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  • PlayStation Store May Madness sale begins

  • striker 14/05/2014


    (Cat overload)
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  • New cheaper Xbox One model this year - report

  • striker 31/01/2014

    "We do not comment on rumour or speculation," commented Microsoft.
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  • Tomb Raider Definitive Edition is more than a facelift, dev insists

  • striker 18/12/2013

    "On PS4 the DualShock 4 lights up when you use the torch"

    Nice. So, exactly when you're in a dark environment, exactly when the DS4 light would be most distracting, reflecting on the dark screen, it's when it lights up.

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  • Rocksmith 2014 Edition review

  • striker 13/12/2013

    The US Gamer review if also very informative. Both for beginners and more advanced players. Reply 0
  • Hardware Test: Xbox One

  • striker 20/11/2013

    The part about the controller seems to be missing from the review :)

    There's just a quote on the left and a comment in a picture.
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  • Sony explains why PS4 will launch in Japan after the West

  • striker 20/09/2013

    See that, Microsoft?

    That's how public relations work: you turn something against you into something you should be proud of.
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  • How Gran Turismo 6's handling changes everything

  • striker 04/07/2013

    @dsmx Doesn't have to be like that, laps with "rewind" presses could simple be ignored for online leaderborads. What one does in his single player carreer should be of no concern to anyone else. Reply 0
  • Operation Flashpoint retrospective

  • striker 06/05/2013


    Apparently my old ISP still has 2 screenshots we took of those sessions:

    Great memories.
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  • Nintendo found guilty of patent infringement over glasses-free 3D

  • striker 14/03/2013

    OBJECTION!!!!!! Reply +2
  • Maxis looking into fixing SimCity traffic problems as complaints grow about pathfinding

  • striker 13/03/2013

    Much more importantly:
    "Reading this issues anyone would think this was the first Sim City game ever created."
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  • Microsoft to reveal its next console in April - rumour

  • striker 23/02/2013

    Release date and probably price.
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  • Angry Birds Trilogy review

  • striker 10/10/2012

    You'll suffer from pigs who prove dubiously resilient. You'll grind your teeth as objects and debris fall in ways that just don't make sense. You'll scratch your head as seemingly identical shots result in completely different outcomes for no apparent reason. Fiercely difficult levels are followed by incredibly easy ones in defiance of all logical structure. And very little of it matters as the game tugs you ever onwards on a cushion of easy amusement and childish destruction. It may not be a good game in terms of its structure and systems, but it is a fun game and that's unlikely to change.
    This paragraph sums up why some find baffling that such a bad game could be such a success.

    It's not about being against what's trendy, it's not being against casual gaming, it's just being against a bad game.
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  • Striking WRC 3 footage released

  • striker 27/07/2012

    Is it just me, or is that car floating and turning on its center and not on its front wheels, as it should?

    That isn't promissing, if what you're after is some kind of simulation.

    I might be wrong, though.
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  • Eurogamer Readers' Top 50 Games of 2011 Voting

  • striker 15/12/2011

    Judging by the comments section, these appear to be the most voted so far:
    Skyrim - 120 times mentioned
    Portal 2 - 72
    Batman: AC - 66
    Dark souls: - 59
    Deux Ex: HR - 55
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  • Retrospective: Driv3r

  • striker 24/07/2011

    The most important question was left unanswered: did it have motorbikes? Motorbik3s, even? Reply +4
  • Games of 2009: Canabalt

  • striker 28/12/2009

    You can try it here, for free, and judge for yourselves.
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  • OpFlash: Dragon Rising DLC this month

  • striker 21/10/2009

    A game like this is based on:
    -A big map
    -In-game assets
    -Generic rules
    -Mission editor

    The missions themselves are nothing but a series of scripts, of enemies placed in location x, or circling area y.
    No cut scenes, no new assets, nothing.
    All it takes to create a new mission is a bit of imagination, pacience and time, as any OFP veteran must remember.

    There were lots of user-created missions available for the first game, some really great.

    Creating more missions as DLC is the right thing to do in this type of games, especially since console players won't be able to play user-created content.

    Was the game cut short to sell missions as DLC? I don't know, I hope not.
    What I'm sure is that a month is more than enough for a group of developers to create a pack of missions for this, so perhaps it wasn't cur before release after all.
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  • Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising

  • striker 07/10/2009

    I made that post to show that a number of folks who have the played the game have been disappointed as well so folks can stop bashing the reviewer.

    People aren't bashing the reviewer's opinion, but the quality of the review itself...
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  • striker 06/10/2009

    Operation Flashpoint, ArmA and its sequel have not appeared on a console yet but even if they had, has anyone considered that the reviewer, Simon Parkin, may not have actually played any of them to be able to comment on how they compare with Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising?)

