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  • Zynga: "all games are derived from other games"

  • swills 11/03/2013

    Today's headline:

    "Boss of once-famous company makes controversial statement in order to get in the news in the hopes that someone will remember his company exists."
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  • iPad mini to launch October with 7.85 inch display - report

  • swills 31/08/2012

    Judging Apple products based on their rabid fan base is like judging Christianity based solely on the KKK. Every organization has its radical extremists.

    I personally couldn't give two hoots about Apple as a company, but I do know my iPad gets used every single day for a variety of tasks. Wish I could say that about my DS / PSP / etc.

    Like Apple or hate them, the iPad is still a pretty decent bit of tech.
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  • Guild Wars 2: bans for first "widespread exploit", game sales suspended, status update

  • swills 31/08/2012

    So the game is broken enough that the developers actually stop selling it, lots of parts of it don't work at launch, and yet everyone is basically ok with this? Good Job it wasn't made by Blizzard or there would be calls for boycotts by now.

    Also, when are they going to release the single player offline version?! I shouldn't be forced to be online in this day and age.

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  • Blizzard: Diablo 3 has been stable in Europe for two weeks

  • swills 17/06/2012

    P.S. Say what you like about it, there's no other game I ever enjoyed playing that also deposited 320 bucks into my PayPal account. Reply -13
  • swills 17/06/2012

    Man, don't think I have ever seen any game generate so much vitriolic hatred as this one. Any even slightly positive comment gets 40 negs. God forbid you might actually enjoy playing it - doing so immediately makes you scum of the earth.

    It's not enough that they hate it and spew bile in every single thread relating to the game, but in their mind EVERYONE must also hate the game or they can not rest.

    Would be nice if the people who are so hateful towards a god damn video game could just fuck off and let those of us who do enjoy it do so in peace.
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  • EA: Origin won't copy Steam 75% off sales

  • swills 06/06/2012

    So when Steam gives 50% off a product the makers of that game still probably get more per sale than if they sold it in a live store. Steam and Origin completely remove the costs of making and shipping a boxed product and paying a place like Game their cut for selling it.

    This has nothing to do with cheapening IP and everything to do with maximizing profits.
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  • Diablo 3: number of players who have reported an account hack "extremely small", insists Blizzard

  • swills 24/05/2012

    $1000 on Folant downloading some addon for WoW or something that compromised his account.

    Or yes, alternatively Blizzard decided to waste several man hours, and create one pissed off customer, on order to steal $20 worth of Gold from a player's account.

    Get real.
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  • Game of the Week: Diablo 3

  • swills 20/05/2012

    Err not really sure what you are saying? Baal isn't in Diablo 3? Do you mean D2 was harder? If so, then I guess we must disagree as the hardest part of D3 is way harder than anything from D2.
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  • swills 20/05/2012

    Also, people might bemoan the lack of offline single player, and claim "meh, 7/10" but this is a fucking AWESOME multiplayer game. 80% of my play time has been in groups of 2-4 and grouping up with friends is utterly trivial (about 15 seconds after logging in, I am in a game playing alognside a mate).

    When you get into the harder difficulties you really do actually need to cooperate, chain cooldowns and crowd control effects, and so on. Multi-playr Hell difficulty is just night and day different from single player Normal. It's crazy amounts of fun + a good challenge.
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  • swills 20/05/2012

    I really don't know why some of you are still having terrible experiences. Since Tuesday I have 25 hours played on this now, with zero disconnects, zero lag spikes, and probably only a few hours where things were genuinely inaccessible. These last two days it's basically been flawless.

    Sure, you're all gonna say "Yeah, but what if you have a shitty net connection? What then?!". Its no different to complaining "God I can't believe those Crytek wankers can't make their game run on my shitty PC!".

    Yes you NEED a stable connection to fully enjoy the game. It really isn't a lot to ask in this day and age. Sorry if you don't have one.

    I know it's the cool thing to do to hate on success these days, but this really is a cracking game.
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  • swills 19/05/2012

    It does amuse me how the haters just neg any positive comment whatsoever, whether the point is valid or not.

    Even more amusing is that a month or two from now 80% of you will have bought the game regardless of your whining about it. I'd bet my house on week one sales topping 4 million, so the whiners are definitely the massive minority here. Pretty much everyone else is too busy enjoying this fantastic game.
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  • swills 19/05/2012

    How's many times must people state it before it is accepted - Diablo 3 is NOT a single player game. No more than WoW is. I can level 1-85 in WoW without ever needing not interact with someone else but that doesn't make it a single player game.

