sky. Humax PVR, no subscription, free HD channels, series link, EPG. That'll do me - a 250ish investment upfront, then the princely sum of 0.00 every month.

    edited to add (for anyone not in the know)

    And you simply unscrew your 2 sky aerial cables, screw them into the back of the Humax, and you are done.
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  • EA addresses "unacceptable" Battlefield 4 launch

  • t8yman 20/06/2014

    The cheeky twats have no shame. The game is still full of bugs, particularly the sound bug, which I still get in about 60-70% of games. Dont get me wrong, I went back to BF4 last week on the xbone, and its still great fun, and it is actually better than it was. But it is only now appraoching the state they should be looking to release it in. Almost a year on.
    They rushed it to meet the next gen launches, and to try and take some shine off of COD, well how did that work out for you EA?
    BF players and COD players are two very different animals, I've got mates who play COD who would never in a million years play BF, broken or not. Stop trying to make a COD killer, and make great games that work. We know you are capable.
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  • EA Sports UFC review

  • t8yman 18/06/2014

    @Suarez07 Silva isn't the best there's ever been bud. Look up a little guy named Fedor, he's your guy right there. Reply -4
  • t8yman 18/06/2014

    @Nynja I would guess the reason they put their boxing team on this is that UFC/MMA is officially the fastest growing sport on the planet apparently. Its a line Dana White spouts on a regular basis, i guess there is a small element of truth to it at least. Reply 0
  • t8yman 17/06/2014

    I'm a massive UFC fan, and thought the slight failings of the demo were my failings in skill, but on reflection, it did feel choppy. I put it down to me needing to understand the controls better.
    It was initially instabuy, now I think i'll get it in a price drop, or if the do a really cheap deal in the xbox store.

    And @dragulagb Ronda Rousey is arguably the sports biggest star. Like her or not, and like WMMA or not. She just is, she is on magazine covers, in movies, and is currently being rumoured to be going to WWE (on the sherdog forums) so arguably she is.
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  • Amid rumours of Titanfall 2 for PS4, EA and Respawn reflect on a successful launch

  • t8yman 16/06/2014

    I didn't realise it has been such a flop, sales-wise. I bought it day one, along with my mate, and neither of us played it beyond a week. A remarkably weak experience, void of any depth. Once the shiny "oohs" and "ahhs" wear off, its ultimately a very unrewarding game. I'd be amazed if they even bothered with a sequel. Reply +15
  • Battlefield Hardline beta launches today for PC, PlayStation 4

  • t8yman 10/06/2014

    Just went through the signup process to see if there is any news about the beta on XBONE, theres news - it (the beta) aint coming to XBONE until "Fall".
    Absolutely gutted about that.
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  • Watch someone run around a huge Battlefield Hardline map all on their own

  • t8yman 03/06/2014

    Looks nice, I'm looking forward to it, cynics be damned! Be nice if there were some NPC civilians dotted around for extra jeopardy.. Reply +11
  • Watch Dogs review

  • t8yman 27/05/2014

    Reads like lower than a 7, and Gametrailers video review was almost as harsh as the EG review, yet they gave it an 8.9! Reply +1
  • John Lewis couldn't fulfil any 112 Wii U orders

  • t8yman 20/05/2014

    @bez87 internet retail isnt subject to the same laws as brick and mortar retail as far as I understand it. But I was under the impression that if they take your money, they have accepted your "offer to buy" and should honour the deal. But I'm obviously not a lawyer, so am prepared to be corrected on my theory. Reply +3
  • Wolfenstein: The New Order review

  • t8yman 20/05/2014

    I heard there was a 5gb day one patch on ps4 and pc, and a whopping 7gb on xbo. I'll be passing thanks. Reply -19
  • How Road Redemption is reviving a lost genre

  • t8yman 16/05/2014

    Should have called it "Road rose tinted spectacles" This aint gonna keep anyone's interest for more than 20 minutes IMHO. I loved RR, grew up on it myself.
    It may have been a seminal game, but so was frogger, and Paperboy. No-one bothers with those any more either.
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  • This is what the upcoming Tony Hawk game looks like

  • t8yman 01/05/2014

    Jesus christ, I cant believe Tony Hawk has agreed to put his name to that.
    Temple Run clone indeed. F2P my arse.
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  • Battlefield 4 console rent-a-server costs revealed

  • t8yman 30/04/2014

    If the price was more realistic, and I hadnt got thoroughly frustrated by now, I would consider it just to be able to remove commanders from Rush mode. Reply +5
  • Trials Fusion review

  • t8yman 17/04/2014

    Just bought it for download. 15.99 is the perfect price point imho.
    Cant wait to get home now!
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  • OneGuide rolling out to select Xbox One users in the UK