    Well, obviously, but this is a reviews site, not Simon Parkin's blog.
    And as Whizzo mentioned the original OFP is available on the Xbox.

    But it's up to the editors to decide if to review a game like this the reviewer should or shouldn't have some experience in games like the original Flashpoint and ARMA.

    Doesn't Tom Bramwell review the FIFA and PES football games?
    Would you agree with PES 10 being reviewed by someone foreign to the genre?
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  • striker 06/10/2009

    I know I'm repeating what has already been said, but...

    No mention of ARMA II ???
    No mention of Operation Flashpoint 1 either?

    Clearly a review by someone who isn't mildly interested in the genre...
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  • Gran Turismo 5 - show-floor gameplay

  • striker 21/08/2009

    That's because of sound (cheap cars = noise) and trepidation (cheap cars = shakes, rattles).

    Since you can't feel trepidation and surely don't want the constant wind and asphalt noise on your ears during a game, sense of speed is all about visual cues.

    And those should be the same on a Fiat and a Ferrari.
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  • striker 20/08/2009

    Awful AI, it seems to be stuck in GT1 levels, I mean, it's even more obvious in the replay: the cars behind, when faced with something out of the ordinary, like a car stopped in the middle of the road, simply fail to react and ram into it... Reply +8
  • Exclusive: Eurogamer plays Natal

  • striker 20/08/2009

    The delay between body movement and in game movement is pretty clear, unfortunately.
    Kudo just knows how to compensate it better, and so gives a false sense of playability...

    The blond girl on the first game example shows the delay pretty clearly.
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  • FIFA 10

  • striker 18/08/2009

    "Handball is still not in the game. Paterson notes that if you have no control over a player's arm movements, they have no right to penalise you for them. Just so."

    So logical and yet so difficult for some to understand.

    Did Konami fix this last year or do they insist on punishing players for something they don't control?
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  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky - Tech demo

  • striker 07/06/2008

    Notice the T and the V
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  • GTA IV review on Sunday

  • striker 27/04/2008

    Are we there yet? Reply 0
  • Mass Effect

  • striker 29/11/2007

    /sarcasm on

    Yeah, they're probably hidding it, just as they gave the game an 8 instead of a 5 as it deserved.

    Capitalist pigs.

    /sarcasm off
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  • striker 26/11/2007

    "spelling/Grammer is easy but correct your flaw character would be difficult"

    Looks like it isn't as easy as you think.
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  • striker 20/11/2007

    After editing 3 times, your post is still unreadable. Keep trying. Reply 0
  • striker 20/11/2007

    Do you get paid? Reply 0
  • Halo 3

  • striker 23/09/2007

    Shinji We both agree its a good game,but its far from perfect.
    Its not even in the same league as Crysis.

    Yeah, the game you haven't played is worst than the game no one has played...
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  • Virtua Tennis 3

  • striker 11/04/2007

    It is not a non-intuitive approach, it is how tennis is played.

    If you ever played tennis in real life you should know it is all about positioning.
    The sooner you place yourself to take your shot the better your shot will be because you'll have more time to:
    -Look at your opponent movement
    -prepare your swing keeping your balance
    -choose where to send the ball to and how (slice, top spin)

    That is why in VT if you prepare your shot well in advance, you put the ball where you want it with more power and added effect.

    If you are miles from the ball and barely have time to reach it you'll be lucky if can send the ball back to your opponent, either way your shot won't be accurate nor strong.
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  • Neverwinter Nights 2

  • striker 04/11/2006

    I feel most EG reviews lately are a bit too short and uninformative, leading to the common "X/10? sounds like X-4/10 to me!" comment.

    They seem to consist of 3-4 fun introductory paragraphs, 1-2 paragraphs explaining what the game is about, and a list of glitches, problems, things that bother the reviewer.

    Though the writing quality is great as usual and boring descriptions of the game are rightly avoided, IMO many gameplay aspects and even personal experiences that convey the feeling of the game should have a lot more relevance.

    I don't understand a word of german but after glancing at the review of this game I wish I did.

    I really like Kieron Gillen's style and most reviews, but the current trend to short and uninformative reviews seems a bit exaggerated.
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  • HD Era: The Case For And Against

  • striker 17/03/2005

    Great article.

    Just one thing missing, both from it and from the comments: Higher resolution not only needs the external hardware, but it is more taxing on the processor and the graphics card. Many PC ports were possible on the Xbox due to the limited resolution.
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  • Def Jam: Fight For New York

  • striker 02/10/2004

    Cyberclaw, I understand what you're saying, and I know about Portugal because I'm from there too ;)

    But surely the target audience of say Flight Simulator 2004 are the players that like those kind of games, I wouldn't feel confortable reviewing the game even though I understand perfectly the rules, how it is supposed to be played, etc.