    You may WISH it were single player offline, but it isn't. Being online only isn't a mistake, or a fault of the game, it's simply a design choice. One you may disagree with sure, but it is not a flaw of the game. Just three days after launch the online experience is basically flawless with a half decent connection. If you don't have one, then this isn't the game for you any more than WoW, League of Legends, or any other online game is.

    This is the Diablo game Blizzard always wanted to make IMO.
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  • Always Online: What Diablo 3's Battle.net Does Wrong

  • swills 18/05/2012

    Nice to see someone actually reiterating the facts rather than biased opinion.

    I totally understand why people dislike the decision for always online, but if you are looking at Diablo 3 as a game that will remain an engaging experience for years, and not just weeks, this was the only way they could go.
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  • Diablo 3: Blizzard apologises for server woe, delays real money auction house

  • swills 17/05/2012

    I guess you missed the whole point of them not wanting to release the server code to players right? You can't have an offline mode without massively increasing the chances of both the offline AND online modes being hacked to shit. if you give people the server code, they will figure out ways to compromise it.

    I'm all for single player offline (hi Skyrim!) but in this case, with the way Diablo 3 works, I'd much rather have a game that will stand the test of time and not be ruined by dupes and hacks after a couple of months.
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  • swills 17/05/2012

    So many dumb comments in this thread today.

    1. It is online only because if it was offline they would have to give you the server code. If they give you the server code it becomes way easier to hack, thus not only allowing pirating but also allowing item duping and all the other shenanigans that plague Diablo 2. Online only is a GOOD thing when it comes to this game.

    If you want to wait for offline then accept you'll never play the game and move on with your life.

    2. Yes they had a beta. Yes they had an open beta weekend. Neither of these tell you how many people you will need servers for on launch day, or give you any preparation for what happens when 4-5 million people try to login to your game at the same time.

    The server issues will be forgotten within a week I am sure.
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  • For Diablo 3 gamer Francis, Error 37 is the last straw

  • swills 16/05/2012

    All those bitching should watch the other vids linked here.

    He seems like a pretty cool / decent guy to me.
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  • Someone has finished Diablo 3 already

  • swills 15/05/2012

    Someone has "finished" Diablo III after completing one quarter of the game and leveling their character to level 32 of a possible (and inevitable if you want to do Inferno) 60?

    I guess your definition of finished is vastly different to mine.

    All those busy lol'ing at how quickly this was done probably aren't too familiar with the series. This guy is barely getting started.
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  • Diablo 3 open beta saw 300,000 play at the same time

  • swills 26/04/2012

    How about we wait for the actual launch itself before complaining about it?

    Starcraft 2 launch was close to flawless. WoW: Cataclysm launch was basically flawless.

    Blizzard are getting pretty good at this now. Maybe give them the benefit of the doubt until they prove otherwise?
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  • swills 26/04/2012

    "for all intense and purposes" is almost as bad as "for all intensive purposes" which I saw recently.

    It is "for all intents and purposes".

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  • Thousands sign anti-GFWL Dark Souls PC petition

  • swills 12/04/2012

    11,753 signatures eh?

    1) Mr Big Mclargehuge
    2) Mrs Big Mclargehuge
    3) Big Mclargehuge Jr
    4) Big Mclargehuge III
    5) Mr Small Mclittletiny
    6) etc

    Yeah, that will definitely make them take you seriously ...
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  • App of the Day: INC

  • swills 11/04/2012

    Version tested: Android.

    Getting sick of this bias EG, it's been one day without an iPhone review now! Come on, how about an iOS App Of The Day once in a while?
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  • Caine's Arcade: a nine-year-old's cardboard dreamland and a wonderful surprise

  • swills 11/04/2012

    We're sorry you decided to waste your time reading the article, and also sorry that you then decided to waste more time compaining about it. Three times. How can we make it up to you?
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  • Zynga racks up $1.37 million security bill for threatened billionaire boss

  • swills 11/04/2012

    I think EG misquoted the original press release. It didn't say he'd spent 1.37 mil on protecting himself from Russian strippers. It said he'd spent 1.37 million ON Russian strippers.

    Easy mistake to make though.
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  • Diablo 3 footage shows off Demon Hunter

  • swills 03/04/2012

    Yeah sorry they didn't make it into a FPS for you Deckard/Ternon/Yoomazir.

    As someone else who has played beta extensively, it's better than Diablo II, which is still played extensively now - 12 years after release.

    This is gonna suck up so many hours of my time over the next year I am sure.
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  • Boss of Draw Something dev OMGPOP explains Twitter outburst

  • swills 01/04/2012

    It's ok Dan Porter, you can tell the truth. You decided to bend over and let Zynga have their way with you because they threw more money at you than you'd ever seen in your life.