  • t8yman 02/04/2014

    People actually use that? People actually have their telly boxes going into their xbox ones? Mine is kept seperate, and no amount of wonderful "features" are going to make me put the two together. My xbox is for games, and my telly box is basically used to timeshift the telly so I dont have to watch adverts. Reply 0
  • World War 2 shooter Enemy Front now has a release date

  • t8yman 27/03/2014

    Looks great to me, would have loved to have seen it on the next gen consoles. You dont need UAV's and motion detectors to make a fanstastic WWII FPS. Reply 0
  • McDonald's Mario Happy Meal unboxing video

  • t8yman 20/03/2014

    @arcam or Doritos and Mountain Dew a 'la Jeff Keighly! Reply 0
  • Titanfall Season Pass announced, priced at 19.99

  • t8yman 06/03/2014

    BF4 has really put a dampener on season passes for me. Plus, I doubt I'll still be playing the game when the 3rd (or maybe even the 2nd) DLC drops, so I'll save my 3 that way thanks. Plus, the money is better in my pocket until I decide what to spend it on rather than EA's. Reply +3
  • RedLynx defends Trials Frontier's mobile micro-transactions

  • t8yman 26/02/2014

    imho, the best way to monetize this would be to provide maybe 6 free tracks, then charge for track packs? Surely thats a fairer way of doing it. This is just nickel and diming at its worst tbh. As said above, I'll play it until it asks for petrol money - I get enough of that from my wife and daughter already. Reply +7
  • Microsoft testing cheaper digital pricing for Xbox One games

  • t8yman 17/02/2014

    I really hope this isnt the extent of their "testing", because I havent liked ryse since the very first footage showed up online. I wouldnt buy it at any price - even a fiver. "test" it on games people are possibly going to buy, hell - have the balls to try it with titanfall like some have said. I would pay 29.99 for a digital copy in a heartbeat. I'd buy all my xbo games in digital if they were priced around that point, I dont need discs, and I dont need fancy boxes and manuals. I dont care about trading them in, just price the digital content at a price that reflects the lack of physical product.

    If DR3, NFS and Forza were 29.99, I'd buy them today.
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  • Xbox One controller input "fix" coming in firmware update

  • t8yman 14/02/2014

    @Diablo13 yes my friend, you are correct. Thank you for pointing out my mistake. Reply 0
  • t8yman 13/02/2014

    @LetsGo who knows?, maybe I will, maybe I wont. I know it looks like fun, and a lot of people who played it at the expo said it was the most fun to be had at the show. So I'm gonna err on the side of "quite keen" tbh. Plus I'm sure respawn said the numbers were set at 6v6 for gameplay reasons, not because the servers or game couldn't cope with more? Reply +1
  • t8yman 13/02/2014

    The general atmosphere of MS bashing on here is getting a little dull to be honest. I had a PS4 on preorder, but switched to the XBO for 2 reasons - Titanfall and Halo. Anyone who believes Titanfall doesnt look like great fun is just deluding themselves. Probably the same people who slagged off bungie/halo for years, and are now creaming their pants for Destiny.
    Its getting very predictable every time I come into an MS related thread. The launch for both consoles has been fairly smooth with a few hitches, mainly made worse by BF4's shortcomings. I love my XBO, and no doubt will get a PS4 when money allows, can't we just all get along?
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  • Call of Duty series enters three-year dev cycle

  • t8yman 07/02/2014

    they lost me at "significant engagement drivers", corporate speak tossers. Reply +3
  • Battlefield 4: disaster report

  • t8yman 03/02/2014

    Post patch on the xb1 has been worse from a stability point of view imho, I have had numerous crashes mid game, spawned into empty games often, the sound glitches are worse, the hit detection has become sketchier, and the game often gives me incorrect audio prompts immediately when I spawn into the game - ie the voiceover says "the enemy has set the charge, we need to defuse it", when I am on the attacking team (not sure which maps, but I have noticed it twice on op locker.
    the only improvement I have found is the ability to choose which map pack you wish to play on, using the server browser was never any good for getting certain map packs.
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  • Battlefield 4 launches Player Appreciation Month in February

  • t8yman 29/01/2014

    Started playing on 360, it was horrible, but still fun when it worked. Moved to xbox one, and its a joy tbh. I know I'll probably get negged for saying something +ve about the xbox one, but the only issues I have had (apart from my shitness) is the occasional lockup on loading a new round, and also sound dropout during the first 5-10 seconds of some games. Second Assault is great (it does genuinely suck that premium members on other platforms cant have it yet). And the game looks awesome, the 60fps smoothness is a real boost. Reply +2
  • 13GB Dead Rising 3 update released ahead of Operation Broken Eagle DLC

  • t8yman 21/01/2014

    The big question for me is, will the patch make the game worth buying? I've avoided buying it so far because of the reports of horrific jaggies and huge drops in framerate. Saying that the patch fixes "stability issues" is a bit vague imho. And also, if I did decide to buy it digitally, will it be the patched version that I would buy, or will I need to download the game plus the patch? Reply +1