    Or at least I'd state in the review that I was never fond of Flight simulators and that this would be the opinion of such a person for alike persons.
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  • striker 01/10/2004

    Godamn, I've reviewed Football games (in portuguese magazines - which run amateur reviews). Do you know how much I loathe that sport? Do you know how much I hate the freaking thing? I dislike playing the game, because the sport is boring to my eyes. Yet, I did my best to be unbiased in the reviews. Never once I mentioned my loathe for the sport, all I did, was try to explain why FIFA was dying (lack of inovation despite EA Sports trying to press a new version on consumers every year), and why the PES offering of that year was clearly better.

    Well, that's stupid, because you only said what you heard or what you were told to say. If you hate the sport, how can you understand it well enough to judge which of the two games is the better representation of it?
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  • Valve - Vivendi legal battle may delay Half-Life 2

  • striker 28/09/2004

    i've given up caring on this game... things such as manipulations of objects and the great physics seen in the 2003 videos have now come and gone in other games
    Really? I'd like to play that, can you name it?
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  • Project: Snowblind

  • striker 28/09/2004

    /Opens in Firefox

    /Right clicks
    /selects view image

    it fits the screen!
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  • UK Charts: Athens 2004 takes Gold

  • striker 01/09/2004


    And are the olympics even that popular? It must as you said Blerk: it's on TV...
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  • Doom III: Single-Player

  • striker 16/08/2004

    Have you checked other PC games prices already?

    No? You really should to stop making such a fool of yourself.

    And I don't claim nothing, I just fail to understand how you discovered the opinion of the majority of gamers...

    I don't even say the game is great! I just say that if someone feels like I do playing it, hat is , scared, then the game is a succes to those players.

    I don't care if you like it or not. It is you that has a problem with people liking it if you ghave to come to an internet forum to say for a fact that the majority of gamers don't like it... that's a stupid thing to say in itself, as saying the majority liked it would be.
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  • striker 16/08/2004

    And actually mate, I'd forgotten how Doom was. So after playing a bit of Doom 3 I downloaded and tried Doom for Windows 95.

    To my surprise it's actually much alike, with hidden monsters and triggers, spawning enemies and flickering lights.

    You had more enemies to fight, but then there's got to be something there to scare you, and back then it couldn't be neither lighting nor sound.
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  • striker 16/08/2004

    Damn! Why do I bother arguing with someone who is stupid enough to claim without a doubt that the majority of players dislike the game?

    I never learn...
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  • striker 16/08/2004

    Sorry, but you must have ever checket amazon before... Doom 3 is selling at the same price or higher than most PC games.

    And I was asking where you were getting the numbers about the majority of players disliking it. Where?

    Yes, I did see beyond the graphics, but I have certainly not sismissed them. They are part of the game and are great. As is the sound. Take that away from it, play it without being scared by graphics, sounds and monsters (nothing wrong with that, some people are more easily scareds than others), and yu end up with a rather average game.

    BUT, if you are scared, if you wave your flashlight around in horror, if you hate encountering monsters as they scare you, if you are scared to take the next step, that is, if you play the game as the developers wanted you to, then it's an incredible game.

    Then again, if you're not scared, then the game is not for you.
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  • striker 16/08/2004

    That's very interesting. Where did you get those numbers from? And is it a simple majority or a qualified majority? If so, how much? Reply 0
  • striker 08/08/2004

    Doom3 is not complete crap, props for the technology and ambiance, but a 9 or god forbid a 10 it is no

    Yeah, oly a 8.9 I recon....
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  • striker 08/08/2004

    Say what you want about GameSpot or IGN, but at least they call them out as they see them. They demand the same degree of quality from ALL games, not just the ones that were supposed to be good games and not just some scary piece of shit.

    Sorry ro break your credibility, but IGN gave the game a score of 8.9 and Gamespot wasn't that far with 8.5....

    You were saying?
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  • striker 08/08/2004

    Exactly. Reviewing a game isn't science, you know?

    Though it became the rule to call it a "review" it should be called "opinion" instead.
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  • striker 07/08/2004

    It's ridiculous that just because the intro was similar to Hlaf-Life the score should be lower. Just have fun with your games and stop analysing them. Reply 0
  • Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

  • striker 16/08/2004

    I doubt this'll be touching the kind of graphics in HL2

    erm, isn't it the same engine?
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  • Football Manager 2005

  • striker 14/08/2004

    Actually, that's the one I doubt the most :)

    It's got to be pretty limited, don«t you think?
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