    It's ok to admit you sacrificed morals for millions. People do it every day, why should you be different?
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  • The Problem with Android

  • swills 28/03/2012

    I moved to the 4S after living with the Desire for 2 years, during which time I lived with the Stock ROM (w. Sense) for a few months, switched the launcher to LauncherPro quite quickly (saved some battery life by removing all the fancy UI stuff & got an enhanced calendar widget to boot) before making the jump to CyanogenMod just before last Christmas to try and work around the on-board memory shortage issue that plagued the device from inception.

    By EOL, the battery life was abysmal (10-11 hours on standby, 5-6 if I was actively using the device. Only app running in the background was Tweetdeck on 15-minute refresh) & apps were crashing often because I was forced to use CM7's aggressive App2SD model to actually use the phone how I wanted to.
    This is why I'll never buy Android. I don't want to do all that. I don't want to spend hours on Google researching how to improve my phone, then download, install, and configure new OS/Apps to fix it.

    I just want to turn it on and have it work perfectly. I know half of you will be screaming "Heathen!" at this point, but it doesn't seem like too much to ask to me.
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  • GAME Ireland staff launch sit-in protest over redundancies

  • swills 27/03/2012

    You're overnight in a store full of 200-300 quid games consoles and 10-30 quid games. There's your redundency package right there.

    Back your car up then off to ebay.
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  • Mass Effect 3 ending controversy saddens BioShock creator

  • swills 21/03/2012

    There's a simple way to fix all of this really, all Bioware need to do is

    Sorry Mr Levine, you'll have to send me 1600 MSPs for me to finish the sentence.
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  • Peter Molyneux exits Microsoft, Lionhead

  • swills 14/03/2012

    How to get rich in the video games industry:

    Step 1: Create a company with your mates to develop video games.
    Step 2: Make good video games.
    Step 3: Sell your company to Microsoft for gazillions of dollars.
    Step 4: You and your mates resign from your company
    Step 5: Go to Step 1.

    (Not intended as a dig at all - just think it is funny that Microsoft spend so much money buying 'talent', only to have that talent leave and start the cycle all over again).
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  • Alleged LulzSec leader Sabu helps US government arrest hackers

  • swills 06/03/2012

    "So what are you in for?"
    "I, er, hacked the playstation network"
    [unzips trousers]

    Yeah, I am sure he was a real tough one to 'flip' ...
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  • App of the Day: Retro Racing

  • swills 04/03/2012

    Android had outsold apple 5 to 1
    Are you a politician by any chance?

    That link you quoted states Andriod handsets have outsold iPhones 5 to 2 and not 5 to 1, and that Android has nearly 50% of the market, not over 50 percent. Nice massaging of figures though.

    Also, should we not also include Android tablets vs iOS tablets? I have no clue how that would affect things, but I suspect a LOT of people play iOS games on iPads. I would also bet money a greater proportion of iOS users are gamers. What about iPod touch too?

    If you are going to use figures to back your case, at least make a vague attempt to make those figures factual and relevant.
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  • SSX video snowboards off Battersea Power Station

  • swills 02/03/2012

    Am I the only one who thinks shots of people actually snowboarding would've just been cooler? Reply +2
  • Rovio CEO's grandparents remortgaged flat to save Angry Birds

  • swills 24/02/2012

    @darkmorgado is right.

    Damn these publicity whores telling cute anecdotes about the support and belief they got from their families! Get back to your undeserving illegitimate work, slackers!
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  • EA claims 1.7m active Star Wars: The Old Republic subscribers

  • swills 01/02/2012


    A lot of the reasons WoW had 1.7 million after six months was simply because they ran out of servers for players / physical copies of the game to sell!

    Also WoW was increasing constantly in those months. Let's wait and see if Star Wars increases subscribers consistently over the next six months too.
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  • BioWare to hold Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild Summit

  • swills 01/02/2012

    That number will only go down though. I think the game is fine, but the three people I know who play it are all unsubscribing after their first month. (/anecdotal etc)

    Even if every one of those 1.7 million come from WoW, I am sure WoW will do fine with the 8 million or so it has left.
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  • No BlizzCon 2012 this autumn

  • swills 25/01/2012

    It's funny how Blizzard claimed that their merger with Activision would change nothing.

    Then a year or two later we see many ways for Blizzard to earn more money, and now things that cost them money mysteriously being cancelled.

    Their games are still great, but the corporate greed mentality that never really seemed to be there previously is definitely seeping through now.
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  • Is the PlayStation Vita worth Ł230?

  • swills 20/01/2012


    the profit margin on products like the iPad and Android Phones must be absolutely massive!
    This page suggests that 10 months ago an iPad 2 costs about $320 to make. It's probably closer to $250 now.

