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  • Spec Analysis: Xbox Project Scorpio

  • syphaa 14/06/2016

    Say hello to another unstable Xbox hardware release. The 360 cost Microsoft millions in warranty due to the triple red light hardware failure and when you're pushing hardware to exceptional levels like they are promising they better have the architecture and the cooling spot on considering most users don't have their hardware in a cool environment. Good to see some competition though, keeps things moving forward. Reply -21
  • Star Wars Battlefront community suspects Greedo and Nien Nunb are new Hero/Villain

  • syphaa 26/02/2016

    All these comments and not one mention of 'Outer Rim' come on EG community we can do better than this. (I won't be picking this up, for me the depth of content in Battlefront was too shallow to really feel it had variety and I found it repetitive quite quickly which was a shame as now i've been turned off by it) Reply 0
  • Watch: The Division's loot is cool and boring all at once

  • syphaa 23/02/2016

    I think as a few have pointed out, the level cap in the beta doesn't show us much about what will be available at the higher levels. Some of the Dark Zone loot/purchasable items from the vendor in the Dark Zone at level 10 started to have bigger increases in health regen, damage stats, faster reload...just better traits in general.

    I would imagine as we rank up to say 20/30 we will be seeing weapons with +20% traits.

    Personally I really really enjoyed The Division, it's the best MP experience i've had for a long time with a group of friends, an actual need for co-operative team play and smart tactics, but I can see the point of this article, finding a black beanie as apposed to a brown one I already own can be a bit dry.
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  • The Division beta PC players are giving themselves godlike powers

  • syphaa 01/02/2016

    Erm, surely this is just another reason for AAA titles to go through the Beta programme, it's not just in-game bugs/glitches etc they will be fixing but fundamentals to the back end/architecture of the games. This is such a good example of users going out their way to break the game, Ubi are probably very pleased at this revelation and they will now plug it. Reply 0
  • Where did all the strategy go?

  • syphaa 08/09/2014

    Ahhh I miss the strategic edge, me and some buddies used to spend a decent amount of time creating an entry plan in the likes of rogue spear and R6. One game though that has been overlooked here is Americas Army, back in the day this used to be the go to for realism/strategic FPS and it was free. Incredible game. Reply +1
  • EA unveils Battlefield 4, powered by Frostbite 3, with 17-minute gameplay trailer

  • syphaa 27/03/2013

    As a few people have mentioned, BF is all about the multiplayer. The only thing that would draw me into the campaign would be if it was a four way co-op, but I highly doubt it. But to be honest there still isn't any other FPS game out there that creates so many unique 'Battlefield' moments. That's why I and most people go back to it again and again.

    It also looks stunning at 100fps+ and it's looking like BF4 is building on the amazing foundations of BF3. Personally I can't wait as it can only go forwards at this stage...surely... :)
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  • Bethesda re-releasing Quake 4 on PC, Xbox 360

  • syphaa 11/04/2012

    Wow. This has to be one of the most obvious cash in attempts in the industry...and they are going to get away with it?! Why would anyone want to buy Q4 new? As many people have commented you can pick it up on Steam for Ł5 cheaper, or go into Game (i'm sure it's about 1p in there at the minute) or any other high street store and you could probably get it for less than a fiver.

    Unbelievable. It would be a bit more legit if it was a good title and people were ACTUALLY struggling to find a copy...
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  • Battlefield 3: Close Quarters Preview: An All-Encompassing Expansion

  • syphaa 13/03/2012

    Looks fun, big BF3/Battlefield fan but am open to this idea of CQC. Only thing is...people complain about use of RPGs against infantry now...imagine what it's going to be like on these close quarters maps. Nightmare. Reply +2
  • Medal of Honor

  • syphaa 12/10/2010

    If it's anything like BFBC2 with regards to its multiplayer then i'm sold...the campaign will just be an added bonus to blast through. Looking forward to picking it up this week. Interested to see how customisable the weapons are in MP. Nothing really outlining this anywhere...or is there?

    Was expecting a 8/10 - 9/10 so not really thrown me for or against.
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  • GT 5 Karting footage

  • syphaa 23/08/2010

    Combine the Karts with custom track design...that is going to be awesome. Little project ahead to build my local go-kart tracks and finally shut up my friends claiming their lap times are faster... Reply 0
  • Deadliest Warrior - first 15 mins

  • syphaa 15/07/2010

    Wow that looks so incredibly rubbish. Is it possible to make a game that looks like it should have been launched on the dreamcast 10 years ago...utter crap. Reply -6
  • Medal of Honor showcase dev diary

  • syphaa 17/05/2010

    Interesting that Dice are doing the MP! Could be good on that side of thing's considering how they always do an awesome job on Battlefield MP. Looks good. Always been a MOH fan. Reply +1
  • Leave a message for Medal of Honor

  • syphaa 05/05/2010

    Cool. Still doesn't give much away. Could be a good void filler with the future of COD hanging in the balance. Reply 0
  • Green Ubisoft ditching paper manuals

  • syphaa 20/04/2010

    I'm more shocked by the fact that Shaun White has made the leap to skateboarding? Could of sworn he was a snowboarder ;) Reply +4
  • SBK X: Superbike World Championship

  • syphaa 16/04/2010

    This does look really promising, I have previously bought all the SBK games and must say it's leaps and bounds ahead of any of the Moto GP titles. It's a difficult one because the reviewers and most of the general public aren't really that savvy with the bike racing world so they can kinda miss the point of a title like this.