    So yes, Apple do make a LOT of money on their hardware sales I am sure.
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  • More SWTOR controversy as unsubscribe tab disappears

  • swills 19/01/2012

    talk to a guy who tries to convince you that it's. Great idea to stick with them
    That has to be one of the strangest sentence breaks I've ever seen.
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  • Smash Cops Review

  • swills 19/01/2012

    On a slightly separate topic, I would like to express my appreciation for what (seems to be) more iPad/iPhone games getting serious reviews over the last few weeks.

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  • Star Wars: The Old Republic Review

  • swills 03/01/2012


    Why is it SO hard for you to take criticism of a game you're playing? All of the criticisms are justified.

    - The game IS largely on rails for hours and hours.
    - The game SHOULD have shipped with many missing features (Modifiable UI, combat log, usable auction hall, etc)
    - There are MANY game affecting issues. Just scroll up and read the comments here if you are unaware of them.

    Despite that, Oli still gave the game an 8/10, which is a perfectly reasonable score. I'm sorry, but it just isn't a 9/10 (*yet* - that's the nice things about MMOs - they evolve) or higher due to the above issues.

    Finally, it's definitely *not* "more polished than any other MMORPG at launch" as you state. That honor goes to Rift which managed to have many of the features SW:ToR is missing, despite having probably 1/10th the budget.

    Sw:ToR is a fine game, and given the size and scope of it, they did a good job on most areas. However it does have a miriad of issues and deserves to be criticised for these.
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  • swills 03/01/2012


    Hmm, I don't even know where to begin to reply to the huge number of blatant inaccuracies in those few paragraphs.

    Suffice to say, if anyone has an axe to grind here, it definitely seems to me to be you and not Oli.
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  • Torchlight 2 delayed until 2012

  • swills 17/11/2011

    "We've come to the realisation, however, that getting a game of this scope up to the quality and polish level we want to achieve is going to take a little longer"

    Is that an actual copy/paste from the Diablo III announcement that it would be pushed into next year?
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  • Skyrim sells over 3.5 million in 48 hours

  • swills 17/11/2011

    I have a 2 year old PC. Runs smoothly at 1920 x 1080 (not 'ultra' settings, but looks fantastic to me). 37 hours in, zero bugs, zero crashes.

    Guess I'm just lucky, or perhaps the bugs are being over-hyped. Awesome game regardless.
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  • 12,000 Star Wars: The Old Republic Beta Keys

  • swills 15/11/2011


    Read the article:

    "We can't confirm the dates of the beta weekend at present, but should be able to announce them soon. An invite will be sent at a later date to the email address you register when redeeming your code at SWTOR.com."

    You sign up now. One weekend in the not-too-distant future, they'll open the servers up for a stress-test type weekend and everyone who got keys will be invited then.
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  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Review

  • swills 08/11/2011

    Anyone know approximately how long the SP campaign is? Reply 0
  • COD: Modern Warfare 3 live action trailer

  • swills 07/11/2011

    I haven't ever bought (or played) a MW game in my life, but I was still quite entertained by that.

    Bringing some big Hollywood stars in certainly gives it a sense of legitimacy that video games haven't typically had in the past. Plus, it was quite fun.
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  • Blizzard's Mike Morhaime Interviewed

  • swills 27/10/2011

    "Theyve repeatedly said there will be a very low maximum for the amount you can sell"
    Source please? I have follwed a LOT of D3 coverage and have never once seen that mentioned. I fully expect to see items going for several hundred dollars early after D3s release (they did in D2 after all).
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  • Battlefield 3 Review

  • swills 25/10/2011

    Will someone please make a game with a good single player campaign. :( Reply +43
  • First WOW: Mists Of Pandaria trailer

  • swills 21/10/2011

    It is going to be years - literally - until WoW ends. Sure, fewer people will play it over time, but until it actually "ends"? I'd say at least another 4-5 years (They said they want an x-pac every 18 months so: level to 90 in Mists in Q2 2012. Nex x-pac up to 95 in Q4 2013. New x-pac to lvl 100 in Q2 2015).

    At that point Titan will probably be ready (if they haven't officially even announced it yet, you *know* its minimum 3 years away) and WoW can go free-to-play with no further increase on level cap.
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  • Diablo 3 to be free with WOW Annual Pass

  • swills 21/10/2011

    They said you can pay for the annual pass monthly, so for anyone that suspects that they might play WoW for the next 12 months (with a new expansion likely in Q2 next year, that's probably a lot of people) this is a pretty sweet deal.

    There are probably a few hundred thousand people who sub to WoW and would've purchased D3. It's not every day a company basically gives away a few million dollars.
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