    Love the idea of having the old schooler's in it, like Fogarty, Chilé, Slight etc
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  • Splinter Cell: Conviction

  • syphaa 16/04/2010

    This game is fantastic, just enjoy it for what it is and that's a very competent 3rd person sneak em' up with awesome co-op. Everyone should give it a whirl as once you get engrossed in the story and playing Sam Fisher it really is a fantastic title. Reply +5
  • Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising

  • syphaa 06/10/2009

    Yeah strange review, almost as though the reviewer didn't really have much hands on with the title, and as the other comments suggest here to miss out talking about the multiplayer aspect is just criminal in a game that I am sure will be at its best online against other like minded sim players!

    I am so hyped for this title still and I think anyone who has been looking forward to this title will not be disappointed, a high quality sim war title has been long needed on the 360, personally I can't wait to play co-op 4 player and watch my buddies head getting blown apart :)
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  • MotoGP 09/10 gameplay

  • syphaa 24/09/2009 is truly horrific. SBK09 is still the leading bike racer without a doubt. Reply +1
  • Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising - Eagle Offensive

  • syphaa 24/09/2009

    Whoa. Looks so so awesome.
    Hyped the most about this title.
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  • ArmA II

  • syphaa 20/05/2009

    Yeah, what a random screenie to submit to journalists?
    Still think Op Flash 2 will own this hands down, first Arma was buggy as hell and fugly.
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  • ArmA II to arrive one week early

  • syphaa 19/05/2009

    PC exclusive? Not that I am aware of, what about the 360 version thats coming out? :) Reply 0
  • DJ Shadow: DJ Hero will "raise eyebrows"

  • syphaa 18/05/2009

    Hope it some ways its good. Especially for Shadows cred, if its really wank then it will be pinned on his name aswell as acti's.
    I am hoping its good though!
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  • New Kojima Productions game teased

  • syphaa 13/05/2009

    Looking at it again, you can make out what looks like snake laying down, his head on the right in the clouds. Weird. Over at Kotaku they have a load of theories from people in japan. Quite interesting. Reply 0
  • syphaa 13/05/2009

    From the double page spread to me it instantly looks like a field with a cloud of smoke from an exlposion? Almost as though theres a war going on. Maybe kojimas attempt at a FPS/Operation Flashpoint/War genre?

    Will hopefully find out on the 18th? Certainly interested though, huge fan of hideos titles. The obvious being MGS, I don't think it will be MGS related. Fingers crossed it isnt in a way and this is the start of a whole new franchise.
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  • Operation Flashpoint marches to autumn

  • syphaa 07/05/2009

    That does suck.

    But as mentioned, I spose its better they spend a few extra months giving it a real hard polish than roll out patches for the next 3 months after release. Still think this has got what it takes, looks awesome. Co-op with a squad of buddies is going to be amazing!
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  • DJ Hero

  • syphaa 07/05/2009

    Worse renders I have ever seen.
    I could have done that with paint...
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  • MS changes gamerscore limit to 1750

  • syphaa 01/05/2009

    Strange...why would they change it now?

    Im a bit of a horder of gamerscore and am always chuffed to see the 1000/1000 mark hit, 1750 is a bit ridiculous...maybe if DLC is involved then thats not as bad. Personally I think its a dumb idea, it changes the whole dynamic of gamerscore.
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  • Moore: PES is in FIFA's "rear view mirror"

  • syphaa 30/04/2009

    Really looking forward to Fifa 10, (ironic name, probably at least 10 iterations!).
    Fifa 09 is still going strong for me and a mate of mine as we are both into our 3rd season on management mode, its awesome.

    Fingers crossed its as good as 09 with lots of nice added features. Can't see how the animations/gameplay can be any smoother though.
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  • ArmA II to launch over here in June

  • syphaa 29/04/2009

    Operation Flashpoint 2 is where its at for sim war fps.
    ARMA was buggy as hell and really unpolished and fugly.

    From what I have seen of OP2 it looks imense and a lot more polished.
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  • Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising

  • syphaa 16/04/2009

    So hyped about this title.
    By far the game I am focusing on at the minute.

    I am hoping for an ultra realistic title, if people want arcadey fps they can play COD/generic FPS.
    This is what its about. Hope the co-op brings even more immersion.

    Really looking forward to this, fingers so tightly crossed that codies have this nailed.
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  • Europe may not see Fallujah game

  • syphaa 15/04/2009

    I think it would be a real shame if this game didn't get a release over here, but as CountFapula said, at least make it region free! Looks like it could be the shocking/realistic war title the hardcore are aching for, as long as it is done with a decent amount of taste and doesn't fall short with regards to the respect shown for the soldiers who fought in Fallujah. Reply 0
  • DJ Hero site lists platforms, developer

  • syphaa 24/03/2009

    Fingers crossed they can pull this off.
    Could be awesome, could be shocking.

    Hopefully they retain the turntablism aspect and don't make it all wanky and housey/dancey.
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  • Free Your Avatar feature coming to Live

  • syphaa 12/02/2009

    Nice Tera Patrick ref'. :) Reply 0
  • Killzone 2

  • syphaa 30/01/2009

    Weird review. I didnt check the score until the end [how you should do it :) ] and it kinda read as a 7/8. Spose it was always going to score higher as its Killzone 2 and its so hyped that anything less would have provoked some reactions.

    Still, sounds/looks good and I was already going to grab a copy of this on release. The multiplayer sounds fun, think that will be where my focus will be.

    Bring on release day!
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  • Resi 5 demo coming to Live this month

  • syphaa 15/01/2009

    The alternate control scheme sounds interesting.
    I reckon they have popped that in last minute due to all the negative feedback regarding the controls.

    I had a play with it at the EG show and hated the controls. Really slow and over complicated for maintaining a sense of action.
    Look forward to trying the demo out, shame PS3 owners won't be able to for a while...kind of a shame anyways :)
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  • Skate 2 demo on Xbox Live tomorrow

  • syphaa 07/01/2009

    Unsuspected but awesome news!
    Big fan of the first title, hopefully this improves on everything the first one fell short on.
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  • Left 4 Dead DLC announcement soon

  • syphaa 05/01/2009

    Hopefully they will fill us in with details very soon!
    I have cained the existing campaigns and I would LOVE a new campaign or two.

    Not overly fussed about the versus mode getting the other two maps, but it would be a bonus for sure.

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  • New PAL Releases Roundup

  • syphaa 20/11/2008

    L4D FTW ROFL! LOL! Reply 0
  • PC split-screen removed from L4D demo

  • syphaa 11/11/2008

    Thanks for the heads up!
    Will check it out at 3pm.

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  • syphaa 11/11/2008

    Bout time the demo popped up innit? :)
    Damn USA based companys...why can't they let us have it before they wake up?!

    Does look totty though. x
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  • Rock Band creators get USD 300m bonus

  • syphaa 11/11/2008

    Maybe they should dish out some of that cash to the consumers who bought it :)
    i.e: ME!

    Nice bonus though...doesn't surprise me considering how much they rip us off with the cost of the band in a box.
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  • New Xbox Experience: DVD vs. Hard Disk Face-Off

  • syphaa 11/11/2008

    interesting article for sure.
    looks like the install to HD is a bit over rated then. Good job as I really can't be arsed to install to HD :)
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  • COD: WAW 360 beta open to all

  • syphaa 05/11/2008

    Thats quite funny really.
    Wonder how many people paid other people for a key...if people just have a little patience...
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  • Capcom warns of MotoGP PC problem

  • syphaa 31/10/2008

    ^^ haha

    Seems quite a major problem...very odd how this could be overlooked.
    I am still awaiting reviews for this title, but will prob get in on 360 if any platform.
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  • Mirror's Edge demo today on PSN

  • syphaa 30/10/2008

    Yeah I had a good blast with it at the Expo, I will deffo be picking it up when its released.
    If peeps out there havn't tried it I would highly recommend giving it a blast!
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  • Xbox 360 Roundup

  • syphaa 30/10/2008

    Still no MotoGP 08 review?
    I don't agree with the SBK 08 review, it is by far the best bike game on the market, surpasses all the arcadey rubbish out there and actually makes me excited about future installments!
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  • Eurogamer Expo photographs

  • syphaa 29/10/2008


    Yeah awesome event!
    There were some quality titles, LBP, Mirrors Edge and the amazingly gorgeous Killzone 2 were all superb.

    Resi 5 was good but struggled a little with the control scheme. Bit clunky. Gears 2 was as expected.
    SF4 rocked although I got well and truly owned.

    If it happens again next year count me in.
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  • LBP 1.02 patch sorts out dodgy song

  • syphaa 23/10/2008

    They should have boosted the vocal levels rather than make it an instrumental, just to cause a bit more publicity! Reply 0
  • Street Fighter IV in homes this winter

  • syphaa 23/10/2008

    Looking forward to seeing it at the Expo next week!
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  • Call of Duty: World at War

  • syphaa 21/10/2008

    Think this sums it up really.
    I was really dissapointed, absolutely zero innovation in this title.

    It genuinly is COD4 reskinned. A mod community could do the same job.
    The only thing that I will possibly buy this title for is the co-op, I am hoping that holds up well and is much fun! :)
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